Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/1/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/1/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the cemetery, Bo asks Abe about the details in Benjy’s death. Abe says they are still waiting on the coroner. Bo feels burned out from chasing the same bad guys over and over. Abe tells him not to let anger control him. Look at Steve and the way he took off. Bo frets about Stefano. He’s back in the hospital. They need some extra security over there. Abe has already handled it. He posted a guy at the door with Steve’s picture. He has explicit instructions not to let him by. Bo worries. Steve can be hard to stop when he sets his mind to something. Abe sends off a soil sample to the lab. Bo asks if there’s any clue here where Roman might be. Abe says they are still working, but Bo is afraid they’ll never find Roman. EJ shows up. Bo shoos him off and tells him not to interfere with a crime scene, but EJ tells him he may have the fast track on finding Roman.

At the pub, Lucas and Sami argue. She has already broken the news to him about marrying EJ to end the vendetta. She tells him she hates it, but there’s no other way. Lucas tells her there is always another way. She may feel the need to protect her family, but Lucas, Will, and the twins are her family, too. He reminds her of her wedding vows. She insists she meant them. He asks her if ending the vendetta is just an excuse to marry EJ. Does she love him?

Bo goes over to talk to EJ. He tells Bo they are all worried about his brother. Bo asks if he is worried about his brother, Benjy. EJ doesn’t follow. Bo takes him behind the crime scene tape and shows him the body. EJ asks who did it. Bo says it must be Andre if EJ didn’t do it. EJ gulps and asks if Benjy was buried alive. They aren’t sure yet. Bo rants about the DiMeras. They stole a piece of Benjy’s liver but that wasn’t enough. EJ sighs. He swears he had nothing to do with it and would have stopped it if he knew anything. He tells Bo it may be over for Benjy, but they can save the rest of the family. He shows him the folio and the wedding rings and tells him Sami gave them to him. EJ thinks it is interesting that these two little rings that have never been worn can help find Roman and stop the feud.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Kate tells Stefano he has to divulge Roman’s whereabouts. Stefano swears it’s all Andre’s doing. He has no control over him. Kate finds it odd that Andre is able to commit crimes at the same time in two different places. Stefano changes the subject. He has a surprise he know will please her. It has to do with Lucas and his marriage to Samantha.

Sami says the only feeling she has for EJ is loathing. Lucas sighs. He understands that what happened to Colleen is tragic, but all of this happened over fifty years ago. Why are they letting two people that are dead and gone control their futures- their lives? Sami tells him she also did this to get her dad back alive. He would be dead now if she hadn’t agreed to marry EJ. Lucas regrets that they ever found those stupid letters in New Orleans. If ending the vendetta means losing her, then he doesn’t want it. Sami promises he won’t lose her. This is just temporary. It’s not as if she is actually going to try to make the marriage with EJ work. Lucas nukes. He cant believe she is giving him, the man of her dreams, up for this. Does she really think the DiMeras will keep their promise and return her father and end the vendetta? He softens. He just wants her and him to sit down and figure out another way to end this thing. She frowns. There isn’t any other way. Lucas doesn’t get it. Sami tries to explain. The DiMeras are killing machines with no consciences, but Santo has given them a way to stop it. Stefano wants to feel like his father had a happy ending somehow, and her marrying EJ will do that for him. Sami thinks she was meant to do this- not marry EJ, of course- but meant to sacrifice herself to save her family. Lucas tells her that her and EJ looking like Santo and Colleen was pure chance. He throws his hands up. He doesn’t want to fight about this anymore.

Stefano tells Kate his news is something she has always prayed for. She stares. He asks her what she would say to Sami divorcing Lucas and marrying his son, EJ.

Outside Stefano’s room, Steve tries to sneak past the officer guarding Stefano’s door. The officer stops him and tells him he can’t go in.

Bo and EJ argue about whether or not Sami will marry him to end the vendetta. Bo says this isn’t all about him. Sami and his pop deserve happiness, too. EJ doesn’t understand how Shawn figures into this. Bo fills EJ in on the end of the letters. Santo lied about his wife being alive, and when Shawn told Colleen, she jumped off of a cliff. EJ had no idea. He thought his grandmother died. Bo says Shawn has been racked with guilt for years. He can’t believe EJ is taking advantage of such a tragic situation. EJ does feel sorry for Bo’s father, but the fact of the matter remains. He and Samantha’s marriage will bring Roman back safe and sound and end the vendetta. Why is Bo wasting time arguing when they could be saving his brother?

Andre gets into a car with a semi-comatose Roman. Roman is dirty and bedraggled. Duct tape covers his mouth. Andre sighs. They will have to get Roman cleaned up. He looks like death. Andre pulls out plastic explosives and laughs, “Should be quite an explosive homecoming.”

Bo wonders what EJ did to force Sami to agree to this. EJ insists it was all her idea. Bo says EJ is crazy if he thinks Bo will let his niece do this. EJ doesn’t care what he thinks. He just came down here to let him know everything was being done to find Roman. Bo glowers. Roman will never allow this wedding to take place. He’d die first.

Lucas sulks. He’s done talking. Sami begs him not to shut her out. He says she’s the one doing that. She has done this to him so many times before. She reminds him this time is different. He says its still the same thing at bottom. She always swears nothing can come between them, and something always does, anyway. She tells him she will love him forever. That means something. This situation will be over when Stefano dies.

Steve argues with the officer. He doesn’t know who he is. The officer knows exactly who he is, and he has strict instructions from Commissioner Carver not to let him in to see Stefano. He needs to leave, now.

Kate thinks Stefano is imagining things. Stefano reminds her he has never been known to be inaccurate about things like this. Kate insists it is impossible. Sami and Lucas are hopelessly in love.

