Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/22/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/22/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Kayla offers to take a look at Phillip. Phillip growls. He could have Steve arrested for assault. Steve reminds Phillip that he accused them of poisoning Pocket. Steve shrugs. He just wanted an apology. Kayla insists she doesn’t need an apology, but Phillip says he is sorry, anyway. He was clearly wrong to be suspicious of them. Steve walks off and fumes. Phillip knows Steve doesn’t want him to be around the baby. He knows all about the stories of vets with PTSD. Steve comes back. If Phillip is talking about him, he can say it to his face. Kayla tries to calm them both down. This isn’t helping Pocket. Phillip sniffs. His name is Tyler, and in case things weren’t clear, Phillip means to take the baby home with him after he’s released.

At the docks, Shawn thanks Bo for getting him into the police academy. He knows he put his reputation on the line. Shawn says he wants this really badly. Bo knows that. Shawn wants to know why he keeps laying a guilt trip on him by bringing up Hope. Bo reminds him that John’s death has put a whole new perspective on things. Shawn rages. Is Bo trying to say he doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a cop? Bo thinks he does have what it takes, but after seeing Hope go through Zach’s death, he’s not sure she could do it again. Shawn is a father too, so he can understand where his mom is coming from. He’d go crazy if something happened to Claire. Bo lays it on thick. He asks Shawn how Claire would feel to grow up without a dad. Shawn knows it would be terrible for both her and Belle, but you can’t live your life worrying about things that could happen. Bad things happen whether you want them to or not. Bo asks him to think about Marlena. She didn’t sleep at all last night, and probably won’t sleep well again. Sometimes Bo still wakes up to find Hope pacing the floors. He is sure she is thinking about Zach. Bo tells Shawn that life is a risk, but you can limit those risks. He doesn’t have to pick a career where he straps on a gun every day. Shawn doesn’t see Bo turning in his badge to sell insurance. Did Hope put Bo up to this? Bo sighs. Being a cop is dangerous. Shawn groans. He promises to be careful. Bo tells him John was careful too, and look what happened to him. Bo remembers watching John die. He is having trouble wrapping his head around it. Shawn asks if this is about more than just his mom. Bo bites his lip. If he lost Shawn, he doesn’t know what he would do.

Steve nukes. Phillip can throw around his Daddy’s name all he wants, but he isn’t taking their kid away. Philip smirks. CPS already did. Steve says he isn’t Phillip’s kid until he proves it. What is with him anyway? Claire didn’t have drop of his blood in her veins, and he still chased her around the world. He won’t be doing that with Pocket. Phillip argues that it’s a moot point, as Tyler IS his flesh and blood. Steve snaps back, “But isn't it clear that you didn't want that baby to begin with?” Phillip stammers. Lauren violated the contract and had the child. He has a right to him. Kayla tells them to concentrate on the baby, not fighting. Dr. Davidoff and Mrs. Meyers come out. Mrs. Meyers introduces the doctor to Phillip as the man claiming to be Pocket’s father. Phillip insists he is. The doctor wants to table that discussion to focus on Pocket and the cause of his illness.

Shawn knows that police work is more dangerous than rebuilding transmissions. This is something that he can do and give back to his community. He really needs to do this. Bo reminds him it isn’t all car chases and arresting bad guys. Not every story has a successful ending. Shawn laughs. He knows that. He has seen Bo and Roman tough it out over arrests with the DiMeras before. Bo frowns. The good guys are outnumbered, for the most part. Shawn tries again. Doesn’t Bo remember how Caroline reacted when he told her he wanted to be a cop like Roman? Bo grins. She hit him with a spatula. Shawn says that’s true, but she also respected his decision to do what he wanted, because she knew he needed it. Shawn knows he has done some stupid things in the past, but he knows who he is now. He wants to d something that matters, and if he learned anything from John’s death, it’s that the good guys need all the help they can get. Bo smiles. He and Hope will deal with this decision somehow. Shawn promises to stay safe. Bo say he better.

