Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/2/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Kate jumps into Lucas’ car. She’s glad she caught him because she needs a chance to explain. He refuses. She never tells the truth, so it’s a waste of his time. She says she would do anything for him. He snaps that she’s done enough. Sami is out of his life. Is she happy now? She says no. He tells her if she wants to do something for him, she can get out of his car and his life. He just wants her to leave him alone.

At the pub, Sami demands Andre remove the bomb from Roman’s chest. Andre doesn’t budge, so she goes after Roman herself. EJ holds her back. The timer isn’t set yet, but Sami could set t off if she tampers with it. Andre agrees with EJ. She could. Sami sobs. Did Andre drug Roman? What is wrong with him? Andre tells her it isn’t permanent. He tells Roman to feel free to speak up. Roman sways and zones out. EJ demands to know if Andre has even spoken with Stefano. Things have changed. Andre isn’t sure he even cares what Stefano wants. He knows Stefano better than anyone else, because he is his true son, unlike Tony and EJ. EJ tells him the vendetta is over. Is Andre prepared to defy Stefano? They both know hat happens when he gets angry.

At the cemetery, Bo instructs a cop to pick up any evidence that shows Andre may have been there. He tells him to be on the look-out for Steve as well, who is on his way from the hospital. Hope comes over. She got Bo’s message. Bo tells her they found Roman’s badge in the coffin, but he wasn’t in it. Benjy was. And he’s dead. Hope says Steve must be crazy with grief. Bo frowns. Steve is probably in his own personal hell right now.

In Stefano‘s hospital room, Steve waves a gun in Stefano’s face. He tells him he slipped a couple of bucks to the guard. He’s going to make Stefano pay for his crimes. Stefano asks him what happened. Steve laughs and tells him he’s going to pay. Stefano says he’s going straight back to the mental institution at this rate. Steve say that’s fine with him, as long as he can see Stefano’s funeral first.

Kate hates to see Lucas so unhappy. He wonders why she did everything in her power to keep him and Sami apart, then. She just isn’t sure Sami is right. Lucas cuts her off. He’s not in the mood to hear it right now. He knows they fight and argue, but they love each other. Kate reminds him that Sami hurt him. He says he hurt her too. He will always love Sami. He knows Kate doesn’t accept it. He doubts she ever will.

Stefano wants an explanation. Steve owes him that much. Steve laughs. Stefano knows full well what Andre did. Stefano says he doesn’t. Steve tells him they dug his grave up. Stefano interrupts. Why would they do such a thing? Steve tells him they thought Roman was in the box, but he wasn’t. Benjy was. Stefano says Andre wouldn’t dare. Steve says he would if Stefano told him to. Stefano rages. He would never sanction the murder of his son. Steve tells him he’s out of his mind if he thinks he can push this off on Andre. He’s going to show him he can be as good an assassin as Andre ever was. Stefano tells him to go ahead and pull the trigger. Maybe he should calling Samantha Brady first. She knows the vendetta is coming to an end. And if Steve kills him now, it will go on and on.

Bo fills Hope in on Steve’s revenge scheme. They have a pretty good kid posted at Stefano’s door. He already turned Steve away once. Hope asks if Bo is sure everything is alright. He tells her Steve is on his way now. He needs her help to keep Steve calm and focused on Kayla. She doesn’t even know about Benjy yet. Will she agree to stay and help with Steve?

Andre doesn’t believe Stefano ended the vendetta. Sami swears its true. EJ adds that all of Santo’s terms have been met. Sami stops him. She isn’t sure she agrees. Her father has a bomb strapped to him and has clearly been drugged. Andre gets sarcastic. He’s so sorry Ms. Brady isn’t willing to meet the criteria to end decades of destruction between their families. It’s a shame for poor Roman here.

