Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/25/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/25/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Steve lies in a bed, hooked up to machines. Stephanie enters. She just had to make sure he was alright, so she left Pocket with Caroline. She was really worried about him. He asks if she has heard from Jeremy. She groans, “No, he’s probably halfway to Sea--” Steve gapes, “-TLE? Seattle?” She begs him not to tell the cops. He assures her they’re on a “need to know” basis with him. They don’t need to know this. She thanks him and reminisces. Jeremy told her to forget about him. Steve asks her if she can.

At Nick’s apartment, Jeremy sits on the floor with Artemis and DeMarquette and does card tricks. The kids tell him there’s no such thing as magic. He pulls a quarter out from Artemis’ ear. The kids are amazed. Nick tells them it’s time for bed. They run off. Jeremy can’t believe what a stickler for the rules Nick is. He grins, “If you were my dad-” Nick finishes, “You would have turned out better.” Nick lectures Jeremy, who munches on a bag of chips. There’s no eating in the living room. If he doesn’t like the rules he can leave. Actually, he needs to leave, anyway. Nick has these kids to think of. Jeremy begs for one more night. Just as Nick agrees, Chelsea knock at the door, demanding to be let in.

At the pub, Sami leaves Lucas a message. She wants him to tell her he’s ok and that Andre was just bluffing. She tells him about her meeting with Andre and to call her back. Bo comes in and breaks the bad news. Andre does have EJ and Lucas. He’s holding them hostage. Sami flashes back to Andre’s terms. She has to pick one of them to die. She asks if Bo knows where they are. He says no. She heads out the door. She’s going to look. Bo stops her. She isn’t going anywhere but home to take care of her babies.

Steve tells Stephanie Jeremy is a no-good punk. She almost died because of him. She says he has just made some mistakes. Steve is tired of her making excuses for him. Stephanie reminds him he messed up, too. He tells her this conversation was about Jeremy, not him. He asks her if she still loves him. Max walks up outside the door just in time to hear Steve’s question and her answer: “I guess I am.”

Nick finally opens the door for Chelsea. She asks what took so long, He explains he was helping the boys brush their teeth. She wants to be invited in. He says it isn’t a good time. She really wants to hang out. She even bought the boys comic books. He appreciates it. He starts to shut the door in her face, but she stops him. Why is he acting so weird? She pushes her way inside. She asks if he is still mad that she broke up with him.

Bo tells Sami it’s too dangerous for her to be playing detective. He already has every man on this case. She tells him she is trying to look out for her twins by searching. Their father is a hostage and their grandfather is missing. He offers her a ride. They can look together. She turns him down. Maybe she’ll go to church and light a candle. He thinks she’ll change her mind when she sees what he has. He pulls the folio out. She asks if he read it. He says he has, and she won’t like what’s inside.

Chelsea apologizes. She was harsh on him and said some things she regrets. She thinks he must hate her. He says he could never hate her. She really didn’t want things to be weird, she was just in a bad mood that day and imploded after the whole China Lee thing. Now she sees how he is with the kids, and she thinks what he did was really brave. She wants a do-over. Nick lights up. Has she changed her mind about them being together? She thinks she is sending him mixed signals. He tells her he loves her. She wishes he could love her in the same way she loves him. Boyfriends come and go, anyway. He says he would rather be a boyfriend that came and went. He sulks. Chelsea wants to help him put the boys to bed, and then order a pizza and talk. Nick says it isn’t a good time. She asks what he’s hiding,. He swears he isn’t hiding anyone. Chelsea freaks. “You have a girl here!” He insists he doesn’t. She asks if she should invite the girl to join them or will he do it?

Sami sighs and throws the folio down. This just proves that she is the only one that can end the vendetta. Bo tells her no. She cries; she has to help. This will affect all of them and their children, and their children’s children for the rest of their lives. Bo tells her to sit down and calm herself. He goes off to get her some ginger ale. Her phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and has a conniption, “Lucas?!” It’s Andre. He wonders why she doesn’t care enough about Lucas to be punctual. She swears she is on her way. Andre promises to tell Lucas that before he kills him. She screams and begs. She’ll be there soon. He tells her he’s disposing of both of his hostages; that will teach her to be late. She yells that she is coming and takes off. Bo comes out with the ginger ale, “Sami? Sami?”

