Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/13/07


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At the Brady pub, Hope walks over to Shawn, who is tending bar. “Did things not work out in Tulsa?” Shawn scowls. He has two words for her- Phillip Kiriakis.

At the hotel, Phillip spins around with Claire. Belle walks in. He notices her big smile. Does she have news about Tyler? She says seeing the two of them happy is reason enough for a smile.

At the hospital, EJ reads the headlines. They’re screaming Stefano DiMera is dead. He flashes back to accusing Roman of faking his death. He walks over the guard in front of Sami’s room and asks for permission to see her. Sami allows it. She asks why he isn’t at the funeral. He says there is no point, since Stefano is alive. His sources say so. He hints he has an inside man in the police department. Sami freaks. She knows that must be how Andre found out about it. She goes to call her father, but EJ interrupts, “So, he IS alive. Where is he and what have they done with him?”

At the pub, Bo says so far, everything is going well. Roman tells him Stefano is already at the funeral home. Bo jokingly asks if they can bury him alive for thirty or forty years. They both hope Andre will make a move at either the funeral home or the burial.

Kate walks up outside the pub. She has Bob Harper from Biggest Loser with her. She hates having to ask him to escort her, but she is really afraid. He can’t believe it. That isn’t the Kate he knows. He wants her to take one of his yoga classes and try to relax. She just can’t relax when she has to fight for her life. Andre hides behind a pillar and smiles.

Phillip and Bell talk about Lauren. She wants to talk to Phillip and April has agreed to arrange the meeting. He swears he going to be calm this time. He will work this out, no matter what. He has to do it right if he wants to see his on ever again.

Shawn complains. Phillip and Belle are sharing a room- the bridal suite, no less. Not only that, but Belle lost it when he told her about joining the police academy. He fumes. He cannot believe Belle would run off with her ex and then have he nerve to lecture him on his choices. Hope frowns. She thinks Shawn has a bit of an attitude problem himself.

Bob reminds Kate she isn’t afraid of anything. She tells him someone is after her. He coxes her to fly back to L.A. with him. She says she can’t. She has to stay because of Lucas and Mythic. She thanks him for agreeing to do a show for her. He saved her company. He says it was no big deal. He’ll call her after the taping. Roman comes out. He admonishes Kate for leaving the house. However, he supposes it will be easier to watch her when she is this close. He invites her inside.

Sami gasps. EJ tricked her! He says it was more like the other way round. She tells him to get out. He starts to leave, but she stops him. She really needs him to keep quiet about this. She doesn’t know where Stefano is, but this is all a plan to trap Andre. EJ says the plan is pretty clever, but it won’t work. Sami agrees. She has a bad feeling about it also. She is just planning on reading some letters since she can’t do anything else. EJ wants to stay. She says he has to go to the funeral, or it will look strange. He says it doesn’t matter anyway, since they both know Andre isn’t going to show. She agrees. He makes her promise not to thrown anything at him. She glares at him. He took advantage of her. He says they both just caught up in reading the letters. She insists she was drugged. He said he was just affected as she was. She said she wasn’t affected enough to start kissing other men. He reminds her that she didn’t break away at first. She tells him to leave. He agrees to behave and listen to the letters. He wants her to remember that it’s her choice that he stays.

Belle cries. She’s really happy for him. He ask her if that is why she is crying. She says no. Her fiancé doesn’t trust her and she slept badly. Phillip thinks they need to talk, but she is sick of talking about her feelings with Shawn. What kind of future can they have if she constantly has to defend herself? Phillip wants her to go home right away and be with Shawn.

Shawn nukes, “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” Bo intercedes and asks for a martini for Kate. Shawn snorts. He’s glad he can be of use to someone. Bo wonders what his problem is. Hope says it was just some tough love. She wants him to concentrate on the funeral. Shawn comes back with Kate’s drink. He thanks Hope again for her support, but he has been beat up enough today. She lets him know she is not on Philip’s side and never has been.

