Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/18/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/18/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Chelsea rushes in and asks Stephanie for all the details on the kidnapping. Stephanie starts on the plane. Chelsea wants her to fast forward to all the juicy stuff in the cave. Stephanie flashes back to her conversation with Max and their kiss. She asks Chelsea why she thinks anything happened. She has a boyfriend. Chelsea laughs, “Who treats you like dirt and ran off. He’s a fugitive.” Stephanie says he came back. Chelsea says he only did that to get help from her dad. Chelsea insists he’s a criminal .Stephanie snaps, “So are you and everyone forgave you.” Chelsea pouts. She’s still not over what happened with Zach and she never will be. She huffs off. Max comes over. He needs to talk to Stephanie now.

In Shawn’s hospital room, Bo opens the blinds. He says Shawn has to stay there for a couple of days, but he won’t have any permanent scarring. Shawn lies in bed with a huge bandage on his back. Bo shows off his scar from the motorcycle wreck. Shawn still feels bad about the freezer. Bo says it’s ok. He has Shawn’s badge for the police academy. Shawn smiles. He feels like he is joining the family business. Lexie comes by to visit Shawn. Bo leaves. Lexie asks about Belle. Shawn says she is taking classes and helping out at the pub. She wasn’t happy about him being a cop at first. Lexie says Hope told her about the Tulsa thing, too. Shawn sighs. He thinks Phillip is trying to win Belle back. Lexie laughs. She just knows Shawn can’t be worried about that.

At the pub, Phillip shows up to talk to Belle, who’s working behind the bar. He asks her if he can take her and Claire out to dinner. She tells him Shawn is in the hospital. He knows. He just wants to grab a bite to eat, not go out on a date. He asks her if she feels guilty because they almost kissed.

Shawn complains. Phillip is really laying it on thick. He’s talked to Belle about it several times, but she claims she just wants to help him find his son. Lexie asks him if he believes her. He thinks she might be lying to herself. Lexie thinks that’s crazy. Shawn and Belle have been madly in love since high school. Shawn says she and Phillip have a past too; they were married. Shawn thinks he has two options. He can keep acting like a jealous fool or let the chips fall where they may.

Belle insists they did not almost kiss. Phillip tells her to stop kidding herself. He was there. She says she has nothing to feel guilty about. He is just confusing friendship with something else. He reminds her that he told her to go home to Shawn and she didn’t. Belle flashes back to telling Phillip she would always be there for him. She huffs, “You were in a bad place!” He doesn’t think she stayed out of pity. Whatever was between them is still there and always will be.

Max whines to Stephanie. The state attorney took out a lien on his garage and bank accounts. He’s done for. He just wants to get his hands on Jeremy. Stephanie doesn’t think he knew what was really going on. Max is suspicious. Why is she defending him again all of a sudden. A light bulb goes on. “He called you didn’t he? You’re back in Jeremy’s pocket, aren’t you?”

Nick asks Artemis and DeMarquette if they want to play chess again so he can talk to Chelsea. They agree. He asks Chelsea about her first day of class. She is already studying. They make small talk about Jett. He heard what happened in Vegas. He thinks everyone is finally seeing in her what he saw all along, Chelsea smiles bashfully.

Steve and Bo meet at the funeral home. Steve has Pocket in tow since Kayla is working. Bo catches him up on the news. Shawn will be fine, but Roman is still missing. Steve ask if they’re thinking the same thing-that Andre forced Roman to make that call to Bo’s phone? Bo agrees. They have to stop Andre. He’s waging a one-man war on the family. Bo says he has to find Roman, so Steve will work on Andre from his end. Bo’s phone rings. He has to go. Steve says he’s on it. He goes over to comfort a fussy Pocket. The baby is burning up. Steve rushes off to find Kayla.

Lexie says “letting the chips fall where they may” doesn’t sound like Shawn at all. Shawn sighs. He knows Phillip will never stop. Belle just thinks he’ll find his son and leave them alone. Belle knows he can afford to hire someone to help him. Lexie wonders of he will give up on her. Shawn says no, in fact, he loves her like crazy. Lexie asks, “You just don’t trust her?” Shawn shakes his head, “Maybe I don’t.”

