Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/9/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Amanda

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Stephanie stands at the door and takes invitations. One of the guys recognizes Stephanie from the racing circuit. He introduces himself as Ford Decker.

Inside, Chelsea tries to talk Max into participating in the auction. He refuses. He’s not going to sell himself to her airhead sorority sisters. Besides, he has a lot of work to do. Adrienne thinks he should do it. He’s handsome and has a nice smile. Plus, all of the money goes to a great cause. Stephanie runs over breathlessly. Their invite worked. The place is filled with hot guys. Chelsea says Morgan and the other sisters are on their way. Max laughs. They’re crazy if they think they’re going to get the guys to turn off the game to help a chick charity they’ve never heard of.

In Shawn’s hospital room, Billie re-hashes what they know about Tyler. Belle thought they decided he was in Salem. Billie thinks so too, but she wants to cover all the bases before they get Phillip’s hope up. She has a box full of Lauren’s things. She hopes she left some clue behind as to where Tyler is.

At the hospital, Hope greets a fretting Kayla. She was giving Pocket his bath, and he started spitting up and having trouble breathing. The doctor is with him now. Kayla is afraid. She hasn’t had a child this young in a long time. Hope assures her everything will be fine. Kayla just hopes it isn’t anything serious.

At the pub, Lucas tells Sami the answer is no. They’re leaving. Sami begs him to listen to EJ. They have come to an agreement. EJ tells Lucas this is a marriage in name only. They just want to end the vendetta. It’s just a temporary situation. Lucas flatly refuses. It isn’t going to happen. Sami reminds him Stefano could die any day. EJ agrees. When he does, Sami will return to Lucas and EJ will ride off into the sunset. They have his word.

Max doesn’t mean to be a downer, but these guys are going to be ticked Chelsea and Stephanie conned them into coming. Stephanie thinks a hot girl like her can have an affect on them. Max doesn’t think so, so they make a fifty dollar bet. Stephanie tells him to get out his wallet as she heads up to the front to address the crowd.

Sami excuses herself and drags Lucas near the door to chat. Sami insists she has to do this. She has no choice. She has talked to EJ and he has agreed to abide by the boundaries she set. Lucas asked if EJ putting her head in his lap last week was within the boundaries. Sami reminds him she thought EJ was dying. That was different. EJ nurses a drink at the bar and calls over to Lucas, “Hey, don’t attack her for saving my life, please.” Lucas snorts. He thought they were having a private conversation. EJ reminds him they’re not exactly using their indoor voices. He has already given Samantha his word that nothing will happen between them while they are married. Lucas thinks EJ is the biggest liar he has ever met.

Stephanie approaches a microphone set up at the front. She casually turns off the football game and asks for everyone’s attention. She is immediately greeted with a chorus of boos. She has a huge surprise for them. She really appreciates them all showing up. They should give themselves a round of applause. She’s greeted with blank stares. Someone from the back demands she turn the game back on. Ford stands up and tells the guys to let her finish. Stephanie tries another tactic. She asks who wants to go on a date with some of the hottest girls on campus. The girls of Alpha Chi Theta are raising money for a battered women’s shelter. A guy in the front chucks a beer bottle cap at Stephanie. The crowd erupts into laughter. Stephanie blushes and explains the auction to the guys. Someone pipes up that the girls are probably all dogs. Stephanie explodes. They’d be lucky to date any of these girls! Chelsea comes to the rescue. All they need the guys to do is get up here and strut their stuff. The guys aren’t agreeing to anything until they turn the game back on. They all start chanting, “Turn it on! Turn it on!”

Billie rifles through the box. She says they need a clear timeline of the events leading up to Lauren’s death. Phillip flashes back to meeting her at the shelter and confronting her at the hospital, which led to her tumble down the stairs and her death. Phillip remembers the last thing Lauren said before she died- that Tyler is alive. Billie goes over the timeline. Lauren first contacted Mimi in July, and Shawn found out the fourth and flew to Indianapolis. Between July 4th and yesterday, she’s been all over the country. So why did she come back here when she clearly wants to avoid Phillip? Billie suggests she may have wanted to turn herself in. Belle reminds them all she came to the hospital, though. Phillip pales. Tyler must be in the hospital right now!

