Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/28/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/28/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Outside a sorority house, Chelsea and Stephanie stand around and argue in pink dresses. Chelsea wants to leave. A girl comes out and introduces herself as Morgan. She loves Stephanie’s shoes. They introduce themselves and she invites them in. Stephanie marvels at the inside of the house, “Home doesn’t look like this.” The girl tells her it will if she joins. Stephanie wants to be signed up. The girl looks her up and down, “I said if, sweetie.” Morgan walks off.

At the cemetery, Steve cradles Benjy’s lifeless body and bawls. Benjy was buried alive. He, Abe, and two officers lift his body out of the coffin and onto the grass. Steve starts to administer CPR, but Abe tells him it’s too late. Steve screams, “NO!” He pumps Benjy’s chest. “Come on Benjy! AH! NO!” He sobs some more.

At the pub, Bo tells Hope, Marlena, John, Doug, and Julie that he found Stefano and his father at the cemetery together. Shawn, Sr. flashes back to his conversation with Stefano. Stefano tells him if he had known he was to lie, he and Shawn could be brothers now. Shawn tells the group that he hasn’t been alright since Santo lied. Hope gasps, “OMG! She wasn’t dead!” Marlena thinks that was a terrible thing to do. Shawn says it wasn’t all Santo’s fault. After Colleen donated her ring to the church and ran off, he decided to tell the truth, and made the biggest mistake of his life.

Chelsea really wants to leave. She thinks all the girls there are stuck-up. Stephanie begs her to stay. Morgan comes over and introduces them to Carmen and Cordelia. Stephanie wants advice on how to get in. Carmen says you can be gorgeous like her. Cordy interrupts, “Or get really good grades like me.” Chelsea thinks that sounds like exploitation. Carmen tells them a sorority is only as good as its sisters. Morgan interrupts. She tells them they have to bring something good to the table if they want in.

At the cliffs in Galway, Santo and Colleen kiss. He tells her he received her letter and learned of his donation to St. Malachy. Shawn creeps up and spies on them from behind a rock. She didn’t feel right keeping such an extravagant piece of jewelry. She hopes he isn’t angry. He says he could never be angry with her. She can’t believe she’s leaving the church. He tells her she won’t miss Ireland once she sees New York City. She says she’ll always miss it. She cant ever go home again, either. Her father won’t have it. He tells her that you sometimes have to leave behind the old life to start a new one. He promises to never let her down and pulls out a pair of gold bands, “These rings, when they come together, it will be like our past and our future coming together.” He tells her she will always be devoted to her brother and the order, so she will take a part of herself with her wherever they go. She will always be his Colleen and he says he would to never lie to her. She says she has a way of making it seem like everything will work out grand. They talk about how they are sailing away tomorrow. Colleen says it will be hard to say goodbye to Shawn. Santo suggests he come with them.

Morgan and the others walk off. Chelsea snorts. Does Stephanie still want in? They’re just using each other. Stephanie thinks it’s cool. Everyone has a value. Chelsea rolls her eyes. Yeah, their brains and bodies do. Chelsea drags Stephanie over to some other girls. They introduce themselves as Slone and Ashley-with-a-y. Chelsea asks if what Carmen said was true. The girls tell them other things count too- like money and family. The older, the better. Chelsea explodes. This place stinks. The girls huff. Chelsea thinks judging people on those things is lame. But not nearly as lame as being in a sorority, which is just another word for ‘clique.’ Stephanie tries to smooth things over, but the girls aren’t having it. They’ll be sure to let Morgan know how Chelsea feels. They huff off. Chelsea asks why Stephanie cares what Morgan thinks. She’s all hair product and makeup anyway. Cordy comes up and tells Chelsea she would want Morgan on her side if she knew her. No one ever crosses her twice. She walks off. Stephanie sighs. She probably can’t get in anyway. Chelsea reminds her of her decorated cop uncles and Dr. Mom. Stephanie shakes her head, “Let's not forget about a dad who's bouncing off of padded walls.” She thinks Chelsea is right. They don’t belong there.

Steve cries. Benjy is cold. Abe reminds him he is dead. Steve insists he breathed a little bit. He covers Benjy with his jacket. Steve rocks him back and forth. Benjy never hurt anybody.

Santo’s proposal made Shawn sick. John bets Santo had that effect on a lot of people. His son certainly did. Marlena says they are both narcissists. They want what they want and they don’t care how they get it. Shawn thought his dad could fix everything, but he was wrong.

Colleen says she cant take Shawn to America. Santo thinks there are opportunities for him there. Colleen says her father already lost her. She can’t take his son away, too. Santo thinks both Shawn and Santo should come visit someday. They will pay their way and even buy a big house with room for them. Colleen doesn’t think her father will ever forgive her. Santo thinks he will when he understands that she was following her own calling, and not necessarily the lord’s. They kiss. Young Shawn takes off.

Stephanie wants to leave this time. Chelsea tells her they’ll be able to fit in. Stephanie reminds her how smart and beautiful these girls are. Their dads aren’t like hers. Chelsea thinks Stephanie could use her dad to her advantage. Just bring him around when they get upset about her not having ancestors that signed the Magna Carta. Morgan gets in front of a microphone. They’re handing out pins for all girls that want to pledge. Chelsea tells Stephanie she’s not doing it. Carmen tells them they all have to wear the pins day and night and they cant drink, smoke, or engage in questionable behavior while wearing them. Chelsea has a question. Does Alpha Chi Theta have accomplishments besides perfect hair and makeup? Morgan tells her they volunteer to help the homeless. Chelsea thinks that’s cool. Stephanie hisses, “Still feeling superior?” Morgan decides to give everyone a few more minutes to decide if they want to join or not.

