Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/19/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/19/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Chelsea asks China Lee if she’s kidding. Nick adds that this was supposed to be temporary. He’s not the kids’ father. China calls the boys over and asks them if they like Nick. They throw their arms around gleefully. They really like Daddy. China smiles. How can Nick say no to those faces?

At the pub, Billie tells Phillip there’s something He has to see before he goes to San Antonio. She waves a paper in in his face and tells him it could change everything.

In Shawn’s hospital room, Belle can’t believe Shawn wants her to go to san Antonio. Besides, Phillip didn’t invite her. Shawn assures her Phillip won’t say no if she asks to go with him. She asks, “What if I don’t want to go?”

At the hospital, Steve paces. Lexie walks in and tells him Pocket is fine. The doctor is running one last test. Kayla comes up in a panic. Steve tells her the whole story. The doctor comes in with the baby. She says they found two small ulcers, which indicate chemical poisoning. They’re waiting on the screen, but for now, she wants Kayla to go home and look around. Kayla insists she has taken every precaution. There’s nothing the baby could have gotten into. The doctor just wants her to check and make sure. She goes off to write Pocket a prescription. Kayla fumes at the doctor thinking she poisoned the bay on accident. Lexie tells her Steve’s theory about the DiMeras. Steve shakes his head He’s been thinking it over. There’s no way the DiMeras got to the baby. He jus thought of something, though. This is all his fault.

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Stephanie says she’s busy studying. Max groans. It’s her first day of class. He just needs five minutes. Jeremy goes and hides. She opens the door. She’ll meet up with Max tomorrow after school. She has to go. Max stops her. “It’s Jeremy, isn’t it?”

Nick says the boys need their mom. China insists they need a father figure. Nick asks Chelsea to take the boys off to try Caroline’s cookies. China tells Nick he’s good with the boys. He huffs. She cant guilt him into taking care of them. He would love to help her, but he really cant handle the day to day stuff. They need their mother. China laughs, “Wise up Nicky. I’m no more their mother than you are.”

Billie has Lauren’s credit cards tracked. She asks Phillip to look at what Lauren is spending money on. She’s spending it on clothes, shoes, manicures, and spa treatments. Phillip doesn’t get it. Billie wants him to see what she isn’t spending money on. She’s not spending money on the baby at all. There’s no way she has a kid with her. Phillip asks her if she’s saying Lauren lied. Was there never a baby at all?

Belle says she is through helping Phillip. She really means it. When they were in that freezer, she knew it was hard for him to apologize. He was thinking of her feelings, but she needs to think about his too, sometimes. So she told Phillip he had to stop depending on her. She should have told him that a long time ago. Shawn sighs. If Phillip goes to Texas and something bad happens, she’s going to feel guilty.

Lexie and Pocket go off to fill his prescription. Steve tells Kayla he cleaned up something earlier with the spray cleaner. He forgot to wash his hands and he handled the baby. Kayla says that small amount wouldn’t hurt the baby at all. He thinks she just needs to face the fact that every time he has the baby, something goes wrong. She says this has nothing to do with him. He is a great father.

Max asks Stephanie if she is mad because he threatened to call the cops on Jeremy. She says she would too. Max wonders if the thought of him coming back scares her. She says it does. “Is that because of what he might do to you, or is it because you still have feelings for him?” He says she can tell him. He won’t mind; after all, they didn’t make any commitments in the cave. Behind Stephanie’s door, Jeremy’s eyes bug out of his skull. Stephanie insists that Max go. He thinks she is acting weird. “You saw him! Jeremy was here!”

Nick can't believe she’s serious. She is, they aren’t her kids. Chelsea walks over. She overheard and says it looks like China is the liar Nick always thought she was. The girls bicker. Nick breaks it up. He wants to know how she ended up with the kids. She grins, “Cold, hard, cash.” Nick freaks, “Did you kidnap them?”

