Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/8/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Lauren lies at the bottom of the stairwell, bleeding. Phillip kneels beside her as Belle and Shawn look on. He barks at a nurse to get a doctor. She has a head injury. Phillip begs her to stay with them. A doctor rushes in. Phillip tells him she tripped down the stairs. The nurse warns Phillip to keep her neck stabilized. Phillip tells Lauren she’s going to be alright. She’s going to get well and they’re going to get his son. Lauren whimpers. Phillip knows she loves Tyler and wouldn’t hurt him. Shawn winces in pain. Belle tells him he needs to get back to his room. Phillip thanks Shawn. Shawn tells Phillip he hopes Lauren is alright. They leave. Phillip leans over her. He sweats, “Lauren, I need you to tell me one thing -- is my son alive?” Lauren bleeds.

At the pub, Sami mops the floor in the kitchen and flashes back to begging EJ not to die because she cares about him. EJ comes in and fusses over her. She shouldn’t be working. She scowls and tells him she’s just mopping. She’ll be fine. He asks about her father. She says he’s fine. He thought she would be in a better mood because of it. She frowns and mutters that her life is one never-ending party. He offers to finish mopping. She’s clearly tired. She snaps, “Can you just get the hell away from me, please?”

Phillip begs Lauren to focus. Is his son alive? The paramedics swoop in and take over. They stabilize Lauren’s neck and roll her on to a stretcher. She shrieks. Phillip tells her everything will be alright. Everyone is going to take good care of her. She tries to talk. He asks if she is trying to say if his son is alive. She says Tyler is alive.

EJ suspects Sami wants to dump her bucket of water on his head. He can tell when she is in a foul mood. EJ guesses she is upset because she almost lost him. She tells him he couldn’t be more wrong. She is upset she has to divorce the man she loves to marry a man she hates more than anything. He can’t believe she hates him more than even Stefano and André. Besides, she had a choice in the matter of ending the vendetta. She thinks his definition of “choice” is unbelievable. She did what she had to do to keep her family safe. EJ promises that whatever happens, he will vow that she and her children will not be harmed. She sarcastically replies that she feels really safe, now. She just can’t wait to throw herself under the wheels of the DiMera killing machine. He asks her if this is about sacrifice. She tells him she has no intention on sacrificing herself. With any luck, Stefano will die soon and she can end the sham of their marriage. EJ sighs. He just wants to make the best of this situation. She bets he does. He just wants t prove he’s not a bad guy. She doesn’t care. Why won’t he understand that she doesn’t love him, and this marriage is just to save her family from being murdered? He thinks it’s a lot more than that. She tells him to just wait. Soon, he’ll be begging the devil to get out of their marriage. She can already smell the fire and brimstone.

Nurse Gillian chastises Shawn for running through the halls and hurting himself. She administers pain medication and he sighs with relief. Belle thinks he ought to have stayed in bed. Shawn said he had to stop Lauren. He didn’t have a choice. He just hopes she’s alright. Gillian agrees to keep them informed. She tells Belle to make sure Shawn stays in bed and rests, no matter how much he charms her. Belle says she has already fallen under his spell. The nurse leaves. Belle tells him the sooner he gets out of there, the sooner that they can set a wedding date. Shawn wonders what is stopping them from doing it right now.

EJ reminds Sami he doesn’t have a choice either. She knows she is the only one hating it. This is his fondest wish. EJ says he actually resents being played like a pawn. She suggests he talk to Stefano. History usually repeats itself. She won’t throw herself off a cliff or anything, but EJ is a lot like Santo. For all she knows, this convenient end of the vendetta was his idea. He denies it. He wants her hand in marriage, it’s true, but he doesn’t want to force it. She says they should call it off them. He tells her he wants her to want him and share a bed with him. She stops him. Who said anything about sharing a bed?

