Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/10/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Amanda

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max waves his shirt around his head. Stephanie can’t believe it. Chelsea whispers that they’re blowing the cupcake girls out of the water. Morgan struts up to the stage. She likes the blue collar type. Chelsea continues the auction. “Five hundred dollars going twice!” Stephanie stops her and hisses, “There must be other bidders.” Chelsea says they need to speak up, then. No one does, so Morgan wins. Max throws her his shirt. Chelsea tells Stephanie to say good bye to hazing and hello to Alpha Chi Theta. Stephanie glares at Morgan.

In Abe’s office, Kayla fills Steve in on Pocket’s condition. He has vomiting, cramps, and trouble breathing. Steve wonders what’s going on. Kayla isn’t sure, but CPS came and took the baby away. He’s going to a new foster family. They think Steve and Kayla are responsible. Steve says they have to do something. Kayla assures him she already called a lawyer, but there’s not much they can do right now. They found ammonia in his system, and they still have to test for other chemicals. Steve shakes his head. How could this happen? Kayla grumbles. They would have taken him away anyway, after they found out about the stunt Steve pulled at the TV station. Steve says he was the only one able to get Roman back. Kayla wails. They still lost their baby, and now she has to fight for him all by herself. She’s so sick of living this way she could scream.

At the pub, Sami asks EJ how he got an annulment. He says Stefano got it. Stefano chuckles. The bishop was very kind. He even went to the trouble of putting a seal on it so no one has to witness it. Lucas scowls. Why did he get a bishop’s seal? Was the pope too busy? Stefano waves his hand. He didn’t want to bother him with such a trivial matter. Lucas demands to see the paper. Stefano tells Sami her grandmother will be glad she can be married in the church. Lucas waves the paper. He thinks this is a fake. EJ tells him not to be ridiculous. This document is the first step towards peace between their families. Lucas tells EJ to start a fire with it. Sami is taken. He needs to go find his own girl.

Chelsea gives a big thanks to their “five hundred dollar man” and Morgan and her checkbook. She looks for the next contestant. Ford volunteers. Tommy does too, but Ford tells him to wait his turn. Chelsea hands the microphone over to Adrienne and asks her to officiate. Ford struts. His major is in anatomy-- female anatomy. The girls cheer. He’s in Kappa Sigma something and if they want a peek at his engine, they’ll have to pay. Shrieking ensues. The bidding starts at a hundred dollars and goes up from there. Chelsea thanks Max and tells him he was great. He’s glad he did it. It was for a good cause. Chelsea heads off to check on the auction. Max says he just got a first date with a supermodel. Stephanie says sure, if he likes the slash and burn type. Morgan is not who he thinks she is. Max asks how she knows what he is thinking.

Steve tells Kayla he will explain everything to the judge. He just had to help Roman. Kayla cries. Pocket was just starting to get used to her. This new family won’t know what songs to sing, or how to hold him the right way when he’s fussy. She just wants to get him back home. Phillip bursts in. He says his name is Tyler. Steve asks how he knows that. Phillip tells them he’s Tyler’s father.

Stefano begs Sami to let him die in peace. Lucas refuses. She’s not making that sacrifice. EJ says he has agreed to do it, So now it’s up to her. Sami explodes. She doesn’t want to hear anything about the “sacrifice” EJ is making. Lucas pulls Sami aside. He lets her knows this is their lives on the line here. Lucas asks her to let her family weigh in on this. She can make a decision in 24 hours. She thinks they’ll just try to change her mind. Lucas thinks maybe they should. He begs her to do this for him. Stefano tells her she knows what has to be done. But he thinks she will make a beautiful DiMera. He tells them he has to go. EJ agrees to get them to sign the papers. Lucas asks her to stop and think about this. She says she has to make sure her children are safe. Lucas shakes his head, “By exposing them to this maniac?” Andre is barely hanging on. Bart is dead. Stefano is at death’s door. They don’t have to do this. They already won. Sami considers.

Steve and Kayla wonder what Phillip is talking about. He gives them an abridged version of the embryo switch, the surrogate, and her abandoning Phillip’s baby. The surrogate died, and Phillip has been trying to find him. They can check it out if they don’t believe him. Steve says he’s not doing anything until he sees proof. Steve is his father until a judge says otherwise.

Stephanie thought she and Max were friends. He says they are. She tries to warn him about Morgan, but he isn’t interested in hearing about her last boyfriend. He tells her he’ll be at the bar if she’s interested in thanking him for saving her auction. At the bar, Chelsea and Morgan chat. Morgan asks if Chelsea knows Max. She tells her they have a family connection. Morgan is interested in him. He’s not like other guys. Chelsea admits he had to grow up fast. Morgan asks for an intro--from an Alpha Chi Theta sister. Chelsea beams and leads her over to Max. Stephanie sees Chelsea introduce them and scowls.

