Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In the alley behind the clinic, John bleeds. Belle rushes over with a blanket she was able to get, but she couldn’t find a doctor. Belle sobs, “Daddy, who did this to you?” Marlena flashes back to John getting hit by the car. As sirens grow louder in the background, she whispers, “We’re going to take care of you.” She begs him to keep breathing.

In Andre’s hospital room, Stefano discusses Andre’s death with his doctor. Tony and Anna enter. The doctor thinks Tony is Andre. He can’t believe the resemblance. Anna notes that their personalities are polar opposites. Tony asks Stefano what is going on as the doctor excuses himself. He tells Tony that Andre died. Shawn, Sr. was responsible. Tony thinks he’s kidding. Stefano adds that he barricaded the door and turned off Andre’s respirator. Tony can’t believe the old man had it in him. Has he been arrested? Stefano chuckles. They’re talking about the Salem police department here. He assures Tony Shawn will be arrested. Tony sighs. He wishes he could be upset about all of this. Stefano explodes. How can this mean nothing? Is he not a DiMera? Tony says Andre stole his very life from him. He thinks his death is good riddance. Stefano grumps. He guesses he is Andre’s only mourner. Tony reminds him he doesn’t have it in him to mourn for long. Stefano tells him the family needs him now that Andre is dead. The time has come for Tony to take his place by Stefano’s side. Tony chuckles. Stefano must be mad.

At the pub, Sami bawls. This is all her fault. As she blubbers to Lucas, EJ leaves Stefano a message. He wants to talk about what happened to John Black. Sami rages at EJ. He swears he had nothing to do with this. Lucas narrows his eyes. She can’t believe a word he says. Sami sobs. John has been hurt very badly. EJ shakes his head. Stefano will keep this vendetta going until the terms are met. Lucas grumbles. EJ is the same killer he always was. EJ reminds him he was here at the pub this evening. He just wants to end this feud as much as anyone else. Lucas glares. EJ just wants to marry his wife. Sami fumes. She tells EJ to swear he didn’t have anything to do this. And he better look her in the eye when he does it.

Marlena tells Belle that John’s pulse is strong and his breathing is regular. She doesn’t think he is going anywhere. As an ambulance and police car pull up, Belle tells John to hang on.

As Chelsea and Stephanie enter the sorority house, Morgan takes a vote on nail polish colors. Morgan tells them she needs help getting ready for her date with Max. Stephanie asks about Cordy. She has her date with Ford, too. The girls tell her Cordy has been locked in her room, getting ready since lunch. A piercing shriek comes from upstairs. The girls look at each other in horror, “OMG, Cordy!”

EJ swears to Sami that he had nothing to do with this. Lucas scoffs. Why wouldn’t he? After all, he went after John once before. EJ begs Sami to believe him. She tells him she has to go be with her mother and John. She leaves. EJ calls after her to be careful. Until they are married, no one is safe.

Stefano tells Tony his mind is clear. He raised him as a DiMera, and it’s time to stand by his family and father. Tony asks if he is supposed to stand by the family that stole twenty years of his life. And what exactly does running the business entail? Stefano says he will be going back to Tuscany and someone has to run things here while he is away. Tony asks what he’s going to have to do. Kidnap Marlena? Re-program Steve? Stefano growls at him to stop making jokes. Tony thinks Stefano is desperate for his help, but not desperate enough to apologize for leaving him on that island. Stefano reminds him he had company. Tony tells him he finally got his life back. If he runs this family, the cycle of murder and mayhem dies with Stefano.

Cordy wails. Her hair is curled and twisted into a gigantic up-do. She has gobs of pageant make up on--eyeliner, heavy blue eye shadow, bright red lipstick-- the works. She thinks she looks like a hooker. Morgan agrees that she overdid it. Cordy swears that she isn’t going anywhere. Chelsea reminds her that they told her they were coming over. Cordy thought they were late, so she got started without them. Stephanie reminds her that it doesn’t take two hours to put make up on. Morgan tells her not to worry. She is going out, and she is going to be drop-dead gorgeous. Chelsea tells her she is already beautiful. Morgan assures Cordy everything will be fine. She and Chelsea are make up experts. She calls for cold cream and tissues and goes to work on Cordy.

Sami runs up to Belle and Marlena as paramedics load John onto a stretcher. Marlena grabs her. Belle sobs. She’s afraid her father is dying. Sami wails. This is all her fault. She ripped up those papers and threw them in EJ’s face. Marlena stops her. John will be fine. She rushes off to join John. Belle and Sami agree to ride to the hospital together. Lucas stops Sami. He tells her that this isn’t her fault. She did the tight thing. Sami stares sadly.

