Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/5/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sami runs over and hugs Will. She didn’t think he was coming back today. He says he caught an earlier flight. Sami wanted to surprise him with dinner. He doesn’t care about all that. He wants to know if her leaving his dad his true. Lucas says its more complicated than that. Will says it always is with Sami. He reminds her of all her failed marriage attempts. She gets one right and six months later she wants a divorce? Did she meet someone better? She mutters, “Someone worse.” Lucas says it’s EJ. Will can’t believe she’s marrying that slime ball. Did she go crazy while he was away?

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Belle sits at a table and flashes back to being trapped in the freezer. The Molotov cocktail explodes and Shawn blocks Belle from the blast with his body. Belle snaps out of it and goes to talk with Adrienne. They make small talk about her school work. She tells Adrienne Shawn should be released soon. He’s going to be fine, but he practically saved her life and got hurt in the process. Adrienne says she chose her man well. You want a guy that will protect you. Belle is glad Shawn chose her, too. Kayla walks in and Adrienne excuses herself. They both walk towards the back. Phillip comes up to Belle. He’s sorry he’s late. She asks if there are any leads on Tyler. He says the search is over. Belle squeals. She is so happy for him. He finally found his son.

Kayla can’t believe Steve. She really thought he was alright. Adrienne wants to help. She already spoke with Jack, and the Spectator is going to run several pieces about the DiMeras and all the terrible things they’ve gotten away with. Steve will come out looking like a hero. She reminds Adrienne he held a gun to a man’s head on live television. No jury is going to see him as a hero. He’s going to have to pay this time.

At the police station, Bo looks at a mug shot of Steve and flashes back to Steve holding Stefano hostage at the TV station. A cop comes over and tells him Steve has been processed. Bo grumbles under his breath. He doesn’t know how Steve is going to get out of this one. Stefano sails over. He announces Steve won’t get away with it. He is going to spend the rest of his life in jail for kidnapping and attempted murder.

At the hospital, Gillian, a nurse, tells Shawn he has to go back to his room. Shawn wants to take her to the cafeteria for some ice cream. She warns him he won’t get out soon if his burns get infected. He says he’s just going to get a magazine. It will take 10 minutes. She agrees, but warns him not to get worked up. Just as she walks off, a young woman walks by. She turns her head, and Shawn recognizes her as Lauren. He follows her down the hallway.

Belle wants Phillip to tell her all he details. He was so depressed the last time she saw him. Where is Tyler? Phillip hangs his head. He hasn’t found him. He has followed every lead he could get- in Indianapolis, in Tulsa- and they’ve all turned into dead ends. There is no place else for him to look. Lauren said they would vanish and she wasn’t kidding. Either that- or something worse happened. He tells Belle’s Lauren’s credit card records reflect she isn’t caring for a child. Belle thinks she must have left him with someone. Lauren is a little screwed up, but she would never harm the baby. Phillip says they really don’t know anything about her. Belle insists he can’t give up. Phillip says he can’t let this control is life, like finding Claire did. All he can do is hope Tyler is safe, happy, and being well-cared for.

Kayla tells Adrienne Mickey wants Steve to plead insanity. When he found out about Benjy, he snapped. Adrienne wants to know how Kayla is handling his death. Kayla has been so busy worried about Steve, she has barely had the chance to process Benjy’s death. His wife is just devastated. Benjy had sent her and their child out of town to keep them safe. Adrienne is just glad Andre is in jail. Kayla blames Stefano. He was the one that made Andre what he is. She hopes he suffers every day for the rest of his life for what he did to his own son.

Bo tells Stefano to get out. Stefano says he has every right to be there. He is meeting with the district attorney to discuss the case against his assailant. He is just here to make sure the wheels of justice grind along. Bo mocks him for trying to play the victim. He brought this on himself, and the D.A. isn’t going to let him make a joke out of the legal system. Stefano doesn’t want to fight; he just wants to bask in the light of love between their two families. Bo laughs. Now that’s a joke.

Sami asks Will to calm down so she can explain. If she marries EJ, the vendetta between the Bradys and the DiMeras is over. Will gapes. She knows how it sounds, but it’s true. And the terms are non-negotiable. Sami will explain the whole thing later. She knows it sounds crazy. But if he thinks about it, he’ll see it’s a good idea. No more violence, attacks, or feuds. Will perks up. No more extended vacations to Switzerland? Sami shakes her head. She really loves his dad, but she hope Will can understand why she has to do this. Does he hate her? He doesn’t. In fact, he thinks she is amazing. She is so happy he understands. Lucas frowns. Will is ok with this? He isn’t, of course, but he understands the sacrifice Sami is making. He knows she really doesn’t want to do it.

