Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/20/07


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In Jett’s hospital room, he tells Abe her heard the news about Stefano. Too bad it isn’t true. Abe tells Jett Stefano is still in custody, but he won’t be for long. Roman is still missing, too. Jett wants to help as soon as he gets well and put on active duty. Abe says he wouldn’t count on it. Jett asks him if he knows something he doesn’t. Abe does, and it won’t make Jett’s day.

Outside Jett’s room, Chelsea and Stephanie chat. they’ve both seen Shawn. It’s good that he won’t be in pain, but his back looks awful. Chelsea hates hospitals. So does Stephanie. They’re full of sick people. Think of all the diseases you can catch. A candy striper walks by. Stephanie thinks Chelsea should get one of those uniforms and model it for Jett. Then he’ll feel better. Chelsea doesn’t want to make the thing in Vegas a big deal. Stephanie needs to keep her mouth shut. Besides, there’s more to the story than just her saving his life. He told her he loved her in the ambulance.

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Jeremy wanders around in the living room. A key fumbles in the lock and he rushes into Stephanie’s room. Kayla comes in with Pocket. She sees Jeremy’s soda on the table. She knocks on Stephanie’s bedroom door, “Stephanie, are you there? I thought you had morning classes?” Jeremy hides behind the door and sweats.

At the funeral home, Stefano rants and raves. His lawyer, Mr. Griffin, listens. He tells him they fitted the casket with a life support system. He woke up in the middle of his own funeral. Rolf asks him to calm down. He mustn’t excite himself. The lawyer tells Stefano that kidnapping is a federal offense. Stefano smiles. He’s going to squeeze Abe and Bo until they bleed. Steve walks in and tells him not to forget Roman. Stefano vows to get him, too. Steve asks how he can press charges when he’s on ice? He tells Steve to go amuse himself somewhere else. He’s not in the mood. He tells his lawyer that this is the man that pretended to kill him. Rolf tells Steve to leave. Steve wants to know why Roman disappeared the same night he went after Andre. Stefano explains Steve was a former mental patient. Mr. Griffin raises his eyebrows. Either way, Stefano can sue the Salem P.D. for millions. He leaves. Stefano asks Rolf to leave. He needs to talk to Steve about the hit ordered by Salem’s “so-called” finest.

Kayla calls Stephanie again and opens the door partway. She doesn’t see anyone, and shuts it. She tells Pocket they’ll deal with his messy sister later and she goes to put him down for a nap. As soon as her door shuts, Jeremy races for the front door. Kayla stops him, “O no, you don’t.” She guesses he’ll add breaking and entering to his list of crimes. He says he didn’t break in. She finds it hard to believe anyone let him in. He smirks. Stephanie did.

Stephanie can't believe Chelsea isn’t excited about this. Chelsea reminds her Jett got shot. He was probably delirious or something. She thinks Stephanie is making too big a deal out of it. Stephanie huffs. She’s just not scared to say it loud like Chelsea is. Chelsea reminds her she loves Nick. She knows they play ping pong, but she really feels safe with him. Stephanie says they’ve only hooked up once, though. Chelsea needs to go ask Jett what he said and what he meant that night.

Abe tells Jett he’s been discharged. Jett can’t believe it. He’s fired? Abe tells him he was training to be in the field, and he messed up. He let Rawlings slide through his fingers and he endangered civilian lives. Jett is going to appeal the decision. Abe tells him there’s no point. Jett was thinking Abe could put in a good word for him. Abe can’t do that. But Jett is young and smart. He can find something else. Jett has always wanted to do this. He just made some bad choices. Abe says that’s just it. You cant make bad decisions on your first case. Jett compromised everything for a girl. And then someone tipped Rawlings off. Jett swears Chelsea didn’t do it. Abe reminds him he also let Jeremy walk. Jett sulks. He did what he thought was best. Abe says his best put lives at risk. That’s the bottom line. Jett can move in with him and Lexie and look for a job. Jett suggests the Salem P.D. Abe says no way. He has to prove he can do the job. He’s not going to get a ride because he’s a relative.