Belle says maybe things went further than they should have. They were both emotional. He asks her why she keeps fighting it. She ignores him. She and Shawn are trying to build a life together. Phillip wants to know if it’s like the one they once had. She reminds him they’re divorced. She refuses to drive Shawn crazy by hanging out with him. Shawn just can’t deal with Phillip not being honest about his feelings. She says a part of her will always love him, but she’s with Shawn now. He sulks. Does that mean they can’t see each other? He thinks Shawn is making her feel guilty. That’s what has brought this on. He pouts. What if he refuses to back off? Belle sighs, “Then we have a bigger problem than I thought.”

Chelsea asks about Nick’s first day at school. He says he loves teaching science. Chelsea knew he would. He got the boys into a really nice private school tuition-free. He hopes China Lee lets them stay in it. She got paroled and is on her way down to the pub now. He asks Chelsea to stay for support when China Lee shows. She agrees to stay for the boys.

Stephanie says she’s not in Jeremy’s pocket. Max reminds her Jeremy knew what he was doing was illegal. She says Max did too. He agrees, but he’s paying for it right now. Stephanie smirks, “You gambled, you lost.” Max is aghast, “Who are you?” She tells him Jeremy was in town. He came to turn himself in, but her mom scared him off. Max can’t believe it. He guesses the what happened in the cave never happened, now, huh? She says she has to go; she’s late. He stops her. Whatever Jeremy tells her is a lie. She sneers, “Why, because he’s a criminal, or because he’s my boyfriend?”

Belle tells Phillip that since she is in school, raising a toddler, and working at the pub, she has to spend all of her free time with her family. She really wants to help him, but she thinks Billie can take over for her now. Phillip thinks she is afraid of what might happen between them. She says that may be. She says she has to go get Claire. Phillip tries to stop her, but she asks him to just respect her wishes. She leaves. Phillip gets a call from Billie. It’s good news. He agrees to meet her in ten minutes.

China Lee arrives at the pub. She thanks “Nicky and Shelley” for helping take care of her boys.” Chelsea corrects her and tells her Nick did all of the work. China tells them she has to leave the country. Chelsea thinks it’s a scam. She swears she’s telling the truth. Chelsea tells her to cut to the chase and tell them how much she wants now.

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Stephanie calls Adrienne to let her know she’s going to be staying the night at her parents.’ There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jeremy. He asks her if she’s alone. She is, so he lets himself in and locks the door. She asks what he’s doing there. He tells her he followed her home from the pub. He thought her dad was going to help him. She can’t believe he doesn’t care about what happened to her with Rawlings. He says he heard. He’s really sorry. He tells her he’s not cut out for a life on the run. She was right about everything. She thinks he’s just crawling back to her because he has no place else to go. He says he knows it’s time he faced the music, but he doesn’t want to do it alone. He loves her, and he needs to hear that she loves him, too.

Lexie tells Shawn that love without trust can make things difficult. She knows all about it. He asks if everything is ok with her and Abe. She says it is, but she was lucky Abe forgave her. Shawn sulks. He says Belle knows how he feels about Phillip, so he refuses to beg her to change. He is just worried he will have to be jealous and paranoid about this the rest of his life. Lexie suggests a therapist. Shawn thinks he needs to let Belle prove herself to him. Lexie thinks that is a mistake, but before she can elaborate, Belle shows up. Lexie excuses herself. She tells Shawn she talked to Phillip. He asked her to dinner, but she told him she wanted to be here with Shawn.. She has been thinking, and she hasn’t been fair to Shawn. About him not trusting her… well, she thinks he has every reason to feel that way.

At the hospital, Steve rushes in the waiting area to find Lexie. He tells her Pocket is in the ER. He couldn’t keep any food down, and now they’re running some tests on him. They shooed Steve out. He has to find Kayla and let her know.

Chelsea goes off on China Lee. She tells her her children have pretty much taken over Nick’s life. Nick stops her. He’ll handle this. He reminds China she promised to sign the annulment papers. She says she will as soon as they get some things straight. Nick frowns, “What things?”

