Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/4/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Steve and Kayla’s, Stephanie knocks at the door. Steve answers. She needs to talk. She sobs a little. Steve ushers her in. She needs a hug. Steve hugs and soothes her. She sobs.

At the hospital, Lucas encourages Sami to finish her drink. She wishes they could have gotten the folio. Whatever was in it was important enough to make Andre desperate to keep it. Julie has dropped off more letters for them. Lucas doesn’t want to read the letters. He sick of them and of the DiMeras. EJ walks in and grins, “I can see I’ve come at a bad time.”

Bo walks into Stefano’s hospital room. Tony is standing by his bedside. Stefano is stable. Bo asks to talk to Tony outside. Rolf wants Stefano released into his care, but Bo wants him to stay at the hospital. He needs Tony’s help. Tony wants to know why. Bo is going to kill Stefano. Well, not exactly kill him, but fake his death. Tony doesn’t think it will work. Andre knows Bo would never be able to kill Stefano. They have to find someone else. Tony has the perfect candidate: Steve Johnson.

Stephanie couldn’t think of anyone to talk to about Jeremy besides Steve. He’s been smuggling girls into the country. Steve pulls his hair out and dances angrily around the room. He roars, “WHAT? OMG! WHAT?” Stephanie pouts. Jeremy thought he was doing a good thing and getting them jobs. She knows Steve thinks she is some airhead that buys everything Jeremy tells her. He doesn’t think that. He asks her if she knew anything about it. She swears she just found out. She tells him he has the right, but he won’t say “I told you so.” He loves her more than he loves being right. She just has to promise that she will steer clear of Jeremy- at least until they know what is going on.

Lucas wants to know what EJ is doing there. Sami says he is supposed to be resting, anyhow. EJ just came to thank Lucas again for saving his life. Kate calls Lucas. Sami tells him to answer it before she storms the place. Lucas goes off to talk to her. EJ apologizes for setting Lucas off. He understands why he was angry. He asks her about the babies. She says they are fine. He is glad-they are strong like their mother. Lucas comes back. Kate thinks Andre is after her, so he has to go meet her. Lucas wants to help EJ back to his room- it’s not a request. They walk out. Lucas tells EJ to stay away from Sami. EJ says he has a sponge bath lined up anyway. He strolls off around the corner. Lucas leaves. EJ pokes his head around the corner, sees the coast is clear, and slides back into Sami’s room. They can talk now that Lucas is gone. He wants to refresh her memory- the memory of their kiss. He knows she felt the passion there.

Kate sits at a booth in the pub with sunglasses on. Lucas asks her about them. “I’m trying to be inconspicuous,” she huffs. Lucas is bewildered, “By wearing sunglasses inside?” Andre tried to kill her today. She went to get in the elevator at the apartment, and she almost stepped into an empty shaft. He tried to kill her right outside her own suite. Lucas tries to calm her down. She can stay with them for a little while- at least until the police catch Andre. Kate rolls her eyes, “Death is looking better and better.”

EJ tells Sami that the experience was surreal for him. When he felt her lips, he knew he had to try to kiss her with all of the life left in him. Sami freaks. She doesn’t love him! She loves Lucas. What does she have to do to convince him of that? EJ asks her why he should believe that when she doesn’t believe it herself.

Bo is unsure about Steve. He’s just getting his life back together. Tony thinks helping put Andre away will be therapeutic for Steve. Abe walks over. He wants to talk to Bo alone, but Bo tells him Tony is in on the plan. Tony tells Abe that he thinks Steve would be best for the role of “killing” Stefano. Andre will believe he would do it. Abe asks Bo what they do if Steve flips out. Bo thinks Steve can handle it. Abe tells him he better be sure before they ask for Steve’s help.

Kate tells Lucas that Phillip is out of town, so she can’t stay there. Lucas asks about Roman. She tells him she accidentally told Roman about her deal with Stefano. She thought if she confessed to him, she would feel better. She used to always love the way she looked in his eyes. She tried to tell herself she wasn’t judging her, but then he woke up. Lucas swears he won’t judge her for what she did. He knows what she had to give up to raise him. She swears she would do it again.

