Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/24/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In the warehouse district, Bo talks to Abe on his cell. He tells him he left Steve bleeding at the funeral home. Andre stabbed Steve and Bo is in pursuit. Abe says he will check with the local hospitals and call Kayla. Bo tells him to hurry. He has no idea where Steve is, and they have to find him before he bleeds out.

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Stephanie makes a beeline for the door. Kayla asks where she is going. Stephanie says she is leaving. Kayla tells her she has to wait until Abe gets there. He wants to talk with her. There’s a knock at the door. Stephanie can talk to Abe now and tell her side of the story. Steve is at the door. His face is white. He groans and falls on the ground. Kayla rushes over and asks him what happened. He tells her to call Bo.

At the pub, Sami holds back tears and talks to a large group of people. They are all searching for Roman and she’s giving out some additional tips. They need to keep their eyes open and plaster the town with fliers. Lucas walk over. He really appreciates everyone’s effort. The group of people leave. Lucas wants Sami to stay and rest while he goes out. She can’t rest until they find her dad and the vendetta is over. Lucas tells her the DiMeras are in this forever. They’ll never give up. Lucas just wants his family to be safe. Sami says she can’t sit in her apartment, stress-free, while people are out looking for her father. She thinks they can end the vendetta- and so does EJ. Lucas snorts. EJ just wants her. At the most opportune moment, EJ walks in. He hopes he’s not too late to volunteer.

Outside on a bench, Max woos an attractive girl. Chelsea interrupts them and gives Max a kiss. She says hello to Elizabeth. The girl gives her a blank stare. “Karen? Shelley?” Chelsea looks hopeful. The girl calls Max a pig and leaves. Chelsea says she is just saving him. He doesn’t need another bimbo. Besides, he’s gone through too many girls. She ticks them off: Mimi. Max says she had too much baggage. Abby. Max claims she left him. Chelsea asks about Stephanie. What’s his excuse for breaking up with her?

EJ heard their call for help on the radio. EJ wants to do whatever he can. Lucas tells Sami he doesn’t care about Roman at all. He just wants to score points. Sami tells Lucas she just wants to find her dad. Lucas glares at EJ. He probably knows where Roman is. That kind of manipulation is right up his alley.

Steve lays on the couch and calls out for Bo. Kayla examines his wound and has Stephanie call 911. Kayla tries to calm Steve down. He rages and passes out. Stephanie and Kayla call him.

Bo starts to walk into a warehouse, but scampers off. Andre walks up a few moments later and enters the building. Bo peers around a stack of boxes, and smiles, “Gotcha.”

Max insists he and Stephanie are just friends. Chelsea asks how often he makes out with his friends. Chelsea thinks he definitely likes her. Max sighs. He say everyone does. Chelsea asks why he keep ignoring Stephanie. He’s just been busy. She huffs. He’s not too busy to hit on strange women. He tells her there was no risk of getting burned with that girl. Chelsea asks if he thinks Stephanie would do that. He says if Jeremy came back, she would.

Kayla sends Stephanie off for blankets. She tells Steve to stay still. He needs to talk to Bo. He pleads. Stephanie and Kayla wrap the blankets around him. Stephanie thinks its best to let him call Bo, so she hands him the phone. Steve dials.

Bo calls Abe. He tells him he tracked Andre to a warehouse. All the windows are boarded up and the doors are all locked, so Bo is looking at Andre’s only exit point. Abe tells him to stay put. He’s sending backup. Bo want to go inside and look for Roman. Abe forbids it. It could endanger Roman, not help him.

EJ says he will do whatever they need. Sami wants him to cover the city with fliers. Lucas tells him they don’t need his help. EJ makes a snarky remark. Sami breaks it up. She hands EJ the fliers and tells him to leave. He asks where he should put them. She tells Lucas to go with him and help. Lucas pouts. He doesn’t want to. Sami says she will go with him, then. Lucas begrudgingly agrees. EJ promises to do what he has to do. Sami begs them both to find her dad. EJ says they will.

