Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/17/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Morgan makes Stephanie some tea and apologizes about John. She hears he was really special. Stephanie decides to go check in with her mom at the hospital. Besides, she is really beat. Morgan is sure all that ducking and hiding will really wear a girl out. It’s time for her to confess. Morgan saw Stephanie following her and Max all night.

At Nick’s apartment, Jeremy plays a game of hoops with the kids. Nick walks in with some groceries and ends the party. It’s too loud. Nick sends the boys off to bed and lays into Jeremy for the noise he was making. He heard it all the way down the hall. Noise brings complaints, and complaints bring cops. Jeremy apologizes. Sometimes kids get carried away. Someone knocks on the door. Jeremy gets ready to bolt, but Nick stops him. He’s called in the reserves. He opens the door and Maggie sails in. She greets a slack-jawed Jeremy.

In Stefano’s hospital room, EJ chats with Stefano as he lies in bed. He knows Lucas did not sign the annulment papers, but Sami will convince him to do so. EJ is sure of it. He asks Stefano again if he had anything to do with John’s accident. Stefano tsks him. He asks how John is. EJ tells him the sobering news. John is not expected to make it through the night. Stefano sighs. He is sorry to hear it.

In John’s hospital room, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Belle, Lucas, Sami, and Marlena hover around John. He can’t believe they all showed up. Don’t they have something better to do? He chuckles weakly and asks for Claire. Belle tells him Shawn took her home, but she might be able to come back later. Bo tells John to rest. None of them are going anywhere. Belle sees John’s heart rate slow on the monitor and whispers frantically to Kayla. She wants them to give him medicine, or operate, but Kayla says there is nothing to do. He’s getting weaker because of all the organ damage. All they can do is make him comfortable.

Morgan tells Stephanie she saw her at the race track. Stephanie swallows. She has friends that work in the pits. She was just visiting them. Morgan eyes her suspiciously and admits she should apologize. But she thought it was weird to also see Stephanie staring at them while they were at the pub. Stephanie shrugs. She meets Chelsea up there all the time. Morgan sighs. Alpha Chi Thetas never take another girl’s guy. If she has a thing for Max, she just needs to let Morgan know.

Nick heads off to tuck in the boys and leaves Maggie and Jeremy to chat. Jeremy groans. He already knows what she’s going to say to him. Maggie suggests she bring Alice over. Jeremy says she doesn’t need this and neither does he. What does he need? He asks Maggie to walk out and pretend she never saw him. She can’t do that. He tells her to go ahead and make good on her threat, then. He refuses to turn himself in.

EJ grumps. He thought Stefano would be happier tat he was marrying Sami. Stefano is happy for him, but this business with John has upset him. He was an equal adversary. EJ doesn’t get it. Stefano spent years trying to kill the man, and now he pities him after he finally succeeds? Stefano doesn’t understand why EJ keeps insisting he arranged John’s accident. EJ says he knows Stefano did.

Bo pulls Marlena aside. He hates to do this but he needs to talk to her about the hit and run driver while it is all fresh in her mind. Marlena says her mind isn’t working so well. She knows the car was a sedan, but she can’t remember anything else, not even what color it was. She breaks down. Bo soothes her. It’s going to be ok. John calls from the bed. Is Bo putting time in with his wife? Bo says he was just taking food orders. John requests some chowder and a cold beer. Kayla is not sure they can swing the beer. Steve tells John not to worry about Kayla. He’ll get that beer. Bo kneels beside John. He has been thinking. There are two types of family-- the kind you’re born into, and the kind you choose. If someone declares war on one of them, they declare war on all of them. John is as much a Brady as anyone here. John smiles. He tells Bo to be sure to win the damn war He passes out. Belle freaks. Marlena comforts her. It’s alright. John’s body just needs to rest. Bo tells Hope he has to go get some air. He leaves. He rages and stomps in the hallway. He remembers John getting shot because he took Bo’s place in the sting operation. Bo eyes a cart full of drugs and syringes. He snatches a vial and a needle and storms off.

Jeremy is not changing his mind. Maggie switches tactics. Jeremy’s dad has called dozens of times, looking for news about him. Jeremy glares. Did his dad wants news that he was in jail? Maggie tells him gently that he may start there, but he doesn’t have to end there. Jeremy whines. No one will ever hire an ex con. His life is over. Maggie tells him he’s lucky he has a family that would be more than willing to give him a second chance. Jeremy whines some more. He can’t work at Chez Rouge. He’s a bad waiter and a worse cook. Maggie begs him to reconsider. Nick is really sticking his neck out for Jeremy, and she hears he has been great with the boys. She really wants him to give his family a chance to help him through this. Jeremy asks about the cops. Maggie turns to leave. She’s going to give him one last chance. She hopes he does the right thing.

