Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/6/07


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At the casino, Chelsea comforts Ilsa and a group of girls. She tells them Jeremy is going to help them. She walks over to Max and asks if everything is ready to go. He says it is. The girls are ready, but Chelsea says they don’t trust anyone. Max isn’t surprised after what Andre did to them. Chelsea reminds him that Jeremy didn’t know about what was going on. Stephanie will be able to get him to do the right thing. Stephanie said she’s not going to go unless Jeremy agrees to fly the girls out. Max says he’ll physically stop Stephanie from running off if he has to. Chelsea agrees to help him if it comes to that. Chelsea and Max talk about how Jett is putting his career on the line to buy them a few more hours.

In a hallway at the hotel/casino, Jett lays out a plan to trap Rawlings while two ISA agents look on. One of them says he would feel better about things if they had Jeremy in custody. Jett says he is worried Jeremy will manage to tip Rawlings off. Jett plans to trick Rawlings by telling him Jeremy has a problem with the cargo. They’ll get him off the casino floor and then into an unmarked police car. It will be easy. The agent tells him it better be, for his sake.

On the plane, Jeremy packs in a panic. Stephanie asks him if he’s really going to do this. They need his help to fly these girls out. Jeremy says he has to go. Max will figure something else out. Stephanie wants to know how he can just abandon his friends and family. Jeremy says they don’t give a damn about him, anyway. From here on out, it’s just him and Stephanie. He eyes her suspiciously, “You’re still coming, aren’t you?”

Sami snaps, “We don’t share a fate or anything else.” She thinks he is just as manipulative as his grandfather. He lied to a priest, for goodness’ sake. EJ reminds her that Colleen went along with the plan and worked at the inn. Sami huffs. Colleen just didn’t want to turn the children down. EJ says she could have made some excuse. She wanted to be there. He proves it by continuing to read. Colleen’s letter says she knew it was wrong, but she ran to his room in the rain. The camera pans to Colleen standing in the rain. EJ narrates the following as we watch Santo and Colleen. She was ready to go back to the church, lock herself in her room, and never leave the church again. But just at that moment, Santo opened the door. She knew in that one smile that this was right.

Max says the cars are ready for the girls. Chelsea goes to tell them. Ilsa walks over and Max tells her they are ready to go. She’s glad. They are all very afraid of Rawlings. He assures her they are safe. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him he is a hero, just like in the movies.

Jett tells the two agents that the only priority now is Rawlings. He will handle Jeremy. They ask him if he is sure. After all, Jeremy is an old buddy of his. Jett says he will handle him.

Jeremy insists the cops are going to be waiting for him if he takes those girls out of here. Stephanie says that at least then the cops will know he was trying to help the girls. Jeremy thinks he will still have to serve some time. He refuses to do that. There’s just no way he can explain accidentally selling a bunch of illegal aliens. He’s leaving. He walks out. Stephanie yells at him to get back there. By the time she follows him into the front of the plane, he’s gone.

EJ says that Colleen showed up of her own accord. Sami snatches the letter. She reads. Colleen felt eaten alive with guilt. The camera pans to Colleen, now inside Santo’s room. She thinks the rain is a sign that she is doing something wrong. She wants to do God’s work. She thought it was her calling. Santo thought his calling was his family and arranged marriage. It’s wrong when you deny who you are. Colleen says duty is as important, if not more so, as following your heart. They can’t pretend that doesn’t matter and live for their selfish desires. Sami knows exactly how Colleen feels. EJ is sure she does. “Colleen’s duty was to the church. Yours is to Lucas.” Sami scoffs. She was talking about the vendetta. She feels like it is her duty to end it. EJ also understands what Santo was feeling. It’s like the two of them live inside Sami and EJ’s souls. Sami tells him he is full of it. No, he really does understand. He was also part of a family who had his future mapped out for him. He felt trapped until he met Sami and saw what his life could be like. He reads Santo’s words to describe his feelings, “I never knew I was imprisoned until you unlocked the door.” The camera pans to Santo and Colleen. Santo says that everything changed when he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Everything except that and the birth of his son are without meaning. Colleens shivers. Santo offers her some dry clothing. She says the cold isn’t causing her to shiver. He tells her she needs to dry her hair, at least. He asks her to sit by the fire. He dries her hair with a towel. He tells her she can stop this whenever she wants. It is completely her choice. EJ stares at Sami as she finishes the letter.

Jett tells Max and Chelsea that that Andre DiMera was pulling the strings. Jeremy really didn’t know what was going on. Are they sure Stephanie can talk to him? Max says Jeremy is going to fly the girls out. Chelsea jumps in, “Stephanie can work her magic. Jeremy will be on board.” Stephanie shows up sobbing, “Oh yeah, think again. Jeremy took off. He’s gone.” Jett groans and throws his hands up in the air. Is Stephanie serious? She thought she had things under control, but Jeremy just up and left. He said he wasn’t going back to jail. Jett tells Max he can fly the girls out later, but he has to get Rawlings first. Max gets ready to go to the plane to meet Ilsa and the others. Chelsea refuses to go. Jett and Max insist. She refuses. Max and Stephanie leave. Jett tells her to go to her room. She refuses that, too. This is a public place. She can stay. The camera pans to a plant across the room. A hand pokes a gun out of the plant.

