Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/16/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/16/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Max talks up the chili fries to Morgan. You have to get them when you come there, just like you have to get a hot dog from Coney Island. She nods and smiles. She’s never had chili fries before. He tells her how good they are, so she tries them. She thinks they’re great. She thinks these alone are worth the five hundred bucks. Max looks hurt, so she adds that he’s worth it too. She appreciates that he is trying something different. She describes her first date with a rich jerk that picked her up in a limo. Max says that isn’t his style. What you see is what you get. Morgan likes what she sees. Stephanie spies on them from outside.

Outside John’s hospital room, Belle calls Hope and tells her what happened. She hangs up and goes back inside. Dr. Berman tells Marlena that John has been given morphine, so he’ll be out for a while. Belle rages. They won’t try to save his life, but they’ll pump him full of drugs? There has to be something they can do. Marlena tells her sometimes all they can do is say goodbye.

Near the nurses’ station, Sami tells EJ to smile. He is getting everything he wants. EJ is just surprised she agreed to this. She says she didn’t have much choice. John is in there fighting for his life just in case she wasn’t clear on the consequences. EJ swears he had nothing to do with it. She ignores him and huffs. Is he going to tell Stefano, or what? He reminds her Lucas hasn’t signed the annulment papers yet. She assures EJ he will. EJ hopes John gets better. He also hopes their families can wipe the slate clean. Lucas walks in and asks what he’s talking about.

Stephanie peers in the windows of the pub at Max and Morgan. She thinks she’s going to be sick. Chelsea shows up. She asks why Stephanie is hanging around outside. She doesn’t want to go in and have to see Max and his date. Chelsea can’t believe she followed them here. Stephanie says Morgan has been acting ridiculously all night. She acted like hanging out at the track was really fun and then she ate nachos for dinner. She should have been turned off by Max’s low rent wonderland, but instead, she had fun. Chelsea rolls her eyes, and sarcastically tells Stephanie that it’s hard to believe Morgan might be open-minded or actually like Max. Stephanie insists Morgan is up to something. They have to find out what it is. Chelsea backs up. Stephanie is freaking her out. She sighs. She just wants to protect Max. Chelsea asks her if she’s considered the fact that Max doesn’t want to be saved.

Max wipes some chili off of Morgan’s mouth. She thinks he is a real gentleman, but sometimes a girl needs a guy that isn’t one. Like right now, since Max’s friend Stephanie is spying on them, and has been all night.

Belle says John has to wake up. She has to be able to say goodbye. The doctor excuses himself. Belle asks how they can give up. Marlena chokes back a sob. There’s nothing more anyone can do for him. She knows this is hard, but Belle has to be strong. Belle refuses to say goodbye. She will not accept this. Marlena tells they have to be strong--for when John wakes up.

Lucas asks Sami what is going on. She calmly tells him she taped up the annulment and she‘s going through with it. Lucas’ jaw drops. “You taped up what?” Belle comes out, weeping. Lucas tells her Shawn is on his way. Is everything ok? Belle wipes her mouth with her hand. The doctors don’t think he is going to make it. Sami says it can’t be true. Lucas goes to wait outside. Sami comforts Belle. Marlena will make this all alright. They won’t lose John. Belle sobs.

Morgan cannot believe Max hasn’t noticed Stephanie. She has been tailing them all night. Didn’t they date once? Max admits that they did, briefly. Morgan thinks she still has feelings for Max.

Stephanie obsesses. Did Max just see her? Chelsea isn’t sure. She asks for a compact to see how she looks. Chelsea thinks her behavior is obsessive. Stephanie insists she is just looking out for him. Chelsea reminds her Max is a big boy. He can look out for himself. Stephanie wails. Morgan is just with Max for laughs. She’s going to use him, then dump him. Chelsea thinks she needs to let go. Besides, she was the one that dumped Max. Stephanie huffs. She didn’t think he would rebound that quickly. Chelsea tries to soothe her. Most first dates don’t lead to a second date. Stephanie isn’t biting. They look like they are both having a great time in there. What if Max is falling for her?

Marlena sobs and strokes John’s hair. She cant imagine saying goodbye to him. They have always been together since they met. Even when they were apart. And they always found their way back to one another. She won’t give up on them. Not after all they have been through. John’s eyes flutter. He tells her he heard every word. She asks him how he feels. John winces, “Never better.”

