Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/14/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the funeral home, Hope reads the card Andre sent to Roman, “So sad to hear of your untimely death.” Roman doesn’t care about Andre and his threats. Bo chimes in, “If he tries anything, we have this card as evidence of a prior threat. Anna begs Roman not to go anywhere alone. Tony agrees. He knows what Andre is capable of. Roman has to watch his back.

At the pub, Kate calls out for Shawn. Andre kicks the door in. He tells Kate he feels really unwelcome. She tells him to go away. He threatens her. He wants Roman Brady, and Kate is going to bring him to Andre.

In Santo’s room, he and Colleen argue as EJ and Sami look on. Colleen says she needs more time. He is asking her to choose between air and water. She needs both. He warns her that he’ll say goodbye if she doesn’t choose tonight. He is sorry, but this is destroying him. He will never be able to recover from losing her love. He just can’t share her with the church. Colleen snorts. His pride won’t allow it. She says she won’t be forced to make a decision. Sami tells EJ that’s it. Colleen must have walked away and Santo killed her. EJ says its not possible. The look in his eyes is one of love.

Kate insists that her calling Roman won’t do a thing. He tells her to stop lying. She explains. Roman found out about her and Stefano and read her the riot act. She really would help him if she could. He smirks. Just like when she sent Sami and Lucas to the health club, right? She insists that was different. The police got involved. Andre grabs her roughly. She will bring him Roman. She refuses. “After a life full of stupid mistakes, you just made your last one.” He chokes her. Shawn grabs him from behind. He punches Andre three times. Andre blocks the fourth and hits Shawn over the head a couple of times. Shawn falls over a table. Kate grabs her phone and slides it up to her ear.

Anna slides up to Roman. She reminds him that Andre is dangerous. She doesn’t want him taking any risks. John, Marlena, and Lucas walk into the funeral home. John asks if Andre has taken the bait. Bo tells him he hasn’t yet. He did send Roman flowers. Roman chuckles. Andre expects him to follow Stefano into the next world. Marlena pulls Roman aside to speak with him. She asks him if he is really alright being the target here. Roman says it’s just fine as long as their daughter isn’t.

John stands over Stefano’s casket. He can’t believe how dead he looks. Bo tells him they have IVs under the casket and snaking up to Stefano‘s arm. John thinks this is pretty clever. He asks about the burial. Bo says they have the empty casket outside and ready to go.

Hope greets Lexie and Abe, who have just entered. Lexie is worried. Hope promises Andre won’t hurt her. “it’s not me I’m worried about.” Benjy is wheeled in by a nurse. Lexie walks over to say hello.

Benjy stands over Stefano’s casket. He signs to Lexie. She answers that yes, Stefano is really dead. Benjy sobs. Across the room, Lucas wonders why Benjy is even upset. Tony explains that despite Benjy’s hatred for Stefano, he always wanted to attain his love. He was unable to do so. Lucas thought EJ was the golden child. Tony says EJ is too occupied with something else. Lucas frowns, “Or do you mean some-ONE?” Tony says he doesn’t know. What does Lucas think?

Sami scowls. DiMeras cannot seem to take ‘no’ for an answer. EJ is just like his grandfather. Santo tells Colleen he can’t believe she’s choosing the church over him. She just saying she needs time. He throws hi hands up. Then he has to say goodbye. She Can’t believe how he I pressuring her. He just wants her to stop playing games. Does she love him? She’s not sure. All she knows he’s that he is asking her to give up everything for a man she doesn’t even know. EJ says Sami is brave just Colleen is. If she is like Colleen and he is like Santo, then where does that leave them?”

Lexie talks to Benjy. She tells him that people that don’t know Stefano don’t know that he was capable of inspiring love. But he also had sick obsessions. Lexie says she didn’t come here for grief. She came for revenge. She hates him.

Anna tells Hope that Roman barely flinched when he found out Andre wanted him dead. She likes the heroic type. Hope cocks an eyebrow, “Oh, so you have standards?” Anna laughs. She thinks Roman really deserves something special when all of this is over. Maybe she will cook him a nice dinner. Hope frowns, “Or maybe not.”

Bo talks with a policeman disguised as a chauffeur. He tells him to go wait in the hearse. They’ll signal him when they’re ready for him to head to the cemetery. The funeral director walks up and tells them the service is getting ready to begin.

Lucas rushes after Tony. What did he mean by that comment about EJ earlier? He hinted that EJ was with Sami. If he is, Tony just needs to say so. Tony laughs, “You just did.” He walks off. Marlena comes up. He tells her has to go. She asks if anything is wrong. He tells her he’s going to find out.

