Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/10/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Outside of the women’s shelter, Phillip and Belle lurk around a bit. Belle smiles, “Just think, your son could be on the other side of this door. Phil thinks he might not be either. He has had some bad luck. Bell thinks that’s over with. He deserves a little luck. They go over their roles again and go inside. A guard approaches. Belle says they are there to find her sister, Lauren Chaffy. Lauren is on the run from her son’s father. Some people told them she was here, and they want to see if that’s true, or if some of the women here may know where she is. The guard gets up in Phillip’s face. “Not on my watch.”

At the hospital, Bo stands behind some crime scene tape. He tells someone on the other end of his phone that he’ll be there a while. He flashes back to Steve stabbing Stefano. Shawn interrupts his reverie. He needs to talk. Bo heard he wants to become a cop from Hope. He asks Shawn to give him a minute. He walks into Stefano’s room. He asks the doctor about the death certificate. The doctor’s got it. Bo beams. Stefano DiMera is officially dead. He tells all of the undercover officers they did a great job playing doctors. Steve was arrested and Stefano is in the morgue. It will be plastered all over the media by morning.

In Roman’s office, Kayla looks at the blood on Steve’s shirt. She thinks it looks pretty real. Steve says the plan worked. Everyone thinks Stefano is dead. He bought the blood packets and retractable knife from the joke shop. She asks him if he has to go to jail. He assures her that it’s pretend jail. She still doesn’t like it. He promises it will just be until Stefano’s funeral. She says the baby misses him. She took him to stay with Bo and Hope until all of this is over. Steve really appreciates her approval. She sure hope it’s worth it. Steve says it will be. Andre will come crawling out form under his rock to take over Stefano’s incessant vendetta. She wants him to be wary of Andres vengeance. Steve wishes she could have seen him in action. He offers her a DVD copy of the security camera tape. He complains. Acting is hard work. Kayla raided the vending machine for him, but he can’t eat anything with cuffs on. She wants to get him un-cuffed, but he insists he is too dangerous. She’ll just have to feed him.

On the plane, Rawlings asks Max again, “Is it going to be the chute or a free fall followed by a hard landing?” Max pales. He wants more options. Rawlings considered. He could put a bullet in his head and add the pretty Miss Johnson to his stable. Max says, “Fine.” He helps Stephanie put her parachute on.

The press gathers outside Roman’s office. He tells them Stefano was pronounced dead at 6:53. The assailant, Steven Earl Johnson, has been arrested and is in custody. He will be arraigned tomorrow. That’s all Roman has. He thanks the media and shoos them off. EJ walks over. He demands to see his father’s body right away.

Max tells Stephanie not to be afraid. He has done this before. She cries. It’s pitch black out there. He says he’ll stay close and guide them to the ground. Rawlings points the gun in their faces. It’s time to go. Stephanie sobs. Max asks him to at least give them a rope and flashlight. He says he gave them parachutes, and they’re lucky to get those. Max reconsiders. Maybe he’ll take a bullet. Stephanie gasps, “MAX! NO!” Ilsa mocks her. Is she afraid of death? Stephanie curses at her and tells her to shut up. Max thinks he prefers a quick execution to a prolonged death caused by exposure. Besides, Max would love to see Rawlings get two bodies past customs. Rawlings doesn’t have a problem with that.

The guard explains they have very strict rule about who they let in, so Phillip and Belle have to wait in the foyer. Belle thinks she could get in if Phillip would make himself scarce. The guard is suspicious. Phillip refuses. A woman walks up and introduces herself as April, the director of the shelter. Belle introduces herself as Phillips’ wife. She and her husband are looking for Lauren and Tyler and were hoping they were still there. The woman is sorry, but she can’t betray the anonymity of the patients. They’ll have to leave.

Shawn stops Bo coming out Stefano’s room. He really needs to talk. Shawn was counting on the garage job to provide for his family and that didn’t pan out. He really wants Bo to put in a good word fro him a the academy. Bo hesitates. Shawn flips, “You don’t think I have what it takes, do you?”

