Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/31/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/31/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Phillip tells Belle they are all set to go to Tulsa. She asks him if he still thinks she can help. He says can’t possibly do it without her. She goes over her role. She’s Lauren’s concerned sister that wants to know where her nephew is. Phillip asks about Shawn and Claire. Claire is at daycare , and can be picked up around six. Phillip smiles, “So it’s all good, then?” No, it isn’t. Phillip figures she didn’t tell Shawn.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope tells Shawn she can’t believe the garage is going under. Bo warned Max about getting into anything illegal. Shawn just hopes he doesn’t go to jail. Shawn tells Hope he has to find a new career. She thinks Belle must be so pleased that his future is taking off. Shawn looks guilty. Hope turns on him, “You have told Belle, haven’t you?”

At Steve and Kayla’s penthouse, Steve talks to Bo about their plan on the phone. He hangs up. Kayla soothes Pocket and asks him about it. He tells her they’re going to trap Andre. Bo is selling the idea to Abe and Roman right now. Kayla wonders why Steve has to be involved at all. He has Pocket to think of, after all. Steve thinks everything will be fine. Bo has everything under control. Kayla says she promised Lexie she would go down to the hospital to see Benjy. Steve asks her if she’s taking Pocket to Hope’s. She smiles, “I was thinking of leaving this little guy with my big guy.”

Belle tells Phillip that she hasn’t told Shawn yet. She was kind of waiting until the last minute so that he couldn’t argue with her. Phillip feels badly. She can back out if she wants. Belle doesn’t want to. Friends help friends out. He’s not alone, and never will be, as long as she is around. Phillip beams.

Shawn sighs. He doesn’t want to worry Belle until he can figure something out. Hope warns him that she is going to figure out really soon on her own, anyway. Shawn has a plan, though. It’s more like a career change. If it pans out, he’ll tell Belle. He wants to join the Salem P.D. and become a cop. Hope’s jaw drops. She can’t imagine Belle approving of that career. And for that matter, Hope doesn’t think she could handle losing another son.

Kayla tells Steve it’s fine. He passed baby basic training. He’s worried. He’s never done this alone before. Kayla tells him it was tough for her, too, at first. She had to re-boot all her mothering skills. All Steve really has to remember is FBBDN: Feeding, Burping, Bath Time, Diaper Change, and Nap. Not necessarily in that order. He is sure he can handle it. She thinks so, too. She gives him instructions on warming the bottle and tells him to call if he has any problems. She leaves. “Hey l’il dude.” He doesn’t think one ten pound baby could cause any problems. “Name one,” he challenges the baby. Pocket screams.

Kayla enters Benjy’s hospital room. Lexie sits by his bed. She feels guilty about what happened. She wants to make sure Benjy gets the best treatment since she is no longer practicing. Kayla says they will figure out the best course of treatment together. Lexie tells her that she and Steve made Benjy the wonderful person he is today. She thinks they’ll do the same with Pocket. Kayla frowns, “He just has to make it through daddy day care.”

Steve tries every trick in the book to get the baby to stop crying. He waves toys around. He reads baby books. He plays the harmonica- twice. He makes faces, and then finally gives up. He leans over the carriage, and Pocket throws up in his face. Steve splutters and groans.

Hope knows Shawn is an adult and can make his own decisions, but she really wants him to consider other options. He insists he is just thinking of Belle. Hope doesn’t think Belle would want Shawn to risk his life. She warns him of the dangers. Shawn throws his hands up, “A badge is not a target!” She wants him to tell that to the bad guy cornering him in the alley with a gun. He says it is in his blood. He reminds her of how dedicated she was to the force. “You’re not gonna back down, are you?” Shawn shakes his head. Hope tears up. She’s not happy, but she’ll live with it. She’s just going to pray that he stays safe. Shawn wants her to help pave the way with Bo. He wants to get into the academy, and he needs to do it quick- before Phillip can swoop in and take Belle. Hope reminds him that Belle chose him, not Phillip. Phillip can pay for things, but he can’t stand up to Shawn. She urges him to be truthful with Belle. He promises to tell her tonight.

Belle pulls her hand away from Phillip. There’s an uncomfortable silence. Belle says she is going to tell Shawn about her trip. Phillip agrees to pick her up from Bo and Hope’s house in 45 minutes. He thanks her again. She’s the best.

Belle knocks at Bo and Hope’s door. Shawn answers and kisses her. He tells her Hope is watching Claire tonight, since he is sitting for Ciara. They have plans. They’re going out to dinner. Belle suggests they re-schedule. She might not be back in time. Shawn asks innocently, “From where?” Belle squirms, “Tulsa.”

Hope shows up at Steve’s place. They discuss what he has tried with the baby. The diaper is fresh. Has he burped Pocket? Steve freezes. That was a long time ago, over two hours-Hope gasps. “He’s starving, that’s what’s wrong!” Steve moans. He really messed up.

Kayla tells Lexie she left Pocket with Steve for the first time. Lexie remembers the first time she left Isaac with Abe. She snuck around the side of the house and watched him. Abe did fine. Kayla thinks it must have been hard to find out he was Bo and Hop’s child. Lexie agrees, but it wasn’t as hard as his death. It was so unnecessary. Kayla sighs. She thinks babysitting is good for Steve. It will show him how good of a father he can be. Kayla reminiscences about finding Benjy and adopting him. Lexie smiles. Benjy told her that Steve was the first person that ever made Benjy feel secure.