Kate reaches out for Lucas. He threatens to throw her out of the car. She wonders what happened to them. He tells her to look at herself and her actions. She just wanted all the best things for him. Lucas disagrees. To him, it has always seemed like she came between him and the things that made him the most happy. She always tried to do the things for him that he needed to be a good man. And she must have done something right, because she is proud of the man he has become now. He tells her to get out of his car and pat herself on the back someplace else. She appeals to him again, but he won’t have it. He told her to leave him alone and he meant it.

Sami struggles with EJ. She demands he let her go. Andre remarks she must be a wildcat in bed. Sami says she only agreed to the terms in exchange for her family’s safety. Her father is clearly not safe. She says Stefano’s word doesn’t mean a thing. Andre wouldn’t say that. Sami tells him to prove it by letting her father go. If he won’t, then they are done talking. Andre tells her he’d like to stop her talking permanently. EJ decides to call Stefano. If Andre can hear the order directly from him, he’ll agree to take the bomb off of Roman.

Steve wants his lost years back that Stefano stole. Mostly, he wants Benjy back. Stefano moans, “My poor Benjy.” Steve rages. Stefano is a fake and a liar. He doesn’t care about Benjy at all. Does Stefano remember when Benjy was a little boy? Steve does. He lit up when Kayla found him. Soon after, he was a normal boy. Stefano remembers seeing something special in him. Steve snaps at him. “Yeah, and then you stomped it out.” Stefano found Benjy after he ran away and made him live with him again. Steve says he was never the same after. He hated being Stefano’s son. Benjy knew one day Stefano would call him up and he would have to do something terrible. He feared that day. He just wanted to be free of the DiMeras, but Stefano wouldn’t let him go.

Hope says it’s not like Steve to give up that easily. Hope wants to go to the hospital and make sure everything is ok. Bo says everything is fine. He has a guard posted at the door. He’ll call if anything goes wrong. Right on cue, the guard shows up, panting, “Detective, Officer Chatsworth. I got here as fast as I could, sir.” Bo gapes.

Kate plays the “I-remember-the-night-you-were-born” card. Lucas doesn’t buy it. He told her to get out. She says she loves all her children , but there was something special about him. Lucas snorts, “Something that made you say, ‘I'm going to make this child's life a living hell’?” She knows she made mistakes, but she always tried to do what she thought was best for him. Lucas says she did, except she never gave him the freedom to make his own choices about things. Lucas tells her to get out again. He’ll put he out himself if he has to. She groans and agrees. She leaves.

Chatsworth has been looking forward to meeting Bo Brady and his family. He grew up idolizing Bo. Bo asks who sent him. Chatsworth looks confused. Bo did. Abe told him to guard the door, and Bo just released him from duty a few minutes ago. Bo says he’s never spoken to him in his life. Chatsworth repeats Bo verbatim. He told him to get out of the hospital and get his butt down to the cemetery. Bo winces. “I said that to Steve. Damn it.”

Steve tells Stefano Benjy was more a part of his family than he was a part of Stefano’s. He’s going to get some justice for him. Stefano’s phone rings. Steve aims the gun and tells him not to answer it. Stefano scoffs. He lives under the shadow if death constantly. He tells Steve to go ahead and shoot. He’s not afraid, and at least he knows Steve will spend the rest of his miserable life paying for this.

Andre smirks as EJ tries Stefano‘s cell phone in vain. Unfortunately, modern technology can let people down. EJ begs for five minutes. Stefano will call back. Andre agrees. Roman groggily tells Sami to get out of there. Andre sets the timer on the bomb. She has five minutes to show her father how much she loves him.

Stefano tells Steve he is insane. Steve agrees. Stefano made him that way. For now, he has a little surprise planned. Stefano needs to get dressed. They’re leaving. Stefano says he can’t. Steve says that’s ok. He can wear his pajamas for all he cares. He’s still coming though.