Max and Chelsea hand Sami’s fliers out and talk. Chelsea tells Max that Jeremy is gone. Max thinks he could come back. Chelsea just wants Max to be honest about how he feels. He swears he just likes Stephanie as a friend. Chelsea shrugs. To her, it’s clear there’s something more going on. She tells Max to just go with it. Love is all they have anyway. He asks her how that’s going with Nick. Or is it Jett now? She says they’re not talking about her. He’s finished with this conversation. He walks away

Lucas and EJ get ready to leave. Lucas tells Sami to call if she needs anything. They kiss. EJ stares. Lucas promises to be back with her dad. They walk out of the pub as Sami stares after them.

Bo looks at his watch and groans. Steve call him. He asks if they got Andre. Bo wants to know if he’s alright and where he’s at. Steve tells him he went home. Bo tells him Andre is cornered in a warehouse. He’s waiting on backup right now. Steve thinks Roman may be inside. Bo agrees. If Andre makes a move, he won’t sit back and watch this time. Steve promises to meet him there in ten minutes. Bo tells him to wait, but he nags up. Bo curses, “Dammit.”

Steve mutters. He told Bo he’d show up. Kayla tells him e isn’t gong anywhere. Abe shows up. He tells Steve backup is on the way to help Bo. Andre isn’t going to get away this time. Kayla leaves Stephanie and Abe with Steve and goes down to look for the ambulance. Abe wants to talk about Jeremy. He asks her if she harbored a fugitive. She doesn’t answer. He tells her Jeremy needs to turn himself in before it gets any worse. Stephanie says they will talk later. Her dad is kind of bleeding to death right now. Abe gets a call. He has to go, but he’ll talk to Stephanie later.

Max comes back over to Chelsea. He can’t believe she’s still here. She really wants to finish their conversation. She swears she’ll let him off the hook if he tells the truth. She asks if he likes Stephanie. She smiles, “Because she really, really likes you.”

Bo gets tired of waiting. He starts to head out from his hiding place when Lucas and EJ show. Lucas goes to put a flier on the door of the warehouse. Bo tries to stop him, but Andre pops out and grabs him. Bo pulls his gun. Andre gets Lucas in a chokehold and holds the gun to his head. Andre says it’s a pleasure to see family, but he didn’t know EJ and Lucas were friends. Have they been sharing Sami? Bo tells him to let Lucas go. Andre refuses. Bo is going to put his gun down, NOW.

Sami calls a local hospital and asks about her dad or a John Doe fitting his description. They tell her they haven’t seen him and she sobs. Shawn, Sr. walks in. She asks him where he’s going. He tells her he’s going out to look for Roman. She tells him he can help him a lot, and not by wandering around, either. She wants him to tell them how Colleen died. He doesn’t get to keep this secret anymore. She begs him not to sacrifice his son over something that happened fifty years ago. She believes he will do the right thing. Shawn stares.

Steve comes out of unconsciousness and asks Stephanie to hear the truth. She tells him now isn’t the right time. He looks up at her, “Did I hear Abe right? Harboring a fugitive?” She doesn’t need another lecture. He doesn’t want to lecture her. He just wants her trust him and Kayla. He passes out again. Kayla bursts in with the paramedics. They say Steve has a strong pulse. Kayla hugs Stephanie. Steve is going to be fine. She just knows it.

Bo tells Andre smugly that the cops are on their way. Andre says he’s in control for right now. They’re not here yet. He tells Bo to drop the gun. Lucas begs him not to. EJ says he better just drop it before Andre hurts someone. Andre tells Bo he can tell them where Roman is, if someone were to ask him nicely. He doesn’t have much time. He counts to three. Bo drops the gun and kicks it over to Andre at his request. He tells Bo Lucas can breathe a little longer now, thanks to him.

Max asks Chelsea if Stephanie told her she liked him. Chelsea thought he didn’t care. She tells him he’s charming and gorgeous and that’s why girls fall for him. Stephanie would most likely forget about Jeremy if Max gave her a shot. Max tells her she should write a blog and give people advice. She could call it “Meddling in Other People’s Business.” She laughs and leaves. He flashes back to kissing Stephanie in the cave. He sighs and walks off.