Max flashes back to the cave and Stephanie telling him she can’t stop thinking about their kiss in the hot tub. He walks in and greets Steve and Stephanie. He asks if a real knife was involved with this stabbing. Steve tells him yes, but fortunately, Andre has bad aim. Kayla comes in and freaks about Pocket. Stephanie tells her Caroline has him. She wanted to get her mind off of Roman, anyway. Max grumbles. They need to take the DiMeras down. Stephanie pipes up. One of them is helping. EJ is putting fliers up around town. Steve tells them he isn’t anymore, since Andre took both him and Lucas hostage. Bo filled him in. Kayla wonders when this all will end. Stefano comes in. He wants them to end it together. Kayla says he has a lot of nerve showing up there. Steve tells Max to take Stephanie home. Before Max leaves, he asks where his brother is. Stefano says he has no idea. Max reminds him of the biblical verse, “An eye for an eye.” Stefano prefers “Turn the other cheek.” Max leaves. Steve asks what Stefano wants. He says he wants what they want, a peaceful resolution to the feud.

Bo calls the police department. He wants all the men out looking for Roman to keep an eye out for Sami as well. Doug and Julie come into the pub. He tells them Sami is missing, and Lucas and Elvis are being held hostage. He is afraid Sami may end up facing Andre alone. Doug thinks she could get hurt, but Bo says it won’t happen. The DiMeras have something planned for Sami’s future. They won’t hurt her.

Nick reminds Chelsea he has two kids there. She needs to give him some credit. She smiles wickedly. Then he won’t mind if she looks around. He actually does mind. She is the only female in the apartment. He promises. Artemis and DeMarquette run out of their room, clamoring for “Uncle” Jeremy and his magic tricks. Chelsea asks, “Jeremy?” He comes out of hiding. He admits he’s busted. Chelsea cant believe Nick is harboring a fugitive. The kids argue about the definition of “harbor” and then ask sweetly, “Uncle Jeremy, did you do something bad?”

Sami enters the warehouse district and calls out for Andre, Lucas, and EJ. Andre comes up to her. He says it is nice of her to join him, late as she is. She tells him she couldn’t get rid of Bo, but she kept her mouth shut. She didn’t say anything to anyone, and no one followed her there. She asks where Lucas, EJ, and her dad are. He tells her he will let her know, but all in good time.

At Stefano’s gravesite, the camera pans down to Roman’s coffin. He mumbles, “Bo? Bo? Where are you?” He passes out.

Sami swears she will do anything. She just needs to know where they are. Andre considers. He never got what Elvis saw in her. She may think he is reformed, but she has no idea how nasty Elvis can be. Sami gives up on Andre. She rushes around the immediate area, screaming for Lucas and EJ. Andre is perplexed about her concern for Elvis. He shot her step-father and made some unreasonable demands of her. Does she have feelings for him, or what?

Steve thinks this must be a joke. Kayla says if Stefano wants peace, he better start talking. Where are Lucas and Roman? Stefano had nothing to do with this. It was Andre. He took EJ too, remember? There’s no telling what he’ll do to him. He needs heir help to get his son back alive. Steve tells him he can go to hell.

The kids ask Jeremy if he’s going to jail. Nick has a surprise for them. He tells them to go to bed, and they can have what Chelsea brought for them- some new comics. The kids take them and head off. Jeremy thanks her sarcastically for outing him in front of the boys. She huffs. She just told the truth. Jeremy grumbles. What did he ever to do her? Chelsea lays into him. He treats her best friend like dirt, he sunk Max’s garage, and she doesn’t even want to get started on what happened to Jett. Jeremy meekly asks how he is. Chelsea bowls over him. To top it all off, he now has Nick involved in his mess. She wheels on Nick. “He’s taking advantage of you! Why are you helping him?” Jeremy shakes his head. He doesn’t know how Nick did it. He couldn’t put up with that for one day. He’s leaving. There’s a knock at the door. Jeremy groans and hides. A man with scars on his face introduces himself as Umar Abboud. He’s here about the boys. Nick tells him they haven’t been there for a really long time. Umar asks about China Lee. Nick tells him it’s a bad time. Umar knows they are there, so Mr. Fallon and Ms. Brady better start talking. He knows all about Nick’s curiosity about their background. The man asks if he has heard about their father and his enemies. Nick doesn’t care about that. The man wants to come in and talk. Chelsea asks how they know he isn’t there to hurt the boys. The man says they don’t know. Maybe he can convince them to trust him.