Belle tells Shawn they will have to get out a calendar and look at dates. Besides, she wants him to have incentive to get well. Shawn rehashes his run-in with Lauren. He followed her, and he knew he had to stall her until Phillip got there. Belle thinks he is amazing. He just wished she wouldn’t have run, or that he could have held Phillip back when he got there. He feels like her falling down the stairs was kind of his fault. Belle tells him it isn’t. His instinct was to help Phillip, and that was good. Shawn admits his reasoning was selfish, “First thing I thought about when I saw Lauren was if Philip gets his kid back, then I get you back-- all to myself.”

Phillip calls Billie and fills her in on what happened to Lauren. He tells her her fall was really bad. She has a serious head injury. All he could get out of Lauren was that Tyler was alive. Phillip tells Billie he has to find out what’s happening with Lauren. He promises to call her later.

Shawn invites Belle to call him out on his jealousy. She tells him women actually like it, in moderation. Besides, she accidentally encouraged it. She has done some really stupid things without thinking of his feelings, like taking clothes from Phillip and flying all over the place looking for Lauren. She explains that she felt guilty about Claire, so she was trying to work it off by helping him find his son. They both agree they could have handled the situation better. Belle swears things will be different. Whatever happens with Tyler, she’s going to let Phillip handle it and concentrate on her own family.

Phillip watches outside glass as doctors work frantically on Lauren. Her heart stops and the monitors go crazy. The doctors don’t feel her heartbeat.

Sami explains that their marriage will consist of different bedrooms and sides of the house. He is confused. They are buying a house? She doesn’t want to live across the hall from Lucas, rubbing his face in this. EJ though they would live with his father. Sami flatly refuses. EJ tells her Stefano isn’t a monster. He’s responsible for bringing peace between the families. She doesn’t care what EJ says. They are not sharing a bed or bedroom. EJ appreciates her difficulty, but they are supposed to end the vendetta by uniting Santo and Colleen’s souls. They won’t accomplish it by being roommates. Sami says they will just make Stefano believe they have consummated the marriage. EJ says they can’t. They have to follow the spirit of the terms, not just the letter. They have an opportunity to redeem the souls of Santo and Colleen and honor their love. Sami rolls her eyes. Why is he turning this into some Irish Romeo and Juliet? EJ trying to sleep with her has nothing to do with Santo or Colleen. It’s just another one of his tricks. He insists he isn’t that man anymore. He may use gentle persuasion, but not trickery. EJ tells her if she wants to end this feud, she has to become his wife. In every sense of the word. Sami shudders.

As Phillip watches the doctors work on Lauren, he flashes back to their meeting at the women’s shelter in Tulsa. Lauren tells him she wouldn’t tell him where Tyler was even if he put a gun to her head. Lauren flat lines. Phillip yells that they cant let her die. She’s the only one who knows where his son is. A doctor comes out and apologizes. There is nothing more they can do. He announces the tie of death.

Shawn wants to go on vacation. Belle wants to go to a Club Med type of place, but they can’t afford it. Maybe they can pitch a tent in the park. Maybe Shawn would surprise her if she didn’t hate them so much. She tells him girls like those kinds of surprises She kisses him and tells him to hurry up and get out of there so he can surprise her some more. They kiss. Phillip bursts in. Lauren is gone.

Sami says this is a nightmare. EJ wants her to come to him of a free and open heart, but he has to abide by the terms. Sami explodes. What, does he think his dad his going to hide a video camera in the house or Rolf under the bed? She’s sick of him. If he really loves her, hell get out of here right now. He leaves. The door to the kitchen swings open. Sami prepares to throw a rag at EJ, but it’s Hope. Sami dissolves into tears as Hope tries to comfort her.

At the bar, EJ throws darts and pours himself a shot. Tony comes into the pub and asks if he is having a bad day. He thought he already won the fair maiden over. EJ sighs. She did agree to divorce Lucas. Tony has a great honeymoon destination in the South Pacific, but he’ll probably need two huts- one for him, and one for the wife that detests him. EJ stubbornly insists she will love him in time. Tony asks him if he really believes that. The shot glasses say otherwise.