EJ reminds Sami that she can’t afford to make a mistake here. She can’t actually think that Stefano runs his entire empire with Andre and Bart. Does she really want to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder? Lucas dares EJ to call in the goons. If Stefano really has a lot of people to replace Bart and Andre, then where are they? He dares EJ to prove it.

Stephanie tries to talk Cordy into bidding on Ford. She doesn’t want to. She’s not his type. He would never go out with her. Stephanie bites the bullet and bids for her. She bids two hundred. Stephanie assures her Ford would be lucky to go out with her. Cordy hears he dates three girls at a time. Another girl bids two hundred fifty. Cordy shouts, “Three Hundred!” Ford Decker is sold to Cordy. Adrienne takes a five minute break and says that her next victim needs to be ready. Chelsea congratulates Cordy. She groans. She spent so much money on him. She’ll be on bread and water for the next month. Besides, he’s only going out with her because she paid for him. Stephanie tells her he’s lucky to go out with her. She goes off to pay before she chickens out. Chelsea tells her she’s looking at a new Alpha Chi Theta sister. They’ve already made eight hundred dollars, and Morgan is loving the auction. Stephanie frowns. Why wouldn’t she? Chelsea asks what’s wrong. Stephanie asks why she introduced Morgan and Max. Chelsea raises her eyebrow. She thought they should meet before their date. Stephanie wonders if that’s in the auction rules, or something. Chelsea asks her if she has a problem with Morgan and Max. Stephanie say she has a problem with her friend playing matchmaker behind her back.

Phillip says he will take a DNA test to prove he is the father. Kayla tells him he can’t force one. Phillip will get a court order. Steve tells to do what he has to do. Phillip would just like to see him. Where is he? Kayla tell him he is at the hospital. She fills him in on what has happened. She doesn’t really know how he is now, because CPS took him away and placed him with another family. Phillip asks Steve what he did. This wouldn’t be the first time he did something crazy. Steve lunges. If Phillip wants to see crazy, he’ll show it to him. A cop intervenes.

Chelsea reminds Stephanie that ending things with Max, the sorority, and the auction were all her ideas. Stephanie just wants to be Max’s friend. Chelsea thinks he might not want to be friends. Stephanie says Jeremy is completely out of her life. Chelsea asks about Max. He’s just a friend. Chelsea thinks she is jealous. Stephanie says she would never be jealous of Morgan. Chelsea tells her to go bid on a guy and have a good time. Stephanie agrees and runs off. Over at the bar, Max finishes up his sob story about the garage. Morgan says most guys would have ran home to their trust funds. Max says he ran home to chowder and advice. Morgan can’t believe he actually likes his parents. Is he from a different planet? He asks if that is a compliment. She says if it isn’t, she’s been doing it wrong. Adrienne gets the auction going again with Tommy. Stephanie bids on Tommy.

The cop warns Steve and Phillip. Phillip protests. Steve jumped him. Steve apologizes, but he accused him of hurting Pocket. Phillip grimaces. It kind of proved his point. Kayla smoothes things over. She insists they are just as worried as Phillip is. Steve says he may or may not be the kid’s father. But either way, they both consider Pocket their son. Kayla tells him he will have to take the DNA issue up with CPS. Phillip tells her to consider it done and leaves. Steve wonders if he is telling the truth. Kayla thinks he sounds sure. If Phillip has a claim on him, they’ll lose him for good. Steve tells her he never gives up on the people he loves.

Stefano interrupts their embrace. Prison is kind to Steve. He has no restraints and a lovely visitor. They ask what he’s doing there. He came to mend old wounds. In other words, he is dropping all the charges against Steve. He paid the manager of the TV station not to pursue legal action, as well. As of this moment, Steve is a free man.

EJ tells Sami she can dismiss Stefano. But he is still dangerous. Lucas thinks EJ just wants them to be scared. His father won’t be around much longer, it’s true. But Stefano promised to fulfill his father’s wishes, and his power is not dependent on Andre. If Sami listen to Lucas, her family will go through years of more suffering. Lucas scoffs. There is no one for EJ to call. He proved that. So why don’t he and his father pack their bags and head to Italy.

Tommy goes up to close to three hundred dollars. Stephanie says he is too expensive. Cordy offers to float her a loan. Stephanie declines. She wants enough money to buy drinks. Ford comes over and she introduces him to Cordy. Stephanie leaves. He wanted to thank her. Since she shelled out so much money, he wants to do something special. He wants to go out the next night. Why should they wait when they can go ahead and have a good time sooner? Ford agrees to pick her up at seven and saunters off. Cordy panics. She can’t go out. She has nothing to wear. She hasn’t been on a date in a long time, and she can’t put on makeup. Chelsea agrees to come over with Stephanie and help her get ready. Cordy frets. Chelsea reassures her. If Ford really weren’t interested, he would have tried to postpone the date, not move it up. Cordy beams. She can’t wait for them to become sisters. Chelsea hopes they do make it. Morgan walks over and gives Chelsea a speech about carrying themselves with poise and confidence. Since she and Stephanie annihilated the competition, she is pleased to welcome them into Alpha Chi Theta. Chelsea looks around for Stephanie. She will be thrilled.