Dr. Berman approaches Kayla. He is sorry, but he has some routine questions he has to ask her. Does she keep any household cleaners lying around? Kayla groans. She does, but they are all locked up, and the baby can’t even crawl yet. She and Dr. Davidoff went through this a few weeks ago. The doctor just wants to find some answers. Pocket exhibits all the symptoms of chemical poisoning. Kayla said the other doctor said the same thing, but it just isn’t possible. They sanitize everything the baby comes in contact with. The doctor tells her traces of ammonia were found in his system. Is it possible a babysitter left something out? Kayla says no. Only her family has looked after Pocket. The doctor apologizes, but he is required by law to notify CPS.

The chanting continues. Chelsea and Stephanie try to retain control, but they admit defeat and turn the TV back on. The guys cheer. Chelsea and Stephanie walk back to the bar. What will they do? Morgan and the others will be here any minute. Adrienne offers to cut the power to the TV or nail the guys to their seats. This charity means a lot to her, too. Stephanie suggests Chelsea auction herself off instead. Chelsea looks around the room at the guys and declines. Stephanie groans. It’s six more weeks of hazing hell, then. Ford walks over and apologizes for his fellow brothers’ behavior. He thinks there is a way to get the guys to change their minds. What guy has ever said no to a girl sobbing hysterically?

In the pub’s kitchen, Sami and Lucas talk. She wanted to get him somewhere more private. She knows how crazy this sounds. Lucas thinks she being snowed by EJ. She disagrees. This is Santo’s doing, not EJ’s. Lucas thinks this is like forcing a little kid to eat candy. EJ is probably thrilled. Sami reminds him the folio was placed well before EJ was born, so there was no way he could have set this up. Lucas thinks he did. Not only that, but he never does anything unless it benefits himself. Even the time he saved Lucas from the freezer, he just did it to look like a hero to Sami. DiMeras don’t change. EJ is the same slime ball he was last year. He trusts Sami, just not EJ. Sami say she believe in her marriage to Lucas. She loves him. So much so, that she wakes up in the middle of the night to watch him sleep. Lucas asks what she will o when she wakes up to EJ. Sami says they will never share a bed.

Chelsea thinks Ford’s idea is terrible. Morgan calls. Chelsea tells Stephanie to stall her. Ford thinks she should give his plan a shot. What does she have to lose? Chelsea ticks them off, “Pride, dignity, and self-respect.” Chelsea is not going to get up there and cry like some spoiled brat, just to get her own way. It’s demoralizing and demeaning. Stephanie rushes up. The girls will be there in five minutes. Chelsea asks if anyone has eye drops.

Belle thinks Phillip is right. Lauren confronted Shawn at the beach a couple of months ago. She could have left Tyler here at that time. After that time, her credit card receipts show she wasn’t buying anything for a baby. Phillip thinks she left the baby here, and then split to lead them away from him. Billie is coming to the same conclusion.

Kayla worries. They’re going to examine the baby, blame her and Steve, and then take him away. Hope hates to suggest this, but maybe Kayla should call Mickey. Kayla refuses to call a lawyer. She thinks it will throw up a big flag that says, “Guilty.” Hope says she just needs advice. Kayla doesn’t want to call Mickey again, and Frankie will just worry. Hope says they will discover the truth, but that could take weeks. She needs to protect herself in the meantime and contact a lawyer. This could ruin her reputation as a doctor.

Chelsea comes back from the bathroom with wet eyes and streaky mascara. She heads for the stage, turns the TV off, and starts blubbering. They gave these guys free beer and pizza and they can’t even take a few minutes off from the game to help a great charity. If they won’t help, some people might not have food to eat or a place to sleep. She begs them to help out. Everyone can make a difference. The guys hang their heads shamefully. Stephanie whispers, “Way to go, Chelsea.”

Stefano enters the pub. EJ asks what he is doing there. He says he came to see Shawn. They have some unfinished business to take care of, but it can wait. He has something of great interest to EJ. He pulls out a bundle of papers. He has an annulment from the Catholic Church of Sami and Lucas’ marriage.

