Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/3/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Chelsea sighs. She’s not going through rush. Stephanie reminds her that she took a pin. Chelsea flashes back to her and Stephanie’s conversation last week. Stephanie accuses Chelsea of fearing rejection. Chelsea disagrees, and Stephanie tells her to prove it by agreeing to pledge. Chelsea comes back to the real world and tells Stephanie she’s glad she’s rushing. Stephanie recognizes her sarcasm. Chelsea complains about the temperature. She was studying and they dragged her away from her room. Stephanie tells her it’s called “hazing.” Chelsea asked how Stephanie knew they were coming. She is dressed up and has perfect makeup on. Stephanie tells her she has to have perfect hair and makeup at all times, even in bed. They can come kidnap you at any time and you always have to look your best. Chelsea rolls her eyes. Morgan sweeps in and calls for everyone’s attention. She knows she interrupted everyone’s evenings, but tonight is important. Tonight is the night the sisters start deciding who stays and who gets sent packing.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Hope and Bo watch Steve hold Stefano hostage on the evening news. Hope whispers, “Don’t do this, Steve. Who knows if Andre is even watching this?” Bo tells her Andre is at the pub. Sami told him Andre brought Roman there with a bomb strapped to him. He tells Hope to call the police and ask if they know what’s going on down at the TV station. He is going to try to call Sami again to let her know about Steve. He tells Hope to ask about any explosions at the pub as he waits for Sami to pick up.

At the pub, Andre, Sami, EJ, and Roman watch Steve and Stefano on TV. Steve is serious. If Andre doesn’t bring Roman down to the TV station, Stefano is going to take a bullet on live television. Steve suggests parents with small children change the channel. Andre barks, “Steve, what are you doing?” Roman urges Sami to get out of there as the timer winds down on the bomb. As it hits 10 seconds, EJ screams, “Diffuse the bomb Andre, or we’re all going to die!”

Morgan reminds the pledges they will be doing charity work for the women’s shelter, as usual. Morgan says the contributions have doubled in the three years she has been in charge. The pledges clap politely, except for Stephanie, who punctuates hers with a loud, “Whoo! Alright! Carmen has a sign-up sheet. They will all partner up and raise money for the shelter over a 48 hour period. Whichever team raises the most money automatically gets into the sorority. Chelsea asks if they get to skip hazing. They do, and the winning team also gets their names on a plaque, signifying they are the 2007 Alpha Chi Theta angels. Stephanie and Chelsea giggle and joke in whispers. Morgan asks them if they’d like to share something. They stifle back laughter. Morgan tells Stephanie she’d be happy to help her realize her full potential-if she makes the cut. She dismisses the pledges. Chelsea and Stephanie figure they’re going to have to win this fundraiser if they have any shot of getting in this sorority.

As the timer on the bomb hits one second, Andre pulls a wire and shuts it off. EJ gasps in relief and Sami tackles Roman with a giant hug. EJ glares. He told Andre that Stefano wanted to end the vendetta. They need to get down to the station and exchange Roman for him. Doesn’t Andre know they programmed Steve to be a soldier? He WILL shoot Stefano. There’s no doubt of it. On the television, Stefano pleads with Andre. He begs him to do as Steve wishes. He promises he will be rewarded handsomely.

Hope says there has been no fire or explosions at the pub. Bo says he has to get over there. Lucas rushes in the room. He heard Steve had Stefano held hostage. Is it true? They tell him it is. He asks if they have seen Sami. They exchange uncomfortable glances. Bo tells Lucas she’s with her dad. He has a bomb strapped to him, but Bo told Sami to get out, so he is pretty sure she’s alright.

At the television station, Steve gets a cell phone handed to him. It’s Andre. He tells him he has Stefano. He’s a little shabby around the edges, and he has some used parts, but Steve is pretty sure he’ll turn out to be a good investment for Andre. Do they have a deal? Andre says they do. Roman is Steve‘s. Steve announces to the camera that they have a deal. That’s very good news for Stefano.

Hope sighs with relief. That means Roman is ok. Lucas relaxes. It must mean Sami is alright, too. Bo calls the police station and tells them to hold the boys off. He is on his way to the TV station and he wants to handle this alone.

Steve tells Andre to bring Roman down to the station. Andre argues. He wants to meet in a neutral location. Steve says his trigger finger is awfully itchy. Stefano asks for the phone. He takes it and begs Andre to follow Steve’s instructions closely. He promises to help Andre in any way he can. Steve takes the phone back and tells Andre he has ten minutes to get down there.

Andre tells Roman to come on. They are leaving. Sami starts to follow. Andre asks her where she thinks she’s going. She doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t trust her. In fact, she and EJ have been the bane of his existence for so long, its about time he do something about it.