In Marlena’s bedroom, Sami and Belle sit on her bed and hug their mom. She loves them both so much, but they can’t move in with her. She doesn’t need a babysitter, and they both have their own families to love and take care of. They insist they need her, too. Marlena shakes he head. She doesn’t need anyone taking care of her. Belle tells her they are family. They need to help support each other. Marlena asks what Shawn or Lucas would say. Belle says it would be fine. Sami tells her Lucas would be thrilled she was moving in with anyone besides EJ. Marlena wheels on her. She is still planning to marry that man? Belle can’t believe it. Sami is going to reward the DiMeras for killing her father? Sami sobs. If she doesn’t, they’ll just kill someone else in their family and Sami will feel guilty. She can’t go through that again. She has to stop them.

Dr. Davidoff tells the group that they ran a diagnostic test since the baby showed up with the same symptoms. He wasn’t poisoned at all. He has a rare genetic disorder called methylmalonic acidemia. Essentially, the disorder causes the body to produce chemicals that interfere with normal digestion. Phillip asks how serious it is. The doctor says it is serious, but also very treatable. It can be controlled with probiotics and dietary restrictions. Steve is relieved. He asks if the charges against them are dropped. The social worker nods. The case is officially closed. Phillip asks when he can take the baby home. Mrs. Meyers tells him his paternity suit is in court now. He will have to wait a little longer. A young, worried couple enters. Mrs. Meyers introduces them as Ruth and Wayne Wilkins, Pocket’s foster parents. The doctor fills them in on Pocket’s disorder. They are glad he is alright. Mrs. Meyers introduces Kayla and Steve to them. Steve is pleased that they are still calling the baby Pocket. Phillip is introduced next. Ruth looks worried that he might be father. Wayne comforts her. They knew this could happen. They walk over to the baby and coo and fuss over him. Ruth gives him his blanket. Kayla and Phillip stare.

Marlena tells Sami that no one in the family wants her to make this sacrifice. Belle chimes in. It’s the wish of a man that drove her great-aunt to suicide. It’s a dying wish to be spat upon, not honored. The DiMeras need to know they can’t run her life. Sami sighs. Pretending Stefano won’t make good on his threats is just asking for someone else to get murdered. Belle tries another tactic. How does Sami know the DiMeras will keep their word? It could be a trap. It isn’t as if they haven’t played dirty before. Sami brushes it off. EJ loves her. She has control over him. Marlena scoffs. Stefano said he loved her, too, and he took away the person that meant the most to her. He is Stefano’s son and he has a black heart. Sami can’t control it. Sami grumbles. If she does nothing, the body count will rise. Marlena asks her how becoming a DiMera will help. Sami rages. She wont’ be a DiMera. She will always be Brady. She will never forgive them for what they did to John. Belle tells her John didn’t want her to do this. Sami softens. Sometimes you don’t get to choose your weapons. Marlena tries again. What if she has to produce an heir? Sami tells them EJ promised they would be wed in name only. Marlena frowns. EJ forced himself on her once. What will stop him from doing it again? Sami screams. Why are they ganging up on her? Belle risked her life to save her daughter. Marlena jumped out of a plane to save Kayla. Why can’t Sami do her part for the family? Marlena begs Belle to talk some sense into Sami. Belle sighs. She doesn’t think she can.

Bo tells Shawn he has to get back to work as Commander Flynn runs up with a group of recruits. He stops to chat. Shawn is glad to meet him. He is excited about the academy. Flynn smiles. Another Brady in police work. Does Shawn think he can handle it? Has he started classes? Shawn says he can, and he starts tomorrow. Shawn has a lot to catch up on, but Flynn invites him to have breakfast at five with himself and the other recruits. Shawn agrees. Flynn leaves. Bo tells him that if he plays his cards right, he might get on old iron pants’ good sign.