Jermy whines. He thought he could count on Stephanie. She says she ought to just tell him to go to hell. She’s tired of him treating her like dirt. He really loves her, though. In fact, he wants to get married once he gets all of this straightened out. She wants to see how straight. She picks up the phone. She’s turning him in. He tells her to put it down. He wants this on his own terms. She wonders why he wasn’t like this a few months ago? He wonders what is going on with her, Did something happen between her and Max in that cave? She says he helped her and was nice to her. She screams, “WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST STAY AWAY?” He promises never to abandon her again. They kiss. Yeah, I know. They really do kiss, though.

Belle tells Shawn she finally saw that Phillip might really have feelings for her. She realizes he can find his son without her. She told him he was on his own. She asks if Shawn can forgive her for giving him a reason to doubt her. Phillip bursts in. Lauren is in San Antonio. He’s flying out tomorrow. Belle thinks that’s just great.

Jeremy and Stephanie kiss some more. I swear. Then she stops and asks herself what she’s doing. He needs some time ad some place to get his head together before he turns himself in. She asks him, “Some place?” He says he thought he could stay with her.

Bo meets Caroline at the pub. She paged him for news on Roman. He says they are still working on it. She wonders why they have to be cops. She just cant get used to them being attacked and threatened all the time. Shawn, Sr. interrupts. He asks who’s getting attacked. Caroline tells him Roman is still missing. Bo needs his help. Shawn says he has to work to do. Caroline grabs him. Their son is missing. If he is half the man she thinks he is, he’ll help Bo now.

Steve has tried to call Kayla, but got no answer. The doctor comes out. She asks him if the baby was fed anything abnormal. Steve says he just fed him his usual bottle. She asks if the bottle was exposed to any chemicals or poison. They found the baby had been given a highly poisonous substance. They had to pump his stomach. He’ll be fine, but they’re still waiting on the report to tell them what exactly he was poisoned with. She leaves. Steve grimaces, “Something is not right. How could this happen?”

Stephanie asks if Jeremy has lost his mind. She’s staying with Adrienne and her whole family. He forgot. He suggests she move back in with her parents. She gapes, “And hide you from them in their own apartment?” She thinks he’s nuts. A knock interrupts them. It’s Max. He wants to talk. She says she busy, but Max refuses to leave until she opens the door.

Phillip tells Belle and Shawn Billie tracked Lauren to a hotel in San Antonio. Shawn wishes him luck. He wanted to let them know he wouldn’t be able to take Claire to daycare. Shawn has it covered. Belle asks what Phillip will do. He signed away his rights. He cant just take her baby. Phil says he’ll think of something, but he has to stop her in case she is heading to Mexico. She asks if Billie is going. Phillip says she can’t. He says he’ll call. He leave. Shawn looks at Belle. He tells her to go with Phillip.

Steve is sure Kayla didn’t do this on accident. She boils everything the kid touches. He thinks this happened because Kayla was a Brady. Lexie starts to interrupt, but he stops her. She knows the DiMeras would poison an innocent baby. Lexie thinks they should wait for the report before they jump to conclusions. Steve thinks he should have killed Stefano when he had the chance.

Nick asks why the boys are so reluctant to talk about themselves. China doesn’t know; maybe they are shy. Chelsea says she should know since she is their birth mother and all. China Lee changes the subject. She can’t take the kids with her. She has to leave them here with Nick for good.

Bo badgers Shawn, Sr. He asks how the vendetta started and how Colleen died. He thinks the information will help save Roman. Shawn sweats. Bo begs, “Please, Pop. Talk to me.” Shawn stares.

At Stefano’s grave, the camera zooms in closely. The grave is filled in. The camera pans down to the coffin. Roman is inside. He wakes up. He flicks a tiny penlight on. He sees where he is and panics, “HEY! HELP! HELP!”


Steve tells Kayla, “I just thought of something. This whole thing is my fault.”

Max asks Stephanie, “You saw him, didn’t you? Jeremy was here!” Jeremy hides behind the door and sweats.

Phillip tells Billie, “When Belle, Shawn, and I were looking for Claire, we at least had some clues. My son could be anywhere.”

Belle confides to Shawn, “It’s almost like you’re forcing me to go on this trip with him. What’s with that? Do you have some other agenda?”

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