Morgan tells Stephanie Max told her they hung out a lot over the summer. Stephanie tells Morgan they did, but they decided to just stay friends. Morgan is skeptical. Stephanie followed them around all night because Max is a friend? Stephanie says Morgan and Max are two totally different people. She just wanted to make sure no one got hurt. Morgan says that’s sweet, but she is pretty sure they can both take care of themselves. Stephanie nods in agreement. Plus, the charity date is over with. Morgan says it isn’t if she has a say in it. That was the best five hundred bucks she’s ever spent. Billie and Jett come in looking for Chelsea. Stephanie introduces them to Morgan. Billie wanted her to help spread the word about an incident on campus. Jett tells them one of the students was nearly raped.

Steve sits by John’s bed and tries to get him to wake up. He just feels like exploding sitting here and doing nothing. Hope pleads with John. They all need him so much. How will they identify the perpetrator without John? Steve grumbles. They know who did this, and he’s right down the hall. Hope tells him this isn’t the time. Steve sighs. It’s never the right time. Kate walks in. Lucas asks what she doing there. She chokes back a sob. She’s here to see an old friend. She asks how he is. Marlena tells her they are losing him. Kate sniffles and walks over to John. She tells him he seemed pretty disappointed in her the last time she saw him. He has to wake up and tell her it’s alright. She actually cares what he thinks, and she can’t live the rest of her life thinking she let him down. John whispers, “Never.” Marlena rushes over. She laughs. She should have known it would take Kate to wake him back up. He smiles. It takes her to keep him, though. Belle looks hopeful. Her dad seems stronger. Will he make it out alright? On cue, John chokes and gasps for air. Marlena soothes him.

EJ tells Stefano he has quite a history of pushing fate in the direction he wants it to go in. Stefano throws up his hands. If EJ wants to believe he killed John, that’s his prerogative. Stefan won’t argue. But the least he could do is go check up on John’s condition and report back to Stefano. EJ rushes off. Stefano picks up a book, but Bo bursts in before he starts reading. Stefano groans. He asks about John. Bo tells him he probably won’t make it. He asks Stefano who ran John down. Stefano snaps at him to get out. Bo refuses. Things are just getting interesting. He unwraps the syringe.

Belle talks to John. She picked out his tuxedo for the wedding. She thinks he will look really handsome in it. John groans. Kate asks if they can give him anything for the pain. Marlena tells her John is already at his limit. She strokes his hair. Sami goes to get herself some tea. Kate follows. She asks if Sami is still planning to marry EJ. Sami tells her she is. Kate should be smiling. She’s finally getting her way. Kate frowns. The last thing in the world she wants is for Sami to marry EJ.

Stefano is not surprised that a Brady would kill a defenseless man in cold blood. Bo thinks it’s funny he used defenseless, and not innocent. Stefano rolls up his sleeve and tells Bo to do what he must. Bo grabs him. He wants a name. Roman walks in. He tells Bo to put the needle down before someone gets hurt.

Nick comes out and asks about Maggie. Jeremy tells him she left. He demands to know who else Nick told about him. Nick swears he didn’t tell anyone else. Jeremy sulks. He thought they were friends. Now he’s out of Nick’s hair for good. He starts stuffing clothes into a duffle bag. Nick asks him to think about the life he is choosing. He has to look over his shoulder all the time and use a fake name. Jeremy rolls his eyes. Nick says he just wants to help. Jeremy knows, but he has to leave. He asks Nick for a few bucks. Nick gives him a wad of cash and tells him to take the fire exit stairs. Artemis and DeMarquette come out and ask “Uncle” Jeremy where he is going.

Billie fills the girls in on the attempted rape. A girl was slipped a date rape drug in her drink. A man dragged her outside and tried to rape her. Billie is going to be putting tons of new security cameras up around campus. Jett tells the girls to be smart and stay in pairs. They shouldn’t be out alone. Billie tells Stephanie to have Chelsea call her. She and Jett leave. Stephanie and Morgan both hope they catch the guy soon. She thanks Morgan for the tea, but she really has to go. Morgan asks her how they are on the Max thing. Stephanie tells her what they do is their own business. Morgan thanks her and gushes. She is so glad Stephanie brought Max into her life. She really owes her one. Stephanie grins woodenly.

Marlena coaches John on his breathing to help with the pain. John tries to talk. Hope tells him that just this once, he doesn’t have to be strong. They will be strong for him. Belle encourages him. He promised Claire a trip to the park. She won’t forget it. Hope bawls. Ciara will want to come along too. Kayla smiles. She doesn’t know how he put up with the Bradys all of these years. They’re all a bunch of hot heads. Hope chimes in. He’s the cool one. They need him. John struggles to speak. He’s not going anywhere. Steve pulls Marlena aside what can he do. She says there sis nothing to do. John is dying. But no matter how much pain he is in, he’ll never stop fighting until Marlena tells him it’s alright to let go. Steve suggests they go for a walk. Marlena can’t. There is one last thing she ahs to do for John. She weeps and hugs Steve.

