Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/12/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In a hotel room, Phillip pours wine. Belle comes out if the bedroom and asks about it. He tells her it’s dinner. She says he went to too much trouble. He laughs. His dialing finger is exhausted from calling room service. They sit down. Phillips says they are having Belle’s favorite dish and he has a romantic movie all ready. Belle swallows. She would rather watch a comedy. And didn’t Phillip notice the room only had one bed? Outside in the hallway, Shawn walks up with Claire. He asks her if she’s ready to see her momma. He goes to knock on the door.

Stephanie shakes Max awake in a panic. She really saw a bear this time. She heard a noise and then she saw a huge shadow. Max gets up. He tells her that if he doesn’t find a bear this time, he’s going to be the one doing the growling.

In Sami’s hospital room, Lucas crows about the end of the feud. He even brought milkshakes to toast with. Sami isn’t in the mood. He says he has another surprise for her. He leaves. She flashes back to her kiss with EJ. A clown walks in her room. She asks him if he is Lucas’ surprise. The clown offers her a bouquet and grins.

Shawn stops mid-knock. He forgot. He wanted to get Belle flowers. He heads back to the elevator. Inside the room, Phillip says he’ll be taking the couch and Belle will have the bed. There’s a taxidermy convention, so this is the only available room. Belle sighs. She knows she would be really jealous if Shawn was hanging out with his ex like this. Phillip reminds her hey are in Tulsa. He didn’t take her to Paris or anything. Besides, they’re just here to find Tyler. Sometimes dinner is just good food. She smiles. She wonders how many exes become such great friends. He says they have beaten the odds before. They toast. He tells Belle if it is too awkward, he’ll leave and learn how to stuff a bird down at the bar.

Stephanie calls out for Max. She hobbles around with a big stick. Max taps her on the shoulder and she shrieks. He found her bear. He has a bunny rabbit. She can’t believe that little thing made such a big shadow. Stephanie coos and strokes him. She calls him ‘Buster.’ Max tells her it’s bad luck to name her next meal. Stephanie balks. They are NOT eating that cute bunny rabbit. Max lets it go. She doesn’t think he would have the heart to do it anyhow. He says she doesn’t know his heart at all. She says he is even more clueless about hers. He thinks they need to sit down, talk, and find out what makes the other tick.

Sami apologizes. She really doesn’t like clowns. The kids in the pediatric ward would probably love him. The clown motions. She asks him if he wants a tip. He put his hands over her wallet. Sami is thoroughly confused. The clown is really starting to freak her out. He grabs her arm. “What kind of a clown are you?” He smiles, “The kind that finishes with a bang.” It’s Andre. Sami starts to scream, but he claps a hand over hr mouth. “Make another sound and it will be your last.” She tries to run, but he grabs her and holds on. He tells her not to be afraid. After all, the whole world loves a clown.

Belle raves about the chicken. She looks a Phillip. She really thinks Tyler is fine. He grumbles, “You don’t know that.” All they need is one lead. She knows they’ll find him. She goes off to get the sheets to make up the couch for Phillip. He decides to check out the movies on TV.

Stephanie wonders if they are going to get intimate with their clothes on. Max thought they would just talk. He wants to get to know the post-Daytona Stephanie. She thinks that’s what getting intimate is all about. He is worried. He really wants to say and do the right thing here. She asks him if he is afraid of getting hurt. He says he doesn’t want to play second string to Jeremy. She tells him she gets scared too. She thought she was in love with Jeremy, but ever since they kissed, she can’t stop thinking about it. Max moves in. They kiss. Max breaks it off. Jeremy is still in the picture. She asks him what would happen if he wasn’t. Could they have more of these “talks”? He says they’d be doing a lot more than talking if Jeremy was totally out of the picture.

Belle comes out stuck in the sheets. Phillip tries to help extricate her, but they fall down on the couch together in giggles. There’s a knock at the door. Philip answers. Shawn comes in with Claire and flowers. He looks around angrily. Belle’s jaw hits the floor.