Belle cannot believe she is hearing this from Phillip. This is the same guy that would stop at nothing to find Claire. He reminds her she doesn’t want that whack job back. She misses the part that wouldn’t give up on his child. Phillip admits he is scared. Lauren is psycho. There is no telling what happened to the baby. At least if he gives up, he can imagine the kid in a great home with loving parents. Belle reminds Phillip he might not be, Does he really want to worry for the rest of his life? He’s afraid of what he might find. Belle promises to be right by his side through the whole thing. She hugs him.

Shawn follows Lauren down the hallway. She disappears into the ladies’ room. He wonders what she’s doing here. Gillian busts him. He begs for one phone call. A kid’s life could be at stake.

Belle won’t let Phillip give up. They try to break the hug, but Phillip’s watch is caught in Belle’s hair. They joke about how it used to happen all the time as he extricates them. Phillip remembers it ruined the mood once, so they just fell asleep in another’s arms. Belle swallows and looks uncomfortable.

Shawn gets Belle’s answering machine. He wonders where she is. The nurse comes back and tells him to go to his room. Shawn begs for one more call. It’s life or death.

Belle isn’t interested in rehashing intimate moments from their marriage. He understands. Belle says when he finds Tyler, he’ll be the luckiest boy in the whole world. His phone rings. It’s Shawn. He asks about Belle. Phil offers to hand the phone over, but Shawn tells him to get down to the hospital. He has Lauren cornered. He needs to get down there within five minutes, or she’ll be gone.

Will wishes there were another way, but he gets it. He fumes. He had to spend the whole summer in Zurich. He had fun, but he missed his family. And some guy named Lars taught him to drive instead of Lucas. Lucas is so sorry. Will tells him it’s the DiMera’s fault, not his. Lucas sighs; he is worried about Sami’s safety. Will is too, and he’s sure Lucas has already tried to talk her out of it. When she makes up her mind, you can’t change it. Will reminds him the marriage is only temporary- and besides, it’s just a piece of a paper. Will tells her they both love her no matter what. She beams. They are both her heroes. Will says he has to go home and leaves. Lucas is proud of Will. He has a big heart, like Sami. He’s just glad will doesn’t know the whole truth- There’s more to this whole thing than just saving the Bradys. And they both know it.

Kayla catches Bo leaving the station. He says he has to blow off some steam before he does something he regrets. He tells her Stefano is there. If he’s smart he won’t tangle with her. Bo tells her to talk to Officer Greg. He’ll take her down to see Steve. Bo leaves. Stefano tells a man that it isn’t over. Kayla smirks, “You got that right.”

Lauren sneaks out of the bathroom. Shawn grabs her and holds her up against a wall. She yells at him to let go of her. He tells her Phillip is on his way. She isn’t leaving until she tells him where his kid is. Lauren begs Gillian for help as she passes by. Shawn explains the situation to Gillian. He asks her to call the police. Lauren doesn’t want that. She says this was all a big misunderstanding. Shawn asks Gillian to let him handle this. She leaves. Lauren tells Shawn he is wasting his time. Tyler is gone. He shakes her a little. What did she do to him?

Kayla tells Stefano she wants him to drop all the charges against Steve. He laughs. She says he owes it to Benjy. It’s his and Andre’s fault Benjy is gone. Stefano says he would never intentionally harm Benjamin. Kayla reminds him he took part of his liver. He insists Andre took it without his knowledge. Kayla tells him Benjy loved him. Stefano grumbles. Then why did he shoot him at the funeral? Kayla wonders if killing him was revenge for that. Stefano swears he had nothing to do with it. Kayla tells him to prove it. Do what Benjy would want and let Steve go. Be the father Benjy always wanted him to be.

