Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/28/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/28/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Roman reads EJ his rights. EJ stabs Roman in the thigh with a syringe. Roman slumps to the floor and yells, “Son of a bitch!”

At the hospital, Bo tells him he can’t cheat death.  Stefano isn’t afraid. “I heard you had to beg for a piece of liver.” Stefano says EJ is proud to donate part of his. Bo smirks. EJ is going to jail and Stefano is going to die. He can end this vendetta now or prepare for a warm welcome in hell.

At the health club, Sami searches desperately for Lucas. A woman with a clipboard comes out and tersely informs her that the club is closed. Sami has to leave right away.

In front of the sauna, Andre pulls a gun on Lucas. He’s going to make one ugly stain on the wall. Lucas asks him to give him the folio. Andre shakes his head. That would end the vendetta, and he is having ever so much fun.

Roman pulls the syringe out of his leg with a grunt. He shouts, “EJ!”

Stefano is incredulous. “You expect me to sacrifice Andre, my own flesh and blood?” Bo remarks that he has done a lot worse than that. Like it or not, Bo has offered him one hell of a deal. EJ rushes in. Bo gapes. “Where is my brother?” EJ says he’ll only tell him if he allows him to be a donor for his father. Bo ignores him. He cuffs him and starts reading him his rights.

Hope and Steve race each other the change baby diapers. They tie. Kayla comes in and answers a knock at the door. It’s Benjy. He wants to see Bo. Hope tells him he is at work, so Benjy takes Steve outside to speak with him. He signs frantically. Steve gasps, “Stefano is dying? Your life is in danger?”

Roman struggles to stand. He just has to get to Stefano.

Bo demands to know where Roman is.  Roman staggers into the room. He says EJ stabbed him with a syringe. Bo whirls on EJ. “What did you give him?” EJ swears it was just something to slow Roman down. What Bo is trying to do is murder. Bo says he gave Stefano a choice. EJ turns to Stefano. He asks him to give up Andre. Stefano turns his face away, “Never.” EJ asks him if Andre is worth dying for. Stefano has nothing more to say. He wants to go to his room.

Sami tries to explain the situation to the woman. Her husband followed a woman into the sauna and now he’s gone. The woman suggests counseling. Sami says she is a club member. She fishes for her membership card. She tells the woman her husband’s name is Lucas Roberts. The woman starts, “Mrs. Roberts?” She looks worried. Sami jumps at the chance. She says knows all kinds of important people, so the woman better let her search. The woman goes off to check her membership in the computer.

Lucas says Andre won’t use the gun, since the cops are all around. Andre smiles. “There’s more than one way to use a gun.” He pistol whips Lucas. Lucas falls. He looks up, blood streaming from his forehead, “Gimme that folio.” Andre scowls, “Over my dead body.” Lucas invites him to go ahead and kill him. Bo and Roman will be all over him. Andre already knows. He says Lucas is no better than bait; he’s just a bucket of chum. He demands that Lucas get up. Lucas refuses to go anywhere with him. He hits Lucas with the gun again. Lucas peers up at him. His face is covered in blood. “You can’t beat the Bradys!” Andre says he can. He plans on taking over Stefano’s reign very soon.

EJ tries to convince Bo that they need Stefano alive to control Andre. He begs for five minutes alone with Stefano. He will convince him to give Andre up. Bo reluctantly gives him two minutes. Bo comes out of Stefano’s room to find Roman slumped in a chair in the waiting area, grinning. EJ gave him some sort of sedative, a doctor informs Bo. Roman giggles. “Bo? Is that short for Boseph?” He makes racecar noises. He asks Bo to make racecar noises with him. Bo eyes him. “Naw, man.”

Stefano can’t believe EJ is asking him to betray his own nephew. EJ nukes. “Our family is not a country! I am your son, not a soldier!” EJ swears to walk out the door if Stefano won’t realize that.