Chatsworth apologizes to Bo. Bo tells him to call dispatch and get some cops down to the hospital. Bo takes out his phone and calls Steve. He begs him to answer. Steve does. He tells Bo he was expecting his call. Bo tells him he can’t do this. Steve tells him he can’t hear him. He’s going in and out. Bo tells him he can’t protect him if he hurts Stefano. Steve says he couldn’t protect Benjy, either, so he has to finish what he tried to do at the funeral. He hags up. Bo tells Hope they have to get to the hospital.

Lucas leaves Sami a message. He tells her he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He is just so scared of losing her. She’s the only woman he loves or will ever love. He asks her to call him back and hangs up. Kate jumps back in the car. Lucas groans. He told her to leave. Kate tells him she just had to let him know she had nothing to do with Sami’s decision. She found out about it right before Lucas arrived at the hospital. They can’t lose each other over a stupid misunderstanding.

Sami runs over to Roman but her wants her no to touch anything. She begs to be allowed to call Bo. Andre says there is no way he could get here in time. She wants to call anyway.

Hope and Bo enter Stefano’s room to find it empty. Hope agrees to call Abe while Bo secures the building.

Kate sobs. She was finally getting used to the idea of Sami. She is having her grandchildren ,after all. Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. As far as he concerned, Kate doesn’t exist anymore. From now on, she is on her own. His name is no longer Lucas Roberts.

Andre tells her to go ahead and call Bo. She can call the FBI and ISA, too. God forbid he should dictate how she spends the last four minutes of her father’s life. Sami grabs the phone and calls Bo. He answers, and she briefs him on what’s going on at the pub. Bo says he is on his way. She says there is no time. He has to tell her what to do. He tells her he can’t. He would have to see it first, and even then it would be difficult. He tells her to hand the phone to Roman. Roman says he is ok. At least he’s out of that coffin. Bo asks him if there is any way to diffuse the bomb. Roman says it is too late. Bo needs to convince Sami to get out of the pub. They tell each other they love each other and get off the phone. Roman hands it to Sami. Bo tells her she has to think of her babies and leave. Sami refuses. She’s not letting her babies or her dad get blown up.

In Stefano’s room, Hope sees a picture of Roman on the news and turns the volume up. They cut to the weatherman, and instead of him, we see Steve holding a gun on Stefano in front of the green screen. Steve says it looks sunny tomorrow, but he is predicting a storm tonight. The producer tries to cut the camera, but Steve waves the gun around and makes vague threats. The producer throws his head set off and bolts. Steve says its time to find out how much Stefano’s family loves him.

For the thousandth time, Lucas yells at Kate to get out of his car. She says he can’t snap his fingers and make her disappear. He repeats that she no longer exists for him. She says he can’t change the fact that she is his mother. She tells him to look at her. He refuses. He’s going to do what he should have done all along and change his name. She gasps. NO! Yes, he is changing his name to Lucas Horton. Then he can have a fresh start and a new life. Without her in it. Kate sobs. He can’t do this. The local radio breaks in. Steve has Stefano DiMera held hostage at the local television station. Kate moans.

Bo rushes in to tell Hope the news, but he catches sight of Steve and Stefano on TV. He stares in disbelief.

Roman begs Sami to leave. She says she loves him so much. She say she is sorry. The timer hits the one-minute mark. Andre says that his cue to take off. He starts to leave, along with Sami and EJ, but Andre catches sight of Stefano on the TV above the bar. He turns it up in time to hear Steve’s demands. He tells everyone this a real gun with real bullets. Unless Andre returns Roman safe and sound, the curtain goes down on Stefano’s last aria. Andre gapes. Sami smiles with relief.


Morgan tells Chelsea and Stephanie, “ I'm deciding which of you will be joining us here and which of you will be sent packing.”

Andre growls at Sami, “As a matter of fact, you and EJ have been the bane of my existence for months now. Maybe I should finally do something about it.”

Steve tells Bo, “This is going to get ugly if he misses that deadline.” Bo replies, “No one is going to die here today.” Steve grimaces, “Time will tell.”

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