Meanwhile, Stephanie talks to Max across the room. She is sorry. He really saved their butts tonight, and she should be giving him a medal for spending a night with Morgan, not ragging on him. Can he forgive her?

Steve is suspicious. Just yesterday, Stefano threatened to kill him. Stefano thought Andre had killed EJ. He was understandably in a bad mood. Stefano has already signed the release, so he can go. The FCC might levy a fine, however. Steve can’t believe it. Stefan won’t come after them? He says he won‘t. Steve asks what the catch is.

EJ tells Sami she is putting her whole family into jeopardy. Lucas reminds her this is just a piece of paper. He begs her to wait one more day. EJ tells her it’s a mistake. Sami agrees to wait one day. But after that, she has to make a decisions. One that they will all have to live with. EJ tells her time won’t change the facts. Lucas asks what his problem is. EJ knows the consequences of not following through right away. Sami turns on him. If Lucas is right, and the DiMeras have lost their power, then there is no reason for her to leave the man she loves.

Steve accuses Stefano of planning to whack him on the street. Stefano sighs. He is doing this for Benjamin. Loss has united their families. Steve tells him not to mention his name. Stefano goes on. He knows Benjy loved Steve, and he wants to honor his memory by letting Steve go. It’s a comfort to know Benjy’s death won’t count as vengeance. He leaves. A cop comes in and tells them Steve can leave. Kayla can’t believe it. Stefano actually has feelings for Benjy. Steve says they have to get out of there and find Pocket. Phillip walks in with Mrs. Meyers and tells Steve to think again. The D.A. is looking into charging them with endangering a minor. In fact, Mrs. Meyers has a pretty good case built against them. Kayla gasps.

Max forgives Stephanie. She tells him she hopes his credit card can take a hit for his date. Morgan is all about the label. Max already told her about the garage going under. She understands. Stephanie thinks she will dump him when another guy comes along. He asks where she gets off warning him. She retorts that they are friends. He says that was the plan in the cave. But then Jeremy came along. She says things were crazy then. He reminds her she made her decision. She can’t be all over him over a girl he hasn’t even dated yet. She knows Morgan’s type. Max happens to like her type. And he’s going to make sure she gets her five hundred dollars worth--and more.

Chelsea announces the night’s totals. They made 1,695 dollars. The crowd cheers. Adrienne thanks everyone on behalf of the charity. She pull Stephanie and Chelsea up on stage. Everyone applauds their idea. Stephanie wants to thank Max especially for getting everything off to a good start. Chelsea tells everyone there is plenty of food, so eat up and have a good time. They walk over to the bar. Chelsea tells Stephanie they are in the sorority. Stephanie sulks. She knows. Cordy told her. Chelsea can’t wait to move into the house. Stephanie says they can’t because they’re underclassmen. She complains about Morgan and asks if Chelsea trusts her. They have to do something before she pulls something on Max. Stephanie rushes on. She thinks they should follow them on their date. Chelsea looks at her in horror, “We?” Stephanie tells her friends don’t let friends date flesh-eaters. Chelsea thinks they could be the first sisters kicked out before the induction ceremony. Stephanie tells her she will plan everything .Chelsea is just along for the ride.

Mrs. Meyers says this is all premature. The investigation is ongoing, but no action is being taken yet. Kayla asks how he is. Mrs. Meyers can’t tell her. Phillip demands to know how he ended up in the hospital two times. Mrs. Meyers tells them the baby will remain with his new foster family. Phillip just wants to see his son. She tells him they’ll discuss visitation when his paternity is confirmed. She leaves. Kayla moans. They’ll never see him again. Steve assures her CPS will figure out they did nothing wrong. Phillip snaps, “Why should anyone believe that?” Kayla tries to smooth things over by showing Phillip a picture of the baby. He looks at it. He asks them if they know who took Tyler. They don’t. Steve asks him what he has in mind. Phillip looks up. Can he keep the picture?

EJ thinks it is a bad idea for Sami to turn this decision over to Lucas and her family. Sami glares. She makes her own decisions. He thinks ignoring this danger is a mistake. She knows his father is dangerous. She could even ask John or Roman. EJ says they’re lucky. They lived. Lucas tells EJ to lighten up. He needs Lucas’ signature on the paper, anyway, not just Sami’s. Sami says she wants 24 hours. EJ has no choice but to accept that. She tells him she’s going home with her husband. She and Lucas leave. EJ stares after her and says quietly, “A lot can happen in a day.”


Phillip tells Belle, “I’m tired of fooling around. One way or the other; I’m getting my son.”

As Sami looks on, Lucas tells John and Bo, “Tell the DiMeras what to do with that vendetta!” Bo replies, “Yeah, and the terms to end it!” John bellows, “The DiMeras are out of moves. This game is over!” Sami shouts, “Listen to me! It’s not over--at all.”

Shawn, Sr. tells Stefano, “Why should my sister’s body never be found?”

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