Belle just doesn’t understand how this can happen again. Just last week, she was showing her dad wedding plans, and he was telling her not to play that YMCA song. Now he won’t even be there. What will she tell Claire? When she grows up, John will just be some stranger in family photos. Sami says Belle won’t let that happen. Belle steamrolls over her. John was supposed to take Claire to the Cubs’ spring training, too. Sami thinks Belle needs to focus on all the great times she and her dad shared. Shawn shows up and envelopes Belle in his arms. He apologizes for sleeping through her call. She is so glad he is there.

Lucas tells EJ he knows he did this to John to scare Sami into marriage. EJ patiently reminds Lucas he was at the pub with himself and Sami the whole time. Lucas thinks Stefano did it, or someone EJ hired. EJ says it is possible his father did it, but he had nothing to do with it. Lucas tells him to prove it.

Morgan asks for the dirt on Max and Stephanie’s breakup. He tells her Stephanie left him for another guy, but he isn’t around anymore. Morgan is curious. Did he leave her? Max wriggles. He thinks he’ll let Stephanie tell Morgan the story. Morgan smiles approvingly. She appreciates that. Most guys would love to gossip about their ex. Does Max still have feelings for Stephanie? He is taken aback by the question. She sure doesn’t waste any time. He sighs and says he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. He and Stephanie are yesterday’s news. He just finds it odd that she would care that he was seeing someone. Not that he is, this is just for charity, but if Morgan wanted to they could, maybe. He blushes. Morgan grins. She is having a great time, and Max is worth every penny.

Chelsea thinks Stephanie needs to talk to Max if she still has a thing for him. Stephanie denies it. She just wants to make sure Morgan doesn’t take advantage of Max. Chelsea laughs. Is she serious? Max can handle a girl like that with his eyes closed. Maybe that is what Stephanie is really worried about.

John wipes away Marlena’s tears. Where is his doc, strong and unafraid? She says she is trying. John knows it looks bad. Marlena disagrees. She thinks he can make it. He tells her she is a terrible liar. He heard a lot of what the doctor said while he was lying there. John knows she can do this. The whole family is counting on her. She sobs. She just got him back. She can’t lose him again. He tells her not to cry. He wants to take that beautiful face with him- the way it looked on their wedding day. There were tars of joy that day. And that had a good run. No regrets, right? She shakes her head. She tells him people are outside and coming by. They want to say goodbye. He knows. He just wants Marlena to lie beside him for five minutes. That won’t make much of a difference, will it? She crawls onto his bed and holds him.

Lucas tells EJ that Sami needs him. So EJ just needs to stay away and let Sami mourn with her family. EJ agrees to be sensitive to her needs. Lucas glares. EJ isn’t going to go anywhere near Sami. EJ tells Lucas they are about to be married. Lucas isn’t so sure about that. He doesn’t recall signing those annulment papers. Sami comes out to the nurses’ station and rages at EJ. What is he still doing here? He is supposed to go talk to Stefano. EJ leaves. Sami sobs. She needs Lucas. He holds her. He promises he isn’t going anywhere.

Caroline brings apple pie out to Max and Morgan. Morgan compliments her chili fries. After she leaves, Max tells Morgan he thinks his mom likes her. He can tell. He brought home a pretty foul-mouthed girl with tattoos once, and Caroline made it pretty clear she wasn’t pleased. Morgan bets Stephanie was a breath of fresh air after that one. How long did they date? He says they only dated a couple of months, but they had some weird encounters more recently. He says they revisited memory lane after they worked together all summer, but nothing came of it. What about Morgan? Does she have any exes? She says she has a few, but she is one thousand percent single now. Max was hoping she would say that.

Chelsea asks Stephanie if she thinks Max would sleep with Morgan. Stephanie doesn’t think so. Max has changed. Hasn’t Chelsea noticed? Chelsea sighs. She thinks Stephanie needs to talk to Max if she has feelings for him. Otherwise, she’ll regret it. Stephanie says she had her chance and blew it. Chelsea thinks it’s never too late to make things right.