Kate gulps her drink. She moans. She spent years of her life trying to make Roman’s daughter miserable. Why does he even bother with her? He starts to tell her, but Tony and Anna enter. Anna is complaining about her clothes, but she catches one glance of Kate and Roman and stops mid-sentence. Roman tells her to sit down. Bo comes over needing to talk to Tony. He tells Anna to behave. Kate tells Anna she saw her picture at Roman’s, but she had no idea it was taken so long ago. Roman says Kate is staying in his guest room. Anna beams; she says Roman is so sweet. He loves to play the hero to poor, defenseless women like Kate. Tony comes back. Roman has to leave now. Anna makes an excuse and follows. Tony and Kate talk about the last time they saw each other. He says she is lovely as ever.

Anna walks outside the pub and tells Roman she is very grateful to him. Their lives are in his hands-and there are no better hands than his. She takes them in her own and grins.

Kate sees Anna coming back in and lays on the charm. She laughs and strokes Tony’s hand.

Hope can’t believe how wound up and angry Shawn is. He says Phillip was the same way when they were on the run, but Belle doesn’t seem to remember that. Hope tells him that Belle wants to be friends with Phillip. If Shawn can’t accept that, then he’ll lose her all on his own.

Phillip accuses her of not answering the question. Phillip really doesn’t want to be responsible for Belle and Shawn fighting. She asks if he wants her to go. He says he just wants to have fun again. Does she remember that? She said she forgot what that was when they went on the run. Belle’s depressive state outweighs the manic one. She sobs and yells. She resents Shawn a little for turning her life into…this.

Sami reads Colleen’s letter. She knew Santo would be upset when she left, but she came back, as promised. Santo and Colleen kiss in Santo’s room. She knew it was wrong of her to come to him again, but she couldn’t help herself. Sami stops. She’s upset. When she started reading these letters, it felt like reading a novel. Now she feels like all of this is happening to her. Sometimes you should feel so passionately and in that moment you don’t care who gets hurt. She feels like she is with Colleen right now. The camera pans to Santo and Colleen kissing.

Colleen tells Santo if she lies with him again, she won’t leave. He doesn’t want her to. Their whole world changes after tomorrow. Santo doesn’t think Colleen can say no to love. EJ and Sami watch Colleen and Santo. He thinks it was their curse and blessing to cross that line. It was fate. Sami says fate is meeting your best friend when you’re a teenager and ending up together years later. Sami groans. Roman Thomas is kicking. EJ can’t believe she named the twins. She said she wasn’t going to, but her dad seemed so pleased, so she stuck with the name. He still can’t believe it. He says they have something in common- they both want the approval of their fathers.

Phillip had no idea she felt that way. Belle apologizes for her outburst. She says he will find his on and have him in his arms soon enough. He says when she says it, he believes it. There’s a knock at the door. It’s April. Something is very wrong.

Shawn sighs. If he holds on too tight, he’s too jealous. If his hold is too loose, then Phillip swoops in with all of his money. Hope groans. Who cares about material possessions? Belle and Shawn should be enjoying the best times of their lives.

Kate says Anna and Roman seemed cozy. Anna examines her nails. Their relationship is based on a lot more than just pity. Tony laughs. He thinks they could be delving into far more superior subject than Roman Brady. Bo interrupts. He needs Tony again. Kate says their little moment was meaningless anyhow. Anna snaps, “Oh, you mean like your meaningless summer fling with Roman?” Kate gasps. They were married! Anna smiles, “Yes, ever so briefly.”

Roman walks over to Stefano’s coffin and opens it. He chats with Stefano. After twenty years, he thought all of this was about him bringing Stefano’s drug ring down. He blamed himself for all of the kidnappings and brain washings. He told Stefano he would settle that score. He pulls out a gun. That day is here. And now. It would really be so easy to pull the trigger. but Roman is going to play fair, unlike Stefano. A man brings in a wreath. Roman asks about the fake casket to be buried, the man says everything is ready. Roman tells him to put all the flowers near the coffin. The man says this wreath is actually for Roman, not for Stefano.

