Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/11/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the women’s shelter, Phillip and Belle meet a detective. Phillip apologizes for having his father call. He hates to have to pull rank, but it’s really important, and the Tulsa P.D. was not helpful. Belle and Philip explain the surrogate situation. They were just hoping to have the detective talk to her. He says he will try, but he cant make any promises. April lets him and gives Phillip and Belle a dirty look. Belle squeezes Phil’s shoulder, “We’re going to find him.”

At the Brady pub, Nick amuses Artemis and Demarquette with gag glasses. Jeremy calls Stephanie across the room. He thinks she was right He doesn’t want to run way. He is going to ask her dad for help, but Steve never answers the phone. He says he really misses her and hangs up. He goes over to Nick. Nick asks him what he wants. “How would you like to do me a favor, Nick my man?”

At the hotel/casino, Chelsea fiddles with a straw. Kayla and Bo show up. Chelsea says she had to leave the hospital. It was too stressful. She thinks Jett must be dead. They say he made it through surgery fine. He is being transferred to university hospital in Salem. Chelsea explains what happened; the whole undercover operation, Rawlings, and how everything was supposed to go down tonight. Stephanie left with Max to take the girls somewhere safe. Jeremy bailed. Kayla nukes. She can’t believe Jeremy would leave Stephanie alone like that. Bo goes off to call around and see if he can find anything out.

Max sleeps. Stephanie strokes his arm. She’s glad she’s with him. He always made her feel safe and special. They’ve both grown up so much. She can tell by the way he kisses her. She flashes back to their hot tub kiss. She shakes Max awake. Nothing happens. She shrieks. He sits up. She screams she saw a bear. Max stares. She smiles slyly over his shoulder.

Phillip paces outside. He’s really worried about his son. Belle says he could be holding him in just a few minutes. He said he’s only heard his voice a few time and seen his picture, but he already loves him. Phillip has been imagining doing things with him, like playing ball and camping. Belle says he will be a great father. He promises her he will still love Claire and spend time with her, but he isn’t sure Shawn will allow it. Anyway, his dad will be really happy. He wants a male heir. Belle reminds Phillip Shawn is an heir. Phillip tells her Shawn is a Brady, so it isn’t the same. Phillip suddenly decides it’s been long enough. He rushes for the door. Belle stops him.

Stephanie tells Max how scared she is. Max wants to go check it out. Stephanie doesn’t want him to, but he leaves anyway, She sighs; guys are so clueless. She straightens her hair up. Max comes back. There are no bats, bears, or snakes. She’s safe. She complains. Her ankle hurts. He says he better wrap it. He takes his shirt off and rips it into strips. Stephanie admires his chest.

Kayla can’t believe Jeremy would abandon Stephanie. Chelsea tells her Jeremy actually wanted Stephanie to run away with him. Kayla thanks God she didn’t. She still holds Jeremy responsible, though. She looks at Chelsea. “Is that blood on you?” Chelsea says it’s Jett’s . Jett really thought he was going to die. She asks Kayla if people in that state mean the things they say. Kayla asks what Jett said to her. She says Jett told her he loves her.

Belle tells Phillip to be patient. He is worried the women are stalling the detective while Lauren slips out the back. Belle says the women will talk to the detective. He still wants to know what is taking so long,. He frets and paces. They argue about whether or not Lauren will tell the detective the truth. Phillip worries she may do permanent damage to Tyler. The detective comes out. He says he talked to Lauren and several other women, and they all say the same thing. There is no baby.

Nick introduces the boys to Jeremy. Jeremy smirks, “Don’t people name their kids John or Tommy anymore?” Jeremy wants to talk to Nick in private. Nick tells the kids there’s a chess board across the room and they run off to play. Jeremy needs Steve’s cell phone number. The stuff in Vegas went south and he thinks Stephanie’s old man can give him a hand. Nick laughs. Does Jeremy really believe Steve is going to help him?