Kayla feeds Steve an apple. She says he’s a cheap date. Steve needs kisses. She refuses. They’re coming to haul hi away soon, remember. He gets serious. She has to remember to play this real- to everyone. Even friends and family. She gasps, “Even Stephanie?” He nods. She shakes her head, “I will swear her to secrecy, but I will not lie to our daughter.”

Roman apologizes for EJ’s loss. The body has been remanded to the morgue and then it will go the funeral home. EJ wants to know on whose authority. Roman tells him Tony arranged everything, but he can see the body after autopsy. EJ asks, “How can you do an autopsy on someone who isn’t dead?”

Belle understands that April is just doing her job. She says it’s much more serious than that. Has Belle considered that Lauren might not have contacted her because she isn’t interested in seeing her? Belle is afraid of what might happen to the baby. Lauren needs counseling ands support groups. The woman is sure Belle’s heart is in the right place, but she really can’t help her.

Rawlings says he’ll just shoot them and push them off the plane. Max says everyone knows they were on this flight. They’ll come after Rawlings. Rawlings says they’ll never find him .Max asks him if he really wants to take that chance over some rope and a flashlight. Rawlings relents and sends one of the girls to get it. He says cold weather is coming in, anyway, They probably won’t survive. Turbulence rocks the plane and Rawlings goes to check it out. Stephanie wants her mom. Max wants his, too. Rawlings comes back. There’s rough weather ahead, so they have to get out now. Max asks if Rawlings can just drop Stephanie off somewhere, She doesn’t deserve this. Stephanie cries.

Belle begs April to look at a picture of Lauren. She says she can’t help. They have to leave or she’ll call the cops. Philip nukes. He tells her to go ahead and call them. He’ll tell them she is harboring the woman that kidnapped his child. He knows they weren’t straight with her, but this woman was his surrogate. She blackmailed him and ran off with his kid. He’s really afraid she will hurt his son. April wonders why she should believe him after he lied to her. Belle tries to tell her Phillip is loving and caring and would never hurt anyone. Just then, Phillip spots Lauren. He goes ballistic. “She has my son!” He starts to go after he, but Belle holds him back.

Bo has been dreading this day since Shawn was born. Police work is dangerous. Shawn understands the risks. Bo tries to bore him into changing his mind. There’s long hours, lots of paperwork, and bad coffee. Shawn really needs a job, though. He needs training to get one, too, before- Bo interrupts, “Before Phillip takes over a sole provider?” Shawn nods. He needs security for Belle and Claire. Bo asks him how secure they’ll be when he’s gunned down in the line of duty.

EJ scoffs. He has seen street theater more convincing than that charade in the hospital. The whole thing was clearly an act. Roman laughs. EJ got him. All the doctors were fakes. Heck, even the hospital room was a painted set. EJ frowns. He knows the Salem P.D. faked his father’s death. Roman asks why they would do such a thing. EJ isn’t sure, but he is going to find out. He’ll also be challenging the coroners’ report in court. That is, unless Roman allows him to see the body now.

Kayla refuses to let Stephanie believe her father murdered someone. She has been through enough. Steve thinks Kayla is right. She’ll tell her all about it when she gets home from Vegas. Steve is glad this is her last trip. He was worried about her on that plane.

Rawlings say she’ll take Stephanie with him and his girls. Max yells, “You SOB!” He grabs Stephanie and opens the plane door. He tells her to pull the ripcord when he signals. She agrees and jumps. She screams. Max follows.

Phil screams. He wants his son. He goes after Lauren and corners her. He looks at the bundle she has. “I want my son!”

Shawn doesn’t want Belle to worry about their future anymore. Bo asks him if he knows what his mom went through everyday. She never knew if Bo was coming home or not. Does Shawn really want to put Belle through that? Shawn sighs. If he could be half as good a cop as Bo, he could earn some respect for himself. He is tired of competing with a decorated war veteran and a millionaire. He wants something he can own…some kind of honor. He swears not to lose Belle to Phillip again.

Roman tells EJ to get all the lawyers he wants. They did everything by the book. Steve comes out with a police escort. EJ confronts him. “Who put you up to this. And why?” Steve stares.