Phillip tells Shawn and Belle that Lauren’s heart stopped. They couldn’t bring her back. They are both really sorry. Phillip tells them she admitted Tyler was alive, but he has no idea where to begin looking. Belle isn’t worried. Victor will pull out all the stops to find Tyler. Shawn says he will help too. Phillip thanks him. What Shawn did today was really unselfish; he didn’t have to do it, and Phillip appreciates it. Shawn looks uncomfortable. When he saw Lauren, he knew he had to stop her. He’s just glad he could help. Phillip sighs. The picture he has of Tyler is so outdated, it’s useless. Finding him will be impossible. Billie walks in. That’s where he’s wrong. Not only are they going to find Tyler, they are also going to bring him home.

Hope came to the pub to check up on Shawn and Caroline. Shawn still feels so guilty over what happened to Colleen. Hope asks how she is. She says she is fine other than the fact that she is divorcing Lucas and marrying EJ. Hope tells her no one expects her to do this. Sami says she couldn’t refuse to stop this even if she could. It is so weird, since she use to be such a selfish troublemaker. Hope tells her she always cared about her family, even when she was making their lives miserable. Sami says people compare her to Colleen, but she chose love over her family. Sami can’t do that. But she also can’t bear what this is doing to Lucas. They talk about Colleen and how her decision to commit suicide haunted her. Hope asks if she is afraid her decision to marry EJ will haunt her.

EJ tells Tony that he and Sami actually connected well at first. Tony tells him it’s better to have loved and lost then never loved at all. EJ tells him that’s the problem. She never really loved him to begin with. Tony thought they were getting married. EJ says they are, but that is just a piece of paper. EJ blames this on his grandfather. He turned his son into a vengeful, unforgiving man. Stefano in turn, made EJ do things of which he is deeply ashamed. He’s not sure Sami can ever forget those things. Tony says they have all lost; the Bradys most of all. EJ asks him why the DiMeras are the ones in ruins, then. This has to stop.

Billie asks them if they know why Lauren was in Salem. They were wondering that very thing. Billie ticks off Lauren’s actions. Bonnie paid her not terminate the pregnancy, which is fraud. She tried to extort money from Phillip at first, but then ran away later when he offered it. Belle suggests she just fell in love with the baby. Shawn asks why she didn’t have him with her, then. Billie thinks she may have left Tyler with someone she trusted until Phillip stopped looking. Phillip groans. He could be anywhere. Billie smiles, “Maybe not.”

Sami tells Hope marrying EJ could ruin her relationship with Lucas and her whole life, to boot. But she has to do it. Hope asks if there is any other reason she is doing this. Sami nukes. She is tired of everyone asking her if she has feelings for EJ. She doesn’t. Hope asks if she touched a nerve. Sami says she didn’t. She reminds Hope she and EJ look like Santo and Colleen. Is this fate? Is she doing the right thing? Hope isn’t sure if she would make the same decision if she were in her position. No one can really understand until they have to make the choice. How is Sami suppose to know if this is right? Hope tells her she won‘t, until she looks in her heart. She takes the tea upstairs to Shawn and Caroline. EJ comes in. Sami reminds him he is supposed to have left. EJ says he will agree to separate bedrooms. He’ll lie to his father. Stefano will never be the wiser. Sami asks what he wants in return. He says he wants nothing.

Phillip says all they know is that Tyler is alive. Billie says they know a lot more than that. What are the two big mysteries here? Belle replies, “Where Lauren kept Tyler.” Shawn adds, “And what she was doing back here in Salem.” Billie tells them to put those two questions together. Phillip whispers, “Tyler's been here in Salem all along.”

Sami is suspicious of the change of heart. Ten minutes ago he insisted she be his wife in every way. He sighs. She is making a big sacrifice her family. There are no conditions or “catch” to this. He loves her, and he wants the opportunity to prove it to her. He kisses her on the cheek and walks out.


Max sarcastically informs Stephanie and Chelsea, “Oh, you're going to convince a bunch of frat guys to turn off the game and sell their bodies for a chick charity they don't even know about.”

Lucas asks Sami, “So, when I found E.J. in your lap, that was within the boundaries?” Sami replies, “I thought he was dying.”

Stefano tells EJ, “I have something that I think will be of very much interest to you.”

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