Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/21/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/21/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Jett’s hospital room, Nick comes in to find Jett dressed and ready to go. He asks him how he feels. Chelsea filled him in on what happened in Vegas. Jett says she remembers more than he does. He asks why Nick is there. He owes Jett an apology. Nick wants to take a stab at being friends. He holds out his hand, “I’m Nick Fallon, nice to meet you.”

At the pub, Billie talks about how many books Chelsea has. She just knows she’ll make the Dean’s list. Chelsea says she and Stephanie are rushing sororities, too. College is good, so far. Billie has really missed Chelsea. Chelsea says she is sorry for not calling more often. Billie just wants to know they’re ok. Chelsea says they are. She needs help, too, for a friend. Jett Carver needs a job.

At Kayla and Steve’s apartment, Stephanie and Kayla argue about Jeremy. She wants her mom to give him a chance. She wants to help him. Kayla just thinks she is feeling guilt over what happened with Max. Kayla tells her this is about right vs. wrong. Stephanie begs her mom to let Jeremy go.

At the funeral home, Steve flashes back to seeing Rolf chalk the symbols on the door of the building. Bo walks up and asks him about the graffiti. Steve tells him Rolf drew it and left. Steve asks for news. Bo tells him they haven’t heard from either Roman or Andre. Bo starts to threaten Andre, but Steve stops him. He tells Bo he thinks the symbols could be a message. It could lead them to Andre and maybe Roman.

Nick tells Jett that Chelsea is his friend and that is her business. He’ shouldn’t have reacted the way he did. Jett agrees to start over. Nick asks him when he’ll be reassigned. Jett tells him he got fired. He let Rawlings and his boss get away. Nick can sympathize. He got fired, too. Jett tells him he might have another job lined up. Nick asks where he’s going. Jett tells him Chelsea is trying to get him a job with her mom. He may be staying here. Nick does a poor job of hiding his disappointment.

Chelsea asks if Billie is mad she only calls when she needs something. Billie asks why she should hire Jett. Chelsea tells her he is smart and brave and former ISA. He got fired, though. Billie knows all about it. Chelsea assures her Jett did everything he could. Billie still needs details. She wants to help, and she is glad Chelsea came to her, but she’s not sure. How important is this to Chelsea? Chelsea asks her if she means how important Jett Carver is to her.

Stephanie brings up her parents’ past. Kayla says that was different. Steve was innocent. Stephanie says Kayla is acting like Jeremy is a hit man. Kayla scoffs, “He’s certainly working his way up the list.” Stephanie just wants to be there for him. Kayla tells her she can visit him in jail. Stephanie sobs. Rawlings used him. Kayla switches tactics and brings Max up again. Stephanie doesn’t want to talk about that. Kayla just doesn’t understand why Jeremy is even an option for her. Stephanie says they get each other. They’re in love. Kayla tells her when you love a man, a “one nighter” with another man isn’t even an option. She pleads with Stephanie. “Before you tell me how much he means to you, take off your blinders and make some smart choices.”

Bo thinks it’s a pretty crude symbol. He wonders if Andre will really show up. They decide to go inside and wait for him. As they walk inside the darkened funeral home, a bright light shines in their faces. They both duck, and Bo draws his gun.

Nick marvels. He can’t believe Jett is going from the feds to busting keg parties. Jett smiles. It isn’t ideal, but at least it’s still law enforcement. If he cant get a job with Billie, he’ll beg some other police department to take him. Nick asks about the Salem P.D. Jett tells him Abe wants him to prove himself. Nick tells him Chelsea is pretty stubborn, so she’ll probably talk her mom into it. She always get what she wants. Jett eyes him suspiciously. “Is that why you’re here? To find out what Chelsea wants?”

Chelsea tells her mom she just wants to help Jett. Billie heard Jett was lucky Chelsea was around in Vegas. Chelsea whines. Jett might have to leave Salem if he doesn’t get a job. She really doesn’t want that. She asks her mom if she will help Jett. Billie doesn’t answer. Chelsea sulks. Grandma Kate would help her. Billie agrees. And then she would remind Chelsea of it everyday to boot. She tells Chelsea she won’t do that, though. She tells Chelsea to let Jett know he needs to come by her office. She’ll try to find something for him.

