Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/26/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Nick’s apartment, Nick demands to know who the children’s father is. Chelsea cant believe a powerful Sudanese politician would entrust his kids to China Lee. Umar tells them desperate times call for desperate measures. Nick needs to hand them over, now. They’re in danger, and so are Nick and Chelsea. Nick claims Artemis and DeMarquette aren’t there. The man tells him he has been watching him for days. He knows the kids are there.

At the pub, Hope, Doug, Julie, John, and Marlena gather to read the last batch of Santo and Colleen’s letters. Julie starts. As she reads, the camera pans to the church in Galway. Colleen says has been praying about Santo’s proposal. Santo enters the church and greets Father Mallory. They are both looking for Colleen. She sent the priest a message and said she needed to speak with him. He leaves. Santo prays. A hand falls on his shoulder. It’s Colleen. He asks where she has been. She tells him she has been in the cloisters. She says she cant keep living in both worlds. She knows what life she must choose.

In the warehouse district, Andre tells Sami she has the chance to save two lives. One is her father’s, and the other is her choice- either EJ or Lucas. He tells her it’s easy. She just needs to aim the gun and shoot. Sami whispers, “Lucas?” Andre throws the tarp back. Lucas lies there, gagged. Andre thinks this is a grand idea. Now each man can plead for his life. He takes the tape off of Lucas’ mouth. Lucas begs Sami to get out of there. She can’t help them. Sami tells Andre he doesn’t have to hurt them. He knows he isn’t going to. Sami is going to be the one hurting someone tonight. She refuses. She’s not killing anyone. Lucas agrees. Besides, her dad could be dead. Sami yells at him. Her dad isn’t dead. Andre backs her up. Roman is still alive, but his time is running out. And so is Sami’s.

In his coffin, Roman moans and sweats. He gasps for air.

Nick tells Umar the kids are with a babysitter in the building. He wants to know where they are. He promises he’ll protect them from now on. Nick refuses to tell him anything. He thinks Nick is making a mistake, but he agrees to leave. As he turns to go, he calls out, “Artemis! DeMarquette!” The boys come out. Nick glares at him, “I said, LEAVE!”

Colleen beams. Her answer to Santo is ‘yes.’ She will marry him. He picks her up and kisses her. He loves her so much. Julie can’t believe Colleen left the church. John said she sure had guts. Marlena talks about how hard her decision must have been. Hope wonders what happened to Colleen. She knows Shawn, Sr. didn’t kill her, but he is definitely ashamed of something.

Lucas insists Sami can’t help them or her dad. She needs to leave. Andre tells her Lucas is wrong again. If she leaves, he’ll save Roman for last, and make sure he knows his daughter wasn’t brave enough to save him. Sami cries. Lucas yells at Andre to leave her alone. She tells Andre to let Lucas and EJ go and take her hostage instead. She and her twins are much more valuable to her family than either Lucas or EJ.

Umar asks the boys if they remember him. They stare. Nick says the only person that can take these kids away from him is the court system. He’ll let them go if a more suitable home is found, but not until then. The man tries another tactic. He knows Nick has spent a lot of money on them. If Nick gives them back, they will reward him handsomely. Nick refuses. The man claps, “Boys! We’re leaving!” Nick nukes. He yells they aren’t going anywhere and punches Umar in the face. Umar punches him back. Nick goes down. Chelsea cries out for Nick. Umar staggers over to the boys and tries to grab them. Jeremy flies out of the back bedroom and slams the man into the table. Nick and Chelsea gape.

Lucas wants to talk to his wife alone. Andre begrudgingly agrees. Sami tells him she knows what he is doing. Lucas proved that he would love her unconditionally after the fiasco on their wedding day. He begs her to go home without him and raise their kids. She says she can’t leave. Andre pulls the tape off of EJ’s mouth. He wants him to get Sami to shut up. EJ asks Andre to let her go. Andre insists she is a free woman. Lucas begs her to go. She say no, but she refuses to kill anyone. Andre tells her the faster she decides who will be eliminated, the faster she can be reunited with Roman.

Roman punches weakly at the lid of the coffin. He moans and gasps for air. He chokes.

Marlena reads the next letter. Santo is very happy. He know what a big sacrifice Colleen made to be with him. At the church, Colleen prays. Shawn and her father enter. Her father asks where her habit is. Is she alright? Father Mallory comes in. Colleen asked them all here to tell them something. Santo enters the back of he church. Her father wants to know why the Italian is there. Colleen walks to the back and pulls Santo into the entrance area. She hasn’t told them yet. Why is he here? He wanted to give her a token of their love. He pulls out a diamond ring.

Andre hands Sami a gun. She whirls around and holds it on him. He tells her she has one shot. She better make it a good one. He knows where her father is, remember? Lucas tells her to shoot him. She can’t risk it. Andre tells her to choose her victim. Will it be the ever-loyal Lucas, or EJ, the virus that infects her soul? EJ tells her Lucas has children. He’s alone. No one depends on him. She doesn’t need to think, she just needs to shoot him. Andre holds another gun to Sami’s head. EJ tells her to think of everything he put her through. Then she’ll be able to do it. She points the gun and squeezes the trigger. The gun goes off and she gasps. She apologizes to Lucas. He screams. She shot him in the leg. She kneels down next to him. She has to stop the bleeding. Andre remarks that there is another bullet. She ought to finish him off. Sami rages. She hits Andre with a stick. He goes down. She kicks him a few times and calls him an SOB. Andre lies on the ground in a heap, unconscious. Lucas tells her to get Andre’s knife and cut them loose. She goes to free Lucas. He thought she was going to shoot EJ. She tells him Andre bumped her arm. She cuts EJ loose. Lucas begs for help. EJ goes off to find a cell phone signal so he can call the ambulance. Sami apologizes to Lucas. She fashions a tourniquet for his leg. She was really going to shoot EJ, but she knew she couldn’t shoot to kill. She needs him- maybe even more than she needs Lucas.

