Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/29/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hope’s house, Kayla frets. Hope doesn’t want her to think the worst. Steve rummages around Benjy's suitcase. He finds something. He asks Kayla not to look, and tries to stop her, but it doesn’t work. There’s a bloody stain on the suitcase. Kayla thinks this must be Stefano’s sick revenge. Steve grimaces, “I promised that we would find him, and we will.”

A homeless man pushes a shopping cart down at the docks. He approaches a dumpster and peeks inside. Benjy is lying inside unconscious. A sheet with a large bloody stain is draped over his stomach.

In Stefano’s room, Rolf insists that it isn’t the end. Stefano begs him to find the folio and destroy it. He can’t die in peace unless he knows it’s been destroyed. Rolf’s cell rings. He says he has to answer it. This call will make Stefano a very happy man. Stefano curses, “Dammit!” He pants. Santo walks up to the bed. “Papa, have you come for me?” Rolf comes in. They have found a new donor for Stefano. And it’s all thanks to Stefano’s remarkable nephew.

In the sauna, Sami and EJ scream for help. “Let us out!”  Outside the door, Andre laughs and removes his wig. He wonders where Kate is, and wanders off.   Sami and EJ continue yelling. EJ tells Sami to relax. She can’t, she’s not even supposed to be in there. He asks if she called Bo. She did. EJ thinks he’ll be there soon.

Lucas is still trapped in the car. On his phone, he tells Bo to find Sami. Bo tells him Sami left the club with someone. He asks Lucas if he can start the car or break the windows. Lucas growls, “Have you ever seen Cujo?” He asks who Sami left with. Bo doesn’t want to tell him, but eventually relents. It was EJ. Lucas swears. She would never leave with EJ willingly. Bo wants to focus on finding Lucas right now. He hangs up. Roman insists he’s going too. He’s the “conshiminer,” and he’s giving Bo an “odor.” Bo looks him up and down and smiles. “Let’s go, man.”

Rolf talks to the doctor. They found a new donor so the operation is back on. The doctor is suspicious. He thinks this is all highly unorthodox. Rolf tells him Stefano will die if they don’t move quickly. The doctor really doesn’t want that on his head. The doctor rushes off. Rolf promises not to let anything happen to Stefano. Stefano shouts, “Papa, leave me alone!” Santo is seated in a chair near the bed. Rolf looks over, but can’t see him. “Who are you talking to?”

Steve paces. Benjy came to him for protection and told him the DiMeras might be after him. He shouldn’t have let Benjy out of his sight. He has to find him. He tells Kayla to stay there and rushes out. She whispers, “Be careful.”

Lucas decides to set off the car alarm to scare off the dogs. He mutters, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns.” He fiddles under the steering wheel and the alarm brays. The dogs slink off. He jumps out and yells at them, shaking his fist. Bo and Roman walk up. Bo fiddles under the hood and stops the alarm.  Roman slings an arm around Lucas. He thinks his daughter is just great. He laughs hysterically. Lucas asks Bo about his condition. Bo tells him Roman just needs some time. He’ll be fine soon. Hope calls. She fills Bo in on Benjy's disappearance. Bo is on his way home. Lucas frowns. He thought Bo was going to help with Sami. Bo says he and Roman can handle it. Lucas pulls Bo aside and begs him not to leave Roman with him. Bo assures him he’ll be fine, as long as he doesn’t drive. Bo leaves. Roman gives Lucas a noogie and giggles.

Sami cries. What if Bo doesn’t find them? EJ starts taking his shirt off. He says they have to take off their clothes. The layers trap heat. She’s sure he would just love to see her in her birthday suit. “Samantha, honey, you’re pregnant. Do yourself a favor and cool yourself down.”

Stefano points at Santo. “This is all your fault.” Santo stares. Rolf tells him no one is there, and besides, he has to get prepped for surgery. Stefano continues to talk to Santo. “I’m in this mess because of you. You let a woman get in the way of family. I can barely even stand to look at you.” Rolf tries to calm him. Stefano begs and gibbers. “Please, you must destroy the folio, please, the Bradys can’t know the secret of the vendetta, please, please do this for me.” Rolf agrees.

