Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/30/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/30/07


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At the pub, Billie and Phillip talk about Tyler. Phillip can’t wrap his head around the fact that he has a son. Billie has news on Lauren. The Oklahoma police department last had track of her staying at a battered women’s shelter, but she’s gone now. She gives Phillip the address. He wants Billie to go with him to check it out. She says the university needs her, so she’s out. Phil wants to go alone, but Billie suggests he bring along a woman. The woman could play Lauren’s concerned sister. The women’s shelter will open up to such a person.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Shawn starts looking for his tool belt. He’s sick of using Max’s tools. Belle asks him if he’ll model it for her later. He agrees. Belle goes to call Marlena, who is sitting Claire. Max knocks at the door. He needs to talk to Shawn. He’s about to lose the garage. They’re both out of a job.

Outside the sauna, Lucas shouts. “Sami, are you alright?” Inside, she says she is alright, but EJ isn’t breathing. She looks down at EJ. “Don’t you die on me!” She administers CPR.

At the hospital, Steve grasps the cooler. He’s not freaking out, he’s just taking the liver back. Bo threatens to arrest him. Steve tells him to go ahead. He can’t let them save Stefano at the expense of Benjy’s life.

Phillip agrees with Billie. Having a “concerned sister” there is definitely the way to go. He begs her to come. She says she can’t. The fall semester is starting. She asks him about Belle. She would be perfect for the role. Phillip flashes back to Belle and Shawn’s argument at the pub. Shawn tells her not to choose Phillip over him. Belle says “If I do, what?” Phillip comes back to the present. He thinks Billie is right. Belle would come, but Shawn won’t let her.

Max tells Shawn he borrowed against the garage and it fell through. “The Touch the Sky thing?” Max nods. There was a side deal going on that has brought them all down. Shawn guesses that it’s illegal. Max says he thought it was a little shady, but it turned out to be much worse. Shawn asks if its drugs. Max says no. But it’s still really bad. He only has one more flight with Jeremy, and he was the one that got him into this mess. He and his partner and were smuggling women into the country. Shawn wants to get Bo or himself involved. Max declines. It’s out of Bo’s jurisdiction, and too dangerous for Shawn. Max mourns his garage. It’s going down the tubes even as they speak.

Rolf demands the surgery go on, or Stefano will die. Bo tells the doctor they suspect the liver was stolen. The doctor asks him if he has a warrant to either arrest Stefano or take the organ. Bo has neither. He begs the doctor for half an hour. Rolf says Stefano doesn’t have that long. Bo changes tactics, and begs Steve to hand over the cooler. Steve refuses.

Sami performs CPR on EJ. She huffs and puffs over the chest compressions. She sweats. Lucas comes up outside with a crowbar. Sami breathes into EJ’s mouth. EJ kisses her. Sami jumps back. EJ is still unconscious. “Did that just happen,” She whispers. Lucas bursts in. “Sami?” He pulls her out of the sauna. “EJ got electrocuted trying to get us out.” She asks Lucas to do CPR on EJ. “Lucas, please, help him!”

Stefano mumbles, “Destroy them…” Steve scoffs. The old man’s even thinking about hurting people in his sleep. Bo demands he give him the cooler. Steve could go away for a long time. Steve thinks they should just go ahead and send Stefano straight to hell. He grabs a bottle of bleach and opens the cooler. He threatens to dump it all over the slice of liver.

Billie tells Phillip that this is Belle’s decision, not Shawn’s. Phillip says they are fiends, but Shawn doesn’t like it, and he always tries to come between them. Billie wonders how he will find Lauren. She could be anywhere. Phillip is trying to track her with her credit card number. He feels like he is chasing Belle, Shawn and Claire all over again. Billie is sorry he has to go through all of this again. She still thinks the women’s shelter is the best lead, though. Phillip just needs to grab Belle and go.