Steve fills Hope and Kayla in on Benjy's news. Everyone has refused Stefano except EJ. Hope worries about Lexie. Kayla is proud of Benjy for having the courage stand up to Stefano. She tells him he can stay with them as long as he wants to. Steve asks if the DiMeras know what Benjy's car looks like. Hope suggests he park it in the garage. Benjy thanks them. Steve says it’s not necessary. They are family.

EJ is prepared to give Stefano his liver. Why does he feel the need to protect Andre? He slaughters people because he’s sick and he likes it. Stefano tells EJ to get out. EJ pleads. Stefano knows he is right. Stefano thinks EJ is just jealous. EJ wears he is doing this because he loves Stefano. He just needs him to- Stefano interrupts, “Betray Andre?” Stefano turns away. EJ is just like Benjy and Lexie. EJ tells him Andre will destroy the family name- what little is left of it. Stefano complains. He is just doing what his father asked him too. EJ says gently, “He asked too much.” EJ is going to jail. Stefano is dying. He needs to give it up. After all, Andre killed Renee with no qualms. Why would he protect Andre after that? “Do this for Renee, if no one else.” Bo comes in. Time’s up. EJ walks to the door. He gives Stefano a pleading look,. Stefano sighs. Andre is meeting Kate at the health club. He will deliver the key to ending the vendetta to her. EJ kisses Stefano on the forehead. He asks Bo to take his cuffs off. He will go after Andre himself and end this without violence.

Sami calls Lucas. As she enters the sauna area, Andre drags Lucas off. She sees the blood and freaks. “OMG! Lucas!” She sees his wedding ring on the floor. She picks it up. A sob hitches in her chest. She calls Roman. He answers. She tells him Lucas is missing. He looks at the phone. “Who is this?” Sami stares, horrified.

Hope praises Steve’s fathering skills as he soothes Pocket. He asks them if they’re cooking up baby plans, He knows two scheming women when he sees them. Kayla asks if he likes having Pocket around. He says he’s alright. Hope wants to know what he likes about  the baby. Steve likes when he falls asleep on his chest, and the noises he makes when he’s happy. Hope says he still hasn’t answered the real question here. Does he want to he a dad? She and Kayla both want an honest answer.

Sami yells that it’s her on the phone. Roman demands to know if her mommy knows she’s on the phone. She got in trouble for calling the Tokyo weather service last week. Sami says that happened years ago. What is he talking about? What has Stefano done to him? Roman says he got stuck with a needle full of lollipops. Sami demands to know if he is alone. Roman tells her Bo is there. She asks him to get Bo for her, but Roman has fallen asleep.

Bo says he isn’t about to trust EJ to help him. Sami calls Bo‘s phone. She explains  about Andre, the folio, and Lucas’ disappearance. While Bo is on the phone, EJ runs over to Roman. He uses his cuffed hands to feel around in Roman’s pockets. Bo tells Sami he is on his way. Meanwhile, EJ has disappeared. Bo curses and grabs Roman. They have to go.

Sami lurks in front of the sauna. It says no pregnant women are allowed, but she promises her stomach that she won’t be in there long. The woman runs up.  She says Sami looks nothing like Kate Roberts. She lied. Sami says she is married to Kate’s son, Lucas. She thinks Lucas is trapped in the sauna. She tries to tell the woman her dad is Roman Brady, the police commissioner, but she won’t have it. Her dad is the tooth fairy, she says, as she ushers Sami out. Sami screams, “Lucas!”

The camera pans  to Lucas, duct taped, and slumped in a car.

Stefano relaxes and listens to opera music. He think he recognizes this aria. Santo appears at his bedside.  He reminds Stefano this aria is from the first opera he took him to. Stefano sobs and trembles. “Papa!”

Sami protests. Her husband is missing and is in the sauna. She’s sure of it. EJ bursts in. She explains what is going on. EJ tells the woman he is a member there. and hands his card over. The woman tells him the club is closed, so they have to leave anyway. He asks her to show him the exit. She does. He drags Sami off. She swears she is not leaving.  He tells Sami that he has to find Andre as well as Lucas, so she needs to cooperate.

