Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/11/07


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At the Cheatin’ Heart, Belle sees Phillip sitting alone at a table. She wants to grab lunch with him, but he declines. He’s waiting on Mrs. Meyers, the social worker handling Tyler’s case. Phillip knows she takes her lunch here the same time everyday. When she gets here, he’s breaking into her office. Belle’s mouth drops, “What?” Phillip is tired of fooling around. He’s going to get his son one way or the other.

At the hospital, Shawn, Sr. approaches a room. The guard stops him. Shawn tells him who he is and the guard is embarrassed for not recognizing him. They chat about Roman, and then Shawn tries to go in the room. The guard stops him again. This isn’t Roman’s room. Shawn knows that very well. It’s Andre DiMera’s room. The guard tells him Stefano is visiting. Shawn says that’s even better and heads inside.

At the pub, Lucas thanks John, Marlena, Bo and Hope for showing up. Sami will be here any minute. He called them all here to help save his marriage. Stefano got an annulment from the Catholic church. He’s not sure if it’s real. John says Sami would never go for it. Lucas tells him she was all ready to sign it. Now he has less than 24 hours to convince her not to. Outside, Sami walks slowly to the door as EJ spies on her. When she walks inside, Lucas confronts her. Andre and Stefano are nearly dead. It’s over. She doesn’t have to do this anymore.

Belle says he can’t break into her office. She thought he was with Kayla and Steve, anyway. Phillip fills her in on Pocket’s poisoning and CPS’s decision to place him with another family. Since the social worker won’t tell him where Tyler is, he has to break into her office to find out. Victor has tried to pull some strings, but he was unsuccessful. Phillip’s lawyer says he has a good case. But it could take months for the courts to hear him. Belle reminds him that breaking and entering is wrong. Philip says she was wrong first. She placed Tyler with the Johnsons on the word of Abe. She never even checked them out, and Tyler got sick. Belle knows they wouldn’t intentionally hurt him. If Phillip breaks into Mrs. Meyers office, he could lose Tyler forever.

In Andre’s hospital room, Stefano scolds him as he lies in a coma. He ought to punish him for killing Benjamin and trying to kill EJ. He knows family is of the utmost importance. But then, he really has to blame himself. He made Andre into what he is. He is sorry. When he wakes up, he’ll take him to Italy to recover. Shawn, Sr. walks in. He has business with them both. Shawn says Andre is in no condition. He may survive, but it’s all touch and go. Shawn seems disappointed Andre has a chance. Stefano accuses him of as much, and Shawn reminds him his son almost died because of Andre and the vendetta. Stefano did not like the way they ended things. He wants to explain. Shawn knows how it all started. It goes back to Colleen.

Sami says Lucas certainly delivered on the family powwow. Marlena says they are all very concerned about her. Marlena knows her marriage to Lucas is meant to be. She can’t be thinking of undoing it. Sami turns to Lucas. She was going to tell him he didn’t need to go to all this trouble. Lucas says he did have to. She needs to know that they all love her. And while they appreciate the sacrifice she wants to make, it’s not up to her. It’s up to all of them to protect her and each other. Sami wants to believe that the DiMeras are all washed up and their reign of terror is over. Lucas says she is amazing. Sami beams at her family. She does trust them to take care of her and the twins, no matter what. She also knows Lucas will keep her safe. Bo tells her Andre will go to jail even if he ever wakes up. John tells her the phoenix can’t rise with one talon in the grave. Lucas tells her she is free. EJ walks in and asks what exactly Samantha is free from.

Belle tells Phillip that he will only makes things worse by being reckless and impulsive, Phillip throws his hands up. What can he do? He searched for weeks, he finally finds Tyler, and now they won’t let him see him. Belle thinks Phillip has to get in the system to get Tyler out of it. He tells her he already talked to Mrs. Meyers. She didn’t care that he was the father. Belle thinks she may be a little gun shy after what happened to Tyler. But if he gets arrested, the court could decide he is an unfit parent. Phillip can’t wait for the family courts. Mrs. Meyers made it clear she wouldn’t help. Belle says she will. Phillip thanks her, but he doesn’t think even she can do anything now.