Chelsea really can’t ask Jett that and put him on the spot. She just going to sit with him for a while and see what he says. Stephanie shakes her head. It will never work. You have to drag the “L” word out of most guys. Chelsea snaps, “Maybe the loser guys you hang out with.”

Kayla picks her jaw up off the floor, “Stephanie let you in?” Jeremy says he even has an extra key. He shows it to her. Kayla shakes her head, “Incredible.” Jeremy insists it was her idea. Kayla says her moving in so suddenly all makes sense now. Jeremy tries to placate her. Stephanie was totally against this. He was a user and a jerk. He shouldn’t have come here; it was a big mistake. Kayla turns on him. He got Stephanie to commit a crime, aiding and abetting a fugitive. Jeremy tells her not to worry. He’s leaving. Kayla tells him he’s not going anywhere without a police escort.

Stefano asks why Steve is there. Steve said he was worried about him. He picked up the props himself. Stefano heard the blood and knife were impressive. Stefano could arrange a visit to Roman in the same manner. Steve wheels around. Stefano shakes his head. He doesn’t know where Roman is or how he is. Steve doesn’t care anyway. That guy has arrested him more times than he can count. He does an imitation of Roman and crows, “You’re going down, pard!” Stefano cackles with delight. He stops abruptly. It’s too bad he’s tired of pitying Steve. It’s time for Judas to take his final curtain call.

Stephanie apologizes. She knows she’s not an expert on guys either. Chelsea wonders where Jeremy is. Stephanie does too. She changes the subject and suggests they get these flowers into Jett right away. Abe welcomes them. Someone needs to put a smile on Jett’s face. Chelsea asks to talk to Abe outside. She hisses to Stephanie, “Not a word.” Outside, Chelsea apologizes to Abe for ruining the case. Abe says she can’t take credit for that, but she can take credit for saving Jett’s life. Her dad is really proud of her, and so is Abe.

Jet asks Stephanie how she is doing. She says she’s ok for a girl who just found out her boss was an undercover agent for the ISA. He apologizes. She thought he was just friends with Jeremy. Jett says he was, but Jeremy really blew it when he took off like that. He asks her if she has talked to him. She tells Jett he dumped her back in Vegas. Jett says he put her and Max in danger, and he shouldn’t have done that. He’s really sorry. She’s sorry she wasn’t smarter about Jeremy. Jett shakes his head. Jeremy taking off like that was a jackass move. As soon as he gets out of the hospital, he’s tracking him down. And she can tell him that if she talks to him.

Steve tells Stefano the cops threatened to throw him in the nuthouse if he didn’t play along. He knew Andre would never fall for it. Besides, he went out and bought a fake knife. Imagine what would have happened if Bo Brady at gotten a few whacks at him? Stefan gets up in his face and screams. He can squash his family like a bug. Steve has made a huge mistake, and he’s going to regret it.

Jeremy tells Kayla if she turns him in, she’ll have to deal with the consequences, and that includes what happens to Stephanie. If he just cuts him loose, she’ll never see him again. He swears he’s going to turn himself in. She doesn’t believe him. He tries another tactic. Stephanie means the world to him. He just needs a couple of days. Then the time will be right. Kayla freaks The time was right before Jett got shot and Stephanie and Max had to fight for their lives out in the desert. He just needs a small break. He pleads. Kayla says he treated Stephanie like garbage. He doesn’t get a free pass. She swears she won’t back down. She picks up the phone. Jeremy puts his hand on her arm, “You don’t want to do that, Mrs. J.”

Rolf begs Stefano to calm down. The officer guarding him warns Stefano not to make any threats. Steve apologizes to the cop and walks him out. He asks him to call Bo. He knows what’s going on. He goes back in and tells Stefano one hand washes another. Stefano wants to know why he should make a deal with him. He tells him info on Andre is selling for major coin right now. But he guesses Stefan isn’t interested. Stefano stops him.

Chelsea and Stephanie cant believe Jett got fired. He thinks Abe is right. This is all his fault. Chelsea thinks the whole thing stinks. Stephanie asks Jett if he remembers anything from that night. Chelsea says Jett needs his rest, not pesky questions. He says he is really bored. He doesn’t need any more rest. He remembers talking to Chelsea in the casino, and then the next thing he remembers is being transported to Salem after surgery.

