Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/17/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital room, Sami asks Lucas how Andre can just go around grabbing people. Lucas vows that they’ll catch him. Sami whimpers. What if it isn’t in time to save Shawn and Belle?

At the hospital, Bo catches Hope up to speed. Belle called him asking for help. Andre grabbed the phone from her and started making demands. He’s tried both of their cell phones and neither Shawn or Belle are answering. Hope remembers that Shawn was at the pub the last time anyone saw him. They decide to start looking there.

In the freezer, Shawn tells Belle they have to blow the door off. Belle shakes her head. There must be another way. Shawn says there isn’t. It’s either that or they die. Belle asks how he will do it. Shawn says he’ll make a Molotov cocktail. Belle freaks. He’s going to get them both killed.

At the pub, Kate tells Roman Andre is outside. He tells her to stay calm and keep the door locked. He’s planning on taking Andre down tonight. Roman doesn’t want her to move until he says it’s ok. She hangs up. Andre praises her work. He says she baited the trap perfectly.

At the funeral home, the funeral director reads from Donne’s Meditation XVII. He says that anyone who wants to say their final goodbyes should do so now. Lexie pipes up. Her brother would like to. Benjy wheels over to the casket. He pulls a gun out from under the blanket on his lap. He stands and empties the clip into Stefano’s chest.

Sami moans. What if they can’t end this vendetta in time to save Shawn and Belle? EJ walks in. He came to help. Lucas tells him to get out. Sami stops him. She thinks they should let EJ try to help. EJ agrees. He wants this vendetta over just as much as they do. Lucas nukes. Sami is obsessed with this vendetta and EJ is using it to get close to her. Why does she think reading some letters from fifty years ago will make all the DiMeras law-abiding citizens? Lucas says he ought to punch EJ. He starts to, but the guard jumps in and holds him back. Sami screams at him to stop.

Belle thinks they’ll die if they start a fire. Shawn says they can escape, however, because they will have also blown the door off. Belle still isn’t sure. Shawn says it’s either this or they freeze to death.

Roman bursts in to the pub to find Kate. She is standing on a chair with a noose around her neck and her mouth duct taped. Roman cuts the noose and catches her. He rips the tape off of her mouth. She screams at him to watch out, but it’s too late. Andre knocks Roman over the head and he falls the floor, unconscious.

In the melee, Abe shouts out for Roman. Marlena says he left. She checks Stefano. He still has a pulse. He’s even coming to. Stefano wakes up. He asks where he is. Tony tells him he was shot. Stefano seems confused and asks about Steve. Marlena tells him he wasn’t stabbed at all. Tony sees that he has on a bulletproof vest. The Salem P.D. thought of everything. Stefano asks where he is. He notices he’s in a coffin. He gets testy. “What the hell is going on?” Abe tells him he’s a dead man until he says otherwise. The lights flicker off. Anna cries, “What now?”

John tells Abe someone rigged the lights to a timer. They have to have an electrician come out. He thinks the setup was a bust. They need to count their losses and pack it in. Abe disagrees. He’s not calling this bust until they do what they set out to do- arrest Andre.

Lexie tells Marlena that she is going to take Benjy to the hospital and asks her to drive. Marlena goes to get the car and Lexie wheels him off. Stefan coughs. He tells Abe he’s going to pay. He had surgery and is supposed to be resting. Abe says he only had surgery because he stole some of Benjy’s liver. Stefano scoffs. He did no such thing. He should be at home recuperating. Abe says he can recuperate at a private facility with armed guards pretty soon. Stefano rages. They have no evidence he has ever done anything. They can’t prove any charge. Abe smiles, “Don’t worry, we’ll do you proud.”

Sami asks Lucas if he wants to go to jail. Lucas just wants to settle the score. The guard tells him he’s not doing it here and leaves. Sami asks EJ to leave so she can talk to Lucas. EJ refuses. Why should he have to leave just because Lucas acts like a child?

Belle asks Shawn if they can wait a little longer to do this. Shawn says no one knows they are there. It could be hours before they are rescued. Belle says that whatever happens, she loves him. He loves her too. He promises her this will work. It has to. He puts a rag in a bottle and lights it.

Bo and Hope enter the pub and call out for Shawn and Belle. Bo starts to search and tells Hope to call Abe for backup. Just then, a large explosion rocks the pub. Bo yells, “What the hell?”