Stefano agrees. It all started with Colleen and the spell she cast on his father. Shawn explodes. Santo was the one doing the seducing! Colleen was innocent. Stefano laughs. She wasn’t innocent. Her father was forcing her into a convent, and she saw Santo as a way out. Shawn glares. Stefano always blames the Bradys. Stefano yells, “You think she was the victim, is that it? She was the one who was hurt? What about my mother, hmm? What about her? “

Lucas asks EJ what the hell he’s doing here. Sami was supposed to make up her mind on her own. EJ asks him if he’s afraid Sami will reconsider if she peaks with him. Bo tells him he’s not wanted. EJ just came to get something to eat. Bo tells him they’re closed. John tells him to quit playing games and confess--he came here to put pressure on Sami. EJ just wants equal time for his argument. Hope says this is not a debate. This is the end. Marlena steps in. She hopes he got that ‘end’ was the operative word. EJ thinks Sami has been strangely quiet. She swallows. They agreed to a marriage of convenience. He knew she loves Lucas. She appreciates that he agreed to hold up his end of the deal. Lucas butts in, “But she’s not signing those annulment papers.” EJ face falls. He wishes them all luck. Sami follows him to the door. He asks her if Will is back. She says he is. EJ hopes someone is around him 24/7. He leaves.

Belle is going to help Phillip. She can’t fly all over the county with him, but now that Tyler is in Salem, she can help more. Besides, her mom works at the hospital. She might be able to do something. Phillip says she can’t help with the courts or Meyers. He has to break in to her office. Belle promises to try to talk to the social worker herself. She’ll beg and plead. Phillip already tried that with her and Lauren. It got him nowhere. Now he’s trying the Kiriakis way. Belle begs. He just needs to give her a chance. Phillip asks how she will get a meeting with her. Mrs. Meyers walks in the door. Belle sees and says she doesn’t think she needs one.

Stefano tells Shawn his mother knew all about Colleen. His father had his own share of guilt, of course, but it takes two to tango. Shawn reminds him Colleen thought his mother was dead. Stefano nods. Until they straightened her out and she threw herself off a cliff. Shawn moans. They never even found her body. Stefano chuckles .Of course they didn’t. Shawn explodes. What does that mean?

Marlena and Hope gush over Sami. They are so proud of her for not backing down. Lucas wants to celebrate. Sami doesn’t. Bo says the vendetta is over. John says the DiMeras are all out of moves. Sami shouts, “No, okay? It's not! Listen to me. It's not over at all!”

Belle walks over to Mrs. Meyers and introduces herself. The woman makes it clear that she doesn’t want to talk to Belle, but Belle sits down at her table and rushes ahead with her story. She tells her all about Phillip trying to find Tyler for months. Mrs. Meyers’ eyes glaze over. Phillip already told her all of this. Belle tries another route. She tells Mrs. Meyers that Phillip is a decorated war veteran--two tours. He lost his leg and his face. Mrs. Meyers lights up. She had no idea this was true. She really wants to help now, but there is no proof the baby is his. Belle suggests a DNA test.

Stefano tells him the discovery of Colleen’s body would have made everything too easy. Since she was never found, she stayed alive in his father’s heart and kept him from loving his mother. Sure, it was an arranged marriage. Looking back, Stefano can even see his mother was plain, at best. But she had inner beauty. If Santo could have given up on Colleen, he might have seen it. Shawn insists Colleen was not to blame. Stefano goes on. He was angry with Colleen, so he thought he would tell Shawn about his mother. Shawn can’t believe it. He told him on purpose? Stefano nods. He knew he would go straight to his father. He laughs. Shawn did not disappoint him. Shawn’s eyes wide, “You used me to destroy my own sister!” He stumbles out of the room in tears. Stefano whispers, “If you only knew, Shawn. If you only knew.”

Lucas freaks. Is Sami changing her mind? She says it wasn’t made up to begin with. Bo tells her EJ was just trying to scare her. Sami says she loves Lucas more than anything, but her children have to be her first priority. She has to protect them. Lucas asks what she will do when EJ doesn’t get his way some time and threatens her or the kids anyway? He’ll do it, even if she marries him. Hope says Lucas is right. Bo says they’ll defend her with a shotgun at her front door, if they have to. Hope urges her to stand her ground. She can’t let EJ manipulate her.

Mrs. Meyers tells her a DNA test is difficult now that Pocket has been poisoned. Things get complicated when criminal charges might be brought. Belle tells her Pocket doesn’t need to be bounced form home to home. He has a wonderful father just waiting for him. Mrs. Meyers agrees to take Phillip’s case to a family court judge. They may be able to authorize an immediate DNA test. Belle beams and thanks her.