Sami swears she has no feelings for EJ. Lucas looks at her in wonder. She’s actually convinced herself that’s true. He doesn’t believe her because he saw her holding EJ’s head in her lap in the kitchen. He didn’t want to interrupt. She says she was just glad he was alive. She was just reacting to the situation. He could understand her fanning him or something, but she was actually holding him. He can’t understand that. She thought he would die. Lucas reminds her they wouldn’t have to get a divorce if he did. EJ is the last person she should be showing concern for. She says she pushed him off as soon as he woke up. Lucas is acting like he caught them doing it or something. He thinks this was more than sex. They were having a real intimate moment. She is just asking him to understand. She keeps getting put in these life-threatening situations with EJ. Lucas pouts. Maybe they are destined to be together. She thinks she is destined for Lucas. He believes in free will, and fighting for the one you love. Sami is fighting, too. He says she is--for EJ. She needs to admit to herself.

Stefano sighs and apologizes to Kayla .She took care of Benjamin, and he will be forever grateful. But there is nothing he can do to bring him back. Justice has to be served. Kayla says he knows nothing about the word. He knows life long grudges against innocent people. He says he wants the vendetta to end, but he could prove it right here and now with Steve. Hasn’t he kept him away from his family long enough? Stefano will continue to punish Steve. He is not part of his father’s grudge. Kayla calls him a bastard. She should have killed him in Italy when she had the chance.

Lauren swears she didn’t do anything to Tyler. She gave birth to him. She would never hurt him. Shawn asks her if she enjoys torturing Phillip and forcing him to run around in circles. She says it doesn’t look like she is. He says nothing she does makes sense. She has Phillip’s kid, tries to extort money from him, then wont tell him where it is. Now she is sneaking around the Salem hospital. All she can say, is THIS! She pushes Shawn backwards into a wall. He crumples on the floor in pain. Lauren tries to run, but Phillip and Belle rush in. Phillip grabs her and asks where she thinks she’s going. Belle runs over to Shawn and asks what Lauren did to him. Phillip demands she tell him where Tyler is. She says he is gone. H pushes her up against the wall. What did she do to his son?! Belle rushes over and begs him not to hurt her. He yells, “Answer me, damn it. Did you kill my son?!” Lauren sobs.

Sami reminds Lucas what EJ did to her. He tells her she doesn’t view him as an enemy anymore. She needs to admit it. Sami has seen him go against the will his family imposes. Lucas thinks she makes excuses for EJ too often. She knows how it is to have your childhood messed up. She just wants to understand him, not love him. She swears EJ is just a means to an end. They’ll have separate bedrooms and separate lives. Lucas thinks Stefano will want proof they’re married and when he doesn’t get it, he’ll start the war all over again. If she marries EJ, she’ll be under the DiMera thumb for the rest of her life.

Stefano asks Kayla to repeat herself. He heard her. She had the chance to kill him. While he was unconscious, she could have injected an air bubble into his IV and stopped his heart. He calls her a fool. She should have done it the fist time, because she probably won’t get the chance again. She laughs. Who knows? She’s a doctor. She could be his bedside very soon. And the next time, she might not be so nice. She tells him if he presses charges, he better hope he doesn’t end up in the hospital. Little mistakes can happen so easily. She storms out. She runs into Bo, who tells her she looks worked up. She says it’s just adrenaline, but its ok, because she knows Steve will be ok. Bo looks skeptical. How does she know? She says she’s making sure of it and rushes off.

Sami doesn’t care what the DiMeras want. She will be EJ’s legal wife and that’s all. What if she doesn’t do it and someone else dies? She could never forgive herself. She wants him to have faith in their love. She begs him to wait for her. She just wants him to tell her that he will. He looks at her sadly, and kisses her. He breaks the kiss and whispers, “Goodbye, Sami.” He walks away. Sami breaks down and calls his name, to no avail. He’s gone.

Phillip tells Lauren she has five seconds to tell him where his son is. She says she didn’t do anything,. When she left him, he was fine. She’s sure he still is. Shawn and Belle try to calm him as two cops rush in. They grab Phillip. Lauren bolts towards a door. She trips down the fire exit and tumbles down the stairs to the bottom. Phillip rushes down, followed by Shawn and Belle. Lauren is bloody and unconscious. Phillip yells at them to get help.


Sami tells EJ, “Before long, you will be begging, screaming for the devil to take your soul to get you away from me. Why, I can practically smell the fire and brimstone. “

Shawn says to Belle, “If Phillip gets his kid back, then I get you back.”

Phillip peers down at Lauren, who is bleeding from the nose and mouth, “I need you to tell me one thing -- is my son alive?”

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