Lucas comes to in the car. His arms and legs are taped together. He struggles. “I’m gonna kill Andre! Sami!”

Steve dodges the question. He thinks life is unpredictable. He still feels guilty about leaving Kayla and Stephanie. What if it happens again? Look at Stephanie. She is so insecure, and trusts all the wrong people. He doesn’t want to mess up another kid. Kayla say its not his fault. Hope apologizes for pushing so hard. Steve starts. “Where’s Benjy?” Steve starts calling him.

Stefano reminisces. It was from his first opera. He had no idea beauty could be so powerful. He asks if Santo is here to claim him. Santo tells Stefano he has been a good son. He has fulfilled his wished and never doubted his motives.  He and Stefano’s mother were not in love. Colleen was the true love of his life. And when he couldn’t have her, he waned vengeance. Stefano sulks. He tried to avenge his father and failed. Santo smiles, “No, I failed you.” He started this war and put Stefano in the middle of it. Stefano says dreamily, “Sometimes I dream of the old days, when I was a boy- before the vendetta.” Santo apologizes. Stefano can’t believe it. He has wasted half his life on revenge, his children hate him, and he is dying alone. An apology is just not enough at this point. Santo tells him it isn’t over. The phoenix will rise again.

Lucas frees his arms and legs. He vows, “I’m coming, Sami.” He starts to open the car door, but a huge Rottweiler jumps up and starts barking, attacking the door. Lucas squeaks, “Whoa. Easy, big guy.”

Sami shows EJ the blood. EJ tells her to wait there while he looks in the sauna for Lucas She can trust him; after all, he saved Lucas’ life twice before. He leaves her. Bo enters the club. He explain to the woman win charge that he is with the police and is investigating the disappearance of Lucas Roberts. The woman gasps. She says that girl was telling the truth after all. Roman introduces himself as “The comish.” Bo explains Roman’s behavior. The woman tells him Sami left with an English fellow named Wells.

Sami pounds on the door of the sauna. “EJ!” Andre comes up and grabs her. She asks where Lucas is. He tells her they’ll be reunited very, very soon.

Hope assures Kayla that Benjy will be fine. Kayla hopes so, or Steve will blame himself forever. Steve comes in. He found Benjy's suitcase and hat. Hope gasps. Kayla hugs him. She swears they will find Benjy.

Lucas tries to sneak out of the other door. The dog races around and growls in his face.

The woman worries. She is not sure what happened to Sami, she just knows she went off with EJ. Bo gets a call from Lucas. He asks him if he has heard from Sami. Lucas says her phone is off. Bo tells him she left with EJ. Lucas insists that that makes no sense. Bo hears the dog barking and asks where he is .Lucas tells him he’s in the alley behind the club. Andre played ping-pong with his head, and now he’s in a car, trapped by some nasty dogs. Bo tells him Roman is there too. Lucas groans, “O, great.”

Sami demands to know where Lucas is. Andre asks her if she would care to join him. EJ comes out, and yells, “Andre!” Andre pushes Sami into EJ and they both stumble back into the sauna. Andre slams the door shut and fastens chains around the handle. He laughs maniacally, and turns up the temperature.

Stefano asks Santo if he will live. Santo tells him  that he will. Santo is only here to help him fulfill his destiny. Stefano asks what he needs to do. Santo fades out and disappears. Stefano calls him and begins choking, Rolf rushes in and administers oxygen. Stefano tells him conspiratorially, “The end is near.” He cackles.

The camera pans in on the sauna door, locked up with heavy chains. Andre clutches the folio and smiles, “The end is near.”


EJ tells Sami, “I care very much about what happens to you.” She says, “Help me get out of here. Help me save my babies’ lives.”

Lucas asks Roman, “Who the hell besides EJ would donate their liver? Roman replies, “Maybe that liver wasn’t donated at all.”

Steve bursts into the hospital with a cooler. “This transplant is a bust!” Bo says, “Steve, come on, cool down.” Steve screams, “I won’t cool down! There is no way I’m letting that bastard get this!”

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