Kayla tells Jeremy to get his hands off her. She glares, “Don’t you touch me ever again.” He asks he if she wants Stephanie to get in trouble. She says she has to face the consequences of her actions just like the rest of them. Jeremy takes his phone out behind his back and dials. Stephanie’s phone rings. She answers to hear Jeremy begging her mom not to turn him in. She freaks, “OMG!” Chelsea and Jett ask her who it is. She says no one. Jett thinks it was Jeremy. She says he needs to get Jeremy off the brain. It was just her mom. Pocket is having an emergency and she has to go home. She tells Jett to feel better and Chelsea to call her later. She leaves. Jett is glad she is gone. Now they can talk about what happened the night he got shot.

Kayla reminds Jeremy he is a Horton. She wonders what happened to him. He tells her the doors that name opened had no use for him. His parents were all about helping everyone in the world, but no one ever asked him how his day was. Kayla thinks he wants to go home, but just doesn’t know how. It’s time for him to grow up and figure out what kind of guy he wants to be. Will he make his great-grandpa Tom spin in his grave, or will he make him proud? It’s his choice.

Stefano asks him if he has news of Andre. He tells him the cops know where Andre’s hideout is. They don’t want to swoop down on him yet, because they need to guarantee they can get the folio. Stefano says he knows Steve told the cop to talk to Bo. Steve says that Bo knows he’s here, but he’s going to help Stefano too. He needs a favor. He doesn’t want him to hurt Benjy. Stefano reminds him he is his son. Steve scoffs. Stefano never even asked him how he was. If he agrees t o leave Benjy alone, he’ll promise that Andre stays two steps ahead of the cops. Stefano says it’s a pleasure to meet the real Steve. Steve says he is just a family man. Benjy is like son to him. Stay away form Benjy, and from the rest of his family, for that matter. He tells him about Pocket. If Stefano guarantees Steve’s family stays safe, he’ll make sure the cops don’t get Andre. Stefano agrees. He asks where Andre is. Steve says the cops know where his hideout is, and they plan on nabbing him when he goes back there. All Stefano has to do is warn Andre without the cops finding out. He starts to leave, but turns, “Oh, yeah, and that lawsuit? You’d best drop all of that.”

Steve found Jeremy’s ID, so they knew Stephanie had seen him. They just had no idea he was right under their noses. She asks how he ended up like this. Stephanie bursts in and starts to tell her mom to listen, but Kayla interrupts her. “You’ve got some serious explaining to do.”

Jett tells Chelsea the undercover cops say she’s responsible for saving his life. Maybe she can fill in the rest of the blanks later. She says she really doesn’t want to relive that night ever again. She asks him what is next. He wants to join the Salem P.D, but he has to prove himself first. Abe is right. He can’t just ride his coattails. Maybe he can start over in some other town. Chelsea has the perfect job for him right here in Salem. Her mom is the head of security at Salem University. She has an opening there, surely. Jett gets sarcastic. He always wanted to be a security guard. She tells him it won’t be that bad. He flirts with her. He tells her she has something on her face, and after she rubs around for a while, he admits it was her beautiful smile. He grins. He guesses if he takes this job they can spend more time together.

Jeremy and Kayla lay into Stephanie. Jeremy whines that her mom is going to turn him in. Kayla cant believe she wants to be with a guy that would sell her out. Stephanie begs them to stop. She reminds Jeremy he came back for a reason, to turn himself in. Kayla reminds her he’s a waned fugitive. She turns on her, “He’s also the guy I love.”

Rolf asks Stefano if he thinks Steve is telling the truth. Stefano says no, but they have to warn Andre just in case. Rolf asks the officer to take Stefano to his car. He left something inside the funeral home. When they leave, he chalks two lines and an arrow on the door. Steve sees him.


Nick tells Jett, “I thought we could take a stab at being friends.” Jett scoffs.

Billie asks Chelsea, “So, are you ok?” Chelsea replies, “I kind of need some help, though.”

Kayla stares at Stephanie and Jeremy, “You love him?!”

Steve tells Bo, “I think it’s a message to Andre and I think it might lead us to him.”

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