EJ says every DiMera has a nose for self-deception. She insists that she doesn’t want him. Why can’t he respect that? He tells her he does respect her wishes, but he respects her desires more. She is still the same scheming liar she has always been. Sami crosses her arms. She just wants to be a wife and mother. He says he just wants to forget his past sins, be a good man, and be with the woman he loves. She yells, “That’s a bigger lie than--” EJ cuts her off, “Than what, my dear, than what?” He says he’s going to run for the Rotary club. She calls him a pig. “That’s the Samantha I know and love!” He smiles.

Stephanie swears Jeremy is trying to make things right, but she is not sure how just yet. He didn’t have to tell her the truth though, and he did. He loves her. Steve wants to know if he told her that before or after he revealed his little smuggling ring to her. Stephanie cries, “He DOES love me!” More weeping. Steve soothes her. Of course Jeremy loves her. He would be crazy not to. He hugs her.

Bo insists that Steve has been on the up and up for a while now. A nurse walks up. He wants to talk to Tony about Stefano’s condition. Tony leaves. Bo thinks Kayla would have said something if Steve had had a setback. Abe shrugs. If Bo really thinks Steve can handle it, he’ll give the plan the green light. But he has to clear it with Kayla first. “And if you thought I was tough, you haven’t seen anything.” Bo sighs. He knows.

Stefano calls out for Tony. Tony tells him he will be just fine. The surgery was a success. Stefano says Rolf is having him released. Tony thinks he needs to stay at the hospital in case something goes wrong. Stefano shakes his head. He would be a fool to trust Tony. Tony tells him he can prove his loyalty, but Stefano is suspicious of the change of heart. Tony says he is still Stefano’s son. They have both disappointed each other. That makes them a true father and son.

Stephanie wants to give Jeremy another chance. Steve begs her to steer clear of his trouble. Will Steve help him if he needs it? Steve promises to help Stephanie. If that happens to help Jeremy too, then that’s ok. She hugs him. He doesn’t want her to try to fix Jeremy’ life. She looks up at him, “Isn’t that what you do when you’re in love?” She has to go. Steve says he has her back. No one messes with his baby girl. She thanks him and leaves. Kayla comes out. She thought she heard Stephanie. Steve says she just missed her. Jeremy is in trouble. She was light on the details, but Steve is on top of it. Someone knocks. It’s Bo. He needs to talk about the DiMeras. The baby cries. Kayla goes off to tend to him. Steve asks if the buzzard lived. He did. Bo told Tony about the plan. He has thought of the perfect assassin. Bo smiles, “It’s you, man.” Steve laughs.

Kate says she is fine. It isn’t Lucas’ problem anyway. Lucas says he loves her, and she is his mother, so it is his problem. No one is going to kill her. Roman walks up. He tells her she can always go back to sleeping with the enemy. Roman guffaws at his bad joke. Seriously, though, he did check with Kate’s building, They are claiming it was simply mechanical failure. Kate thinks Andre did it. Roman tells her she can always sue the building- the money should come in handy. She tells him not to make fun. He was really sorry they almost lost her. His voice softens. Some people make the world a more interesting place. Lucas smiles and eyes Kate.

Sami asks EJ why he is still around. He can’t leave. He got a glimpse of that wicked girl he loved so. She wants him to leave. He tells her he knows what living life is all about. He knows they both want the same thing, Why try to deny it?

Roman tells Lucas he is mad at all of them for trying to handle the Andre/folio situation on their own. Kate says Lucas didn’t even believe her life was in danger. Roman says she’s not dying on his watch. She pouts. She’s a helpless victim. Roman says the helpless part is pure and unadulterated crap. Andre is dangerous, however. He suggests Kate stay with him. Since someone has to keep an eye on her, it may as well be him.