Bo tells Roman he’s just chatting with his favorite sociopath. Bo is sure he wants to do this. He gives Stefano one more chance to tell him who ran John down. Stefano grins. He heard Bo’s daughter, Chelsea, was a real hell on wheels. Bo stabs him with the needle in the chest. Stefano shrieks. Roman pulls Bo off of Stefano and asks what the hell he’s thinking. EJ rushes in and asks what happened. Stefano tells him. He wheels on Bo. Bo tells him there was only saline in the needle. Stefano will be fine. EJ tells Bo and Roman to get out. Bo sneers. If he doesn’t get some answers, he won’t be so lucky the next time. They leave. Stefano tells EJ that Bo is a crazy bastard, but he is fine.

Kate tells Sami that Lucas is never going to let her go. No matter who she marries, or where she goes. Sami never thought she would hear Kate say that. Lucas comes out. He accuses Kate of saying something to Sami. Sami stops him. She and Kate were just talking, not fighting. Lucas told Kate to leave Sami alone. Kate knows. She wishes Sami luck and walks off. Lucas asks what the luck is for. Sami tells him she meant good luck with marrying EJ.

Outside John’s room, a cop walks up and hands Bo something in an evidence bag. He tells Bo they found a smashed headlight in the street. Bo tells him this could be the break they need. He tells the man to go get him a magnifying glass.

Artemis and DeMarquette want to know why Jeremy is leaving. He says it’s complicated. It kind of has to do with work. He doesn’t know when he will be back. He asks the kids to remember his rule. They grin. Jeremy laughs. That’s right. Smile, because chicks dig it. He tells them to listen to Nick because he’s a smart guy. He hugs them. As they head off to bed, he tells them not to do anything he wouldn’t do--and don’t do most of the stuff he would, either. Nick tells him they would make great character witnesses if he would stick around. Jeremy can’t. He tells Nick not to give up on Chelsea. She’ll come around. Nick smiles ruefully. He’s going to miss having Jeremy around. Jeremy grins, “Nick the geek. You’re alright, man.” He leaves.

Morgan tells Stephanie that Danny can giver her a ride home. Stephanie declines. She’s parked right outside. Morgan wanted her to talk to Chelsea about something. Two of the senior sisters graduated in the spring and their rooms upstairs are empty. Morgan wanted to offer them to Stephanie and Chelsea.

Hope comes out and asks about the evidence. Bo tells her about the broken headlamp in the street. The cop comes back with the magnifying glass. Bo peers at the glass through the bag. Hope asks him if he’s looking for a serial number. He smiles. That’s why he married her. Hope thinks if they could just trace that number to a dealership or rental agency, that would be great. Bo agrees. He promised John he’d find who did this. It’s a promise he intends to keep.

Steve asks Marlena if they should leave. She says no. John should be surrounded by people he loves. Kayla says she doesn’t have to do this now. Marlena frowns. He’s in terrible pain. It’s time. She walks over to John and says, “Hey, handsome. It's time for us to talk.”

Morgan sees Stephanie to the door and tells her to be careful. Stephanie says she can’t wait to tell Chelsea abut moving in. She walks down the front path. Leaves rustle behind her. She asks who’s there, but no one responds. She leaves. Jeremy comes out of the bushes, stares after, and heads off in the opposite direction.

Stefano asks EJ for the news on John. EJ says it could be hours or minutes. Stefano thinks it is time for him to leave Salem. EJ says he can’t leave until he and Sami are married. Stefano is sorry, but it may have to be that way. EJ suggests they just get married sooner than expected. Annulment or not, they can move up the divorce. Why put off the inevitable? EJ and Stefano laugh and high five.

John tries to talk, but she stops him. It’s her turn now. She needs him to do her a favor. He needs to close his eyes and rest. He wants to rest later. Kayla weeps. Marlena tells him he’s just afraid he will miss something. John whispers, “Yeah, I’m gonna miss you.” Marlena smiles through her tears. He won’t miss her, because he is never leaving her. This isn’t the end, because they don’t have an end. He doesn’t need to worry about her or Belle or the family. They are strong. He taught them how. He whispers, “I love you.” She loves him, too. He is the great love of her life. When it’s time for them to see each other again, she knows he will be waiting with his arms flung open. He’ll be taking care of her again. She urges him to sleep. He closes his eyes. She sobs. She’ll see him in forever. John flat lines. Belle shrieks, “Daddy?!”

Sami rushes out of the room, weeping. Lucas follows. Sami is hysterical. She slams the annulment papers down and demands that Lucas sign them. He looks at her. She begs. His lip trembles. He takes the pen, and with shaking hand, signs the paper. Sami bawls. She’s so sorry. They hold each other and cry.


Bo and Hope walks into the church to find John’s funeral and casket set up. Hope gasps, “Oh, my gosh. Who did all this?”

Sami tells Lucas, “There is only one way to end the violence, and we both know what that is.”

At the docks, Marlena turns around quickly, “John!?”

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