Sami demands that EJ stop making comparisons between them and Santo and Colleen. EJ insists Sami is just like Colleen. They both refuse to give in what is in their hearts. Santo tells Colleen she must make a decision before she leaves. She gave him her virtue. What more does he want? He says he wants her. He wants to be with her all of the time. She understands that he is tired of waiting. She begs for just one more day.

Andre breaks a chair over Shawn’s head. Shawn slumps to the floor, unconscious. Kate asks for help on the phone. Andre holds a knife to her throat and tells her to hang up or he’ll slice her throat from ear to ear. She does. “Help me move your plucky knight in shining armor to the freezer.” Kate sobs. He’ll die. Andre grins, “Slowly and painfully if all goes well.” They drag Shawn away. Belle walks up outside the pub and finds the door locked. She finds this odd and takes out her phone. Andre tells Kate how funny it will be when Grandpa Shawn finds his grandson frozen in the morning.

Colleen begs Santo for one more day. He tells most men would have walked away. She says if he won’t wait, she will be heartbroken, but she will survive. He knows she would. She says she loves her life as much as she loves him. He cannot understand why she would love being hidden away. He thinks she is confusing love with duty. She is upset. He thinks she needs rescuing, but he’s wrong. Besides, she already has a savior. He says they love each other. Why is this decision so hard for her? She says that if she decides to leave the church, she has to be absolutely sure. He tells her to take one more day. He can’t say no to her. Maybe he will pray, “God hears the prayers of a condemned man waiting for a reprieve.” Back in her hospital bed, Sami thinks Santo killed Colleen. EJ doesn’t think so. He knows he couldn’t have, because he could never kill Sami.

Lexie can see that Benjy is not ok. He has to fight his hatred, or he will end up just like Stefano. She is terrified of losing her little brother.

The director tells Hope he has Stefano’s two sons and daughter there. Is the other son showing? Hope says he isn’t particularly popular, so probably not. Marlena gasps, “Look who’s here.” Hope whirls around. Grandpa Shawn stands in the doorway.

Kate pours herself a martini. Belle walks in. She’s looking for Shawn. Andre walks in. Kate begs him not to hurt her. Belle demands to know where Shawn is. He’s locked in the freezer. Kate hits Andre over the had with the vodka bottle. He goes down like a sack of bricks. Belle pulls out her phone and calls Bo. She says she and Shawn and Kate are in trouble. Bo asks where they are. Andre has since gotten up and overpowered Kate. He gets the phone from Belle. He tells Bo he has company. He has his son and John and Marlena’s daughter. Bo begs him not to hurt them. Andre says he will unless Bo does what he says.

Sami is not impressed with EJ’s logic. She scoffs, “Please.” EJ says he would know if Santo had killed Colleen. These letters would feel wrong. He thinks the feeling of fate intervening has scared Sami. She says he scares her. He is always twisting these letters around to make them say what he wants. Her and Lucas are what “must be.” EJ is just obsessed with getting what he wants. He can’t help it. He’s a DiMera, after all. Santo’s blood is in Stefano, Andre, and also EJ. EJ starts to tell her agrees, and that is how he knows- But Lucas interrupts by bursting in Sami’s room. He tells EJ he has a message for him from his dead father.

Andre instructs Bo to leave the funeral without telling anyone. He is going on a scavenger hunt. He needs to find Elvis. He might have the first clue. Bo demands to know where his son is. Andre laughs, “Somewhere very, very cold.” Belle’s face drains of color. He tells Bo that is his last hint. Bo just needs to know where Elvis is. Andre says he is probably building an alibi. Bo should try the hospital. He hangs up. He grabs Belle and Kate. Belle is going to see her fiancé. Kate can lead the way.

Hope asks Bo where he is going. He tells her he’s checking on the guys outside. Hope is immediately suspicious. He could do that, or he could tell her the truth. He tells her Andre called. She freaks. Is Shawn ok? He says he is pretty sure Andre is just all talk. He just wants to check it out.

The director tells Lexie and Benjy they need to take their seats for the service. Benjy shakes his head. Lexie convinces him to take his seat. Abe asks if everything is alright. She says she can’t wait for this to be over. Benjy is so angry now. What will he do when he finds out Stefano isn’t really dead?

Marlena asks John if he has spoken with Belle. He says no. Her flight was supposed to land an hour ago. John decides to call the airline. Benjy stares at Stefano dully.