Jeremy comes in. He’s leaving. Stephanie cries. He can’t. She reminds him what a rotten fugitive he is. She asks him if he has money. They can’t send him off with nothing. She offers to go to the ATM. The prince says he will wait for the money. Kayla stops her. She turns on Jeremy, “Do one decent thing and leave her out of this mess. Don’t ruin her life.”

Steve and Bo hide inside the funeral home and laugh about the police officer. He sure was surprised to see Bo at the door. Thy hope they didn’t scare Andre off. Just then, they see him out of a window. Bo exclaims, “He’s wearing Williams’ uniform!” Bo thinks Andre sees the marks on the door.

Nick laughs. He can never tell what Chelsea is thinking. Jett asks him if he minds Chelsea helping him. Nick asks why he should. They’re still pretty close, after all. Jett asks how close they are. A nurse interrupts to tell Jett his discharge papers are ready. He asks for five minutes. Nick asks if he’s staying with Abe. Jett says he is for now. Nick tells Jett the university hired him to teach, so he moved into his own place. He still has those kids, too. Jett says it’s unbelievable. He asks what Nick’s options are. He’s not sure yet. Jett thinks the kids are lucky to have ended up with Nick. Nick says he’ll see him on campus sometime, but he has to go. Jett reminds him the job isn’t a sure thing. Nick tells him to never bet against Chelsea as he walks out.

Stephanie sobs. It’s her life and her decision. Kayla says it’s her and Steve’s lives, too, and anyone else that has to clean up after her mess. Jeremy presses her to just hand the card over to him with the PIN. Kayla begs him not to steal Stephanie’s money. He shrugs. She offered. Stephanie tells him she has about a thousand dollars. Kayla pulls out the big guns, “Are you going to steal her money and walk away, or are you going to be a man that stands up and faces the consequences of his actions?”

Bo would love to put a bullet in Andre’s brain, but he has to find Roman. Steve thinks Andre would let them know if Roman was dead. He likes the attention. Outside, Andre wipes the markings off of the door. He enters the funeral home. Bo and Steve peek out of another room.

Chelsea tells her mom Jett is a really good guy. Billie still needs to see his file and personnel reports. If he gets the job, she’ll need him to oversee all the security officers at the university while she runs the technical end of things. It won’t hurt that he is Abe Carver’s nephew, though. Chelsea hugs her. She’ll never forget this. Billie ask what’s up with her and Jett. Chelsea says that are just friends, and that’s all there is to tell. Nick walks in the pub with Artemis and DeMarquette.

Stephanie tells Kayla Jeremy has nothing to prove. She tells him to take her card and go. Jeremy tells her her mom is right. He does have an agenda. He needs her money, and for her to keep her mouth shut. In that order. She says he’s lying. He loves her. He tells her he loves having a good time, and that’s all over now. Her dad had him pegged from the very beginning. He gives Kayla the card back. It’s too easy to trace, anyway. He asks Kayla to give him a head start. Stephanie freaks. She pleads with Kayla not to call the cops.

Andre finds a note. It tells him to protect himself, but to protect the folio at all costs. Steve stumbles out of the back room. He and Andre exchange “Hellos.”

Billie asks Nick about the kids, who are quietly playing chess. He brags about their accomplishments. Billie thinks he sounds like a proud father. He asks Chelsea if she wants to hang out with them later. She says maybe, but it might be too late. She leaves. Nick asks Billie if she can talk with him about Chelsea for a minute. He ask Billie if she’s going to hire Jett. He’s kind of over-qualified. She says she might. Nick asks her if she found anything out about the kids. She says she found nothing. They didn’t exist before China Lee had them. There are no records, so they must not have been born here. Nick tells Billie the story China Lee told him about the kids’ powerful dad and his untimely death. Billie doesn’t know what to say. Nick says this wasn’t supposed to last forever. What are his options here? Billie shakes her head. There’s always social services, but without any documents or a last name, there’s nothing he can do to find out who they are. She has to go. She wishes him luck and leaves. He walks over to the boys, who hug him.

