Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/5/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Nick quizzes China Lee’s kids on the Periodic Table. He asks them what the symbol for calcium is. Artemis pipes up, “CA!” He’s right. Nick marvels at them. When he was their age, he didn’t know the difference between hydrogen and helium. Artemis squeals, “H and HE!” Billie walks over. Nick introduces the boys to Billie and tells them he’ll be at the next table talking to her. They sit down. Billie tells him he seems comfortable doing this. Nick says he has a big problem.

On Touch the Sky Airlines, Chelsea offers Max his usual drink. Max turns it down. She asks him if he’s alright. He never turns down free alcohol. He says he’s ok. Chelsea says Stephanie told her about the whole illegal alien thing. Max groans. He guesses everyone knows. Chelsea comforts him. Jeremy lied to all of them. It wasn’t his fault. Max says he should have dug a little deeper; now he’s going to lose the money and the garage. Chelsea thinks he should get the cops involved. He says no. He got those girls in, and by golly, he’s going to get them out of there. He just has to make sure Rawlings doesn’t catch on. It will be dangerous if he does.

Jeremy storms into the back of the plane. He asks Stephanie what couldn’t wait until they land to talk about. She tells him she told her dad about the smuggling ring. Jeremy flips. “Are you out of your mind?!”

At the hospital, Sami yells at EJ to get out of her bed. He insists he just wants to read all about Santo and Colleen’s love affair. She says Lucas will kill her if he catches him here. She begs him to go to his room. EJ changes the subject. He thinks Santo and Colleen’s relationship was a lot like their relationship. Sami scoffs, “You look like Santo, and I look like Colleen. The similarity ends there.” Colleen was single and Sami is married. She didn’t know better to stay away from the DiMeras and Sami does. He tells her he’ll give the letters back. She reaches for them and he squeezes back in next to her. He starts reading in Santo’s Italian accent. He reads one line and stops. “My grandfather was quite the Casanova.” He continues reading. The camera pan into Santo’s room at the inn. EJ’s voice continues narrating through the scene. Santo says he thought he had lost Colleen forever when Sister Maryanne came and she left. All he cared about disappeared in an instant. He apologizes for being so hard on her. He didn’t want to force her to choose between her family and her life to be with him. He has to make things right. Santo hold Colleen’s scarf. He knows exactly what he has to do. He leaves the room.

Billie tells Nick fatherhood is not easy. He agrees that it is a lot of work. These kids are stuck with a guy that has never even babysat before. She thinks it will get easier. He smiles. Maybe karma will shine down on him for doing this and he can get another chance with Chelsea. Demarquette comes over and asks for some more ketchup. He leaves. Billie can’t believe he said ‘please.’ Nick says a lot of things are strange about these kids. He doesn’t think they are who they’re supposed to be.

Stephanie tries to calm Jeremy down. Her dad is going to try to help him. Jeremy freaks, “Yeah, help throw my butt in jail.” Jeremy tells her he’s getting out. He’s going to Canada, or Mexico; he’s not really sure. He does know one thing: he’s not going back to jail. Stephanie shrieks, “JEREMY, HOW COULD YOU? WHAT ABOUT US?” He tells her he wants her to come with him.

Sami clucks, “Poor Colleen. I wonder what scam Santo is working on her.” EJ says Santo loved Colleen. She wasn’t completely innocent in all of this anyway. Sami turns on him, “How dare you!” EJ reminds her that her father sent her to a convent. She was trapped in the church…kind of like Sami being trapped in her marriage. Sami is not trapped. She loves Lucas. EJ sighs and wonders what happened to the girl with spark and fire- the girl he used to know. Sami reminds him reading these letters is about ending the vendetta, not about them. Sami begins reading Colleen’s letter. The camera fades to the church in Galway. The priest asks Colleen if she has something to say to him. Sister Maryann tells the priest that she went to Mr. DiMera’s room and not only saw ten toes poking out from behind the drapes, but she also saw Colleen’s distinctive scarf. The priest says this is a grim accusation. Colleen stares. The nun screeches that her silence is enough. She’s guilty. The priest prods. If Colleen says she wasn’t there, he will believe her. But God will know the truth. Colleen gulps. She says she wasn’t in Mr. DiMera’s room.