Max apologizes about the garage. He knows Shawn was counting on it to get a house. Belle walks in. She asks Max what he’s doing there. He says he has news for Shawn. Belle shrieks, “I know! You’re gonna make Shawn a full partner!” Max already considers him one. He actually came to talk about the new diagnostic system. Belle loses interest. She asks Shawn if he found his tools. She wants to go to the book store to pick up her new books. Does he have any cash? He gives her a few bills. She grabs another out of his wallet. She says it feels good to not be dependent on anyone else for money. Shawn sweats. Belle leaves. Max apologizes again. Shawn says there is no need. He understands. Things happen. He has to get a job before he can tell Belle the truth about the garage.

Steve starts to put the bleach on the cooler. Bo grabs him and puts him in a headlock. Steve drops the cooler. Rolf recovers the liver and he the doctor rush Stefano off to surgery. Bo releases Steve. He screams in frustration. “If you weren’t such a coward, you’d do the right thing!”

Sami cries, “Lucas, are you going to do it?” She will if he won’t. Lucas reluctantly agrees to help EJ. He smacks his face lightly. “Wake up, man.” Sami yells, “USE CPR!”

Lucas bites the bullet and breathes into EJ’s mouth. “Come on, wake up,” he pleads.

Belle walks into the pub with a bag full of books. She spots Phillip sitting alone. She’s really excited about nursing school. He tells her he got a lead on Lauren and the baby. He’s going to Tulsa to check it out. The thing is, Billie says he needs a woman to butter up the women at the shelter. They’re way more likely to give the information on Lauren out to another woman. Phillip admits he and Billie both thought of her. “What do you say?”

“A coward, huh,” Bo hisses. Steve wonders what happened to him. Bo says they have to pick their battles. The ones they know they can win. He was just trying to keep Steve out of jail. Steve says they have to get down and dirty with the DiMeras. If they don’t fight fire with fire, they’ll lose. And if they lie down and let the DiMeras win, they may as well dig their own graves.

Lucas works on EJ. EJ chokes and gasps for air. “You saved my life,” he whispers to Lucas. He thanks him. Lucas thinks they are almost even now. “EJ smiles, “Your lips were as soft as rose petals.” The paramedics show and Sami drags Lucas off. She notices his injury. She asks what happened. He tells her Andre smacked him around and trapped him in a car. She thinks he did the right thing with EJ. Lucas thinks he shot their whole future to hell by saving him.

Belle asks Phillip if he wants her to go to Tulsa. He nods. She tells him to sign her up. When do they leave? Phillip is astonished. He stammers. It would probably just be an afternoon trip, but it could be overnight. She’s alright with that. She told him she would do whatever she could to help, and she meant it. Phillip thinks she is amazing, but will Shawn let her go?

Sami stares. A paramedic tells Lucas off-screen that the babies are fine. Sami is mostly suffering from exhaustion. They’ve called another ambulance to take her to the hospital. Sami stares at EJ. Lucas come and tells her she needs to go to the hospital. She says ok. She is still worried about the babies. What did Lucas mean about ruining their future earlier? Lucas thinks that EJ is like a virus. He wants her. She insists she only wants Lucas. Lucas says that doesn’t matter. EJ just shows up all the time anyway. She tells him not to worry. EJ can’t have her. Lucas sighs, “I don’t think you believe that.”

Bo says he wants to figure out the vendetta with the letters. Then they’ll get Andre and the folio and figure out how to end it. Steve laughs, “And then the Bradys and the DiMeras will join hands and make a chain of love and happiness.” Bo says he needs help, not Steve flipping out. Bo almost had to throw him in jail. That would sure show the DiMeras, right?