Back at Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Stephanie feels sorry for Grandma Caroline. She can’t believe there are no leads in Roman’s disappearance. She wonders if the feud will ever end. She came back here because of it, to be with her dad, but it would have been better off if she had stayed. They fought all summer long. Max says it doesn’t mater since she loves Jeremy. She asks him who said anything about love. He admits he overheard her talking to Steve at the hospital. She thinks they need to talk. She asks why he puts up with her. He understands why she’s not over Jeremy. She is afraid he thinks she led him on. He doesn’t feel that way. He just enjoyed being with her. Stephanie sighs. She thought she as over Jeremy, but she was wrong. He wanted to crash here, but her mom found out. Max can’t believe he came to her house. She flashes back to fighting with her mother, and Kayla telling her and Jeremy to get out. She tells Max Kayla said Jeremy had to turn himself in. Max guesses he ran. Stephanie nods. She should hate him. She always thought she would end up with a guy like her dad, anyway. Max really admires her parents a lot. She says sometimes Max reminds her of Steve. Max tells he not to say that, because he was getting ready to kiss her.

Stefano tells them that if EJ dies, any chance at ending the feud will die with him. Steve tells Stefano Bo found the folio. He said the terms were impossible to meet. Kayla asks what they are. Stefano thinks Bo should have the honor of revealing the terms. He suggests they have a family meeting. If the terms are met, he personally promises to permanently diffuse Andre.

Bo tells Doug and Julie he has to go. He is going to try to find Shawn, Sr. to ask him about the vendetta and how it started. Doug and Julie want to wait to read the last batch of Santo and Colleen’s letters but Bo tells them not to. Julie says she will call and gather everyone together. Bo says if he can’t find his Pop, those letters may be their only chance to find Roman.

Sami continues wandering around, calling Lucas and EJ. Andre tsks her. She says she doesn’t care, but she is calling out for EJ. Does it disturb her that EJ got away with all of his crimes? Sami says it does, of course. Andre tells her she had no choice in the matter then, but that’s all about to change.

Max and Stephanie almost kiss, but she stops him. They shouldn’t be jumping into anything. She really needs to get Jeremy totally out of her system. She knows he won’t wait for her, and he doesn’t have to. He says he could. She makes fun of him and jokingly calls him “Mr. Monogamous.” He says he is, lately. He really just wants what she wants. She asks how they will do this whole “friends without benefits” thing. He tells her it won’t be easy.

Umar tells Nick and Chelsea that China Lee was employed by a powerful Sudanese politician. It was arranged that she bring the children here for their safety. Nick asks if China put him up to this. The man frowns. Those kids are in real danger. Nick has no idea how much.

Steve asks Stefano if he would murder Andre. Stefano corrects him. He said diffuse. Steve guesses they will have to wait and talk with Bo. He asks what happens if the terms aren’t met. Stefano says haughtily, “Then I won’t be responsible for the intolerable hell your family will endure.” He leaves. Steve and Kayla grasp each others hands.

Sami wants Andre to let Lucas, EJ, and her father go. Andre wants a compromise. He leads her over to a tarp on the ground. Two bodies are clearly under it. He holds Sami back. She can look, but not touch. The compromise is the terms they already discussed. He will restore her father to her on the condition that either EJ or Lucas die. She has to make this choice. Sami blubbers.


Umar yells, “Boys! We’re leaving!” Nick pushes him away, “They’re not leaving. They’re not going anywhere!” He knocks Umar out. Chelsea cries, “Nick!”

Andre kneels by the two bodies under the tarp. He says to Sami, “Take the gun, aim, done. AH! You’ve chosen door number one!” He yanks the tarp off of the first body.

In his coffin, Roman is unconscious.

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