Kayla asks if Jett really told Chelsea that. She says he was going in and out of consciousness. Maybe she is getting her hopes up for nothing. Kayla thinks she needs to talk to Jett. Chelsea says she can’t ask him. She would sound selfish. In fact, she already feels really insensitive for talking to Kayla about her problems at a time like this. Kayla is glad for the distraction. Chelsea says Max wont’ let anything happen to Stephanie. Chelsea changes gears. She says she barely knows Jett, but if he died, it would be like a part of her died.

Stephanie is pretty impressed by “Dr.” Brady. She said she twisted her ankle once rushing to a party with Jeremy, but he never treated her this way. Max grumbles. Jeremy is probably on some Mexican beach by now. He wonders why she got mixed up with him in the fist place. He treats her like crap. She says he is nice sometimes, and besides, she doesn’t give up on people as easily as Max does. She thinks Max is just mad because if she had dumped Jeremy earlier, he would still have his money and garage. She huffs and rolls over.

Phillip asks is the detective needs proof. He has a DNA test. He says she knows where the baby is, even if it isn’t here. The detective says he cant search without a warrant. Belle suggests Lauren come outside. Maybe if she could talk to them calmly, this could be resolved.

Max decides to mock pray aloud. He really wants God to show Stephanie what a jerk Jeremy is. They start arguing. Max thinks Stephanie is just acting this way because of the way they ended things. She snorts, “You mean the way YOU did.” She goes off on him for dumping her while she was in the hospital .Max can’t believe that. Would she rather he stay with hero out of pity? She wonders when he is going to realize she was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Jeremy says that Stephanie promised Steve would help. He just needs his phone number. If Nick does this for him, he won’t call him any more names or give him a hard time. Nick thinks he‘s going to regret this.

Chelsea is sooooo embarrassed. She really likes Jett and she doesn’t; want it to be weird if he doesn’t return her feelings. Chelsea just feels like a total idiot. Kayla asks her if that’s because of Nick. Does she still have feelings for him? Right on cue, Nick calls Kayla. He needs Steve’s cell number for Jeremy. Jeremy waves angrily and mouths, “Dude, what the hell?” Kayla wants Jeremy on the line. Nick tells him. Jeremy refuses at first, and then relents. Kayla lays into him, “Where the hell is my daughter?” Jeremy says she is in Vegas. Kayla says she isn’t ,because she IS in Vegas. Jeremy says he hasn’t heard from her since he left.. Kayla asks for Nick. She tells him to call Roman as soon as they hang up. There is a warrant for Jeremy’s arrest in Vegas. She wants Roman to arrest him. Nick agrees. Jeremy starts to leave. Nick asks where he is going. Jeremy says he’s bailing before the Salem P.D. swarms him. He takes Nicks phone away. He doesn’t want him to be tempted to call the police. He asks for cash. Nick agrees if he gets his phone back. Jeremy begs for a head start. Nick agrees to give him five minutes.

Chelsea doesn’t get it. Why would Jeremy go to Salem? Kayla says Stephanie told him Steve would help him. Bo comes up. He has news. The plane they were on landed in Mexico. Rawlings slipped away, but they are pretty sure Stephanie and Max were on that plane. Kayla freaks.

Max says he never treated Stephanie like a servant. She says she was really into him. He agrees, “Maybe a little too much.” She asks him when was the last time he had real feelings for a girl. He says the conversation is over. She thinks he is afraid. “Goodnight, Stephanie!”

Phil paces. Lauren comes out. She tells the detective she doesn’t know anything. Phil begs. He just wants to make sure the baby is OK. Lauren relents. The baby is with someone she trusts. Phillip yells at the cop. “You see? She knows!” Phillip says he has a right to his son. Lauren pulls out a piece of paper. She tells the cop Phillip signed his rights over to her. Phillip says he was in a bad place then, and besides, Lauren was supposed to abort the baby, not extort him for money after she had it. The cop looks over the paper as Lauren smirks, “The law’s the law.” The cops says Phillip has to back off and leave, or he’ll haul him in himself. Phillip begs. He’ll pay her any amount of money she wants. The cop frowns. If Lauren takes it, hell take her to jail. Phillip groans, “You’re not helping me out here.” The cop nukes. Phillip thinks he’s entitles to something because of his money. He can’t stand rich kids like him. Lauren butts in. She wouldn’t tell Phillip where her kid is if she had a gun to her head. Phillip rushes her and the cop holds him back. “DAMMIT! WHERE IS HE???”