EJ asks about the message. Lucas scowls, “He wants you at his funeral.” EJ says he could have said that since he is alive. Lucas tells him to leave. He complies. Lucas can’t believe Sami told EJ about Stefano. She says he guessed it. Lucas wants to know why she’s seeing EJ. She says she agreed to stop seeing him because they thought Stefano was dead and the vendetta was over. He asks her when she was going to tell him about all of the sneaking around. She cries. She’s doing this to end the vendetta. Lucas thinks she sure likes to spend time with the man that raped her. Sami can’t believe Lucas thinks she has forgiven EJ. He sulks. She has been keeping all kinds of secrets. She says she hasn’t. He asks her is she’s sure she has nothing to hide.

Abe asks Benjy if he wants to go home. Benjy shakes his head. Behind them, John tells Marlena Belle’s plane was on time. Marlena suspects she went to see Shawn and that’s why she hasn’t called. John nods. He’s sure that’s it.

In the freezer, Belle shakes Shawn awake. “Come on baby, get up.” He groans and stumbles to his feet. He feels like he got hit by a trick. She says he did- a truck named Andre. Belle tries the door, but it won’t budge. Shawn tries it. He thinks Andre must have jammed the lock from the outside. She ask if he’s grandparents are there. He says they aren’t. He asks about Claire. Belle says she is with Phillip. Shawn smiles ruefully, “For once, I’m glad.” She tells him Phillip slept on the couch. He interrupts her. He doesn’t care about that. He trusts her. She just wants him to know because she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

Andre brags to Kate. He is a member of Mensa. She’s not in the company of a genius every day. He really can’t wait to go after her favorite ex-husband. She begs him to leave Roman alone. He says he can’t. He has something special planned.

Marlena asks Hope if she has heard from Shawn or Belle. Hope gasps. That explains it. Marlena doesn’t understand. Hope says it explains why Bo lied. She heads out the door. “Where are you going?” Hope turns, “To find out the truth.”

Grandpa Shawn stares at Stefano in his coffin. The director tells him the viewing is over. He flashes back to Santo and Colleen going out and leaving him to play with Stefano. Stefano offers him a toy truck to play with. Roman comes over and interrupts his reverie. They have to take their seats. Grandpa Shawn walks off.

Andre tells Kate to cal Roman. She needs to tell him the door is locked, but that someone is trying to get in. And she needs to sound scared. If she goes off-script, Roman will be investigating her murder.

Sami tells Lucas this is about one thing: doing what’s right for her family and protecting her children. Lucas huffs. That is his job. She wonders how they will protect the twins. Will they have to send them off to Switzerland like Will?

Bo walks up to EJ outside Sami’s room. He demands to know where Shawn and Belle are. EJ is confused. Bo explains. Andre is holding them and he needs to know where, now. Sami comes out and asks what’s wrong. Bo explains. He says Andre said EJ would be here building an alibi. EJ has no idea what Andre is talking about. Bo says he better be telling the truth. He leaves. Sami glares at EJ. She tells him to go. He says he might go home and pray. Isn’t it true that God hears the prayers of condemned men waiting on reprieves?

Hope stops Bo. “Brady, what is going on?” He relents. Andre is holding Belle and Shawn and he has no idea where they are.

Shawn admits he was wrong. He just came to Tulsa because he was afraid Phillip was putting his moves on her. Belle says if Shawn was spending time with Mimi, she would be on a plane too. She just waned to do the right thing. He tells her her lips are turning blue. She laughs. Maybe they can make an igloo out of peas. Shawn dozes off. She wakes him up in a panic. Hypothermia must be setting in. He has to stay awake and they have to get out of there.

Kate refuses to help. Andre tells her this isn’t the time to be stupid. She is begging him as a friend of the family. He laughs. Is that what they call his father’s whore now? He tells her Roman was married to her last. She is probably the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Kate growls. She is not interested in Roman’s money. He tells her to keep dreaming and start dialing.

The director starts the service. He reads from Donne’s Meditation XVII: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” Benjy pulls a gun out from under his jacket.

Kate calls Roman in tears. She tells him Andre is outside the window. She is very afraid. She begs for help. Andre smiles.


Shawn tells Belle, “There’s no other way, Belle. It’s either this, or we freeze to death.”

Roman pulls duct tap off of Kate’s mouth. She screams. Andre hits Roman over the head. He collapses on the ground.

Bo and Hope burst into the pub. Hope cries, “Oh, my God! Shawn!” Bo calls, “Belle?” Hope calls out again, “Belle? Shawn?” Bo turns to her, “Have Abe call back-up. I’m going to take a look around.”

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