Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/7/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/7/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

On the plane, Rawlings tells the girls to sit down. He says he didn’t get an invitation. Max tells him he’s not invited. Rawlings walks off. Max asks him what he thinks he’s doing. “I’m taking her up, what do you think?” Max thinks he’s not taking control of the plane.

At the casino, Chelsea begs Jett not to die on her. Jett chokes and splutters. A man tells Chelsea the paramedics are on their way.

In Sami’s hospital room, Lucas asks her about the broken vase. She says nothing happened. She just got a little frustrated. She asks about Kate. Lucas tells her about the mishap with the elevator. Since Kate is worried Andre is after her, Lucas thought Roman could look after her. He asks her a question. Sami snaps, “What do you want?” He wants to know what she is thinking. Sami flashes back to her kiss with EJ.

In Stefano’s hospital room, EJ says his father looks strong. Stefano asks EJ and Tony to take his hands. He says they have to forgive one another. “In our time, we all die alone, but I am comforted to have you here.” He says family conquers all, but EJ interjects. He thinks it’s love that does that. Tony smiles, “Even the sins of the past?”

Outside Stefano’s door, Steve lurks. He starts to open it, but a nurse stops him. He asks about Stefano. She can’t give out any information to a non-family member. She goes back to her desk. Steve walks around the corner, “Stefano, I can’t let you go home without saying goodbye.”

Max tells Rawlings he’s going to stop him, alright. He takes out his cell. He wonders what the cops will think about this. Rawlings hits him with the gun. Max goes down to the floor. Stephanie crouches down beside him and shrieks, “You bastard! What are you doing?” Max comes to. Rawlings tells him to behave. He has a plane he has to fly. He trusts there are no more objections.

Sami tells Lucas she was thinking about Santo and Colleen before. Lucas wants to read the letters. She tells him she already read them. There wasn’t much to enjoy; they were sad. Lucas doesn’t want her getting sad alone. She wasn’t alone. EJ was with her. He saw the letters and insisted, and she thought she could get rid of him faster if she just read them with him. Lucas fumes. Sami insists nothing happened. She is just really sad for Colleen. Santo wouldn’t stop pursuing her, and the temptation for the two of them was just too great. Lucas asks her if they’re talking about Santo and Colleen or her and EJ.

Rolf says Stefano has to refrain from becoming stressed. They get ready to wheel Stefan away. He’s going home. Bo and Roman walk up outside the door. Bo asks Roman if he’s ready. Roman says he has been for twenty years. They walk in. The Salem P.D. needs to speak with the patient. Stefano groans, “What fresh hell is this?” Bo says they are simply here as a police escort. Their job is to protect the public- even public like Stefano. Steve walks in. They tell him to back off. Roman threatens to arrest him. Steve smiles, “You are one tough SOB.” He says Stefano is just like the phoenix. “You the man!”

Stephanie helps Max get up. He asks Rawlings how he plans on keeping a gun on them while he is flying the plane. Max goes after him with a fire extinguisher. He fails. Max grunts. “You lied to these girls and sold them into prostitution. No more!” Rawlings asks the girls to show Max how upset they are. The girls all surround Max and hold guns on him. Rawlings says these girls are his angels, and they know how to raise hell.

An agent comes over to check on Jett. He says that EMS is almost there. She asks them if they’ve caught the shooter. He says that they haven’t yet. He leaves. Chelsea tries to soothe Jett. Then she freaks. “Your hands are getting cold…OMG! He’s going into shock. Someone do something!”

Tony demands that Bo and Roman have Steve removed. Stefano wants to hear what he has to say. They have a long history, and Steve was a good soldier. Steve says he was confused at times, but he isn’t anymore. He wants to apologize for almost destroying Stefano’s donor organ. He has just known Benjy since he was a kid and he lost it. Stefano understands. Benjy is his son. He had no idea Benjy was going to be hurt. Steve knows Stefano would never hurt his own son. Family is too important. Stefano agrees. Steve thinks Andre has been working solo lately. Bo asks Steve to leave. Steve turns to Stefano, “No hard feelings, Boss?” He wants to shake on it. Steve holds out his hand.

Sami tells Lucas he said a horrible thing. She told him the truth, after all. She answered his question about Santo and Colleen. She and EJ have nothing to do with it. Lucas tells her the room is am mess, Sami is in her own head, and she has been reading love letters with her former rapist. Lucas is sick of it. He wants to deal with EJ. Sami says she needs him to end the vendetta. Lucas thinks that’s nothing but a lousy excuse.

Max looks shocked. He demands to know where the hell he invested his money. Rawlings says Ilsa is the best. She is quite the little actress, and has been fleecing high-rollers all over Vegas. Ilsa pulls a wad of stolen cash and jewelry from her bag. Max tells them Jett Carver is on to them. Just then, Stephanie gets a text message from Chelsea. Jett has been shot. Rawlings laughs. He told them he wasn’t worried about Jett. Max tries to go after him again. Stephanie stops him just as the girls close in. Rawlings ask them to watch Max while he flies the plane. He leaves. Max sits. He growls at Ilsa, “So, you’re not a sex slave. All those tears over at Bo and Hope’s that day were fake. I am so dumb. “ She tells him he was dumb enough. Rawlings comes on the intercom and tells everyone to buckle up. Stephanie asks Max what’s next. Max sighs, “Plan B. Pray.”