Shawn lies on top of Belle on the floor. Belle coughs and calls Shawn’s name. She struggles and tries to get him to wake up. He does, finally, and they see the door wasn’t blown off, but something on the floor is blazing merry hell. Belle stumbles over and puts it out with the extinguisher. Bo and Hope call out for them. Belle screams, and they are able to get the door open. Belle tells them that Shawn is burned badly.

Sami tells EJ to get out. She can deal with Lucas. Lucas pouts. He wants Sami to take his side for once. Sami screams. They are stressing her out. EJ apologizes. He is just tired of Lucas’ threats. He saved his life twice and he’s had about as much as he can take. He considers Samantha a friend, and wants to see her when he can. Lucas snorts. He wants EJ to tell the truth. He loves her. EJ clears his throat. The truth is, he does love her. And he probably always will. Lucas is apoplectic in his fury.

Abe asks about the officer driving the hearse. The man stands in the shadows. Abe asks him if he knows where he is going with the casket. The man nods and Abe walks away. The driver steps out into the light. It’s Andre.

Shawn and Belle walk out to the bar are and they all wait on the ambulance. Belle brags. Shawn covered her up from the blast and saved her life. Bo goes off to call Roman. Shawn groans. He tells Hope his grandma and grandpa are going to kill him. Hope smiles. She thinks they’ll be thrilled he’s still alive. Belle gets a cloth for his back and dabs. He winces in pain. She says he is so brave. He saved her life. He grins, “Are you going to do it for me when we get married?” Belle laughs.

Shawn, Sr. sits in a chair and stares off into space. Abe asks him if he needs a ride home. He says no. Abe asks if he has something on his mind? Shawn says Stefano had a beautiful lorry, a toy truck. He asked Shawn to play with it. Abe tells him he needs to go home. Shawn ignores him. He wishes he had told Stefano ‘no.’ That truck sure was a beauty. Abe’s phone rings and he gratefully excuses himself. Bo asks if he has heard from Roman. Abe says he hasn’t. Andre hasn’t shown yet wither. Abe says they are all on their way to the cemetery. Bo fills him in on what Andre did to Shawn, Belle, and the fact that Roman and Kate are still missing. Abe hopes Roman is hot on Andre’s trail and just has his phone silenced. They both agree to call if they hear anything. Abe tells him his father is there and seems to be in bad shape. Bo sighs.

EJ smiles. It was really liberating to say that out loud. Besides, Lucas asked for the truth. He’ll take a punch if he has to. Lucas readies his arm. Since EJ asked for it- Sami yells for the guard t come in to calm them down. Kate calls Lucas and interrupts. She tells him she is in terrible trouble and needs his help right away.

Lucas tells her he’s on his way. He said she asked for clothes, so he grabs a handful of Sami’s .EJ says Andre could be setting him up. He thinks he needs to go, too. Lucas says he’d rather get stabbed by Andre. He leaves. Sami yells at EJ to go after Lucas. He agrees since she wishes it. She tells him to never, ever say he loves her out loud again. He smiles sadly, “I was joking. Surely, you knew that.” He leaves.

At the hospital, Lexie pities poor Benjy. Marlena says he was given a sedative to sleep through the night. He’ll have therapy first thing in the morning. Lexie thanks her. She says she wanted to skip the cemetery, anyway. She excuses herself to visit with Sami. She asks Sami what the matter is. Sami sobs, “My life is a mess!”

Hope tells Bo to find Roman. She’ll look after Shawn and find his father as soon as she can. Bo leaves. Shawn is wheeled off to the ambulance. Belle follows. Hope locks the pub up and leaves.

At the cemetery, a priest reads from the order for the burial of the dead, “Yet, O Lord God most holy, O Lord most mighty, O holy and most merciful Savior, deliver us not into the bitter pains of eternal death. Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts; shut not thy merciful ears to our prayer; but spare us, Lord most holy, O God most mighty, O holy and merciful Savior, thou most worthy judge eternal, suffer us not, at our last hour, for any pains of death, to fall from thee. Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother here departed, we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Abe sighs and tells everyone the funeral is over. Roman still hasn’t showed. Anna wails. She knew something was wrong. She shouldn’t have let him leave. Tony rolls his eyes and tells her to cut the theatrics. She turns on him. Then where is Roman? John says he is probably rescuing Kate. They’ll show up any minute. Suddenly, Andre’s laughter echoes through the cemetery. John raises an eyebrow.

