Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/12/07


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In Andre‘s hospital room, Shawn, Sr. wonders why people like Andre keep coming back when others die so young. Andre reaches for his call button, but Shawn snatches it away. He goes over to the door and blocks the handle with his cane. He reaches for the power button on Andre’s respirator. Before he can push it, Colleen appears. She tells him not to do it. He protests. She tells him what happened years ago wasn’t his fault. He was just a little boy. Shawn grumbles. He believes in an eye for an eye. Colleen urges him not to be like the DiMeras. None of this was his fault. He must remember that. She disappears. Shawn walks over to Andre. “Your family murdered my sister and now a price has to be paid.” He reaches for the button.

At the pub, Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, and Lucas surround Sami. Lucas promises they won’t let her down. John tells her to stay strong. Bo adds, “The whole family is behind you.” Hope begs her not to give up on them. Sami smiles through her tears and rips the annulment papers in half. Lucas grins, “That’s my girl.” Sami smiles. She just hopes no one gets hurt.

Belle pulls up behind the clinic. She leaves Shawn a voicemail. She reminds him that she is going to be shadowing a nurse tonight, but she will be out in time to pick Claire up. EJ sits in his own car and spies on Belle from a block away. He whispers, “Sorry, Belle, but your half sister gave me no choice.”

Sami jokes with John and Marlena. She was actually trying to be unselfish for once, and they stopped her. John tells her he hasn’t been worried about her in a long time. He knows they haven’t been close. She stops him. That was completely her fault. He tells her she really knocked him over today. And that’s a fact. She tells him that really means a lot. He is her dad, too. She knows that. They hug. Sami cries.

Caroline tells Bo and Hope that Shawn left a note saying he was visiting a friend at the hospital. They only other person in the hospital besides Roman is Andre. Bo murmur, “And Stefano is by his side.” Caroline frets. If Shawn went to find Stefano, she doesn’t want to think of what he might do.

Shawn whispers that he hopes Santo is burning in hell for murdering an angel. He tells Andre to join him. He asks God to forgive him, but Andre earned his death. He reaches for the button. Andre stares up at him pitifully. Shawn stops. He can’t do it. Colleen taught him too well. Andre reaches out desperately and pushes the button himself. He sinks back onto the bed. He flat lines. A nurse and the guard start banging on the door. They shout out for Shawn to open the door. Shawn sits in a chair by the door and asks God to save Andre’s soul.

Belle steps out of her car. Her phone rings and she gets back inside. In his own car, EJ sighs with impatience. Marlena tells Belle the news about Sami’s decision. Belle is so glad. Marlena wants her to join them. She says she can’t, as tonight is her first clinic. She asks Marlena to try to track Shawn down for her to let him know she is picking Claire up. They both wish she could come to the pub and promise to check in later. Belle gets out of the car and locks her keys inside on accident. EJ narrows his eyes, “Sweetheart, you’re going to learn the hard way that this vendetta is over when I say it is.” As Belle walks toward him, he starts his car. Belle turns around and goes back. EJ groans. Belle notices she has locked her keys in the car, but she doesn’t have time to deal with it now. She leaves. EJ’s phone rings. It’s Sami. She asks him to come to the pub. He asks if she has changed her mind. She tells him to come to the pub and they’ll talk. EJ agrees and hangs up. He whispers, “This is your lucky night, Belle.”

Caroline tells Bo and Hope that Shawn hasn’t been himself lately. He thinks he is responsible for Colleen’s death. He never told Caroline about her, and he suffered in silence all of these years. It seems to her like every year around October, Shawn would be filled with rage. He would never tell her what it was about, but it just seemed to build with every year. She thought he might explode. Bo asks her if she thinks he would hurt Stefano. She tells him to just go and find his father. Hope hugs her and tells her they will Bo and Hope leave.

The guard forces the door open and he and the nurse burst in. The nurse checks to see if Andre is responsive, and then calls for a crash cart. A doctor rushes in. She tells him Andre’s respirator has been turned off. The guard asks Shawn why he didn’t open the door. Shawn calmly tells the guard to call his son. He’s not leaving. In fact, this is right where he needs to be. He shuffles into the lobby area and takes a seat.