EJ thinks Roman might value his life a bit more than Bo does. Abe comes over. They found Roman’s cell phone in the casket. They speculate that Roman must have been in the coffin originally, and then he was moved to make room for Benjy. EJ tells them not to worry. Roman could be being released right now. His father has probably already contacted Andre. Sami is supposed to be explaining everything to Lucas right now. Abe asks what she is explaining. EJ tells him that Sami is divorcing Lucas and marrying him.

Steve thinks the officer must have the wrong Steve. He and Abe are old friends. The officer shows him a mug shot of himself. He asks him if it looks familiar. Steve whistles, “Ooh, bad hair day.”

Kate reminds Stefano she has spent years trying to break Sami and Lucas up, to no avail. Stefano laughs. Everyone thinks love makes the world go round, but money, sex, and family make it spin. He’s talking about the conditions to end the vendetta. Samantha and Elvis will carry on a love affair from fifty years ago by marrying each other. Kate can’t believe Sami agreed. Stefano tells her she did. It’s the only way. Kate tells Stefano how wonderful he is. He appreciates her gratitude. He needs some right about now.

Lucas cant believe this has to go on until Stefano dies. Sami reminds him his health is bad; he could go at any time. Lucas groans. He has made so many miraculous recoveries. Like the phoenix, he always rises from the ashes. Lucas tells her Stefano will dance at her wedding. Heck, he might even move in with her and EJ. That is her future. Lucas shakes his head. He’s not going to let that happen.

Steve tells the officer it’s pretty strange that Abe forbade his entrance, since he just got a call from Bo Brady telling him to visit Stefano. The officer doesn’t budge. He’ll be happy to let him in when he gets clearance from Bo. Steve agrees to leave. He was just trying to help the guy out. Bo won’t be happy he didn‘t let Steve in. Steve saunters off.

Stefano strokes Kate’s arm. She says most people get thirty days to pay their debts. Stefano reminds her they are not most people. She promises to show him her gratitude, but not until Sami and Lucas are actually divorced. Then they can celebrate. Stefano chuckles.

Bo tells Abe he is going to break the news to Benjy’s wife in person. Abe tells him Steve did try to get in to see Stefano. He lied and told the officer it was on Bo’s orders. Bo wants to get over there, but Abe tells him there is no rush, since Steve left. Bo isn’t too sure of that. Benjy’s death hit him hard. He’ll try to get to Stefano again.

Sami begs Lucas to support her on this. Wouldn’t he grab the chance to help if he were in her position? He says he wouldn’t. He could never stand to hurt her the way he is hurting now. He’s not going to grant her a divorce and let her run off with EJ. That would be the end of them, and there would be no turning back. He tells her to stay there where it’s safe, and leaves. Sami calls the station looking for Bo. EJ knocks and enters. She complains about her dad. EJ says he and Stefano are doing all they can. Sami swears the marriage is off if her dad isn’t returned soon. Right on cue, Andre shows up with a zombie-like Roman in tow. Sami cries, “Daddy!”

Kate agrees to make Stefano a deal. If Lucas tells her they are getting divorced, she will come to the mansion, and she and Stefano will take a long trip down memory lane. Lucas yells about his leg outside. Kate goes out and tells the officer to lay off her son. Lucas storms in, hobbling. He accuses Stefano and Kate of hatching this conspiracy to break him and Sami up. Kate has no clue what he’s talking about. He tells her Sami just dropped the divorce-bomb on him. Kate feigns surprise. He smirks. He is sure Kate is thrilled. Stefano barks at him to show his mother some respect. Lucas scowls. She’s lucky he even speaks to her. Kate swears she had nothing to do with it. In fact, she’s sorry. She knows how much Lucas loved her. Lucas whirls on Stefano. This is all his doing. Stefano agrees. Sami had to marry EJ to satisfy the conditions of ending the vendetta. Lucas can’t believe Kate. This stunt makes her others look like charity work. Stefano tells Lucas Kate just found out about this from him. She had nothing to do with it. Lucas screams. He doesn’t care what happens or what either of them has to say; he and Sami are not getting divorced. He stomps out and Kate follows.

Steve comes back to Stefano’s room. He smirks. He tells the officer he’s getting Bo on the phone. Steve calls Bo and tells him he’s at the hospital. The officer won’t let him in because of Abe’s orders. He hands the officer the phone, who puts it up to his ear in time to hear Bo yelling at him to get the hell out of there and come down to the cemetery. They need him down there. The officer says “Yes, sir” and leaves. Steve grabs the phone. Bo asks if he heard him. They need him down at the cemetery, right away. Steve says he is on his way and sneaks into Stefano’s room. He pulls a gun out and smiles. “Well, look who's back in the hospital. Stefano DiMera. Well, this time, you won't be going home.”

Sami asks Roman what Andre has done to him. Roman staggers on his feet, eyes half-shut. Andre tells them he and Roman have been out sightseeing, but Roman is a bit of a bore. So he is returning him gift-wrapped. He gestures to Sami, “So, open it. Come. Go ahead.” EJ stops her and yanks Roman’s trench coat open. A bomb is strapped to Roman’s chest. Andre laughs, “Surprise! I hope you don’t already have one.”


Kate tells Lucas, “I would do anything for you. You know that.” Lucas replies, “Stay away from me.”

Bo yells on the phone, “Get the hell out of there!” Sami sobs, “I am not going to let my babies be blown up, but I'm not going to let my dad die either!”

Steve aims his gun at Stefano, who screams, “There will be no one left to call off the dogs. Go ahead! Kill me!”

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