Sami knows Shawn is scared, but they all are. This can’t go on. She tells him he is the key. He father’s life is at stake, and he can tell them what they need to know. How did Colleen die? Was she murdered? He says he is ashamed. It wasn’t fear holding his tongue all these years, but shame. She says he has nothing to be ashamed of. Look at all the horrible things she did, and everyone forgave her. They love Shawn, and nothing can change that. They all know what a good man he is. He has to tell them the truth to save Roman.

The paramedics tell Kayla Steve is stable. They wheel him off to the hospital. Kayla is following. She tells Stephanie to go get Pocket and his diaper bag. Stephanie wants to stay with the baby, Or does Kayla not trust her?

Bo tells Andre to give it up as a helicopter hovers overhead. He demands Andre tell him where Roman is. Andre say push has finally come to shove. He shoves Lucas away on the last word. He says he’s getting away, and there’s nothing like a hostage or two to ascertain the police will let him through. Lucas tells him he’s crazy. They won’t let him get away with this. Andre barks at him, “You don’t have a choice!” Bo does, though. He can choose to live or die. You see, Andre has a grenade. Roman is tied up and gagged inside the building. Bo can save Roman, but he only has a few seconds He throws the grenade inside the building and takes off with Lucas and EJ. Bo yells “NO!” and runs towards the door in slow motion. Just as he opens the door, the grenade explodes. Bo flies.

Kayla says she does trust Stephanie. Is she sure she’s ready? Stephanie said the worst he could do is mess his diaper or spit up on her. It’s not a big deal. Kayla asks her if she’s saying she forgives her. Stephanie says she hasn’t forgiven her for narcing on Jeremy, but sometimes family comes first. Kayla smiles. She has always thought Stephanie was an amazing beautiful soul. She is really a gift. Nothing that happens could change how she feels. She tells her to call if she has any problems, and she promises to be in touch with updates. She leaves. Stephanie checks on a quiet Pocket, and figures he’ll sleep all night. She really needs to study, but she pulls out her phone instead and calls Jeremy. “Are you still on the road? Are you going to Seattle? I know you’re getting my messages, so stop ignoring me and call.”

Abe shows up to the flaming warehouse and calls out for Bo. Bo stumbles out of the inferno. He tells Abe Andre took EJ and Lucas hostage. He told him Roman was inside, and threw a grenade, but Bo never saw Roman. He did find the folio, though. He holds it out in triumph. It could help them end the vendetta and find Roman.

Shawn pours a drink while Sami sobs and rages. He can’t change what happened. She begs him to tell his secret. He leaves as she begs and cries some more. Andre walks in. He’s sorry to show up like this, but it’s urgent. Sami whirls around, “Tony?” No answer. “Andre?” He smiles. She ask him where her dad is. He says his two hostages have quite taken his mind off of Roman. She has to choose between them. She asks him who he is talking about. He dances around the question. “Who will live and who will die?’ He tells her she knows them both intimately. She cries, “Lucas?” He says, yes, one of them is Lucas. The other is Elvis. They’re both fine for now, but she has to pick one to die. That is the bargain. She sobs, “One?” He snaps at her. She shouldn’t be greedy. He hands her a slip of paper and tells her to come to that address at nine that night. She’ll come alone and tell Andre her decision then. He laughs. Will it be her husband or the man she claims to hate? He tells her if she brings the cops, she’ll never see her father again. He leaves. She runs after him, yelling at him to wait, but doubles over in pain. She whispers, “I can’t, I can’t.”


Chelsea tells Nick, “It’s a little early on in the semester to be having a steamy affair with one of your students, Nick.”

Steve tells Stephanie, “We’re talking about Jeremy.” She sighs, “Dad…” He stops her, “You still love him?”

Max asks Stefano, “Where’s my brother?” Stefano replies, “I have no idea.” Stephanie looks on.

Sami asks Bo, “Well, did you read it? Do you have an answer for how we can end the ven --” He cuts her off, “Yes, I read it. You’re not going to like what’s in this.”

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