Sami has stripped down to a towel, EJ to his boxer shorts. Sami fans herself. She feels dizzy. EJ tries his cell phone. It doesn’t work. Sami asks him if he thinks God would let her babies die. Of course he doesn’t. She says it’s all her fault if something happens. EJ doesn’t think it is, and he thinks Lucas would agree. Sami sobs. Lucas can’t agree because Andre made off with him. They have to get out of there. She hyperventilates. EJ soothes her. “Andre would never kill someone in a public place.” Sami looks at him and looks around them. What do you call this?”

Hope and Bo trade bad news. No one has heard from Benjy. Lucas got beat up and Sami is missing. She left the club with EJ, and now Roman and Lucas are searching for her. Hope just can’t believe Stefano would go after Benjy, his own flesh and blood. Kayla interrupts. She doesn’t understand this. She though they were all going to be happy from now on. Steve walks in with something behind his back. He wants to talk to Bo outside, but Kayla snatches the bundle from him. It’s a bloody shirt. She gasps.

Sami has trouble breathing. EJ tells her they can survive for at least a few hours. Someone will find them. She worries. What if Bo kept it to himself and something happens to him? EJ assures her, “He’ll have half of the police force looking.” He tells her she has to relax. That’s the last straw. Sami goes into freak-out mode. “Me and my babies can’t breathe! My hormones are going crazy! And if you tell me to ‘relax’ one more time, I’LL KILL YOU!”

The drugs in Roman‘s system have worn off. He and Lucas head into Stefano’s room. He is getting prepped for surgery. Roman wants to know where EJ is. Rolf tells him another family member has stepped up to donate. Roman wonders who that could be. Rolf tells him it’s none of his business. He’s welcome to return during visiting hours tomorrow. Lucas pulls Roman aside. “Who the hell besides EJ would help him?” Roman thinks the donation may have been forced rather than voluntary.

Steve tells them it’s Benjy's shirt. He found it down at the docks. Bo rushes in from the kitchen. Benjy has been found in a dumpster. He’s still alive, but he’s hurt badly. He was found wrapped in a bloody street. Steve insists on going down there with Bo. Bo refuses. Steve can’t believe Bo doesn’t trust him. “Knowing how you feel about Benjy, no, I don’t.” Steve has made a lot of progress, and Bo trusts him with his sister, his kids, and his life. But he knows how strongly he feels about Benjy. He doesn’t need a vigilante tearing up the streets. Steve swears he only cares about Benjy's welfare. Hope steps in. Bo knows Steve is just going to follow him anyway. Bo swears he’ll lock Steve up if he has to. Steve promises to behave. They leave. Kayla thanks Hope for stepping in. She feels better that he’s with Bo. They talk about Steve’s deprogramming. Kayla says it was heard to do, and she never wants to have to do it again.

Lucas leaves Sami another voicemail. He thinks she must somehow be at the gym. He knows she wouldn’t leave with EJ, and she’s not answering her phone. He decides to go back and search for her. Roman promises to call if he hears anything on his end. He reminds Lucas to clean his head wound up as Lucas runs out of the room.

Sami begs EJ to stop talking. EJ suggests they play a game. Maybe Truth or Dare, that American game. She snorts. This isn’t a sixth grade slumber party. She’s not playing. EJ starts anyway. He asks if that is her natural eye color. She scowls.  Her turn- “Truth: Did you set this up?” Did he work with Andre to get them stuck in here together half-naked? EJ chuckles. He would never pick an oven like this for a romantic encounter. He had nothing to do with this. She asks about the other times. Lucas was right. EJ is always in the right place at the right time. It was all too convenient. EJ tells her Andre told her where she was when she was tied up in the car. And Sami herself led him to Lucas in the freezer truck. She thinks he just wants to score points with her. He swears he cares about her. She tells him to prove it by helping her and her babies get out of there. She complains that Lucas is going to find their dead bodies in the sauna and that will be his last memory of her. EJ fans her with a towel. She thanks him, it helps a little. He looks up and has an idea. Maybe he can  mess around with the ceiling fan and get something to short circuit and cut off the heat and steam. He rifles through Sami’s clothes and selects her bra. “What size are you? C cup? D Cup?” She stares. He just wants to know because he needs the under wire out of it.