Stefano demands answers from the doctor. Twenty minutes ago, Andre was stable. Now he’s dead? The doctor tells him someone deliberately turned off his respirator and blocked the door from the inside. The elderly man outside was the one in the room at the time, but the doctor can’t say anything more than that. Stefano wheels over and glares at Shawn. He tells the doctor he will need to speak with that man before the authorities arrive. But for now, he would like a moment alone with his nephew. He tells Andre he has been loyal and brave to the end. He will have an honored place in the DiMera tomb. It is only fitting for a good soldier--his best soldier. He stands and kisses Andre on the forehead and puts a sheet over his face. He sits back down and rolls over to the door. He glares at Shawn and mutters under his breath. What is restraining him? Why doesn’t he just go ahead and draw his sword? He wheels over to Shawn and tells him he’s done a fine job. Stefano bared his soul and this is how he rewards him. Shawn stares. Stefano rages. He wants Shawn to remember this vendetta could have been over. But now Shawn has given it new life and blood to avenge. Andre’s death will not go unpunished.

John tells Marlena Belle left him a message. She locked her keys in her car. Marlena asks if she senses a superhero moment. John smiles,. “Want to fly with me, Lois?” Marlena giggles, “I’m your girl, Clark.” They run into EJ as they are leaving. He tells them he is there at Sami’s request. John wishes him luck. He knows Sami had something to say to him. He laughs and they leave. Sami stands beside Lucas and thanks EJ for showing up. She wanted to tell him she’s not going to marry him. He thought she already made that quite clear. She hopes he will still try to end the vendetta. Her family is behind her a hundred percent, so there is no changing her mind. Lucas tells EJ that he lost. And there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. Lucas tries to get Sami to leave, but she wants a moment alone with EJ to resolve this once and for all. Lucas agrees to leave, but warns EJ he won’t be far away. Sami tells EJ the idea to get married was crazy anyway. She only agreed to it because she thought she had no choice. She just can’t walk away from her husband and her family. EJ sighs. This isn’t just about his grandfather’s wishes. Part of her wanted a break from Lucas to test new waters. She can’t help the way she feels and neither can he. He loves her. He just knows she feels the same way.

Marlena wonders why Belle parked in such a deserted place. John reminds her the public lot is six blocks away. He tries to pick the lock on Belle’s door. Marlena remembers Belle used to always have huge hugs for John whenever he rescued her by finding her bear or pacifier. John hopes he gets one for this. Marlena doesn’t remember him sweating so much trying to do this before. He hands her the pick and tells her to try it, then. She goes over to the passenger side and tells him he’s going to be jealous. She got in the door before he could. They both laugh.

Stefano sees the guard and demands he arrest Shawn for Andre’s murder. The guard reminds Stefano there is no proof Andre was murdered or that Shawn did it. Stefan rolls his eyes. He should have known the Salem police would stand by and do nothing. He threatens to sic his lawyers on the police department. Bo and Hope walk in. Bo is sick of Stefano’s empty threats. Stefano tells them Shawn killed Andre. He turned off his respirator and blocked the door. Bo wheels on him. If Stefano wants justice, he needs to get in line. He’s falling apart piece by piece. Why doesn’t he just put a bullet in his own head and end all their suffering? That would be justice. Stefano can’t believe Bo thinks his death would bring peace. His sons would avenge it. Bo cackles. Tony isn’t his son, and junior…well, poor junior almost married a Brady, but she turned him down just a little while ago. Stefano says she is more foolish than he thought. Bo says her family is behind her. Stefano sympathizes, “What a misfortune.” He tells Bo not to underestimate Elvis. He always gets what he wants. Bo tells the guard to escort Stefano into his nephew’s room. Shawn moans. Stefano told him about his mother on purpose so he would tell Colleen. Hope tells him it isn’t his fault. Shawn already knows. Colleen came to him and told him. That why he couldn’t kill Andre. He didn’t do it. Bo asks who did. Shawn tells them Andre did it himself. Shawn says he saw a flicker of remorse in his eyes as he went.