Mrs. Meyers tells Phillip that Pocket will remain with the Wilkins for the time being. Phillip thinks its ridiculous. Mrs. Meyers tell him his case will be resolved soon, but for the time being, Pocket couldn’t be in better hands. The Wilkins are born parents,. She’s never seen two people bond to a child more. They even want to formally adopt him. Phillip growls. It isn’t going to happen. Mrs. Meyers understands. Pocket seems to have won everyone’s heart. She leaves. Steve glares at Phillip. He suggests he go get himself a puppy. He storms off. Kayla tells him Steve is on edge because of how much he loves the baby. Phillip asks if they will seek to adopt. Kayla says no. She is pretty sure he is the father, which is why he needs to look in his heart and ask himself what is right for the baby. Phillip sulks. He was good father to Claire. Kayla knows. But Pocket needs to heal right now. Is Phillip ready to commit to that? Sometimes it is better to let go. He says he has suffered enough loss. She knows he has a big hole in his heart left by Belle and Claire, but does he really think Pocket can fill that hole?

Marlena asks Belle if she has lost her marbles. Belle says no, but she also remembers all of the stupid things she did while she was on the run with Claire. Marlena appreciates the sisterhood, but they are talking about the DiMeras here. Belle knows. Marlena fought them, and she is still here. Now it is time for her daughters to stand up and be strong. Sami chimes in. Just like Marlena taught them. Marlena can think of her marrying EJ like the family’s insurance policy. Marlena groans. Sami is going to marry EJ, then Stefano dies, and then what after that? Sami says she goes back to Lucas. Marlena shakes her head. EJ would rather die than lose her to Lucas. Sami says this is already hard as it is. She has to do this. She is going to leave for a bit, but if Marlena changes her mind about them moving in, she’ll be there. She says she is energized. She wants to urn this vendetta back on Stefano. She leaves. Marlena frets. Belle tries to get her to lie down and rest. She has to go pick up Claire from preschool, but she will be back soon. She leaves. Marlena wanders around the room. She stares at John’s flag and cries.

Shawn thanks his dad for speaking up for him. Bo tells him he will be alright. He was raised in the school of hard knocks. Bo is sure he is up for the responsibility. And speaking of responsibilities, when is he going to marry the mother of his daughter? Shawn says they are waiting until the time is right. It’s a question for Belle, not him. Bo understands, he just wants Shawn to know things are better with a ring. Shawn says he is going to tell Belle the news about school. He leaves. Bo smiles to himself. His boy is going to be alright.

At St. Luke’s, Belle lights a candle. Phillip comes up behind her and apologizes about her father. Belle cries. She is such a Daddy’s girl. She always has been. Who will hold her hand now? She wipes hr eyes and apologizes. How is Tyler? Phillip says he met his foster parents this morning. They were great. He tells Belle about his disorder. She asks when he can take the baby home. Phillip sighs. She may not believe this. But he thinks he will have to give Tyler up.

Ruth promises Kayla they will take good care of Pocket. Steve and Kayla kiss him goodbye, and he leaves with his foster family. Steve hugs her. He thinks this might be a good thing. He will probably end up being Phillip’s kid. What if they found out later on? This all could have been much harder. Steve wants them to focus on their own little family. Then one day, they can consider adopting. Never say never. She smiles. He is a wonderful father. She would love to adopt again, but only if he is ready. They love each other. They kiss.

Belle is confused. Phillip tells her he wanted Tyler for all of the wrong reasons. DNA doesn’t matter. His foster parents love him and want to adopt him already, and he isn’t even theirs. A kid deserves two parents anyway. Belle tells him it doesn’t always work out that way. Things and people change. Phillip agrees. Tyler can’t fix him. Only Belle can. He turns to her. He wants her back. He had it all, and then he lost it. He wants it all back. He moves in for a kiss. Belle kisses back. Shawn approaches the door of the church.

Sami bursts into Marlena’s room. Marlena called her back because she didn’t like how they left things. Sami groans and doubles over. Marlena looks at her and gets excited. It’s time for the babies to be born. Marlena goes off to call Lucas and the hospital, but Sami stops her. Her contractions are very close together. The babies are coming now.


Commander Flynn tells Shawn and Bo, “Shawn, your enrollment in the police academy has been postponed pending further review.” Bo stammers, “What?” Shawn’s jaw drops, “Why?!”

Lucas tells a sweaty Sami, “Honey, you were supposed to wait for me to do this.” She huffs and puffs, “Tell that to the twins.”

Phillip partially undresses Belle. They fall onto the bed and kiss passionately.

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