Sami tells EJ they can only continue reading if EJ promises to stop making comparisons between them and Santo and Colleen. He promises to do so. We see Santo dries Colleen’s hair. She puts her hand on his heart. He kisses her cheek, and then her forehead. She says, “May God forgive me” and kisses him. Sami looks up from the letter and stares. EJ stares at her. He asks her if he should read the rest. She says she is fine. She thought lying with a man was the gravest sin possible, but Santo showed her otherwise. We watch Santo and Colleen. They kiss in slow motion. He takes off her dress, then his shirt. More kissing, He picks her up and lays her on the bed. The kiss and canoodle under the covers. Sami stops reading and gets out of bed.

Chelsea refuses to leave Jett alone. He says he has two agents with him. He is fine. She insists on staying. He tells her she is a pain. Rawlings is dangerous. What if something were to happen? He gulps, “I would die before I’d let anything happen to you.” Chelsea beams.

Max runs into Ilsa on the plane. She is so glad he’s there. Mr. Jeremy hasn’t shown up yet. Max says he isn’t showing, but Jett is going to fly them out. It will be alright. Stephanie chimes in, “Yeah, Jeremy decided to save himself.”

Sami thinks Santo got what he wanted. EJ says Colleen did, too. She said herself that night changed her life. They argue about whether or not those were her exact words. They finally agree to keep reading. EJ gets out if the bed and Sami hops in. She reads. The camera pans to Santo and Colleen. She felt at peace, but she wasn’t ready for what Santo was expecting. He says there’s no turning back. Her home can no longer be here, it has to be with him. She isn’t sure what she wants. She should feel like a fallen woman, but she doesn’t. She feels free. He says she is free. They have the rest of their lives ahead of them. Sami stops. She thinks Santo is destroying Colleen’s life. EJ thinks she is a willing participant. A nurse comes in to give Sami an injection. Sami complains, It make her woozy. The nurse tell her it’s the last one, and besides, she needs her rest. She leaves. Sami is confused. Why should Santo and Colleen turn their lives upside down just because they can’t keep their hands off of each other? EJ freaks. “There’s a lot more between the two of us and you know it!”

Stephanie sits by herself on the plane. Ilsa sits down and tells her Jeremy isn’t all bad. “He’s like us, the girls. We’ve owed too much and then we found out the price is too high.” She leaves. Max sits down. Stephanie says Ilsa is nice. Max agrees. She is great. She just got mixed up with the wrong people. Stephanie says ruefully, “So did I.”

Jett tells Chelsea he doesn’t have time to argue. There’s a loud whiz of air. Jett gasps and falls to the floor. There’s a bullet hole in his back. Chelsea shrieks, “OMG! JETT!” Chaos ensues in the casino. Chelsea screams out for someone to help them. Jett gasps on the floor.

Stephanie feels like such an idiot. She can’t believe she fell for Jeremy and his bull. Max frowns, “Just like with me.” She says he is a prince compared to Jeremy. He says he still hurt her, though. She said after that happened, she swore no one would hurt her again. That’s why it was so easy to date Jeremy. He was easy-going and never wanted a commitment. Max admits he has some commitment issue after Stephanie reminds him of the speed with which he burned through Chelsea, her, Mimi, and Abby. He says he hasn’t found the right girl yet. He eyes her. “Or maybe it was the wrong time.” Ilsa comes over. She asks if Jett should be there by now.

The two agents come over to Chelsea and ask what happened. She doesn’t know. They were talking, and he just fell down. They rush off. She screams after them to come back and help her. She begs Jett no to die on her. Jett chokes on the floor. Blood stains his mouth.

EJ insists they feel the same way Colleen and Santo did, but Sami won’t admit it. Those two are in their hearts, and their flesh and bone whether they like it or not. EJ tells Sami he loves every part of her. Even the bad parts. He won’t give up until she is his.

Santo asks Colleen to run away with him. She asks about her family. He says to forget them and come anyway. She tell him leaving his bed is hard enough. She begs him not to make it harder.

EJ knows Sami can’t stop herself from feeling the way she feels. Sami sighs. The drugs are hitting her like a ton of bricks. He tells her they’re exactly alike as she develops tunnel vision. He says they both will do whatever it take to get what they want. She says she’s not like that anymore. He says it’s good that she feels woozy, maybe now she will be truthful. She says she is always truthful. He asks her to tell him if there’s not a part of her that wants to do this every time they’re together. He kisses her. The camera pans to Santo and Colleen kissing.

Jeremy drives. He turns on the radio. There’s been a shooting on the Las Vegas strip. Police and paramedics are en route. Jeremy flips it off in disgust. He never wants to hear the word “Vegas” again.

Jett opens his eyes. Chelsea begs him to stay with her. Blood runs out of his mouth. He chokes. He says he’s sorry. She deserves better. He groans.

Max thinks Ilsa is right about Jett. Rawlings interrupts. He has a gun. “I’ll save you the trouble. Your buddy’s gone. I know that leaves you with one pilot, but I’ll be happy to give it a shot.”

Colleen goes to leave Santo’s room. He asks, “May I see you again?” She hesitates. The color drains from her face. She cries a little and says, “Yes.” She leaves.

Sami and EJ kiss. She breaks it off. She screams at him to get out. As he leaves, she throws a vase and hits him in the back. She sobs.


Max asks Rawlings, “Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Rawlings replies, “I’m taking her up, what do you think?” Max retorts, “You’re not taking control of this plane, that’s what I think.” Rawlings hits Max. He slumps to the ground. Stephanie screams, “Stop it! You bastard! What are you doing?”

Chelsea stoops next to Jett. She cries, “Your arms are getting cold! OMG! He’s going into shock!” Jett stares blankly. His mouth is full of blood.

Lucas tells Sami, “I got to ask you…” “Ask me what,” she asks. He replies, “Are we talking about Santo and Colleen or EJ and you?”

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