EJ tells her she may hate herself for her feelings, but they are still there. She spits, “I’ll never forgive you for what happened that night! You disgust me.” EJ flinches. He doesn’t think she means that. The least she can do is hear him out now. He wants her to forget the vendetta for a moment. He wants her to forget about Lucas and everything else and just imagine her and him. Then tell him how she feels. Sami says she feel nothing. She loves her husband, period. If he really cares as much as he says, he will leave her, her family, and her marriage alone. Stefano is almost dead. So is Andre. Lexie and Tony don’t care about the vendetta. EJ is the last one left to carry it out. She has her family behind her and she isn’t afraid. EJ asks her about fate. She snaps at him. Santo and Colleen did not have a love story. It was a tragedy. What he did to her was unforgivable. Does that sound familiar to him? EJ winces again. He tells her that the truth of the matter is that she had a chance to end this and she refused. He is in no way making a threat, but if anything happens, he wants her to remember she brought this on herself.

Stefano vows to avenge Andre’s death. Bo walks in. He tells Stefano that Hope took Shawn home. Stefano explodes. Bo says his Pop told him what happened. He did want to kill Andre, but he wasn’t able to at the last moment. Andre pushed the button himself. Stefano says Shawn is lying. Bo tells him he needs to accept that Andre was tired of fighting. Stefano won’t believe that. Andre certainly did not block the door. Any jury can see that. Bo tells him there is no crime, so there will be no jury. Andre’s death is a suicide. Stefano asks him if he came in here to dust for prints on the machine, or wipe them off. He wants a trial, and he’s going to get one. Bo tells him to go ahead. No jury will find his father guilty. Stefano muses. If the justice system fails him, he will have to find another way. Bo nukes. He wants him out of his town. If he has to, he’ll drive him out himself.

John asks Marlena to pop the lock so he can get the keys on Belle’s seat. Marlena asks who gets credit for getting in the car. John says they can share. She groans. She’s getting the keys herself. As she bends down, a car bears down on John and runs into him at full speed. He flies in the air and hits the pavement. Marlena screams, “JOHN! NO!”

Stefano follows Bo out into the lobby. He decides when this is over. Bo says the whole thing is a hoax. Santo wanted revenge on the Bradys when he caused his own pain. He lied to Colleen. So Stefano can take his petty vendetta and fly back to Italy. Stefano allowed his Pop to live all these years in pain, and defends his own father, who was a grown man. Shawn was just a little boy. His sister taught him to tell the truth, so he thought he was doing the right thing. Instead, it broke her heart and practically destroyed him. Shawn may have thought he was responsible, but Santo was, with his lies and deceit. Stefano is being just like a DiMera and blaming someone else for Andre’s death now. Stefano must know in his heart that there is now way that Shawn could have killed Andre. Stefano did that when he trained that puppet to be just like him.

Sami tells EJ he will end the vendetta if he really cares. There is another way besides marriage. He can try to talk to his father again. He can end the vendetta for all of them. EJ doesn’t care about “all of them.” He cares about Sami and himself. It was really hard to tell her that he loved her. She tells him to get over it. He warns her that she sealed her own fate when she tore up the annulment papers. Lucas comes in. EJ’s time is up. That is the last bit of private time he will ever get with Sami again. He is out of their lives for good. EJ tells her this is her choice. He wishes her luck and starts to leave. Sami’s phone rings. It’s a panicking Marlena. John was hit by a car behind the clinic. Marlena is waiting on the medics now, but it looks really bad. She breaks down. Sami tells her she will be right there. She tells Lucas what happened. Lucas turns to EJ. EJ yells, “Don’t even think it. I was here the whole time.” Sami sobs, “You said I sealed my own fate. What have I done?”

Marlena begs John to hang on. They are so close to the clinic. Belle comes out and sees Marlena and John in the street. She rushes over, shrieking, “Daddy!” Marlena tells her a car hit him and drove away. She sobs. Belle asks who could do such a thing. Marlena says they know very well who could. Belle gasps, “You think Stefano did this!” Marlena cries and pleads, “Hold on John, please.”


John bleeds in the street. Marlena begs, “John, you’re doing such a good job. Just keep on holding on. Help is on the way.”

As Lucas looks on, EJ tells Sami, “Be careful. Because unless we marry, no one is safe.”

Tony and Anna burst into Andre’s room. Tony asks, “What’s going on?” Stefano replies, “Andre has been murdered by Shawn Brady. Senior.” Anna’s jaw drops.

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