Rolf leaves Stefano and Tony alone. Stefano asks Tony if he believes in dreams. He dreamt that the Bradys murdered him in cold blood. He has to get out of the hospital. Tony swears he will try to get him released. He tells Stefano that he will always be in his heart. He will always be a DiMera, deep down, no matter what. Stefano looks at him slyly. “What does that mean?” Tony drones, “It means, in the end, my loyalty will always be to you.”

Steve is more stoked than ever. He is glad Bo trusts him to do this. Bo asks him if he can handle it. He’s worried about flashbacks Steve might have. Steve says they are nothing to worry about. Steve will talk to Kayla about this. She comes out. “About what?” Bo puts his head down and speed walks to the door, “See you later, sis. ’Bye.” Kayla tries to stop him, but he’s gone. She turns on Steve. What were you two talking about? Steve rambles. “Oh, you know, about life.” They talked abut Pocket and Stephanie. He thinks he is finally happy. Kayla is too, but she still wants to know what’s going on. He tells her that he was in control the whole time at the hospital. He knew what he might do to that liver, He just doesn’t want her to be afraid. She knows he wasn’t being controlled when he did that. He tells her Bo has an idea about Andre. Steve is going to be a “little” involved. She wants to know how. He tells her she’ll hate it.

Stefano says they both have their regrets, yes, but it is necessary that every man belong to something bigger than himself. This family is bigger than the both of them. Tony has accepted that. Stefano tells him he was the eldest, and should have been closest to Stefano’s heart. If Tony agrees to help him now, he will reward him with everything he has. He wants Tony to carry on the DiMera legacy. Tony smiles woodenly, “It would be an honor- father.”

EJ snatches the letters from Sami. They belong to both of their families. Sami says Santo started this whole mess. EJ think it was love. Sami frowns, “Love shouldn’t be that painful.” EJ disagrees. He thinks love can be more painful than anything. Sami thinks Santo should have just left Colleen alone. She wanted him to, but he was always in her face. She demands EJ give the letters back. He says he will, but only if they can read them together.

Kate sulks. Does she have to do laundry? Roman beams. He does his own. She only has to do this until they arrest Andre. He hands her the keys. Lucas offers to drive her home and help he pack. He goes off to call Sami and tell her he will be a while. Kate tells Roman that he is a good man. He’s glad she’s coming to stay. She asks why. He winks, “Why do you think?” He saunters off.

Sami sniffs. She is reading those letter with Lucas. EJ thinks they are a lot like Santo and Colleen. They are two completely different people drawn to each other. She insists she isn’t drawn to EJ. He continues dreamily, “No one could separate them.” Lucas calls. He tells her he has to help Kate move in to Roman’s house. He’ll explain later. EJ asks if Lucas is on his way. Sami lies. He is. EJ hops into bed with her, “Then we’d better get a move on.” Shall he start reading or will she? He thinks he can get pointers from his grandpa- pointers on how to get the woman you love to see that you belong together.

Kayla blows her top. She can’t leave Bo and Steve alone for one minute. This plan could trigger a lot of hidden memories. Steve tells her he is the only one that can do it. No one in her family could go through with it, but no one knows what “crazy Steve” will do. Besides, he is the one with the best motive, anyhow. He promises to do this sanely and rationally, but he’ll back out if she says no, She just says she is afraid. He says he is, too.

Bo walks into the waiting area at the hospital and corners Tony. He says Stefano had a dream that the Bradys killed him. No one tipped him off, he is just paranoid; but he wants to leave the hospital soon. Tony cant possibly stall past tomorrow. He sighs. Life was simpler on the island. Bo asks him if he's backing out, He’s not. Bo says that Stefano is going to die tonight.


Nick tells Billie, “I have a problem. A big problem. These kids aren’t China Lee’s.”

The camera pans over to Artemis and Demarquette playing quietly.

Chelsea tells Jett, “You’re kinda freaking me out.” Jett says, “Things are about to get real ugly.”

Stephanie tells Max, “Every time I see you, all I can think about is--” Max interrupts, “Our kiss?”

Sami pushes EJ out of her bed. “You are so arrogant! Get out! I hate you! Get out!”

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