Lucas speaks with the club manager. He asks about Sami. She tells him that she already told the police Sami left with Mr. Wells. Lucas tells her he thinks they are still there. She has to help him find them.

Steve watches Benjy get loaded up into an ambulance. “Stay with us, man. You got a lot of people praying for you.” Bo comes up and tells him Benjy was found with a deep laceration under his ribs. At first they thought it was done with a knife, but it’s too clean. It looks like it was done with a scalpel. Steve says he’s going to ride in the ambulance. He leaves. Roman rushes up. He tells Bo Stefano found another liver. Bo curses, “Dammit!”

Stefano tells Santo to go away. Rolf shakes his head, “What the hell is in the medication?” Santo tells Stefano he has been a faithful soldier, but his work is not yet complete. Stefano roars, “I’ve given you my life! What more do you want?” Santo smiles, “Whatever you have left, whatever you have left.” He fades away. Stefano smiles and cackles, “The phoenix will never die!”

Hope comes downstairs. Ciara and Pocket are both asleep. Kayla worries. They should have heard something by now. Hope says Benjy is strong. She used to see that strength and patience in Kayla too, but lately it seems like she is having doubts. Kayla says it’s just concern. She brought Steve back, but she worries he might slip back into his old ways. She’ll be afraid of that for the rest of he life. She wants him to feel like his has a purpose in life. Hope frets, “What if he does slip? What will you do?”

Roman tells Bo the old man found a liver from someone. Bo rages. “It came from Benjy, that’s who!” He tell Roman to call the ambulance and let them know Benjy lost his liver. Bo heads off to the hospital to stop the transplant.

Sami asks EJ if he is getting off on touching her unmentionables. They argue nomenclature. Is it a bra or a brassiere? He promises to buy her a new one, at any rate. She ask him to put a move on. He climbs on the bench and fiddles around near the ceiling. He is trying to get into the air system to short circuit the power to the sauna. She begs him to hurry. She’s scared.

Hope apologizes to Kayla for brining that up. Kayla says it’s ok. It has crossed her own mind a million times. She’s tired of wondering everyday if the old Steve is here to stay or not. She tries to stay strong and be happy for every day that they have together. She thinks it is a miracle that they even got a second chance.

Rolf wheels Stefano out of his room. Bo comes off of the elevator and blocks their way. He picks a cooler up off of the gurney. “Where’d you find the new donor?” Rolf moans. He already had this conversation with Bo’s bother. He can go talk to him. Bo threatens to haul him downtown. Rolf relents. A distant relative form Italy came through at the last minute. Bo wonders how they got here so fat. It’s quite a coincidence that Stefano’s own son was just found in a dumpster with a laceration. Rolf says Stefano will be very upset to hear that. Steve comes off the elevator like a wild man. He snatches the cooler form Bo. He screams. That poor boy, Benjy, is fighting for his life right now. How dare they think they could just take half his liver from him? He swears to flush it before he lets that bastard Stefano get his hands on it.

EJ finds something. Sami fans herself. She doesn’t feel good. EJ yells triumphantly, “Got it!” Electricity sizzles. EJ falls to the floor. Sami cradles his head in her arms. Lucas runs up outside, calling her. Sami yells back, “Lucas! Please hurry! I think EJ is dead!”


Shawn tells Max, “It’s this fear I can’t seem to shake. That Shawn Brady isn’t good enough for Belle Black.”

Belle tells Phillip, “I told you that I would do whatever I could to help you find your son. I meant that.” Phillip puts his hand over hers. “You’re amazing, you know that? Now, what about Shawn? I don’t think he’s going to let you go.”

Steve screams at Bo, “If you weren’t such a damned coward, you’d do the right thing!”

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