Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/27/07


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At the hospital, Bo tells Steve to go home and take care of himself. Steve asks if he thinks Stefano will end the vendetta if they meet the terms. Bo says it won’t come to that. He needs to find his dad to ask him how the whole thing started. Lucas walks in and asks if they have seen Sami. She was supposed to meet him there, but never showed.

In the warehouse district, Sami and EJ talk to the police. EJ vouches for Sami. She really did not mean to shoot her husband; Andre bumped her arm. The cop knows that. She says that they are all looking for Roman, even the retired officers. She leaves. EJ asks how they end the vendetta. Sami tells him the conditions are in the folio. Bo got it back from Andre. EJ thinks she must be thrilled. She isn’t. She shows EJ the folio. He pulls out two wedding bands.

At the pub, Hope holds up the last two letters. One is from Colleen and one is from Santo. Marlena cant imagine what must have happened. They were supposed to be married. John just hopes these letter will help them find Roman.

At Stefano’s gravesite, Shawn, Sr. wanders. He says to himself, “Damn you, I wish I’d never met you, Stefano DiMera.” Stefano walks over. He assures him the feeling is mutual. Shawn says they have nothing to say to each other. Stefano rolls his eyes; God forbid Shawn should have to face anything unpleasant. Shawn asks where Roman is. Stefano swears he has no idea. Shawn wishes Stefano were really buried down there. Stefano says he will be one day. Shawn tells him to leave. Stefano sighs. He has tried to ruin his family, but the one in shambles is his own. Its very possible they could help each other.

Hope reads aloud from Santo’s letter. He wants to go back to that rocky cliff and present that money from happening. He’ll never forget the look on her face when she ran away from him. He has tried to see her, but Father Mallory has been protecting her well. At the church in Galway, Mallory tells Santo he will never hurt Colleen again. Santo insists he sabotaged their love by telling her she’ll suffer eternal damnation. Hope reads that Santo has to make her see the truth. Marlena wonders what happened. Hope says whatever it was cost Colleen her life.

Lucas wonders what Bo and Steve aren’t telling him. He flips, “Is Sami with EJ? She is, isn’t she?!” Bo has to tell him something about the folio, and it does concern Sami and Elvis.

EJ asks about the bands. Apparently, Santo had them made for him and Colleen. The folio also contains a marriage license made out for Santo and Colleen. EJ doesn’t understand. Sami instructs him to read the accompanying note.

Bo tells Lucas the folio contained wedding bands and a marriage license. There was also a handwritten note that said when Santo’s soul and Colleen’s soul was united as one-

EJ finishes, “Then peace will be granted to the Brady family. EJ doesn’t get it. All of this happened fifty years ago. How can their souls be united? Sami tells him she and EJ look like them. Stefano sees this as the end-if they get married, he thinks his father’s soul will be at peace.

Lucas says Sami is his family. She’s not going to divorce him and marry EJ.

Sami tells EJ it’s the only way. She’ll marry EJ and divorce Lucas. She loves her family and wont let them suffer. EJ reminds her she laughed in Stefano’s face when he mentioned this to her a few months back. She tells him things were different then. Andre has her dad now. If she can prevent her family from suffering anymore, she’ll do it. But this doesn’t change anything. She will never love him.

Hope reads that Santo had no help from anyone in town, The news had spread like wildfire and everyone was angry with him. The only person that could talk to Colleen for him was the person that drove them apart. Marlena wonders who it could be.

Shawn refuses to help Stefano. Stefano admits he went a little overboard avenging his father’s death. But now, it’s just them here. They both know the truth. Just a few words changed both of their lives forever.

Lucas says there’s no chance. He backtracks and asks Bo if Sami is actually considering it. Bo says she’ll do anything to save her father’s life. Lucas takes off to find her. Steve asks if Sami would really do it. Bo thinks she’s determined to get Roman back. Bo gets a call from a cop who tells him his father is at the cemetery with Stefano. Bo asks Steve to wait there. Abe is bringing over some evidence from Andre’s hideout. He has to go to the cemetery.

Stefano asks Shawn if he remembers the night at the inn. Shan flashes back to Stefano telling him his mother is still alive. Stefano says he didn’t realize he was supposed to lie. If only he could go back and change things. Doesn’t Shawn realize how different everything would be now. They would have been raised as brothers.

On the cliffs, Santo calls for Colleen. He sees Shawn and asks him where she is. Shawn doesn’t answer. He tells Shawn he thinks they could all be a family. He asks if he would like to see the Eiffel Tower or the New York skyscrapers. Shawn shakes his head. Santo wants to see the cowboys and Indians. Shawn agrees with that idea. Santo says they can all go together, but he has to get his sister to agree to see Santo one last time. Julie wonders what Shawn could have said to scare Colleen off.