Max and Stephanie enter a cave. Stephanie drags a parachute behind her. She twisted her ankle. She is trying to convince herself this is a fun adventure she can tell her kids about one day. Max tells her they’ll see where they are tomorrow, but they have to stay here tonight. They should be alright; he sees the remains of a fire, so someone has stayed here before. He feels on Stephanie’s ankle. Its definitely not broken. He tries to start a fire. He uses some cash for tinder, since it’s dirty money anyway. He says the cost was too high. He has never felt so alone, even when he and Frankie were out on the streets. Stephanie’s smiles, “You’re not alone.”

Max comes back into the cave with dinner, some pinecones. Stephanie says she doesn’t do nuts and berries. He throws it at her. She tries to catch it but it hurts her fingers. She complains. He comes over and kisses them. They both lean in closer and closer.

Lauren shows Phillip the baby, who is African-American. He gasps, “What have you done?” The guard drags Phillip off. He yells, “Tell me where he is or I’ll-” The guard knocks him in the head with a club. He goes down to the floor. Belle huddles next to him and cradles his head in her arms.

Max stops before he kisses her. He goes to stoke the fire. She wants to climb a tree or hill tomorrow and check for cell hone reception. Max whips his head around. “I can’t believe you swiped that back” Stephanie smiles. She knows she is amazing. Even if they can’t get a signal, Max thinks they’ll be fine Stephanie agrees. She will never doubt him again after today. He tucks Stephanie into the parachute. She says she always wanted silk sheets. He goes over to the other side of the fire and lies down. She asks him to come over there with her. She knows he can’t be comfortable.

April tells Belle if Phillip comes anywhere near this place again, she’ll charge him with assault. Belle gets an attitude. She reminds the woman who hit whom here. She tells her to think twice before she calls the police. The guards drag Phillip out and dump him on the ground. Belle follows. She help him up. He has a huge knot on his head. Phillip smiles. She sure got fired up. He thinks they made one hell of a team. She wants him to get his head checked out when they get home. He says he isn’t going home. She can fly back, but he’s staying until he finds his son.

Bo asks Shawn if he’s sure that he can’t convince him to work at the pub. Shawn is sure. It’s not right for a career. Bo sighs. He’ll see if he can get him into the new recruiting class. The phone rings. It’s Chelsea. Bo asks her to slow down. He tells her he’s on his way. He tells Shawn Jett Carver was shot in the line of duty. “This is your life Shawn. Get used to it.”

Steve asks Kayla to unzip his jacket. It’s covered with blood. Steve smiles at EJ, “Bring you the head of Stefano DiMera? I guess your old man’s blood splatter will have to do.”

Phillip is going to get a hotel room and get the Tulsa police involved. Maybe if the cops show, Lauren will talk to them. He just wants to make sure his child is unharmed. He tells Belle she was great. If it wasn’t for her, he would have flipped and would be in jail now. She still thinks she messed it up and let him down. He says there is no way she could ever let him down. Phillip stumbles a bit as he goes to call the pilot to take Belle home. She insists on staying.

Shawn wants Bo to call him and update him on Jett’s condition. Belle calls him. He asks if she is home She says she is still in Tulsa. They found Lauren, but the baby wasn’t with her. She needs to stay a little longer and help. He reminds her they had dinner plans. She knows, but she can’t leave Phillip alone right now. She asks him to give her one more day and kiss Claire for her. She says bye. Shawn hangs up and stares.

Roman tells the cop take Steve to his cell. Roman apologizes to EJ. He knows Steve rubbed it in his face, but it’s all true. His father is dead.

Stephanie asks Max if he wants to shiver over there by himself .He relents and crawls under the parachute with her. He puts an arms around her. They both stare straight ahead and say “Good night.”


Lauren tells Phillip as Belle looks on, “I wouldn’t tell you where my son is if you put a gun to my head!” Phil roars, “Dammit, where is he?”

Nick asks Jeremy, “What do you want?” Jeremy replies, “How would you like to do me a favor, Nick my man?”

Max asks Stephanie, “Are you suggesting that we- like you and I-” She smiles, ‘I think you know what I’m suggesting.”

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