Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/4/07


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At the television station, Bo demands André release Hope. Stefano orders him to do the same. André laughs. This is a new war with a prettier face. Besides, Hope is his ticket out of there. What does Stefano want him to do, handcuff himself? Bo yells at him to let her go. André say he will, one way or another. Hope is dragged off by André, shrieking Bo’s name. Nearby, Roman restrains Steve and tells the cops to arrest him. Stefano rages at Steve. He saved Roman, but he just got Hope killed.

In the pub’s kitchen, Sami cradles EJ’s head in her arms. She is so glad he is alright. Can he breathe? He tells her how beautiful she is. She backs up in horror. She cant believe that not even a near death experience can change his ways. He jokes that’s no way to talk to her future husband. She grimaces. She doesn’t want to be reminded. He doesn’t think it will be that bad. She thinks it will. He sighs in defeat. It’s like Lucas is her default setting. She’s used to loving him, like a bad habit. She can’t believe him. He’s like a dose of bad medicine she’s dreading taking, but it will save her family’s life. She loves Lucas. Lucas is everything to her.

On the roof of the television station, Hope begs André to let her go. Bo bursts on to the roof with two cops. He tells André to freeze. He tells him he has nowhere to go. There are cops all around. André says that doesn’t matter. He has a hostage. Bo tells the cops to go secure the exits. He’ll handle this. He tells André it’s just them talking. He has reached a dead end. André reminds Bo he has jumped before- and this time, he has Bo’s beautiful wife to break his fall.

At Adrienne’s bar, Stephanie and Chelsea discuss the auction. Chelsea wonders if it’s legal. Stephanie tells her to ask her dad. She shows Chelsea a list of all the frats with the hot guys. Chelsea thinks they should forget about it. They don’t even have guys to auction off. Max walks in. Stephanie smiles, “Uh, yet.”

Sami scoffs. Does EJ really think his whole British charm routine is going to win her over? He thinks it might with a little persuasion. She’s married. He reminds her she won’t be for long. He knows this is hard. He reaches out for her. She tells him never to touch her again. He complains about her rules. She tells him to get used to them. He thinks he needs to get her to the hospital. She doesn’t want his help. He says he’s going over to the TV station to see what is going on. Since her father is involved, he cares. He offers to help her up and be a gentleman, but she declines.

Roman sits in a chair, exhausted. He tells the cops to take it easy on Steve, who thinks Roman needs to get to the hospital. He tells Roman André had to be lying about Sami. Roman is worried. It’s been a long time and Lucas hasn’t contacted him. His cell is off, too. Roman instructs the cops on how Steve is to be booked and held. Stefano roars. This maniac held a gun on him! Steve grins, “Good times.” He says he would do it again. Roman warns him not to make it worse. Stefano tells the cop he may ask him to testify. He’s going to make sure Steve spends the rest of his life in a mental home. Steve tells him he just wants him dead. That makes him the sanest person in town. Stefano growls at him to enjoy this victory. It will be the last for a long time.

Bo reminds André that he’ll die if he jumps. Stefano needs him. André pouts. He doesn’t thinks so. Stefano said EJ was his rightful heir. Bo tells him if he ends the vendetta, Stefano will give him anything. A helicopter whirs overhead. André said he was already promised everything. Stefano went back on his word. Bo says that was wrong, but André did kill his son, after all. Hope says Stefano will change his mind. André is the only one left to give the empire to. André smiles. Or he can kill Hope and run the empire anyway. Then he’ll decide how the vendetta ends. Bo tells him if he kills his wife, he’ll kill André. If he hands her over, Bo will let him walk. André tells him he just made a huge mistake. He jumps up on the ledge. Hope gasps.

Max walks over to Chelsea and Stephanie. He tells them he’s here to get a job. They can’t believe he’s losing the garage. Chelsea reminds them it was Jeremy’s fault. Stephanie hastily adds that she is completely through with him. Max is glad. They hope he’s in the market for girls. He doesn’t get it. They need volunteers, and it will be a lot easier than rebuilding a transmission. Max asks how much they’ve had to drink. Stephanie asks how he would like to spend the night with a hot co-ed?

André knows the basics of hostage negotiation. It won’t work on him. He holds Hope dangerously close to the edge. Desperate, Bo tries another tactic. He’ll help André get back at Stefano. Doesn’t he want payback? André shows interest. Bo offers full immunity if he testifies against Stefano. The old man will spend the rest of his life behind bars and André will walk out of town a free man. He says Bo can’t save him, because he is a liar just like Stefano. He draws Hope closer to the edge. She screams.