At Adrienne’s bar, Stephanie and Chelsea throw ideas around for the fundraiser. Stephanie suggests babysitting and a bake sale, but Chelsea reminds her they actually want to make money. Stephanie tries the idea of writing term papers. Chelsea says that’s not exactly legal ,and Morgan will be checking up on them. Stephanie mocks her southern accent. They both laugh. Chelsea does think getting in a sorority will look good on their resumés. Stephanie just wants to meet some hot guys. Chelsea asks about Jeremy. Stephanie says she is supposed to forget about him. She knows he doesn’t want her, and besides there are more fish in the sea. Stephanie notes that half of the relay swimming team just walked in. Maybe she’ll introduce herself. Chelsea stops her. They have to figure out this fundraising thing. Stephanie says its too bad she cant get rewarded for what she really good at- flirting.

Hope, Bo, and Lucas show up at the TV station. Lucas wonders if Sami is really here. Bo is sure she wouldn’t go anywhere without Roman. The producer rushes up to Bo who introduces himself as a detective. The producer tells him there’s a maniac holding a man hostage over at the weather desk. Bo knows. He’s going to take care of it. He introduces Lucas and Hope. The producer looks at him skeptically, “Do you always bring your whole family along on assignments?” Bo assures him Roman and Andre are on their way. It’s all going to be over soon. The producer agrees. He’s pulling the plug. Bo tells him to keep his people calm and keep the camera rolling. He can’t risk lives by cutting Steve off. Lucas frets about Sami. He wonders where they are.

In the pub’s kitchen, Sami and EJ are tied up back to back on the floor. A nearby stove hisses gas into the air. EJ tells her they have to take shallow breaths. He asks if anyone is in the pub- her grandparents, or any boarders? Sami admits no one is around. EJ mutters sarcastically that this ought to turn out well. Sami struggles with her bonds. EJ reflects on the difficulties of renting rooms over the Brady kitchen. Sami snaps at him to stop making fun and help her.

Chelsea doesn’t get it. If Stephanie is so over Jeremy, then why isn’t she with Max? He is available and he likes her a lot. Stephanie groans. They are supposed to be having fun in college. She thinks Chelsea needs some alcohol. Adrienne comes over and takes their orders. Stephanie get s a double shot of tequila and a beer. Stephanie asks about the crowd. Adrienne thanks college football for it. Two of her waitresses called in sick, so she’s short staffed, too. Stephanie asks if she needs help. She says she does, but she doesn’t want them to feel obligated. They could make a couple hundred bucks a night, though. Stephanie says they’ll be happy to help.

Bo asks Steve how it’s going. Steve says it’s alright. Bo asks him quietly, “You do know I’m going to have to arrest, you right?” Steve knows. It’s worth it to get this trash off the streets. He gestures at Stefano. Stefano demands Bo disarm him. Steve rages. He killed his son and buried him alive! Stefano denies it. Steve calls him a liar and aims the gun. Bo yells. Andre is on his way with Roman. Steve is getting what he wants, so no one needs to die today. Steve says time will tell. Stefano dies if Andre misses the deadline.

Lucas tells Hope he’s sure something isn’t right. He’s heading over to the pub to check. At that moment, Andre shoves Roman, mouth duct taped, inside the studio. Hope and Lucas call Bo over. Steve walks Stefano over. Steve and Andre stand off, each with a gun held on their hostages. Lucas demands to know where Sami is. Andre dodges the question. Bo tells Lucas to take it easy, but he won’t. He demands to know where Sami is. Andre heard Lucas and Sami were getting divorced. Stefano butts in. It’s true. Samantha is marrying Elvis. Lucas says like hell they are. Andre smiles, “In hell, perhaps. But in this lifetime, I promise you, there will be no wedding.”

EJ and Sami agree to try to wiggle over to the door. They move together on three. They get about half a foot and Sami collapses in pain. In their movement, they bump a bottle of olive oil off a table. It crashes nearby and glass shatters everywhere. She thinks there may be something wrong with the twins. They have to get out of here.

Chelsea complains that her feet hurt. Adrienne gives them a five minute break. Stephanie admires the swim team. Adrienne joins her. She can appreciate some nice biceps. Stephanie thinks Uncle Justin wouldn’t approve. Adrienne shushes her and walks off. Stephanie just got a great idea for the fundraiser. What is the one thing every co-ed would pay top dollar for? Chelsea guesses flat abs and a good grades. Stephanie tells her she meant guys. They can have an auction.

Lucas asks what Andre is talking about. Andre reminds them of the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed…” Should he just kill Roman here and now? Bo reminds everyone that no one needs to die today. Andre says it’s too late for all that. Samantha is probably no more than a memory at this point.

Sami insists there is something wrong. EJ says the olive oil is making his hands slippery. Maybe he can slide out of the ropes. He sighs. He wishes some knifes had fallen on them instead. He suddenly has an idea. If Sami can reach one of those big chunks of glass, he can cut the ropes. Sami sees a piece. She struggles to reach it. She stretches and gasps for air.