Sami nukes. How could Lucas call this an excuse after all her family has been through? Lucas thinks EJ uses the vendetta as a free pass to see Sami whenever he wants. She says that is just too bad for Lucas, because she needs EJ, too. Not as much as she needs Lucas, of course, but she can’t end the feud without EJ. Lucas grumbles, “What, are you a team now?” He wants her to admit she wants EJ around for lots of other reasons, too.

Steve says that if Stefano needs loyalty, he’s got it. Bo tells him he can talk at Stefano’s place. They got to get him out of there. Steve goes to leave, but Stefano stops him. He holds out his hand for Steve to shake. He tells him he was a good soldier, and they will have a long talk later. Steve says they will. He pulls out a knife. “This is for Benjy!” He stabs Stefano.

Max apologizes to Stephanie for dragging her into this. She says she is the one that should be apologizing. She was the one that introduced him to Jeremy in the first place. The second Jeremy had a real choice to make, he chose to ran away. She sighs. She asks Max what they are going to do. Max doesn’t know.

The paramedics show up and relieve Chelsea. She cries and calls Stephanie, who doesn’t answer. She leaves a message. Jett chokes and groans . She rushes over to assure him she’s still there. The medics wheel Jet away.

Chaos ensues in Stefano’s room. Bo and Roman jump Steve and wrestle him away. Stefano’s shirt is covered with blood. Tony walks over to him and pulls out a needle. As Stefano watches in horror. Tony injects him with it. Stefano closes his eyes. The doctor comes in and gives Stefano a cursory exam. He’s dead. EJ begs him to look again. EJ rages, “YOU SOB! I’LL KILL YOU!” The doctor and Roman hold him back. Steve laughs and laughs.

Max promises to always protect Stephanie. She doesn’t want protection. She wants to kick a few butts. Rawlings comes out. He has good news and bad news. The good news is that the auto pilot is set to take them to that tropical paradise he and the girls always talked about. The bad news is that this flight is overbooked. Someone’s go to go. He throws a plastic bag in Max’s lap.

Jett coughs up blood in the ambulance. Chelsea is at his side. He has something important to tell her before he dies. She sobs a little. She promises him he isn’t going to die.

Sami is furious, but she doesn’t want to say something she’ll regret later. She values their marriage more than that. How could Lucas think that she would use this feud to spend time with EJ? He reaches out for her. She shrieks, “Don’t touch me!” He doesn’t want to fight, but Sami thinks they need to have this out. A nurse walks in and tells them there has been a police emergency. Everyone needs to stay in their room. Lucas assumes this excludes him, and he wanders off to see what’s going on.

The doctor insists Stefano is dead. Bo and Roman start to haul Steve off. Tony yells that he wants justice. Bo snaps, “The reason Steve is this way is because of your father. So don’t talk about justice.” Bo tells another cop to lock the floor down. This is a crime scene. He leaves. EJ begs Stefano to open his eyes. Tony tries to pull him away. EJ sobs. Lucas walks in. He asks if Stefano is finally dead. Tony tells him what happened with Steve. He thinks it’s so nice that the Bradys can pass on their dirty work. Tony leaves. Lucas offers EJ his condolences He’s sorry. EJ smirks, “Like hell you are.” Lucas admits it. He’s not sorry. In fact, he’s glad. Stefano is finished and so is the feud,. Now EJ can never come near Sami again. He warns him not to ever get near her again.

Chelsea insists that Jett is fine, He’s on his way to the hospital. He begs her to let him say this. He coughs, “I love you Chelsea. I love you.”

All the girls surround Max and Stephanie, guns drawn. Rawlings say it’s nice of both of them to volunteer. Max tells him the flight plan is already filed. Rawlings said he called ahead and changed it. By the time the cops get suspicious, he and the girls will already be in the island. Max smirks. He tells the girls Rawlings will be sipping drinks while they rot in jail. Ilsa tells him to shut up. Rawlings hands them each a parachute. He tells them it’s their turn to touch the sky. Max and Stephanie refuse. Rawlings tells them they can jump without them, but the fall will be a lot harder without them. Max says they don’t know where they are and it’s dark. He warns them to put them on while they have the chance.

Chelsea whispers, “Did you say what I think you said?” Jett mutters something unintelligible. Chelsea smiles. He has lost so much blood. He probably has no idea what he said. Jett smiles. He did mean what he said.

Tony tells EJ it’s hard to believe Stefano is gone. He knows EJ must be upset, since he has gone through so much lately to extend Stefano’s life. EJ says his father has died many times and returned. Why should this time be any different? Tony tells him Stefano isn’t coming back this time. Bo puts the knife in a baggie. A doctor tells him Stefan was stabbed in the upper chest a dozen times. His heart was surely pierced, but they’ll do an autopsy anyway. Bo covers Stefano’s face with the bloody sheet.

Lucas comes back to Sami’s room. He has good news. “Ding dong, the witch is dead.” “Who’s dead,” Sami asks. He tells her Stefano is. The vendetta is over. He tells her and her family are safe. Also, she never has to see Elvis Wells, Junior ever again. He hugs her.


Shawn tells Bo, “Look dad, I know I’ve given Belle a lot of grief. I lost Belle to Phillip once, and I’ll be damned if I let it happen again.”

Belle shakes someone’s hand off camera. She introduces herself and Phillip, “Hi, I’m Belle, and this is my husband, Phillip Kiriakis.”

Steve asks EJ, “Bring me the head of Stefano DiMera? I guess your old man’s blood splatter will have to do.” EJ fumes.

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