Roman lies on a stretcher, ready to be taken to the hospital. He tells a cop to keep him updated on news about Hope and Sami. They wheel Roman off. Stefano tells the cops to get Steve out of his sight. Steve asks them to give him a minute. They ignore Stefano. He tells Steve he’s going to have fun destroying him, especially since the vendetta is ending. Steve thinks it would be fun if they ended up in the same cellblock. Someone is going to stick a shiv in him and deflate his ego. Stefano tells him no one talks to him that way for long.

EJ rushes in and greets Stefano. Stefano grabs him and hugs him. He can’t believe he is alive after what André said. Steve says they are all ok. Can they call this even? EJ snaps, “After what you did? I don’t think so.” EJ takes Stefano aside. He fills him in on what André did to them. He assures Stefano that Sami is fine. They need to get Stefano home. He tells EJ Benjy died. Why would André do such a thing? What if he loses EJ? He doesn’t want his children involved in this mess. EJ promises he won’t lose him. Stefano doesn’t want to fail his father and his children, too. EJ says he isn’t failing anyone. He always taught them family and honor are the most important things. They have to protect their way of life for future generations. Stefano isn’t sure. It may all be over. EJ says this is the beginning of a new dynasty.

At the hospital, Sami greets Roman in his room. They have a tearful reunion. He asks if Lucas rescued her. She says she hasn’t seen him. He must have gotten there after they escaped. She tried calling his cell, but it was off. She had to get to the hospital to get a checkup. The twins are fine for now, but they’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Sami made Roman a homemade card. He smiles. He hasn’t gotten one of those in a while. She tells him he’s the best dad ever. She throws herself across his chest, sobbing. She dries her tears and asks what happened with André. He tells her he has Hope hostage. Sami says she cant wait to get this marriage over with so her family can be safe. Roman tells her she’s not marrying EJ. She insists. Roman shakes his head. Violence and revenge is in the DiMera’s blood, and an arranged marriage will never change that. No one will be able to protect her if she marries EJ. They’re talking about a couple of killers, and if the feud gets reignited, Sami and the twins will be right in the middle.

Bo swears he is telling the truth. Abe is the commissioner and he is practically family. If Bo asks him to let André walk, he will. He tells André he has a choice. He isn’t trapped. André tells him he has a choice, too. He caresses Hope’s temple with the muzzle of the gun, “So, what will it be? How shall the lady die -- with a bullet or a fall?” Hope whimpers.

Max isn’t a detective. He can’t crack their code. They tease him a bit longer, until he threatens to leave. They finally admit they’re holding an auction for charity. Stephanie thinks he could bring in some serious money once the girls get a look at his assets. Max is skeptical. Chelsea says its for a really good cause- a battered women’s shelter. Max doesn’t feel like getting his heart put through the grinder again. He’ll pass on their plan. He goes off to talk to Adrienne. Stephanie thinks his edge was pretty hot. Chelsea knows Max is still into Stephanie. Why won’t she just give him the nod? He would be hers.

Lucas shows up at the hospital. Roman is glad he is there. Maybe he can talk some sense into Sami. A nurse wheels Roman off for some tests. Lucas fusses over Sami and makes sure she and the babies are both ok. She’s sorry she missed him a the pub. She picks up that he’s miffed and asks him what is wrong. He says their children might be raised by DiMeras. They would have to go to court. Sometimes step-parents are granted visitation rights. Lucas says she can’t put faith in EJ. She says she has no choice. He thinks she does. He wants her to leave Salem with him.

Stefano says he was wrong to doubt EJ. EJ says it’s ok. Their family has another chance. Sami is having twins. Stefano doesn’t think Lucas will just hand his children over. EJ says he will be raising them; Lucas will just see them on occasional weekends. They will bond with EJ and he will give them a lifestyle Lucas never could. They’ll forget about him. He’ll raise them to be DiMeras in every way. Stefano chuckles. He thinks Lucas will have something to say about that. EJ frowns, “Well, then, maybe Lucas needs to be silenced.”

André asks Bo how Hope shall die. Bo says André gets a bullet in the brain either way. André tells him to go ahead. He just has to make sure he doesn’t hit Hope. Hope urges him fiercely, “Do it!” André laughs and tells him to make it count.

Adrienne tells Max this is a lot different than working at a garage. Max knows about tending bar. He grew up at the pub. He would ask his grandparents, but they don’t need anyone, and he doesn’t want a handout. She tells him the clientele is a little different than the pub. He begs for a trial run. He really needs this job. Adrienne relents. Justin and the kids have been complaining about her hours anyway. She tells him the schedules are posted on Mondays. He has a job. She reminds him she is paying for his smile, so he needs to use it. The girls will love it. He tells her she won’t regret this. He looks over at Stephanie.