Colleen says if they don’t stop kissing, they’ll never leave. Her dad bursts onto the scene, cursing Santo. Colleen stops him. This is her future husband. He tells her Santo is lying to her. He glares at Santo, “Tell her about your wife!” Santo stares. Her dad turns to Colleen, “She’s as alive as you or me!” Shawn pipes up. Stefano told him his mother was still alive and in Italy. Colleen cant believe it. She turns to Santo. “Is this true?” Santo says nothing. She sobs and runs into her father’s arms. Her dad hugs her and glares at Santo.

Abe tells Steve the medical examiner and forensics are on their way. They’ll give Benjy the farewell he deserves after the autopsy. Steve doesn’t understand why they need to do one. It’s clearly murder. Abe is hoping they’ll get lucky and get something on Andre in the process. Steve tells Abe Stefano swore not to hurt Benjy. He believed him. Abe asks, “What kind of man would kill his own son?” Steve vows this is one murder Stefano won’t get away with.

Chelsea asks Stephanie if she heard what Morgan said about choices. She ponders, “Well, I'm saying that...people make choices every day that affect their lives, for better or worse. What if me not pledging turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life? Stephanie asks her if she’s going to do it. Chelsea can’t believe it, but she is.

Shawn says he can still see the pain in her eyes. He put it there. Hope days Santo hurt her. Marlena agrees, “He lied, and then he killed her.” Julie agrees; she thinks sometimes love can turn to hate. Shawn says he never saw the end coming.

Colleen rages. “You said you loved me!.” He says he does love her and he can explain. She glares. He told her his wife was dead and cried his crocodile tears. She, the sympathetic idiot that she is, believed him. Her father tells her they should go. Santo tell her sometimes there is a different truth. He knew they were meant to be together. She says if that were true he wouldn’t be married. Her dad calls him a worthless piece of cow dung. He felt he had the right to lie, and they had the right to be together, as they’re fated to be. She tells him he doesn’t have the right to sin and humiliate his wife. He felt it was his duty to fulfill their destiny. He promises they will be together. She sobs and leaves with her family.

Morgan tells everyone that wants to pledge needs to grab a pin. Chelsea changes her mind. If Stephanie wants to get in, she should do it. Chelsea will ruin her chances, anyway.

Abe tells Steve not to go after Stefano. Steve insists Benjy’s death is his fault. How can he tell Kayla? Abe says she won’t blame him and he shouldn’t blame himself. Steve says he has been running around for months messing with the DiMeras. This is payback. Abe asks him if he’s going to retaliate. Steve says damned straight he is. Abe shakes his head, “That’s where you’re wrong my friend.”

Santo kneels at the cliffs and stares. Colleen prepares to take her final vows. Hope sighs, “So she did become a nun.” Marlena asks about Santo. Shawn says he made sure she never took her final vows.

Stephanie thinks that’s crazy. Chelsea tells Stephanie she is a natural at this. She just feels out of place. Morgan announces this is everyone’s last chance. Stephanie says they are in this together or not at all. Chelsea caves and they go get their pins. They leave. Morgan shuts the door after the last pledges and turns to the sisters, “Ok ladies, let’s look at this year’s haul.”

Colleen gets her habit put on by another nun. She walks down the aisle of the nave towards Father Mallory at the alter. Shawn and her father smile. She kneels at the alter and crosses herself. Santo and Stefano stand outside the church. They hold hands and walk inside. Colleen sees them. As they leave, she rips her habit off and takes off the other way, out of the back of the church.

The sisters look at slides with pictures of the pledges. They come to Chelsea. One of them complains she didn’t smile and wasn’t much fun. Cordy just think she is rejecting them first because she is afraid of being rejected herself. She thinks Chelsea could be one of their most loyal members. Morgan likes that she is obnoxious. They won’t be bored with her and Chelsea around. The next slide is of Stephanie. Someone comments that she is a suck-up. Cordy says she used to be a racecar driver. They like that. She can make all the beer runs. Morgan says ‘yes’ to Stephanie. She wants to borrow her shoes, anyway.

Stephanie tells Chelsea to put on her pin. Chelsea has again changed her mind. She’s not doing it. Stephanie thinks she is just afraid she won’t get a chance to do it. She is so scared of rejection. That’s why she drops people at the first sign of trouble. She did it with Bo and Hope and then with Nick. Chelsea tells her she is so off. Stephanie tells her to pledge with her, if she really doesn’t care. Stephanie softens. She is scared too, after, all. Chelsea says no one ever rejects her. She whispers that Jeremy did. Chelsea flashes back to talking to Jeremy at Nick’s and him telling he Stephanie is better off without him. Chelsea says she is glad they are going to pledge together.

Abe warns him against “Johnson-style” justice. Benjy wouldn’t want it. Steve says Benjy wanted to live. Stefano is going to walk for this and Abe knows it. He always does. Abe asks him about Kayla and Pocket and Stephanie. Steve says they are used to getting along without him. Abe says they don’t want to. Doesn’t he know what they went through the last time? Steve doesn’t need any more guilt. He has enough as it is. This is about Benjy. He’s all that maters. Steve told him he was safe, so he dropped his guard. And that’s when they got him. Abe is serious. Steve knows he is. He starts to leave. He tells Abe he’s going to have to shoot him if he wants to stop him.


EJ tells Bo and Abe, “I think I many have the fast track to finding Roman.”

Lucas asks Sami, “You marrying EJ to end this vendetta or is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry EJ?”

Stefano suggests to Kate, “What if were to arrange Sami divorcing Lucas and marrying my son Elvis?” Kate scoffs.

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