Jeremy plies Stephanie with sweet talk. He wants to pull a “Bonnie and Clyde” and disappear. They’ll make it work somehow. Stephanie cries. What about her friends and family. How will they eat? Where will they sleep? Jeremy has money stashed away. Stephanie tells him her cousins Belle and Shawn tried this, and it was a disaster. Running away doesn’t solve anything. They need to go to her dad. Jeremy just doesn’t trust Steve- or anyone else for that matter. He only trusts Stephanie. He asks her to think about it and let him know before they land. He won’t be mad if she says no. He leaves. She cries. Chelsea walks in and asks what’s wrong. She says, “Nothing,” then screams, “Everything.” She runs off in hysterics.

Jett slides in next to Max. He tells him everything is going down tonight. Max begs him to ask the cops to hold off for a little while. Jett can’t do it. Max pleads. He just needs a little time to get those girls out of there. He needs Jett’s help to get those girls to a safe place.

Sister Maryanne asks Colleen if she can see her scarf. That will prove her innocence. Colleen stammers. She doesn’t have it. The harpy shrieks, “She’s not fit for the church! She’s deceiving us!” Santo walks in with a woman. He has come to apologize to the sister. He was not very hospitable to her and he came to make a donation.

Sami stops reading. She thinks Santo was very inventive. EJ says he was also caring. He was trying to save Colleen’s reputation. Sami reminds him her reputation is at stake because of Sano. EJ insists he wouldn’t go to the trouble of helping her if all he wanted was to get her in bed. Sami says he kept pushing Colleen even though she asked Sanot to leave her alone. EJ grins. It’s the DiMera perseverance. Sami pushes him out of bed, “I hate you! Get out!”

Billie just thinks they’re good kids. Nick tells her China Lee was a hustler and a con artist. These kids are fluent in French, and some other language that Nick has never even heard before. They’re geniuses. China Lee just doesn’t seem like the kind of parent that could provide them with that kind of education. Nick is certain that China Lee is not their mother.

EJ pouts. He tells Sami her words were strong. She says he and his family have caused pain. She wanted to destroy them, and almost did, but she couldn’t bring herself to stoop to their level. EJ asks what it is she is afraid of. His father is barely clinging to life. Tony and EJ have both opted out of the family vendetta, and Andre is sure to slip up eventually. These letters are not about ending a feud. They are about one man and one woman.

The woman with Santo is named Mrs. Fitzpatrick .She sits children in the area and watches Stefano sometimes. They have both recently lost their spouses and have comforted each other. They were just talking when the sister came by, and she hid to protect her reputation. The priest says Sister Maryanne needs to apologize to both Colleen and Santo. Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s scarf even looks just like Colleen’s. The nun apologized to them. She leaves. Mrs. Fitzpatrick asks to talk to the priest alone. They leave. Colleen wails, “She’s right. I’m not fit to serve in the church!” She lied even before he came. He has to go and stay away from her. He tells her that every time she denies her love for him, that’s lie, too. And the lord knows it.

Sami says that Santo should have let Colleen go if he loved her so much. He just kept pushing her. EJ thinks she was in denial, not entirely unlike Sami herself. She didn’t want to be a nun. His grandfather saw that. She wanted to see the world. Sami thinks she was young and naïve and Santo took advantage of her. EJ says the feeling was clearly mutual. Sami says he used Colleen’s innocence to get what he wanted. She says she can prove it. Colleen herself says in the letter that she felt weak and begged God to protect her.

Colleen prays. The priest enters. He wanted to thank Mr. DiMera for his generous donation, but he is gone. He needs Colleen to do something for him. Mrs. Fitzpatrick needs a hand watching the children. Colleen needs to go to the inn a few mornings a week and lend a hand. He knows she can do it after all of her work with the orphans. Colleen stares. He hopes her working there isn’t a problem, since he told the woman she could start the next morning. Colleen turns pale.

