Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/19/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/19/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the church, the crowd murmurs as Stefano approaches Marlena. He came to pay his respects. She tells him to get out. He can’t imagine she actually thinks he did this. Marlena glares. She doesn’t think. She knows he has been after John for years, and it kills him that his pawn turned to his enemies. Stefano grumbles. The only thing that bothers him is the fact that John took the woman he loved. Marlena tell him it’s a sick obsession, not love. He may have destroyed John’s body, but he can never destroy his spirit. She’ll despise Stefano until the day she dies. He tells her that despite what she thinks, he found John a worthy adversary. He admired him. Marlena screams, “GET OUT!” Bo and Roman back her up. They will throw him out if he doesn’t leave. Stefano turns to go. He will leave Marlena to her grieving. He hopes her family has no more funerals.

At the pub, Kate tells EJ to let the threats, hatred, and killing go. Sami is so scared that she signed the annulment, and Lucas did too. She’s his for the taking. EJ thinks he might need Kate’s help. Kate refuses. EJ reminds her they both want the same thing. Kate heartily disagrees. She wants the vendetta to end for her son’s and grandchildren’s sakes. EJ just wants to marry Sami. EJ is doing his best. He is sorry about John. Kate tells him John was a hero. EJ tells her he has to go. Kate calls out after him. If Sami married him to end the vendetta, she’ll be a hero, too. Kate sips her wine and flashes back to the night of her engagement to John. Kate cries, “Goodbye my love.”

At the church, Steve, Bo, Abe, Shawn Douglas, and Tony act as pallbearers. Belle and Marlena follow them out of the church, wailing.

Marlena approaches the door to her and John’s bedroom. She clutches a folded American flag. She walks into the room and takes a whiff of the air. She smiles and whispers John’s name. She sees his coat thrown over the back of a chair. She picks it up and strokes it. She catches sight of his coffee mug in the nightstand and crumples into the chair. She bawls.

Back at the pub, Bo sits at a table with Hope and examines the headlamp fragment from John’s accident. Hope encourages him to take a break and eat. Bo refuses. Stefano showing up tonight just reminded him not to waste any time. They have to nail him for John’s murder. Hope say they have to. They can’t lose anyone else they love.

A few feet away, Max asks Stephanie how she is. She’s ok, but she’ll never forget the look on Marlena’s face as they lowered her coffin into the ground. Max says she and John had one of the great all-time loves. Stephanie agrees. Like her mom and dad. She wonders how anyone gets over losing someone like that. Max adds that Marlena has Belle and Sami, at least. Kayla was all alone when she thought Steve died. Stephanie frowns. She was just a baby. She couldn’t be there for her mom. She starts. “And I never have been.”

Across the room, Chelsea tells Billie that she has been so wrapped up with her own problems that she hasn’t thought about the DiMeras at all. Billie tells her to be careful. Chelsea doesn’t think they will come after her. Billie is actually more worried about the campus rapist right now. She wants Chelsea to stay on her guard. Chelsea tells her nothing is going to happen to her. Billie hugs her. Nothing better happen, because Chelsea is all she has.

Outside on a bench, Lucas hands Sami a tissue. She tells him that John’s death just hit her all of a sudden. Lucas nods. Stefano made it clear that it could all happen again. He can’t deny it anymore. Sami is right. She has to marry EJ. Sami gawks.

Belle walks in to the pub. Maggie tells her Marlena wanted to be alone, but she is supposed to call if she needs anything. Belle nods.

Across the room, Tony laments. He tells Anna how sorry he is he never got to know John. But there is something he can do about it. He drags Anna over to the bar and greets Lexie. He wants to introduce her to Anna. He does so and refers to Lexie as his sister. Lexie says it is nice to meet her, but they aren’t really related. Tony begs to differ. They both had to deal with Stefano as their father. If that hasn’t bonded them, he doesn’t know what will. He invites her and Abe over for dinner sometime. Lexie would really like that.

Stephanie brings a plate of food over to Steve and Kayla. She noticed her mom hasn’t eaten all day. It’s not healthy. Stephanie sits down. She hands Steve her class schedule. She wrote the sorority’s phone number down too, in case they want to get together or something sometime. Steve smiles, “In case?” Stephanie grins. She meant ‘when.’ They could go to dinner. Nothing big. Steve beams, “Yeah, nothing big at all.”

Abe peers at a piece of the headlamp under a magnifying glass, “That’s definitely a four.” Bo notes it down. They have a few numbers so far. They can enter them into the computer. Maybe it will give them something to work with. Abe hopes so. It could be their only shot at finding John’s killer.

Sami sobs. She hopes Lucas knows that this isn’t what she wants. He sighs. He knows that. She cries. She is so happy he understands. He loves her so much. She loves him too. They hug. He tells her he will never stop loving her. EJ spies on them from around the corner. Sami sniffles. She tells Lucas to hold her. She wants to stay right here with him.

Shawn, Sr. stands at the bar of the pub and proposes a toast to John. He was a Brady if there ever were one. Stefano stands at the church and places an icon near John’s picture. He flashes back to branding John with the phoenix. Flashbacks of John and Marlena ensue. He takes his name from a plaque at the mission. John gifts Marlena with a gold charm bracelet. Shawn goes on, “To our friend, our son, our brother.” Flashbacks show Hope talking to John after he came out of his coma. Marlena takes him to the pub, and he’s greeted enthusiastically by Sami. At the fourth of July party, Julie tells everyone the heart wants what it wants. John and Marlena share a loving gaze. Shawn finishes, “And beloved John Black.” Everyone drinks. Bo says, “Hear, Hear.”