Belle explains Lauren, Phillip, and the Tulsa connection. Shawn doesn’t understand why he can’t ask Billie. Belle says Billie is installing the new security system at the university. She can’t get away. Shawn suggest Chelsea, or anyone else. He doesn’t understand why Belle needs to get involved. “Why does it have to be you?”

Kayla tells Lexie Benjy has been given a new aggressive cocktail of antibiotics. They’re hoping it will cut back the infection. Lexie wonders what will happen if he won’t fight. Kayla swears they won’t let him slip away. Not while that evil man is across the hall, getting stronger every day. She scowls, “He’s building himself body part by body part, like some demented Frankenstein.” She tells Lexie about her trip to Italy. She almost violated her Hippocratic oath and pulled the plug. She makes a new oath. If Benjy doesn’t pull through, Stefano is next. She apologizes for speaking that way about Lexie’s father. That’s OK. Lexie feels the same way.

Pocket is calm. Hope reminds Steve that babies have little tummies, so they need regular fill-ups. Hope asks for the story. How did they end up with Pocket? Steve tells her he basically followed Kayla home from the hospital. She asks him if he thought of the name. He says Kayla did. Hope says he’ll need a regular name one of these days. Steve wonders what his real parents named him or if they’ll come back. He bounces Pocket on his lap. Hope asks him, “What if they don’t? Are you ready for parenthood?”

Lexie asks Kayla to go home. Kayla says she wants to wait to see if the antibiotics take effect. She asks about Lexie’s eating and sleeping habits. She hasn’t been home at all, or slept. She ate some take out. She‘s not leaving until Benjy opens his eyes. Kayla asks her if she is afraid. She admits she is . She has lived in fear ever since she got out of that tunnel. She’s always looking over her shoulder for Andre. Kayla tells her they are trying to end this vendetta. Lexie smiles wanly. She’s family. She can’t escape. She is really just afraid for Theo. Kayla says she is just sick of living like this. It isn’t fair that they have to be afraid all of the time.

Hope reminds Steve that he loved being a dad. Does she think he’s cut out for it? She asks him to look at Benjy. He says that was before his brain trouble, though. She thinks the old Steve and his instincts are still there. She wonders why he agreed to do this if he wasn’t sure. He says it was Kayla’s idea. If this was a test, he flunked. Hope disagrees, It was more like seeing him with Stephanie all over again. He knows a lot more than he gives himself credit for.

Belle soothes Shawn. She was thinking that if she helped Phillip find Tyler, he would lose interest in Claire. Shawn reluctantly agrees. He asks her to be careful. Phillip knocks at the door. He asks Phillip nastily, “Are you here to pick up your flight buddy?” Phillip asks him if he is OK with this. Belle says he is fine with it. She goes off to call Claire’s day care. Shawn knows exactly what Phillip is trying to do. He wants Belle back, and he’s going to use every trick in the book to do it.

Benjy wakes up. He signs frantically. Kayla fills him in. Stefano and Andre stole a piece of his liver and threw him in a dumpster. He’s in the hospital. Since Andre didn’t use sterile instruments, he had a bad infection. He signs again. She tells him Sonja and the baby are safe. Steve is fine also, he’s at home with their foster baby, Pocket. Benjy signs that he is a lucky boy. Kayla agrees.

Phillip tells Shawn that he shouldn’t have lied about Lauren. Then he wouldn’t have to go looking for Tyler. Shawn says that may be, but this is still a play on Belle. He swears that this is the last time he’ll stand by and let Phillip do this. Belle walks in. What did she miss? Shawn scowls, “Nothing!” He tells her dinner is at six, and she should dress formally. They kiss. She leaves. Phillip hangs back. He tells Shawn that Belle is a free woman as far as he is concerned. She isn’t Shawn’s wife yet. Shawn bares his teeth as Phillip walks out.

Kayla comes home. She tells Steve Benjy is awake and on the mend. Steve picks her up and whirls her around. That is great news. He thinks her TLC did the job. It worked on him like a charm, after all. She asks about the baby. He’s sleeping. She can’t believe how clean everything is. “Where is my husband?” “If you’re looking for a good-looking one-eyed dude, he’s right here.” They kiss. She’s impressed with his parenting skills .He’s a natural. She wants them to raise a child together. She thinks he was meant to be a dad. She goes off to check on the baby. Steve stares and sighs.

Hope comes home. Shawn tells her Ciara is napping. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her about Belle’s trip to Tulsa with Phillip. He didn’t get a chance to tell her about the garage. He grumps. He knows Phillip is going to try to turn this into some romantic interlude. Hope ask Shawn if he trusts Belle. He says he does. She tells him that is all that matters. He needs to let these fears and securities go away. There’s no need for them.


Kayla tells Steve, “I could kill him in cold blood because of what he did to you.” He replies, “Think about it, that’s the thing baby. There’s the motive. I’ve got more of a reason to kill him than anybody.”

Bo tells Tony, “I need Stefano here in the hospital. Can you help me with that?” Tony asks why. “I’m gonna kill him.”

Stefano tells Tony, “I want you, Tony, to carry on the DiMera legacy. Tony smiles, “It would be an honor…father.”

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