Stephanie says she will withdraw the money herself. Kayla won’t call the police. Kayla says she will. She could lose Pocket over all of this. Jeremy sighs. He really doesn’t have time for the family drama. Kayla nukes. She tells Stephanie to take her attitude and fugitive boyfriend and get out of her house. Stephanie promises to pack when she gets back from the ATM. Kayla cries. She guesses it doesn’t matter who loves or cares about Stephanie ,because she only cares about herself. She’s not going to cal the cops, but Jeremy is. If he agrees to turn himself in, Kayla and Steve will help him as much as they can.

Steve tells Andre it’s just them there. He asks if Roman gave up the fight. Andre doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Steve tells him everyone knows he killed Roman. They just want a body so they can give him a proper burial. Steve just saw Stefano, too. He’s really worried about Andre. Steve told Stefano he’d give Andre a heads up about the police. Andre asks why he would do that. Steve tells him to ask Stefano. Andre loses his patience. “I’m asking you!”

Jeremy asks why she would help him. She tells him Stephanie was right. Her dad had second and third chances, but he earned them. He asks about Stephanie. Kayla says she needs to stay away until he clears up his legal problems. Kayla gives her word she will help. He says thanks, but no thanks. If it’s jail vs. the road, the road wins.

Andre tells Steve he betrayed them. Steve asks him if Stefano died or if Andre got caught? He practically hand-delivered Roman to Andre. Andre considers. He asks if the cops are outside. Steve tells him to check. Andre wonders how he knew he would come here. Steve says he guessed and it paid off. He told Stefano to leave Benjy alone and he would help Andre. If he lets Steve walk out of there, he’ll call it even. Andre can even pat him down. He’s not carrying, but he bets Andre is. He moves in closer. Andre tells him if he comes any closer, he’ll find out exactly what. Steve tells him to finish him off if he’s going to, because the last thing Andre needs is another enemy. Bo trains a gun on Andre.

Kayla calls Jeremy a coward. He tells her he’s a free coward. He kisses Stephanie and walks out. Stephanie runs after him. He tells her to get back inside. She begs him to tell her where he is going. He says he has friends in Seattle. How will she know he’s ok? He says she won’t and leaves. She goes inside and rails on Kayla. She had everything under control and Kayla chased him away. Kayla says Jeremy was just using her to get money. Stephanie tells Kayla to go ahead and turn Jeremy in. She knows he wants too. Kayla eyes her coolly, “I already did.”

The nurse starts to wheel Jett out, but Chelsea interrupts. She ask for five minutes. The nurse leaves. Jett can’t believe she’s back already. She tells him the job is his. He asks if he has to interview. Chelsea says Billie just needs to talk to him. She knows everything about Vegas, and she was ok with Chelsea asking. She gives Jett Billie’s number. He says he thinks he likes Chelsea’s mom already.

Nick and the boys leave the pub. Jeremy rushes up. He needs Nick to help him get out of town. Can he crash one night at his place? Nick refuses. He warns Jeremy to get off the street before the cops see him. Jeremy asks the kids to race him to Nick’s car. He runs off and Nick chases after him.

Steve tells Andre he has been living like a rat under a manhole cover. So he’s helping out in exchange for Benjy’s safety. He and Andre used to be family, too. He walked through hell for the family. He tries to make Andre promise not to hurt Benjy. Besides, with EJ and Tony AWOL, Andre needs a brother. Andre smiles and moves in closer, “Here, brother!” He stabs Steve. He runs out. Bo runs over and asks Steve how bad it is. Steve says it’s nothing. He hands Bo the note from Rolf to Andre. Steve tells Bo to go after Andre. They have to find Roman. He’ll be fine. Bo rushes out. Steve gasps and bleeds from his stomach.


Max tells Chelsea, “There was no risk of getting burned.” Chelsea asks, “And you think there is with Stephanie?” Max replies, “Not on purpose, but if Jeremy came back, yeah.”

Sami tells Lucas, “Lucas, I just want it for my dad.” Lucas lays into EJ, “Probably know where he is, don’t you? What, are you waiting for the right moment to step in so you can be the hero? Is that it?”

Abe and Bo chat on their phones. Abe asks, “How was it?” Bo replies, “Pretty bad. And I have no idea where he is. We got to find him before he bleeds out.”

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