Jeremy frowns at Nick’s money. “Is this all you have?” Nick says he has a financial crisis himself. He tells Jeremy to just call Mickey. Jeremy says there is no way. He’s out if there. He hands Nick a letter and asks him to give it to Stephanie. He reminds Nick of the five minute head start and leaves.

Kayla cries, “OMG! My baby!” Bo tells her the FBI is all over it. They’ll find her. Chelsea moans. First Jett got shot, and now her best friends are missing. Kayla begs Bo not to tell Steve until they find Stephanie. Bo gets a call and takes it. It could be about the kids.

Stephanie asks Max why guys only like unavailable girls. He asks what she talking about. She thinks he wasn’t interested in her until he saw she was with Jeremy. He thinks they need some sleep. She goes on. There is no pressure or strings attached with girls with boyfriends. That’s why Max kissed her. He throws his hands up. She’s right. He’s only interested in sex. Now can he have some peace?

Bo says they found the women Rawlings was with. They had thousands in stolen goods on them. The good thing is, they’re cooperating. Stephanie and Max were on the flight. Rawlings gave them parachutes and made them jump out. Kayla freaks. Bo and Chelsea assure her Max has sky diving experience. Kayla bawls. It’s dark outside. Bo says they are somewhere in New Mexico and there are search teams out now. Kayla is going. She is not going to sit around and wait for the phone to ring.

Stephanie thinks she was just his babe of the moment. He thinks they have both changed a lot. He didn’t feel like they connected at first. She was so young,. But when she came back from Dayton, she was a woman. Maybe he felt like he couldn’t have her… She asks him, “What if I told you you could have me?”

Phillip pounds at the door of the shelter after Lauren rushes inside. He screams. The cop goes off about rich kids. Belle steps in. Phillip did two tours of duty in Iraq. He has sacrificed for his country. The detective softens. He was in Desert Storm. He really wants to help, but technically, Phillip has no right to the child. He s going to his car and calling a black and white. Phillip and Belle need to be gone before it gets there. He leaves. Phillip sighs. They were so close. Belle soothes him. They’ll go to the hotel room and start fresh tomorrow. Phillip thinks Lauren might be greedy He did offer her money. Belle says he will be in touch if she is interested. Phillip smiles. If it wasn’t for her, he would be in jail. She smiles back. They walk off.

Max asks Stephanie if she is suggesting that they…She interrupts. He knows what she means. He ask about Jeremy. She says Jeremy made his choice. Max thinks he will be back He’s not cut out for a life on the run. Stephanie says this is about them, not Jeremy. Max says she can’t have them both. She needs to be honest with herself.

Bo and Kayla are heading off to catch a red eye to New Mexico. Chelsea says she will be fine there. She call Nick. He asks where she is. She tells him and fill him in on the news. Her life is falling apart and she needed to hear a friendly voice. He asks if she is OK. She says she will be fine. He’s so glad she called. She says her connection is bad and she has to go. She hangs up. Nick stares. Artemis and Demarquette come over and say, ”Daddy, don’t be sad.”


Shawn tells Belle, “So my decision to help our family is wrong, but you taking off with Phillip is no problem? Belle retorts, Only if you make it one.”

Stephanie says to Max, “What if Jeremy was totally out of the picture? Max replies, “If Jeremy was to totally out of the picture, we’d be doing a whole lot more than just talking.”

Sami tells Roman and Lucas, “Andre said that if this is a trap, he’ll kill us.”

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