Phillip says there has to be a kid. A DNA test was run. Billie thinks Lauren gave the kid up a long time ago. Phillip throws his hands up. “Great. Now we’re back at square one.” Billie thinks Phillip just needs to expand his search.

Shawn is afraid that Belle will resent him if something happens to Phillip. Belle says this is her decision, not Shawn’s. He knows how important this is to her. She would do anything for her friends. Besides, him and Claire need father/daughter time. Shawn adds that they really owe Phillip for helping find Claire. She needs to go.

Kayla reminds him how much he has been doing for the baby lately. He’s been doing a great job. She trusts him. Why cant he trust himself? Steve says that doctor would have called CPS if she hadn’t showed up. They got lucky this time, but what about the next time something happens? Kayla tries to assure him nothing is going to happen. He couldn’t be a bad father if he tried. Sometimes, babies just get sick. He has got to give himself a break. He says he’ll try.

Max wants to know if Stephanie saw Jeremy. She says she doesn’t need his help. Nothing is wrong. She says good bye and pushes him out. He leaves. She flashes back to the cave and their chat about their relationship. Jeremy comes out of her bedroom. He asks what that was all about. Are she and Brady already hooking up?

Nick freaks some more. He could be the accessory to a crime. China reassures him. The kids weren’t kidnapped .She just brought them to the United States. Chelsea asks her what country the country the kids are from. She and China bicker some more. She says she was supposed to meet up with someone that was going to care for them in Vegas, but the person never showed. She didn’t know what to do. Kids cost money and they cramped her style. She had her eye on several guys that night, but she picked Nick. He is aghast. “Am I supposed to be flattered?” She thinks he is the best thing that could have happened to the boys. She gets up to leave. Chelsea stops her.

Stephanie says Max is just super protective. Was she serious about calling the cops? She says she just said that to get Max to leave. He wants to know if she talked to Steve or Bo or the other cops after she was rescued. She doesn’t say anything. He groans. He thought she was in his corner. She nukes. He ran off and left her, so she thought they were over. He wanted her to come, but she wouldn’t. He sulks. He’s leaving and going far away, even though he only has ten bucks. She asks about his parents. He pouts. She doesn’t care anyway. Steve and Kayla approach the apartment, and their voices get louder. Jeremy sweats. Stephanie shoos him in to her room just as her parents come in. She asks if they are still on for dinner. They tell her they need to postpone and explain what happened with Pocket. They’ll do it next week. Jeremy peeks out. Stephanie asks about ordering in. They decline. They’re really tired. She tells them she really came for another reason. She wants to move in immediately.

Chelsea takes out her phone and starts dialing. China isn’t going anywhere. Her dad is the head of the police here. China asks Nick if she’s serious. Nick says she is .Her uncle is also the police commissioner. China stops Chelsea. What does she want? Chelsea says if China gives them the boys’ parents names, she can walk free and clear.

Billie suggest Tyler was dropped off in Indianapolis or Tulsa. Phillip says he could also be in Des Moines or a thousand cities in between. At least with Claire, he and Shawn and Belle had clues. Now he has nothing. He son could be anywhere.

Shawn suggests Belle leave after class tomorrow. Then she can be back by the weekend. She asks how he will care for Claire in the hospital. Shawn pulls the grandparent card. Besides, they love watching Claire. She just doesn’t want to leave while he’s in the hospital. He doesn’t see the point of her staying. This is his way of proving that his jealousy is gone. Belle is suspicious. Why is he trying to force this on her? Does he have some other agenda? Shawn says he just realized how much she meant to him in the freezer. He loves her and he needs to trust her. So he’s really ok with this. She thanks him and kisses him. He tells her to tell Phillip good luck. He hopes he finds his son. Belle leaves. He flashes back to his conversation with Lexie about trust and him wanting to test Belle. Shawn sighs.