Sami cries. If she had just gone with her gut and married EJ, John wouldn’t lying in there dying right now. Lucas tells her she needs to be following her heart anyhow, not her gut. Sami knows this isn’t fair to Lucas, but how many more people have to die before he will admit she has no other choice? She is the only one who can end this. What if something were to happen to Will? She would never forgive herself--and neither would Lucas. Lucas says they should get a bodyguard. Sami doesn’t want to live like that. She will just marry EJ until Stefano dies. Besides, bodyguards haven’t stopped Stefano before. Lucas reminds her her dad is the deputy police commissioner. She needs to let her family handle this. Sami nukes. Look how many times her dad has been in the hospital. Clearly, her family cannot handle the DiMeras. If there was another way, she would do it, but there isn’t. She really needs Lucas to stand by her on this. He is her lover and best friend. She can’t do this without him. Lucas just doesn’t think he can do it.

Marlena comes out and tells Belle she can go in and see John now. Belle assumes he is doing better since he is awake. Marlena shakes her head sorrowfully. He isn’t. Belle doesn’t know what to say. Marlena tells her to say whatever is in her heart. Belle goes inside. Shawn tells Marlena how sorry he is. He is going to call Shawn and Caroline and have them bring Claire down to see John. Can he do anything for Marlena? She tells him to take care of Belle. She is going to need all the support she can get. Of course Shawn will.

John asks Belle for a hug. She sobs. He tells her that was just what he needed. He asks about Claire. Belle tells him Caroline is bringing her by later to see him. John makes sure she is coming tonight. Tonight would be best. He sighs and tells Belle to make sure Claire turns into a Cubs fan. He wishes he could see her face when she takes in her first game at Wrigley. Belle begs him not to talk like that.

Caroline hangs up the phone and walks away from the bar. Her eyes are startled and vacant. Max asks what happened. She tells him about John’s accident. He tells her he will take Morgan home and then take her and Pop to the hospital. Morgan comes back from the bathroom and he fills her in. She is so sorry. She offers to take a cab home so he can get his parents to the hospital. He promises to make this up to her. She tells him to call her if he needs to talk. She is usually up pretty late. He beams. He thinks she is terrific.

Stephanie says there is no way she is going to crawl back to Max. She still has a little pride left. Chelsea argues with her about her motivation for being at the pub. Stephanie denies it. Chelsea asks why she called her over there if she isn’t going to listen to anything she has to say. Stephanie tells Chelsea that even if she does go tell Max that she likes him, he will still be all weirded out and worried about Jeremy coming back. Max won’t put himself in the position to get hurt again. It’s a lose-lose situation for her. Chelsea wonders why the heck she’s spying on him then. Stephanie agrees it’s a waste of time. Just as they turn to leave, Max and Morgan come out. Chelsea makes up some lame excuse about showing up for chili fries. Max tells them about John’s accident. He asks Stephanie if she can take Morgan back to the sorority house for him. He wants to make sure she gets home safe.

Belle tells John she has so much to say to him, but then again, she can’t think of a single thing to say right now. John wants her to tell him she won’t forget her daddy. She sobs. She could never do that.

Lucas wants to know what is going to happen to them. He can see the twins once in a while, and maybe they will go on a couple of dates, but she will be going home to EJ every night. Sami tells him they are in control of this, not EJ. Is she sure about that? She begs him not to let EJ come between them. Doesn’t she find it strange that she just said that? Marlena interrupts. It’s time. Lucas tells Sami he will be for her.

Morgan insists she can call a cab. Stephanie says it is no problem. She was heading back to the house anyway. Chelsea takes off. She has to tell Billie about John. Morgan thanks Max for the lovely evening and kisses him on the cheek. She had a great time. She hopes Max will call her. Max tells her to count on it. Morgan thanks Stephanie, too. She thinks this will be a great way for them to get to know each other. Stephanie looks thrilled.

Caroline comes into John’s room with Claire in tow. John asks about his chowder. Caroline smiles. She’s working on it. Belle sits Claire on the edge of the bed and John hugs her. He is sure going to miss the second generation, Claire Black.


Nick tells Jeremy, “He always brings complaints, and complaints bring cops, and cops aren't your friends.” A knock interrupts him. Jeremy shouts, “Oh, damn. Someone did call the cops.”

Morgan tells Stephanie, “Just so you know, an Alpha Chi Theta does not take another girl's guy.”

Bo asks Stefano, “Who ran down John down?” Stefano replies, “Accidents happen.” Bo snaps, “It was no accident.”

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