Tony tells Bo the risks of this plan are higher than he thinks. “Andre will want to play with you before he rips you apart. Watch your back.”

Anna reminds Kate she is seeing Tony now anyway. Besides, she heard Kate had been revisiting Stefano. She smiles sweetly, “Don’t they have a word for that?” Kate stands up, furious. She’s leaving. Bo steps in. He asks Kate to come over to the bar and have a drink.

Phillip can’t believe it. They just spoke twenty minutes ago. April knows. She came to get Lauren, and everything was gone. All that she left was a note. Phillip tears it open and reads. “You’ll never find me or your son again.” Phillip moans softly. “My son.”

EJ says they both know what it is like to live up to the expectations of their fathers. And so did Colleen. EJ reads. Santo and Colleen lie in bed together and read poetry. Santo thinks it is sad, but Colleen says it really speaks to the Irish heart. He loves her. He wonders how she knows she loves him. She says she would never sacrifice so much for something that wasn’t true love. They kiss. She asks how he knows he loves her truly. He says love has many faces, but true love like theirs is inevitable. EJ says they are fated to be. Just like the vendetta, Sami mutters.

Santo kneels. He asks Colleen to marry him. Sami can’t believe how much Santo is pushing Colleen. EJ thinks he was just trying to avert tragedy. Colleen says she can’t marry Santo. She promised to reject all sinful desires. She really can’t make this decision under such pressure. She says she will answer him very soon. EJ says they were reading Yeats. Colleen struggled to resist her fate, and like the bard said, “A terrible beauty was born.”

Phillip can’t believe it. She was after money, and she just turned down a quarter of a million dollars. Belle shrugs. She can’t explain Lauren’s behavior. What she does know is that Phillip has to focus on finding his son. He smiles. How did he ever get through one day without her? She is his best friend. She says he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. She’ll be here for him from now on.

Kate requests another round. Shawn doesn’t get her. She’s sexy, rich and successful, but she always screws things up, just like her son, Phillip. Shawn guesses it is genetic. She smirks, “Like bartending? You know, you make a lousy martini.” She says Phillip will get what he deserves in the end. Shawn hopes both he and Kate get what they deserve.

Roman stands by the coffin. Tony and Anna enter the room, followed by Bo and Hope. Bo asks about the flowers. Roman says they are for him, but there’s no card. Hope searches. She finds the card in the bow.

Sami decides to skip three or four letters. She wants to know what Colleen says. Santo tells her he can; go on this way. She says her body is corrupted and her heart is full of lies. He cant believe she feels that way about him. She says she doesn’t really, she is just confused. He says it has to end. She has to make a decision tonight. Right here and now.

They all crowd round Roman. He read the letter, “So sad to hear of your untimely demise. -Andre.” Roman looks puzzled.

Kate needs a re-fill. She bangs on the bar and calls for Shawn. Someone bangs on the door. She ignores them and calls for Shawn. The banging continues, more loudly. She yells that they are closed. The banging stops. The door starts rattling in its hinges. Kate screams. “Shawn, Oh, my God! SHAWN!”


Sami and EJ chat in her room. She says, “Maybe that’s why he killed her.” EJ interjects, “He did not kill her!” Sami retorts, Give me one good reason why he didn’t.” EJ softens, “He couldn’t have killed her. I couldn’t kill you if my life depended on it.” Lucas walks in, “EJ! I got a message for you. It’s from your dead father.”

Hope tells Marlena, “That explains it.” Marlena asks, “Explain what?” Hope walks out of the church, “Why Bo just lied to me.” Marlena asks, “Where are you going?” Hope says, To find the truth.”

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