Stefano sighs. Tony disappoints him. He always has. Stefano spent his life trying to fulfill a dying wish. Tony doesn’t understand why he has to do the same. Stefano rages. If he were a good son, he would. He gave Tony every advantage. Tony murmurs, “Except a moral compass.” Stefano goes on. Colleen Brady destroyed his father. He will despise her memory to his dying breath. Tony raises an eyebrow. Is this vendetta about Santo or Stefano? Stefano tells him it was his father’s wish, not his own, although the vendetta has done nothing more than destroy his own family. Tony hopes something good will come out of this. Anna thinks they need to leave. She tells Stefano she is sorry, but he can’t blame Tony after what he did to him. Tony explodes. He can’t believe Anna is apologizing to Stefano. He storms out. Stefano tells her Tony was always too emotional. Anna follows him. Out in the waiting area, Tony asks her if she invited Stefano to move in while she was at it. She wonders what the use is of being cruel. Tony says he can’t be cruel enough after what Stefano did. Besides, doesn’t she remember that he tried to have Carrie killed? Anna says she and Carrie and Tony are all fine. They are all happy, and Stefano is just a broken, dying man, with no one by his side. She doesn’t think you should kick a man while he is down. Besides, this vendettas has cost him much more than it has cost them. Tony grumbles. Stefano got what he deserved. Anna hushes him. He sounds like a DiMera when he talks like that. They have to let go of this. They have won.

John is wheeled past Anna and Tony. Marlena follows. Tony asks her what happened as John is taken into a room. She doesn’t answer. She clasps her hands and prays, “John, stay close to me.”

EJ enters Andre’s room. He tells Stefano that he never ceases to amaze him. Stefano has no idea what he’s talking about. EJ tells him he was right. It was better to go after John. It would have taken months for Sami to forgive him if he had gone after her sister. He asks where Andre is. Stefano tells him Andre is dead. EJ doesn’t get it. If Andre is dead, then who hit John Black?

The doctor tells Marlena they will have to do surgery before they can assess John’s condition. They wheel him off. Belle sobs. This is bad, isn’t it? Marlena tells her she knows she is scared. They all are. But her dad needs them to be strong. They need to pray. She asks Tony and Anna to join them, but Tony darts off, saying they don’t need a DiMera prayer. Anna rushes after him. Belle and Marlena start reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Cordy rushes in from another room make up free and donning a bathrobe. Morgan sends Carmen off to find the hottest outfit they have in the house. Morgan orders Stephanie to keep a lookout for Ford and Max. They cannot see the girls before they get ready. Cordy tells her the surveillance system is hooked up to her computer. Stephanie keeps an eye out while Morgan and Chelsea go to work on Cordy’s makeup. Morgan asks if Dr. Brady is ready to operate. She is ready when Dr. Hollingsworth is ready. Morgan sighs and dives in.

Belle tells Lucas she can’t reach Shawn. He offers to go pick him up. Belle thanks him. Lucas tells Sami he is going to pick up Shawn so he can be with Belle. Sami tells him he is her rock. He tells her to stay positive. John is the toughest guy around. He leaves.

Tony tells Anna that he and John are half-brothers. They share the same mother, but he hardly knows John. He fears he will never get the chance. Anna hugs him.

Stefano tells EJ his cousin was murdered by a Brady. John Black has been struck down as well? EJ asked who killed Andre. Stefano tells him Shawn did. The old man. EJ tells Stefano John isn’t dead yet, but it doesn’t look good. Stefano says he had nothing to do with it. He is tired of death. John was his greatest creation. EJ doesn’t care about all of that. This person put Samantha right where he wanted her. Stefano groans. Benjamin and Andre are dead, and all EJ can think about is some woman. EJ reminds Stefano their marriage will put Santo’s soul at rest. Stefano smiles. And EJ will have everything his heart desires. Or so he thinks.

Sami, Belle, and Marlena share a group hug. Sami tries to comfort the other two. They have to think of his other coma. They never gave up hope then, and he got better. It will happen this time, too. Marlena agrees. John won’t leave them like this. He just cant‘.

Max and Ford show up outside the Alpha Chi Theta house. Stephanie tells the girls inside they have arrived and heads out to run interference. Cordy urges Morgan to go finish getting ready for her date. Morgan tells her they have to finish getting her ready first. Outside, the guys exchange pleasantries about their dates. Stephanie bursts outside. Max is just the guy she wanted to see. Max stares.