Sami sniffles. She loves Lucas but he doesn’t understand why she spends time with EJ. It’s really important to her to find out why the vendetta started. EJ cares because his family is involved. Marlena mentions their resemblance to Santo and Colleen. Sami groans. She begs Marlena not to start in on the fate thing. Marlena wasn’t going to. Sami says that is the only reason she spends time with EJ. Why else would she want to? Marlena tells her she know an awful lot about denying your feelings for a man other than your husband. Sam insists she loves Lucas. Marlena knows that, but she also wants her to know you can feelings for other men too. Sometimes you don’t know why, but you just do. Sami flashes back to EJ talking to her and kissing her in the hospital. She cries. Marlena thinks he is strong and confident, but she has also been affected by the past. Seeing Marlena leave her dad must have made Sami feel that love was no undependable. Sami doesn’t think Lucas could ever fail her or be undependable. Marlena is glad. Sami insists she doesn’t have feelings for EJ. Hope walks in and tells them Shawn and Belle are fine. She asks Sami if she has heard from Roman. She says she hasn’t, but she heard Andre threatened him. She turns white, “OMG! Tell me he’s alright!”

In the warehouse district, Lucas tells EJ he asked him not to follow him. EJ argues. He’d feel guilty if anything happened. Kate calls Lucas. She hides behind a dumpster. She tells them Andre took her clothes and phone and left her there naked.

John yells at Andre to show himself. The laughter continues. Anna says he’s sick. A cop comes up. He found a tape recorder playing the laughter behind a tombstone. Bo comes up. Has anyone heard from Kate or Roman? No one has. They have seen Andre’s latest prank, however. He tells them Shawn and Belle are fine, but he’s not so sure Roman and Kate are.

Lucas can’t believe Andre left her there naked. Did he do anything? Kate says he didn’t hurt her, but she would like some clothes to put on. Lucas brought some of Sami’s stuff, but he doesn’t want to walk over there and see his mother naked. EJ sighs, snatches the bag and hands it to Kate. As she dresses, he tells her how fabulous she looks. Kate hurries out from behind the dumpster. She has to talk to Abe, now. EJ say he’s going to tell Sami the news. Lucas turns on him, “For the last time, stay away from my wife and my mother.”

Hope reassures Sami. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. They just haven’t heard from him. Sami gets up. She’s going to find her dad, now. Marlena stops her. She isn’t going anywhere. They will handle finding Roman, and Sami will get back in bed and worry about her babies. She asks Hope to excuse them. Hope has to go check on Shawn, Sr. anyway. Sami nukes. She wants Hope to tell him his son might die because he won’t talk about the vendetta. Sami thinks he is a coward. Marlena snaps, “SAMI!” Hope leaves,. Marlena doesn’t think she means it. Sami says somebody has to tell. Her father could die!

Shawn, Sr. flashes back to the day with Stefano and the truck. He wishes he had one. Stefano says it was a present from his parents. Shawn thought his mother was dead. Stefano shakes his head,. No, she is in Italy. Shawn is confused. Isn’t she sick? Stefano smiles. Sick? No, she’s happy, good. He gestures and smiles. Santo and Colleen return. Colleen says they have to go. She tells Santo she’ll see him soon. Santo asks Shawn if he wants a truck like Stefano’s . Shawn says no. Colleen is shocked She says Shawn must be tired. Shawn and Stefan say goodbye. Back in the present, Shawn, Sr. cries. He gets up and leaves the funeral home.

In the warehouse district, Andre pulls out cell pones. He has Belle’s, Shawn’s and Kate’s, but he tosses them on the ground. He pulls Roman’s out and smiles. “This one is for keeps.”

Kate runs up to Abe and Bo. She tells them Andre made her set Roman up. He knocked him out and took him away. Bo’s phone rings. It’s from Roman’s cell. He answers. Andre plays a tape recording he made earlier of Roman talking to Kate. He says he is going to take Andre down tonight, and says not to move until he gives the ok. Andre hangs up. Bo yells, “Damn!”

Andre smiles. Now the Bradys will never know the truth. “Will they, Willy-boy?” He smiles down at the unconscious driver.

Kate asks if Roman is ok. Bo says he sounded fine. He said he was going to take Andre down tonight. Anna frets. That doesn’t tell them much. Where the hell is he? Abe goes to put out an APB. Bo stares.


Steve says, “Something’s not right. How could this happen?”

Max tells Stephanie, “We need to talk. It’s important.”

Lexie tells Shawn, “You are not going to give up on her. Or you.” Shawn says, “No, of course not. I love her. I love her like crazy.” Lexie interrupts, “You just don’t trust her.” Shawn sighs, “Maybe I don’t.”

Phillip tells Belle, “Whatever we had, it’s still there between us. It’s always there.”

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