Back in her bedroom, Marlena stares out at the falling rain. “If It Wasn’t For Your Love” plays in the background as a John and Marlena love montage ensues. Clips are shown of John and Marlena’s wedding and engagements, as well as them passionately kissing in various exotic locations. Marlena crawls into bed. A tear rolls down her cheek.

Steve meets Kayla at the hospital. Kayla tells him Pocket’s foster parents brought him into the emergency room the night before with the same symptoms. He had trouble breathing and keeping food down. Dr. Davidoff said that he is stable now and his symptoms have worn off. Steve rants. Mrs. Meyers took him away and put him with new parents, but he got sick anyway. He huffs. At least now she can’t blame them for poisoning him. His eyes widen. They can get him back now. Kayla just wants to know that he is ok. Phillip charges up, demanding to know where his son is. How can this happen again? Steve says they would like to know the same thing. Phillip fumes. He has been trying to get Tyler back through the proper channels, and all the while, someone has been poisoning his son. Steve says at least he knows now Steve and Kayla weren’t responsible. Phillip needs to speak with a doctor. Steve stops him. He doesn’t care about himself, but doesn’t Phillip think he owes Kayla an apology? Philip tells him to get out of his way. Kayla intercedes. She doesn’t need an apology. She just wants Pocket to be alright. Philip rages. His name is Tyler! Steve tells him not to yell at his wife. He needs to apologize. Phillip fumes. His son has been poisoned three times and Steve expects him to care about Kayla’s hurt feelings? He snaps, “Get out of my face.” Steve decks him and Phillip slumps to the ground. Kayla cries, “Steve!”

At the docks, Bo and Shawn finish a race. They argue over whether or not Shawn let Bo win. Bo warns Shawn about Commander Flynn at the academy. He will make Shawn sorry he joined the force. Shawn has heard about “old iron pants.” Shawn asks if there are any leads in John’s hit and run case. Bo tells him they’re working on something they hope pans out. Shawn is surprised Hope even let Bo out of the house with everything that has been going on. Belle has been giving him a hard time too. She’s been really upset that he is joining the academy ever since her dad died. Bo tells him Hope isn’t too keen on the idea herself. She may be a former cop, but she’s a mom first. Shawn tells Bo he is an adult. Bo tells him to wait until Claire grows up. Shawn can come talk to Bo if he stops caring about her well-being when that happens. Hope is on edge because they just lost one of their closest and dearest friends. Shawn reminds Bo that John wasn’t a cop. Maybe what happened was an accident, even though his gut says otherwise. Bo sighs. He’s not sure how Marlena will wake up and face the day today. Shawn tells him Belle went over there early this morning to be with her. Shawn tells Bo that Hope needs to remember that being a cop isn’t a death sentence, Bo tells him that John and Zach died the same way. His mom is tough, but even she can’t handle losing both of her sons.

Belle enters Marlena’s room. She stopped by her favorite French bakery and brought her breakfast in bed. Marlena sits up and smiles sadly. John used to pretend to speak French to the girl behind the counter. Marlena would pretend she didn’t know him. They both talk about how they didn’t sleep. Belle suggests she take something. Marlena doesn’t want to drug herself into a dreamless sleep. Either way, John wont be there when she wakes up. What difference does it make? Belle says it will get better. Marlena sighs. First they have to go through this- the loss, anger, sadness. Finally the acceptance will come. She sobs. She has counseled hundreds of patients with their grief. She’s talked, listened, held people’s hands and sometimes even offer them water. They looked at her like she was mad and she must have been mad. No psychiatrist can mend a broken heart. All they can offer are antidepressants and sage words. Belle thinks she is being hard on herself. She helped many people with their grief. Marlena isn’t sure anymore. She has been through loss before, but losing John is excruciating. Marlena had no idea what her patients were going through or the depths of their despair. She would tell them to take it one day at a time and then go home to their husband. She didn’t have to go home to an empty house--a house with no life and no heartbeat. How could Marlena tell them they would get through that? Belle looks puzzled. What else can people do? Marlena isn’t sure, but how could words possibly help? They don’t even scratch the surface. Marlena frets. She must have sounded like some hideous greeting card to them. Belle begs her not to give up. Marlena feels like she can’t go on. Belle pleads. Marlena is always the strong one. Marlena hugs her. She doesn’t feel strong at all right now. Belle tells her they will grieve together and give one another strength. Marlena smiles. Her daddy would be sp proud of her. Belle tells they will always have their memories. Marlena is glad she has hers. She breaks down. She doesn’t know if she can live without John. Sami walks in with a box of pastries and coffee. She asks if there is room for one more. She laughs when she sees Belle thought of breakfast first. She sets the food down and joins them on the bed. Marlena embraces them both. Sami asks what she can do. Marlena tells her she is already doing it. Sami and Belle tell her that Brady, Eric, and Carrie all hate that they can’t be there. Marlena knows they are all worried, but she will manage. Sami tells Marlena that her and Belle will take care of her. She thinks they need to move in. Then they can be here for Marlena all the time. Belle agrees. It’s a great idea. Sami says they will stay as long as she needs them. When she’s ready to face the world again, they’ll leave. Marlena beams and cries. They are so sweet. But it is completely out of question.


Bo tells Shawn, “If something ever happened to you, I couldn't take it.”

Marlena tells Sami, “He's Stefano's son. Do you think that you can control that?” Sami replies, “I have to.” Marlena warns, “You're taking on something incredibly dangerous, and it could end with your life.”

Phillip says, “I love you, Belle.” He moves in for a kiss. Belle whispers, “Phillip.”

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