Stephanie wipes her eyes. She is acting so unprofessional. Chelsea asks her if she needs to go throw Jeremy off of the plane. Stephanie says no. She told her parents about the smuggling thing. Chelsea says she knew her parents would freak out. She thought her dad could help Jeremy, and he can, but Jeremy doesn’t want it. He wants to take off as soon as they land. Chelsea has to promise not to tell. Chelsea promises, but she thinks it is all pretty messed up. Stephanie says he wants her to go with him. She’s not sure what to say. She doesn’t want to leave, but she doesn’t want to lose Jeremy, either. Chelsea says she has to go deliver a drink. She runs into Jett. He tells her to do him a favor. When she gets to Vegas, he wants her to go to her room, lock her door, and not answer it for anyone. She tells him he is freaking her out. He says things are about to get really ugly.

Nick think something is off. What if they were kidnapped? Billie put her hands up, “Whoa, slow down.” He can’t help it; his mind has been going to some odd places. He has even tried to ask the kids questions, but they won’t say anything. Billie thinks if two kids that were that educated got kidnapped, they’d be plastered all over the news. Nick suggests blackmail could be involved. He thinks this is right up Billie’s alley, but he doesn’t have any money. She stops him. She promises to do some digging for him, free of charge. If they are China Lee’s kids, he’s nominating her for mother of the year. If not, he has to find their real parents.

EJ and Sami argue about Santo and Colleen. She thinks Santo manipulated Colleen. He thinks he rescued her. EJ swears it was more than just manipulation. He can feel that Santo and Colleen were meant to be together. Why can’t Sami?

We watch Colleen in church as Sami reads her letter. She doesn’t feel Santo’s motives were purely to help her. He deceived her. She sought sanctuary in the church, but he tore down those walls with the help of poor Father Mallory. On the other hand, she is still having a hard time overcoming her sinful desires. She doesn’t think that even faith can save her.

Jett tells Chelsea the bust is going down tonight. They’re arresting Jeremy as soon as the get to he casino. Chelsea asks him if they can give Jeremy a pass. He says they can’t. he looks at her suspiciously. “Why?”

Max walks to the back of the plane and sees Stephanie. She can’t talk to him. Everytime she sees him, all she can think about is-- He interrupts, “Our kiss? Yeah, I wanna rip your clothes off, too.”

Nick writes down some information for Billie. He really owes her. He has their names and birthdays, but that’s all. She promises to do what she can. He tells her to call him if she has any questions or can’t read his handwriting. There’s an awkward pause. They say goodbye and she leaves. He walks over to the two boys and asks who ate his fries. They point at each other. He asks them if they want to go lunar bowling. As they leave, he explains it’s like regular bowling, but with the lights off and everything set against black lights. As they leave, a man with a scarred face walks in front of the pub, He stares after them.

EJ says Santo wouldn’t give up because he knew he and Colleen were meant to be. He is disappointed in Sami. He thought she was more of a romantic than this. Sami says reading these letters isn’t romantic, it’s like reading Colleen’s destruction. Sami says they both had a choice when they met. It wasn’t destiny. EJ says they only had one choice, They could choose to follow their fate or reject it. EJ says he and Sami have the same choice.

Jett tells Chelsea that as long as Jeremy surrenders peacefully, there won’t be any problems. Chelsea squirms. He asks her what he is hiding, She can’t tell him. He asks her if she can live with herself if someone gets hurt. She caves. Jeremy is planning on bailing as soon as they get to Vegas. He might take Stephanie with him.

Stephanie tells Max this is just a confusing time for her. He tells her he knows. He felt that spark, too. She groans, “Please don’t do this.” He tells her they can talk later, in Salem. He doesn’t want to push. She says there may not be a ‘later.’ Jeremy is running away and he asked her to come with him. She thinks she is going to go.


Chelsea tells Jett, “Stephanie can work her magic. Jeremy will be on board.” A teary Stephanie interrupts, “Oh, yeah? Think again.” Max looks on as Jett throws his hands in the air in exasperation.

EJ tells Sami, “It’s almost as if the two of them live inside our souls.” Sami stares at him in disbelief.

Jett tells Chelsea, “I’d die before I let anything happen to you.” Chelsea smiles.

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