Stephanie says they can get coeds to bid on hot guys. Chelsea is down on the whole plan. They would have to find a place to have it and get word out to all the girls. She doesn’t think any guys would want to do it, either. Stephanie say that’s no problem. She walks over to one of the swim team guys and asks him how he would like a bunch of hot girls fighting over him for a date? He thinks she means her and Chelsea and readily agrees. She explains they’re holding an auction for charity. He agrees to do it. Stephanie walks over to Chelsea and tells her how easy it was. Chelsea just thinks the guy was flirting with her. Stephanie tells her to stop being a buzz kill. Is she in or not?

Andre tells them how feisty Sami was. She put up quite a fight for a pregnant woman. Lucas asks if it’s true. Is she-- Andre interrupts, “Dead?” Bo asks Roman if it’s true. He nods miserably. Lucas yells that he’s going to kill Andre. Bo asks Roman if she’s at the pub. Roman nods. Lucas rushes off to try to do something. Stefano asks what in God’s name Andre has done. Andre tells him it’s what he should have done months ago, when Elvis made his first mistake. Stefano calls him an idiot and fool. He’s doing all this for Elvis. Andre fumes, “And what have I done everything for, you son of a bitch?” And now Stefano is leaving it all to that Brit. Why is he even here trying to save his life? Stefano promises that Andre will get what he deserves. Andre smiles broadly. That could be good or bad.

Sami struggles to reach the glass. She gasps. She finally grabs it and manages to get it to EJ. She begs him to hurry. He drops it, recovers it, and saws away at his bonds. In the interim, Sami stops talking. EJ begs her to talk to him. He tells her she has to wake up. Sami’s head rests on her chest. He works at the ropes feverishly.

Stephanie thinks the auction is a great idea. She asks Adrienne what she thinks. Adrienne asks her if she can win more than one guy. Chelsea thinks it will still be hard to recruit the guys. Stephanie remind her not to underestimate the over-inflated egos of frat boys. They will hit up the hottest frats and act like it’s an honor to be chosen. Chelsea isn’t sure. Stephanie tells her to lighten up. They can pull this off, and maybe Chelsea will even meet a cute guy. The one Stephanie talked to earlier smacks Adrienne’s butt as she takes another table’s order. Chelsea snorts and says doesn’t want to meet guys. Stephanie says that’s fine but she really wants to do this auction. Chelsea says if they’re going to do it, they have to do it right. They have to win. They high five.

Stefano tells Andre he has gone too far. Hope sneaks up behind Andre. Andre apologizes, but Elvis became a liability. Hope grabs Roman from Andre as Bo simultaneously grabs Andre and punches him. Andre recovers and knocks Roman over the head. He grabs Hope and yells, “Time to switch partners!” Steve and Bo both hold guns on Andre. Bo tells Andre he doesn’t want to do this. He can take Bo instead. Andre wrinkles his nose, “No. You don’t smell as nice.” Steve threatens Stefano. Stefano orders Andre to let Hope go. Andre tells him to have Elvis do his bidding from now on-except-oops, Elvis is dead. He forgot. Andre doesn’t give a damn if Stefano dies. In fact, he’ll rejoice like the rest of them. Stefano asks what has happened to him. He said he just tried to please Stefano and be a good soldier. Stefano says the war is over. Andre screams it’s over when he says it is. He tells Bo the Bradys are dealing with Andre DiMera now.

EJ gets Sami to come to just as he finishes cutting his bonds. He swiftly frees his ankles, switches off the gas, then frees Sami’s hands and feet. Sami staggers to her feet and rushes for the door. She leans out into the night sky and gulps fresh air. She yells at EJ to come out and get some, too. He is slumped on the floor in front of the stove. Sami runs over and cradles his head in her arms. She begs and pleads. He can’t die. She needs him to end this vendetta. She hates what she done to her and her family, but she doesn’t want him to die. She knows she will hate herself for saying it, but she does care about him. And she doesn’t want him to die. Lucas walks into the doorway of the kitchen. He sees Sami holding EJ’s head and spies around the corner. EJ awakens. Sami sobs, “Oh, God. Oh, you're going to be okay. I'm here. We're going to be all right. Oh, thank God.”

Bo reminds Andre he is the one he wants. He’s the Brady. He turns to Steve and reminds him the exchange was Roman for Stefano. Roman is free, so Steve has to let Stefano go. Steve calls him a lucky S.O.B. and lets him go. Bo asks Andre desperately if he is happy. Can’t he let Hope go now? Andre tells them to keep Stefano. He’s taken the last order he’ll ever take from him anyhow. Hope is far too valuable at this point to let her go. Bo tells him he’ll give him anything. Andre wants to make his exit without interference. Bo wants to work something else out. Andre tells him to stop, or Hope will take her last breath. Andre drags her off and Hope screams. Bo holds his gun and stares.


Sami says, “Lucas is everything to me.” EJ grimaces and straightens his tie.

Stefano snaps at Steve, “You just saved Roman and you just got Hope killed!”

Andre shoves Hope around on the roof of the TV station. Hope cries, “Let go of me, Andre!” She screams. Bo and some cops burst on to the roof with guns drawn. Bo yells, “Police!”

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