Andre wants to know if Sami saw what happened to Stefano. She sobs. She hasn’t even left her room. He asks her if her father was there. She says the police were there to protect Stefano, so yes, her father was there. He strokes her arm. She shudders in revulsion and cries some more. Andre asks about Steve. Sami doesn’t know why he did it. She isn’t a shrink. He pulls out a straight razor and holds it near her stomach. He wants to know if her father thinks he is a fool? The plan was too clever for the Salem P.D. Perhaps they hired an outside consultant. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She’s sorry, but Stefano is really dead. He holds the razor to her throat. Stefano’s alive. If her father is baiting him, the very next corpse that goes to the morgue will be very real and VERY Brady.

Belle explains. She’s just making the couch up for Phillip. She takes Claire. Shawn says he should have called. Belle takes Claire over to see her flowers. Phillip tells him they saw Lauren. She said the baby was safe, but that is all. Shawn doesn’t bite. “I thought you two would be in separate rooms.” Phillip explains the hotel is full. Nothing is going on. Shawn picks up the wine bottle. “Oh sure, everything is innocent.” Belle stares at him.

Max thinks she needs to talk things through with Jeremy She tells him it’s over. Jeremy ran off. Sure, he was fun at first. He helped her escape from all of her family problems. But after a while, the put-downs and constant flirting started to get to her. Max grumbles. He thought he was fun. After all, he didn’t go the conventional route and take her to a romantic hotel. He brought her to a cave. She smiles. At least it makes a great story. They fall to the ground kissing.

Sami moans. Lucas saw Stefano’s body. He’s really dead. Andre asks where Steve is. Sami thinks he is in jail. She tells him to check the papers. Andre says the cops run the media. Sami snorts. Her uncle finally snapped because of all the terrible things Andre did to him. He sneers. If he is the target if this charade, he will make sure her and her father pay. She cries and yells, “Leave us alone!” Lucas walks in. He looks confused. “What’s this?” Andre looks at Sami with his back to Lucas. He holds the razor up to his lips in a shushing motion.

Shawn asks Phillip to take Claire down to the lobby to see the aquarium. He leaves. Shawn tells Belle he is sorry to ruin their party. Belle says there was no party. She wants to know why he drug Claire here this late. He sulks. “We missed you.” She thinks he’s here because he doesn’t trust her with Phillip.

Max and Stephanie cuddle under the parachute, mostly undressed. He remembers when he saw her at Sami and Lucas’ wedding. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She wishes he would have told her so she didn’t waste so much time on Jeremy. They kiss some more. Kayla and Bo stumble into the cave.

Andre grabs his balloons and squeaks his horn. He taps Lucas on the nose, claps his hands, and dances out of the room. Sami freaks, “Lucas! That was Andre!” Lucas rushes out. He yells behind him, “Stay put!” She calls Roman and tells him what happened. Lucas comes back. He called security. There’re going to try to get Andre before he leaves. Sami says her dad is sending a cop, who shows up right then. He says he will be guarding her door. Roman paged him. Sami sobs. Stefano dying doesn’t mean a thing. Andre is still out there. “Lucas, admit it. I’m the only one who can stop this insane feud.”

Shaw says he does trust Belle. He just didn’t expect to see her in the same room with Phillip. She explain about the couch. Shawn knows all about the couch. He’s done his time there, too. Belle huffs. “Thanks a lot!” Shawn wonders why a guy that can afford an army of detectives would need Belle’s help. She says she is his friend. The police can’t help Phillip because he signed his rights over to Lauren. Belle kind of owes this to him after she walked out on him with Claire. He asks her what that has to do with tonight. She thinks if he finds his son, he won’t focus on Claire as much. Shawn doesn’t agree. Belle doesn’t think Shawn believes in them or in their family.

Max and Stephanie romp. Kayla and Bo spot them. Kayla is so glad to see Stephanie. They all look at each other awkwardly. Kayla and Bo leave so Stephanie and Max can get dressed. Stephanie groans. What are the odds of this happening? Max told her found her something chasing a bear. It’s a piece of quartz. He wanted to give it her when they got rescued. He guesses that that time is now. He just wanted her to have a memento of their time stranded together. She says, “Yeah, with and without our clothes on.” He asks if she wants him to talk to Kayla She says she will. He asks if they should tell the truth. She wonders what that is,. He guesses it’s that they have a thing for each other. Kayla calls, “Steph, hurry!”