Billie thinks Phillip could go to San Antonio and try to force Lauren to talk. She’s the only one who knows where Tyler is. Phillip says he already offered her money. Billie reminds him a cop was around. Maybe if she was alone, she’d take it. He needs to use the Kiriakis resources too. Phil says his hands are tied; he signed his rights away. He blubbers. What if the baby isn’t being taken care for properly? Billie says its time to roll up his sleeves and play dirty. He needs to call the cops and accuse Lauren of murdering his son.

Chelsea tells China to start talking. The kids belong to a powerful man with a lot of enemies. They were brought here for protection, but the man isn’t around anymore. Nick asks if he was arrested. China says he was killed. This has to stay on the down low. If the wrong people find out, the kids will be the next targets. If Nick cares about them, he won’t say anything. They stand to inherit a lot of power from their father. There are people who don’t want that. Nick thinks she’s lying. She says if she isn’t, the kids will die. Does he want to take that chance? He walks off and mutters. Chelsea goes to comfort him. China Lee sneaks off and they both give chase.

Kayla wants to know why she wants to move in. Stephanie says she needs a quiet place to study. Kayla say Adrienne loves having her stay there. Stephanie frowns, “I get the feeling you don’t want me around here.” Kayla says she gets the feeling Stephanie isn’t telling them something.

Phillip thanks Billie and asks her about her job at the university. She says it is pretty quiet so far. Belle shows up. He is surprised to see her there. She asks what flight he’ll be on tomorrow. She’s going to book herself a ticket.

Lexie doesn’t get it. Shawn wants to give Belle her space. Lexie is dumbfounded. “But you don’t trust her.” Shawn thinks this trip proves he does. Max comes in. Shawn says he’s sorry about the garage, about the thinks Max will be back on his feet in no time. Max sighs. The garage isn’t all he lost.

Stephanie whines. She can’t believe he parents don’t want her there. She thought they would be happy. Kayla would be happy if it were for the reason. She says she just misses them. She feels kind of left out with the new baby. It’s partly her fault, because she doesn’t come by that often. Kayla says they will remedy that right one. Of course she can move back in. She’ll go make up Stephanie’s room. Stephanie insists on doing it herself. Steve and Kayla go to their room with Pocket. Jeremy walks out. Stephanie is mad. Now she has to live here. He says he wishes he could. He has to stay on a park bench. She says she will do this one favor for him, but he has to do one for her.

Chelsea and Nick return to the pub. China Lee got away. Chelsea is going to call her dad. She thinks China was lying. Nick stops her. He doesn’t want to risk the lives of these kids. The boys come over. Nick tells them the lady he just talked to told him she wasn’t their mom. They nod. Nick she is gone for a little while longer, so they have to stay with him for a bit longer. They cheer.

Billie is glad Belle is going. Phillip really needs help. He promises to call her with news. She leaves. He asks Belle if she is sure she is up for this. She says Shawn is ok with it; in fact, it was his idea. He insisted she go. Phillip frowns in confusion. Belle says she is going home to pack. She hopes they get some answers. Phillip deserve to be happy.

Shawn promises things will get better for Max. Last year, he was in a marriage based on lies, and now he is engaged to Belle, the girl he should have been with all long. Max sighs. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right girl yet.

Stephanie says she has he parents wrapped around her little finger. Steve will help Jeremy if she asks him to. She wants him to talk to Steve, not go on the run. He needs time to consider. A week or two, tops. She says he has 48 hours. If he hasn’t talked to her Dad by then, she’s kicking him out. He asks if they’re sharing a bed. She tells him he’ll have the floor. But it does beat the park bench. They go into her bedroom. Steve comes out of his room. He sees Jeremy’s pilot ID on the floor and picks it up.


Stefano says to Steve, “Too bad there’s not enough time for an encore, but I’m tired of pitying you. So its time for Judas to go to his final curtain call. “

Kayla knocks at Stephanie’s bedroom door, “Stephanie, are you there? Stephanie, don’t you have class this morning?” Jeremy cowers behind the door.

Jett tells Chelsea, “This gives us a chance to talk.” Chelsea asks, “About?” He finishes, “About what happened the night I got shot.”

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