Chelsea crows that Max has looked over at Stephanie three times. Stephanie has an idea for luring in the frat guys. They’ll offer free beer and pizza at the bar on a football night. They’ll hit them all up for the auction then. Chelsea asks how they’ll pay for it all. Stephanie says they can take it out of the auction money. They’ll give the rest to the sorority. Stephanie say the losers that didn’t think of this idea are going to be really jealous. She tells Chelsea she has first dibs on the hottest guy there.

Kayla shows up at the TV station. Steve apologizes. He was just trying to save Roman’s life. He asks about Hope. Kayla has no idea what is going on, so he tells her about André and Hope being a hostage. Steve was going to go help, but he got arrested. Kayla is glad. She glares at Stefano across the room and yells that André better not hurt anyone else in her family. They’re not going to take it much longer.

André dangles Hope near the edge of the ledge. He asks what Bo is waiting for. Bo begs him not to do this.

Adrienne tells Stephanie she loves the auction idea so much that she’s going to donate this place and free beer and pizza to the girls. That way all of the money can go towards the charity. Chelsea says they can’t accept. Adrienne goes off to answer the phone and tells her not to argue. Chelsea say they cant let her do this. It’s too expensive. Stephanie tells her it’s a smart business investment; she’ll get tons of new customers in here. Adrienne comes over and tells Stephanie she needs to talk to her in private. Max comes over and tells Chelsea about his new job. She’s glad. Stephanie comes back and says she has to go. Her dad did something psycho at the TV station. Chelsea offers to drive her, but Stephanie wants her to stay and work on the auction. Max offers her a ride. She accepts. Chelsea smirks.

Stefano admires EJ’s determination, but he just escaped death. They can concentrate on this later. EJ says tonight is perfect. He saw that Sami’s heart doesn’t lie with Lucas. She remains with him out of a sense of obligation, or guilt, maybe. Stefano asks how he intends to separate them. EJ was hoping Stefano could help with that.

Lucas wants to get out of town and start over with the kids. Sami agrees it would be nice not to have to look over their shoulders all the time. But Salem is their home. Lucas thinks them being together is what home is. The location doesn’t matter. She wants her kids to grow up around their extended family. Besides, even if they were safe, how could they live and be happy knowing the rest of the family was being picked off, one at a time? Besides, she won’t be with EJ forever. Lucas sulks. Once she marries EJ, he will never let her be with Lucas again.

André smirks. Bo tells Hope to look at him, not down. He aims and fires. He hits André, who goes over the side of the building. Hope loses her balance and falls, but Bo grabs her and pulls her back up onto the roof. They embrace. A cop runs up to the roof. André is still alive. He’s in really bad shape, though. Roman is stable and already checked in at the hospital. The cop tells Bo he did good work. Bo says sometimes you get lucky. Hope pinches him. Sometimes he does get lucky.

Steve is sorry. He didn’t mean to upset Kayla. She knows what he did was brave, but she doesn’t want to live without him ever again. He tells her to stay close. She promises to do so. The cops take Steve away. Kayla follows.

Stefano says he can’t do that for EJ. The violence is over with the vendetta. EJ knows. He meant he has grandfather’s plan. A plan to seduce a woman and take her away from the thing she loves. Stefan reminds him Sami is love with a person, not an institution. EJ can deal with Lucas. Once Sami lives with him for a while, she’ll forget about Lucas. Stefano thinks he’s doing her a favor by saving her from that simpleton. Now they just have to get her to divorce Lucas. The only question is which method of persuasion will be most effective.

Sami asks for clarification. EJ won’t let her marry Lucas, or Lucas won’t have her back if she marries EJ? She didn’t think she would have to ask, but she wants him to wait for her. He says he has been. He’s waiting on her to tell the truth instead of sneaking around with EJ and making plans. She says she hasn’t been doing that. He says she is acting just like Colleen; maybe her and EJ are destined to be together. She says he is her destiny, not EJ. Lucas tells her not to leave him, then. Will walks in behind Lucas and asks, “Is dad right? Are you walking out on us?”

Outside the TV station, Hope asks Bo if he thinks André will make it. He survived last time, but not from a fall that high. Bo says his days of terrorizing their family are over, either way. She compliments his shooting. He smiles. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about how she never knew her mother, and she thought about Ciara going through the same thing. Bo comforts her. They’re going home to their little girl tonight. Hope reminds him that André is still alive and Steve is going to jail. Does it feel like the end to him? He says the whole thing is along way form over.


Phillip tells Belle, “I may never find Tyler. I got to face the possibility that Tyler -- he could be dead. “

Kayla tells Adrienne, “So whether he looks like a hero or not, there is not a jury in the world that is going to let him go.” She looks at a mug shot of Steve, “This time, Steve’s going to have to pay.”

Stefano rants to Bo, “Your brother-in-law is going to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.”

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