The guard offers Shawn a glass of water. He seats him in a chair and runs off to fetch it. Shawn sobs. Stefano used him to kill his own sister. He sees EJ enter Andre’s room. He thinks.

Sami is afraid EJ was right, and there are other people out there, waiting to carry out Stefano’s orders. John promises her they will give Lucas all the backup he needs to protect her and their kids. Sami pleads. EJ may not seem as dangerous as Andre, but he is. Ask John. And what he did to her was awful, too. This only lasts until Stefano dies. Lucas grunts. Their babies are going to be raised as DiMeras and she knows it. EJ will not give her or them up once he has them. Marlena agrees. If Sami marries EJ, it will be like giving him two tiny hostages.

Belle runs up to Phillip with good news. Not only has Mrs. Meyers agreed to do a DNA test, but she is also going to try to let Phillip see Tyler tonight. Phillip grabs Belle and swings her around. She moves in for a hug and he kisses her on the mouth. She is amazing.

Stefano reads to Andre from Dante’s Inferno. EJ is surprised to see Stefano here after what happened to Benjy. Stefano say he thinks he has to take some of the blame, too. EJ tells him he has a problem. Sami has refused to sign the annulment papers. Lucas has convinced her that the DiMeras are no longer a threat. Stefano thinks this woman is making EJ soft. EJ rambles on. He has to show Sami that danger still exists. He made a threat towards Will, but he needs Stefano’s help to drive the point home. Stefano refuses to hurt a child. EJ doesn’t want to hurt him, exactly. Stefano stops him. His son is dead and his daughter hates him. He is grieving right now, and doesn’t want to fight anymore. EJ sulks. If they roll over and die, how will that serve him or future generations? Stefano explodes. Obsession with a Brady woman has destroyed this family once already. EJ needs to stop wasting his time and energy. EJ loves her, though. She is everything he ever wanted. Stefano scoffs. Women like her are a dime a dozen. EJ has looks and money. He could have a harem if he wanted. EJ is insistent. He loves her and Stefano has to help him. He was the one that wanted them married in the first place, anyway. Stefano sighs. EJ will have to change her mind on his own. Stefano suggests he stay away from her children, unless he wants to make an enemy of her. EJ leaves.

Marlena doesn’t want to frighten Sami, but she needs to be aware of what the DiMeras are capable of. Lucas pipes up. She won’t be able to get a divorce when she wants. EJ will pull out all the stops to keep her kids. Sami says she can make his life a living hell. Bo reminds her all EJ has to do is pick one of those babies up one time and make threats. Sami would do anything he wanted. Marlena asks her what the real purpose of this annulment its. It won’t keep Will safer, and it will only put the twins in harm’s way. Is she willing to take that chance?

Phillip apologizes profusely. He didn’t mean to kiss her like that. Bell says its ok. He’s excited and got carried away. He might actually hold his son in a few hours. Phillip doesn’t know how to thank her. Belle is glad she could help. They awkwardly interrupt each other, and then Belle say she has to leave. He promises to let Belle know what happens with Tyler. She leaves. EJ, dressed all in black, follows Belle.

Sami just doesn’t know what other choice she has. John tells her they’re going to stick together and fight. Bo appreciates what she is trying to do, but she can’t do it alone. Hope chimes in. They’re a family and they support each other, That’s where their strength is. Sami loves them all so much. Lucas comforts her. All she has to do is trust them. They won’t let her down.

Stefano wheels himself out of Andre’s room. He tells Shawn he is sorry that he is shocked that Stefano, as a small boy, would use him in that way. He shouldn’t be so hard on himself, though. He was just a little boy. He tells the guard he’ll be back shortly and leaves. Shawn goes into Andre’s room. He tells the guard he’ll wait for Stefano there. He blocks the handle of the door with his cane and approaches the bed as Andre opens his eyes. Shawn asks if he is in pain. Andre nods feebly and reaches for his call button. Shawn snatches it away. He sees a rd button by the side of the bed that says ‘main power.’ It’s hooked up to Andre’s life support equipment. Shawn reaches for it. “This is for Colleen.”


EJ sneers, “You're going to learn the hard way, sweetheart. This vendetta is over when I say this vendetta is over. Sorry, Belle.”

Caroline tells Hope and Bo, “Shawn went looking for Stefano. I don't want to think about what he might do.”

Shawn frets as the guard pounds on Andre’s door, “Mr. Brady, are you okay? Hey, what's going on in there?”

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