Sami says she and EJ aren’t even sharing a room. Lucas sulks. EJ will be using his British charm on Sami, though. Sami laughs. She is still herself. No one makes her do something she doesn’t want to. Lucas asks what will happen if EJ forces himself on her to save Will or Roman’s life. Sami tells him the deal and the marriage is off if anyone from her family is harmed or threatened. He knows she believe that, but he knows how EJ’s sick mind works. Sami is tempting fate. Why can’t she see that?

One of the guys stands and shows off his biceps. He guesses it would be a shame to deny hot chicks some of that. The guys agree to do the auction, but they want to finish the game first. Stephanie says the girls will be there any minute. One of them negotiates. They’ll participate if the TV is on. The girls can just turn the volume down. Morgan and the other sisters enter. They ooh and ah over the guys in the room. Chelsea says they will have a chance to have any one they want, soon. Morgan asks what they are up to. They just need a couple of minutes to prepare. Stephanie and Chelsea fret. What are they going to do? Morgan and Cordy try to guess what the fundraiser entails. Darts or karaoke? Whatever it is, it better be good. Two girls from their pledge class raised 300 dollars with their cupcake sale. Stephanie tells them they are holding a bachelor auction.

Billie tells them administration informed her that a baby boy was left at the hospital on August 9th. He was about Tyler’s age. Belle gasps, “OMG!” Phillip asks who took him. Belle says Steve and Kayla did. It makes perfect sense. They became foster parents to a little boy back in August. Billie thinks there’s a good chance Steve and Kayla have Tyler. Shawn can’t believe that none of them made the connection until now. Belle thinks this is great. They are the best foster parents anyone could ask for. Phillip heads out. He’s going to get his son.

Kayla tells hope she called Mickey. He referred her to someone else, since he is in Minneapolis. She hasn’t called the lawyer yet. She just doesn’t know what she will do if something happens to Pocket. Hope assures her. She will be fine. Mrs. Meyers from CPS shows up. She is sorry, but Kayla can no longer care for the child. They have a couple of nice families all lined up for him. Kayla’s face crumples. What about her family? The woman starts to tell her she understands this is difficult, but Kayla stops her. She doesn’t understand. How could she? She hasn’t been rocking him to sleep at night. Mrs. Meyers reminds her that the child’s health and safety are priorities. Both have been compromised while he was under her care. Kayla says this isn’t over. They have a lawyer. Mrs. Meyers apologizes. She will give Kayla a few minutes to say goodbye. Kayla hovers over Tyler’s oxygen tent. She swears this isn’t goodbye. She’s going to find a way to get him back right away.

Morgan can’t believe they put this together in two days. The girls argue over who has dibs on whom. Morgan tells them to pull out their checkbooks. After all, this is for charity. Chelsea goes up to the stage and asks who wants to go first. The guys look around shyly and avoid her gaze. Morgan asks what the deal is. Stephanie says the guys are just shy. She begs Ford to go first. If one of them gets the ball rolling, the rest will follow. Max takes the lead. He rushes up on stage. The girls shriek and cheer. He pops his shirt off. He’s Max Brady and he has a need for speed, but he likes to take it nice and slow with the ladies. More cheers. The girls start bidding. One bids a hundred bucks. Another one bids $150. Morgan waves her checkbook. She bids five hundred dollars. Max beams. Stephanie’s mouth falls open. She narrows her eyes and turns green with jealousy.

EJ asks Stefano how he got his hands on it. Stefano says the DiMeras have been very generous to the church and leave it at that. Lucas and Sami walk back in from the kitchen. Lucas groans. If André were here, all three of his favorite people would be under one roof. EJ found a way to make this easier. His father has procured an annulment for their marriage. All Lucas and Sami have to do is sign, and it will be like the two of them were never married.


Kayla asks Phillip, “Phillip, what are you doing here?” Steve looks on.

EJ says, “That document represents the first steps toward peace between our families. Lucas gestures toward Sami and smirks, “Start a fire with this, alright?”

Max looks at Morgan admiringly, “Oh yeah, she’s hot.” Stephanie huffs, “If you’re into the slash-and-burn type, yeah.” Max replies, “I was.”

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