Lucas tells Sami she is not going after the DiMeras on her own. She asks him if he saw Stefano’s body. Is he stabbed badly? Lucas says he was. There was blood everywhere, and the doctors said they couldn’t do anything. Roman comes in. They haven’t found Andre yet. They found his costume in a supply closet, and they’re looking at the security tapes to find out where he went. Sami tells Roman that Andre thinks Stefano’s death is a trap. Lucas grunts, “No way.” Sami turns to Roman, “Dad, is Stefano really dead?”

Belle insists she wants to be with Shawn, not Phillip. Shawn wants to leave tonight, then. He says she promised Phillip she would stay. Shawn explodes, He’s off joining the force, trying to earn a living- Belle interrupts him. She asks quietly, “What did you say?” He tells her he entered the police academy. The garage is going under, and this will offer him a steady paycheck, benefits, and a chance for promotion. She asks when he made this decision. He thought she would be happy. She asks him if he bought a house while she was gone, too. She cant believe he’s out there making decisions that she is supposed to just accept. She wants to be his partner.

Bo says the chopper is ready. Kayla says Stephanie can’t walk, so Bo and Max go off to get a stretcher. Kayla is so glad Stephanie is safe. She says she can explain about Max. Kayla says they have more important things to worry about than her love life. Her father is in jail for Stefano DiMera’s murder. Stephanie gapes.

Roman says he has seen the body in the morgue himself. Sami says Andre thinks it is all a hoax. Roman gets secretive. He’ll tell them the truth, but they have to *swear* not to tell anyone. They swear. He tells them about the plan to trap Andre at Stefano’s fake funeral. Sami is sorry Andre figured tout. Roman doesn’t think he did; he thinks Andre is just being cautious. Sami eyes widen. She hisses, “He said if it’s a trap, he’ll kill us! The next bodies in the morgue will be ours!”

Shawn grumps. He supported Belle’s choice to go back to school. She reminds him nursing won’t get her killed. He says all kids of things can get you killed, like crossing the street. Besides, it isn’t as if Salem is the crime capital of the world. He wonders why it’s wrong for him to try to provide for his family, but its just fine and dandy if she runs off on trips with Phillip. She glares at him. It’s only a problem if he makes it one. He asks her who she wants to be with. Phillip walks in and interrupts. Shawn says he and Claire are going back tonight. Belle asks him not tot take his anger out on Claire. She is tired. Shawn fumes. Fine. He will leave her here and go home alone. “I love you. Don’t you ever forget that.” He leaves.

Kayla swears Stephanie to secrecy. She asks how Jeremy fits into all this. Stephanie says he doesn’t. Kayla tells her he is back in Salem. He wanted her father’s help, but he’s in jail. Stephanie says he will find some other dumb girl to bail him out. Kayla asks, “What if he’s back for you?” Max and Bo come in. Max puts an arm around her shoulder and helps her to the stretcher.

Roman swears they are going to bring Andre down. Then Stefano will have no one to carry the feud on. Sami sighs. Trouble just seems to follow her. Roman begs her to give the plan a chance. She agrees and she and Lucas promise not to tell anyone again. He leaves. Sami say her dad is crazy if he thinks a guard will stop Andre. She tells Lucas her family has to win. They kiss.

Outside the room, Roman tells the guard to take anyone down that even looks like Andre. Andre walks by behind them in a nurse’s outfit. He pretends to look at a file and then smiles and walks away.


EJ says to Sami, “So, it is true. He is alive. Where is he and what have they done to him?” Sami stares, horrified.

Hope tells Shawn, “She wants to stay friends with him and you have to accept that. Because if you don’t, you’re going to destroy your relationship with Belle all on your own, honey.”

Santo gives Colleen an ultimatum, “You choose a life with me or a life with the church. But you make a decision tonight.” He snaps his fingers and stamps his feet. “Right here. Tonight.” Colleen gasps, “Tonight?”

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