Sami says the marriage is strictly business. He understands. She thinks he loves this. He needs to stop pretending he doesn’t. She really wants him to think this through. If he marries her, he’ll marry a woman who will never want him, and who will always be thinking of another man. EJ grimaces. As long as it ends the vendetta, he’s all for it. Sami tells him she’s ready for them to go talk to Stefano and tell him their decision. Lucas interrupts, “What decision is that?” Sami asks what he is doing there with his leg hurt. Lucas knows all about the terms to end the vendetta. Bo told him, and he really hopes her decision is to tell them to shove it. She begs, “Please try to understand.” EJ and her are just going to talk to Stefano to try to work something out. Lucas tells her to let him know what happens. She asks him not to be angry. He narrows his eyes, “I’m beyond angry.” He says he’ll see her later and stalks off.

Santo tells Shawn he can have his gold watch if he talks to Colleen for him. He can give it to his father as a gift. Shawn doesn’t want it. He yells at Santo to leave his sister alone and takes off. Santo screams in frustration. Hope tells them that’s where the letter ends. It’s too bad Shawn won’t talk and tell them what happened.

Stefano rages. His father was never the same after this happened. He was bitter and angry. When Colleen died, he may as well have died, too. He no longer had warm words for Stefano, and he saw his parents live everyday in a sham of a marriage they both regretted. And it is all Shawn’s fault. Shawn screams, “You murdered my sister!”

Abe tells Steve the police have been watching Stefano, so he’s been neutralized. They did find a chauffeur’s uniform at Andre’s hideout. Abe and Steve puzzle it out. Steve has it. Andre was driving the hearse that day. Abe stops him, “Only the coffin wasn’t empty…” They look at each other and race for the door.

Hope begins Colleen’s letter. Her life is utterly destroyed. She gave up her life in the church and sold her soul to the devil. Santo betrayed her. She thanks God for Shawn and may he be blessed for telling her the truth.

Stefano tells Shawn he stuck a knife in his heart. Shawn insists he told the truth. Stefano argues. Santo never would have hurt Colleen. Shawn just had to open his rotten mouth and kill her. Bo runs in and grabs Stefano, who’s just about throttling Shawn. Bo threatens to put Stefano in the grave himself. Shawn tells Bo to let him go. This is all just ancient history. Stefano reminds Shawn he came here to make peace. Bo hauls Shawn off. Stefano calls after him. He wanted to end it, but it’s impossible.

Colleen prepares to take her final vows. She’s ready to do it. She tells Father Mallory this was her first and true calling. It’s where she belongs. He asks if she still loves Mr. DiMera. She says she knows she still has some feelings that are wrong, but she hopes to wipe them from her heart soon. Hope finishes the letter. Colleen hopes God will forgive her for ever listening to Santo. If he ever cared about her, he will stay away.

Sami and EJ climb into Stefano’s limo. Stefano was rally worried when Andre kidnapped EJ. Sami cuts to the chase. They know the terms for ending the vendetta. She has to marry EJ, right? She asks if Stefano hoped to end it by marrying Marlena. He hoped their marriage might give his father peace, but he knew EJ was the right one as he watched him grow up. EJ and Sami look just like Santo and Colleen. Those rings were meant for them. It is their destiny. Stefano thinks Sami will come to love EJ in time. Sami says this is only about ending the vendetta. And all of this starts with returning her father, and that is non-negotiable. Do they have a deal?

Steve and Abe frantically dig up Stefano’s coffin. Abe yells that he’s not giving up.

Stefano asks if Sami is sure about this. She understands what she has to do. She will marry EJ after her father is returned safe and sound. And if Stefano wants the marriage to last, no DiMera can hurt a Brady ever again. Stefano tells her to get the divorce papers ready. EJ tells her she is doing the right thing as she leaves the car. Stefano congratulates him. He has ended the feud and secured a life with the woman he loves, all in one fell swoop. EJ stares off into space sadly.

Outside the pub, Lucas flashes back to his wedding day. He whispers, ”There’s no way you can do this to us, Sami. I won’t let you.”

Hope frets about Bo. He has been gone for a while. Marlena wants to know what happened between Santo and Colleen. Shawn walks in. He thinks it’s time they did know. It’s time he told them the truth about the night he killed his sister.

Abe and Steve dig the coffin up and open the lid. A body lies under a sheet. They can’t believe they were too late. Abe reaches a shaking hand out and uncovers the face. It’s Benjy! His face is white, and he’s clearly dead. Steve yells and sobs.


Colleen tells her father, “He’s the man I’m to marry!” Her father yells, “He’s lying to you, lass.” She whispers, “What?” He glares at Santo, “Tell her about your wife!”

Shawn, Sr. tells Bo and Hope, “I haven’t been alright since Santo lied.” Hope gasps, “OMG! She wasn’t dead!”

Abe asks, “What kind of man would kill his own son?” Steve grumbles, “This is one murder Stefano is not going to get away with.”

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