Outside Bo and Hope’s house, Max and Shawn lounge in chairs and chat. Shawn thinks it would be nice to get a break once in a while. He asks Shawn what happens after the last Vegas trip. Max says they get the girls out, then the cops swoop in and confiscate everything. He could go to jail. Shawn thinks he’ll get off with a fine and a slap on the wrist. Max doesn’t know. But he’ll accept the punishment. After all, he knew something less than legal was going on. Shawn admires his moral compass. Everyone tried to warn him about EJ being fishy, but he didn’t listen. Max says it’s easy to lie to yourself when the money is good. Shawn sighs. He should have told Belle about the garage. He’s just afraid that he isn’t good enough for her.

Sami asks Lucas why he would think she would ever want to be with EJ. He asks her to forget it. He was just jealous. She doesn’t get it. She hates that EJ is around all the time. He reminds her of the joke he made about fate when they were all reading the letters. She got really mad. Why? He thinks she is afraid some part of her has EJ’s initials on it. It scares the hell out of him. He doesn’t understand why she can’t see that EJ wants to take his place.

Steve says Kayla was loyal. She threatened to kill EJ and would have done it too. What are they supposed to do? Sit around and let the DiMeras pick them off while they read letters? Bo swears they’re going to get them. Steve smirks, “If I had a buck for every time you’ve said that…” Rolf comes out of a room. Steve turns. “Tell me the three little words I want to hear. ‘The patient died.’” Rolf shakes his head. The surgery was a great success, and they expect Stefano to make a full recovery. “The phoenix….has truly risen.” Steve finishes. Steve tells him Stefano’s time is running out. Rolf laughs. Stefano is much too powerful for them to bring down. He walks off. Steve groans. “They maim us and laugh.” Bo has an idea. He thinks it’s even down and dirty enough for Steve. Steve smiles, “You look devious. Lay it on me.”

Phillip tells Belle the jet will be ready to go first thing in the morning. They should be back by late afternoon. She smiles. Maybe Tyler will be coming back with them. Phillip doesn’t want to get his hopes up. He is still worried Shawn will be mad. Belle thinks he will understand, and besides, he’ll be working all day at the garage, anyway. Phillip doesn’t know what he would do without her. They hug.

Right on cue, Shawn complains about Phillip. He’s found them and refuses to let go. Max tells Shawn that he won. After all, he is engaged to Belle and is Claire’s father. He and Belle have their own place and she’s happy to be back in school. They have a pretty good life. Shawn says it isn’t great until he can get a paycheck again. Max tells him to talk to Belle. They need to work this out together. He shouldn’t push her away. Shawn starts to call but stops. He doesn’t want to do this over the phone. “You’re not going to tell her, are you?”

Lucas grumbles. Sami and EJ were in a lip lock when he walked in. She tells him he was, too. Should she be jealous of him and EJ? She just doesn’t think EJ would electrocute himself just to cop a feel. Lucas says that Santo and Colleen ended up together because of destiny. Is that what is going on? She threatens to smack him. A man approaches and tells them the ambulance is here. Sami tells Lucas a story. “It’s about a troubled teen that met a military brat that turned out to be the love of her life. Got it?” Lucas smiles. She hands him his wedding ring. They walk off with their arms wrapped around each other. Luca stops to put on his ring.

Steve says Bo’s plan better include Andre. Bo says he is the number one target. Stefano is nothing without Andre. They’ll set a trap by offing the old man. Steve’s eyes gleam. Bo hastily goes on. They’re not killing him, really. They’re going to fake his death to lure Andre out. The papers will report it. They’ll have a funeral. Andre will come pay his last respects and they’ll nab him. Steve agrees. Bo just has to run the plan by Roman and Abe. Steve wants to help. He is really stoked. Bo smiles, “Let’s get ‘er done.”


Kayla tells Lexie, “If, God forbid, Benjy doesn’t make it, I promise you, Stefano will be next.”

Hope talks to Steve, who bounces Pocket on his lap, “You ready to take on parenthood again?” Steve kisses the baby and stares.

Shawn tears into Phillip, “What you’re trying to do is move in on Belle and take her away from me. And you’re going to use every trick in the book to do it.”

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