Hope reads Colleen’s next letter. She crows about how beautiful the ring is. But she warns Santo that love comes form the heart, and not what a woman wears on her finger. At the church, Colleen tells Santo a simple band would have been fine. He just wants to love her and give her the best things possible. She tells him they will be married soon, but he has to go now. Her father comes up and asks why Santo is there. Santo tells him he was just leaving and exits.

Jeremy puts Umar in a chokehold. He pulls a gun out and holds it to Umar’s temple. Nick’s landlord starts banging ion the door. Nick yells that everything is fine. Jeremy demands to know who sent him there. The man is silent. Jeremy counts to three. He wants the truth. Nick tells Jeremy to put the gun down. He is already facing charges; does he want to add murder to the list? Nick begs. The kids are in the other room. Jeremy hands it over. The landlord starts banging again. Nick answers. He tries to tell him everything is under control, but the landlord takes one look at Nick’s bloody mouth and heads off to call the cops. Umar elbows Jeremy in the gut and takes off down the hallway. Nick tells the boys everything is fine. He wants to take them into their room to finish their comic books. DeMarquette runs over to Jeremy and hugs him, then takes off after Nick. Chelsea asks Jeremy if he is some kind of avenger. Jeremy growls. He doesn’t like people who mess with kids. Chelsea asks if he would have shot Umar.

Sami tells Lucas she said she needed EJ, but she doesn’t love him. She needs him for their family. He has to help her end the vendetta. It’s imperative that both sides are a part of stopping it. Lucas asks why she needs him. EJ comes back. The police are on their way. Andre staggers to his feet and takes off. EJ shouts and goes after him.

Roman gasps and claws feebly at the lid of the coffin.

Jeremy tells Chelsea all that matters is that the guy thought he was going to shoot him. Nick comes out. He says the kids are fine, but he wants to call Dr. Evans, just to be sure. Jeremy has to leave. Chelsea swears she won’t turn him in to the cops. Jeremy ignores her and asks Nick for money. No way does he trust Chelsea not to rat him out.

Sami tells Lucas that it’s complicated. She tells him Bo found the folio, and it spells out the terms for ending the vendetta. EJ interrupts them. He lost Andre. Lucas wants to speak to Sami alone. EJ goes off to wait for the paramedics. Sami tells Lucas they’ll finish this conversation at the hospital. Lucas wants to know why EJ is still getting in the middle of their marriage. Bo knows what was in the folio, and he has a right to know, too.

Hope guesses that the priest talked Colleen out of marrying Santo, and Santo killed her. They all speculate about what could have happened, then decide to read the letters to find out. Colleen tells her father she left her habit in the cell. She won’t be wearing it again. She was seven when she took vows to become a nun. Father Mallory always told her there was nobility in the life of lay people, too. Her true vocation is being a wife and a mother. She does not belong in a convent. Young Shawn looks on in horror.

Chelsea swears she won’t give Jeremy up. He can leave now and then come back later after the cops leave. He agrees. He asks Nick if he gave Stephanie the letter he wrote. Nick forgot. He tells him to throw it out. She can’t know he was here, He tells them he’ll see them later and takes off. Chelsea asks Nick, “That was Jeremy, right?” Nick grumbles. He could have taken that guy by himself, but Jeremy was good to have around for backup. Chelsea smiles. He showed those kids how far he would go to protect them. She thinks he is all they’ll ever need. She kisses him on the cheek. He tries to kiss her back, but she ducks. He grins, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

As the paramedics wheel Lucas away, Sami tells him she will be at the hospital as soon as she can. She promises not to do anything stupid now that she knows he’s safe. She promises to tell Lucas everything later. Lucas is loaded into the ambulance and it leaves. Sami tells EJ they have to go see Stefano now. It’s time to end this insanity. The terms are in the folio, and its all up to them. It has been since the day they were born.

Colleens father says this is the work of the devil. She says she may have lost her devotion to the order but not her love for the church. Her father tells her she is disgracing the family. Father Mallory thinks she needs a retreat. She tells him she’s been in the cloisters for the last few days. Hope reads aloud from her letter. They vowed to protect her virtue, but nothing they said could change her heart. She told her father she was her own woman, and he had no right to try to rule her life. So she ended the tirade the only way she knew how. The camera pans back in on the church. She still loves her dad and Shawn. Shawn begs her not to go. She promises she will never stop loving him. Her father calls her a liar. Father Mallory begs her not to rush into anything. She says she knows she belongs with the man she loves. She pulls her ring out. She wants to donate the ring to the church to use for the poor. She promises she will never forget the lessons she learned here at the church. She leaves. Marlena thinks the Bradys were the only ones with the motive to stop the wedding. Hope gets upset. Does Marlena think they started this? Marlena tells her it doesn’t matter. They have to end this for Roman’s sake and the whole family’s sake, as well.

Roman gasps and claws at the lid of the coffin. He sobs and wheezes. Suddenly, dirt scrapes across the lid. It opens. Roman gasps as someone shines a bright light in his face.


Lucas asks Bo and Steve, “You haven’t seen Sami, have you? She said she was going to meet me here and never showed up.”

EJ asks Sami, “That’s the folio?” Sami replies, “My uncle Bo got it back from Andre.” EJ beams, “Well, that’s fantastic! You should be thrilled.” Sami frowns, “Not exactly.”

Stefano tells Shawn, Sr., “It’s just you and me here and we both know the truth. That because of just a few words- that’s all- changed our families forever.”

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