EJ wants to make sure Stefano will end all of this when he and Sami are married. Stefano tells him it will be a relief to end it all, actually. EJ needs to learn from the mistakes Stefano made with Marlena, or he will lose Sami just like Stefano lost her mother. He tells him John was his private mercenary, but Stefano knew he wasn’t to be trusted. Then, he took Marlena. His pawn stole his queen. If it hadn’t been for that, the vendetta would have ended years before. EJ says he will make sure he fixes this. History will not repeat itself with him and Sami. Stefano hope he is right. If he isn’t, he will end up alone.

Tony and Anna pull Marlena aside. They are going to the alley to talk with the police. Maybe they have a lead on the driver that struck John and drove away. Tony tells her to call if she needs anything. Anna adds that she wants to have both she and John over for dinner when he is feeling better. Then they can act like a real family. Marlena smiles through her tears. She would like that. They leave. Marlena sobs.

Sami apologizes to Belle for all of this. Belle reminds her this isn’t her fault. Besides, it may be totally unrelated to the vendetta. Sami has nothing to prove to any of them. John loves her, and so does the rest of the family. Sami tells her it will be alright. She walks over to a nurse and asks for transparent tape.

John is wheeled out of surgery. Marlena thinks the news must be good, since the surgery went so quickly. Belle and Marlena follow the doctor and ask if John will be alright. EJ comes into the waiting area and stares.

Stephanie lets Ford and Max inside. Morgan and Cordy will be ready soon. She asks if they want a beer. They both say no, as they are driving. Stephanie is impressed by their responsibility. She should have bid on Ford herself. Ford blushes. He admits that he was a little disappointed when he found out Stephanie was bidding for Cordy. He thinks Cordy is great, but she is not really his type. Plus, he really wants the both of them fighting over him. Max rolls his eyes. Ford asks if Stephanie is seeing anyone. Max butts in. She just got out of a really bad relationship. Stephanie glares. She tells Ford sweetly that she dumped a guy a while ago, but she has been dating since then. She asks Max where he is taking Morgan. Max says they are going to the race track. Stephanie scoffs. Max stutters. He says he thought Morgan would be tired of the same old restaurants and clubs. He wanted to do something different. Morgan comes out and has Cordy brought in. She is wearing a slinky red dress. Ford can’t believe his eyes. Is this the same girl that bid on him at the auction? The sisters tell them to have a great night. They walk outside.

Marlena rushes into John’s room. She has to see him. Belle runs after her. The doctor comes in and tells them his injuries are extensive. His back is broken in two places. His ribs are broken. He has internal hemorrhaging . As the doctor drones on, Marlena watches John’s heart monitor and flashes back to the hit and run in slow-motion. She comes back. The doctor is telling them John’s liver suffered the most damage. Marlena turns to him calmly and asks him to tell her one thing. Is her husband going to make it?

EJ tracks Sami down. She asks if he is here to say he told her so. He tells her he is here to see his father. Andre died. She can call Bo to confirm if she doesn’t believe it. She does know what this means, doesn’t she?

Ford tells Cordy she looks sensational. He has a feeling this is a night neither of them will ever forget. Cordy mouths thank you to the other girls as he leads her off. Max tells Morgan their date is a surprise. They leave. Chelsea tells Stephanie she had so much fun. She just loves having sisters. As she gushes, Stephanie spies out the window. Chelsea tries o get her attention, but Stephanie doesn’t hear her. Chelsea sighs, “Yeah, you’re not jealous.” She huffs off. Stephanie peers out the window.

A courier brings a manila envelope marked “Confidential” to Stefano. He opens it to find a white envelope. It reads, “Sami Brady: DNA test results.” Stefano opens it and reads. He chuckles, “Just as I thought.”

EJ tells Sami he tried to get his father to tell him what happened to John, but he wouldn’t say. Sami says she isn’t stupid. She can do the math. EJ stops her. Maybe they can find another way. Sami snaps. There is no other way. She hands him the annulment papers, which she has taped back together. She signed them. EJ can tell his father the vendetta ends tonight. This is EJ’s lucky day. He finally gets what he wants.

The doctor tells Marlena it isn’t good. John’s organs are failing. Most likely, he won’t make it through the night. Belle sobs. What are they going to do? Marlena tells her they are going to call Bo, Hope, Roman, Steve, Kayla, and everyone else that loves John. They have to tell them that they’re losing him. They both sob.


Chelsea asks Stephanie, “What do you want me to do, install a webcam in Max’s bedroom?” Stephanie asks hopefully, “Can we?”

Max tells Morgan, “What you see is what you get.” Morgan smiles, “And I like what I see.”

Lucas tells Sami, “Let them handle this, for God’s sake.” Sami screams, “They obviously can’t handle the DiMeras!”

John whispers to Belle, “Give your Daddy a hug.” Belle sobs.

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