Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/27/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Max walks up to Jeremy at the bar. He tells him to never go by the senior center on bingo day. It’s a granny gridlock out there. Jeremy tells him that Ilsa called. She needs one more day to round all the girls up at the hotel. Rawlings doesn’t suspect a thing. Max muses. They have to get those girls on the plane before anyone is the wiser. Plus, they still have to go to the police. Jeremy’s jaw drops. That’s easy to Max to say, since he has a get-out-of-jail-free card with his brothers being cops. Max reminds Jeremy that he is a Horton. He insists that Horton doesn’t mean anything with “Jeremy” in front of it. Max tells him to trust him. He’ll talk to Bo and Roman for him. The important thing is getting the girls out, anyway. Stephanie walks up. “Want to go to the beach?” She says Jett and Chelsea are waiting. Jeremy asks her to wait one second and bolts out the door. She sits down with Max. “So?” “So?” They need to talk.

Outside the pub, Jett and Chelsea jam to music on Jett’s Ipod. Jeremy interrupts and asks Jett what’s up. Chelsea huff off because Jeremy didn’t ask her how she was doing. Jeremy needs a favor from Jett. “I know you got the hook-up. Talk to the cops for me.” Jett stares.

At a gym, Sami walks on a treadmill. She has only burned six calories. She complains to Lucas. He tells her that she shouldn’t be on that thing anyway. He saw a store outside she could go shopping at while they wait. She doesn’t want to go. She wants to wait until Andre show up with the folio. Lucas walks off. Sami struggles with another machine. She sees Andre out of the corner of her eye and drops down. She covers most of her face with a towel as he walks past her.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo works outside repairing fence posts. Roman walks up and jokes about having Bo clean his gutters. Bo remarks that Andre must still be on the loose if Roman has time for gutter jokes. Roman gets serious. He thinks Stefano had Andre destroy the folio. They head inside. Bo thought Stefano would be dead by now. Roman says he talked to a doctor he trusted. The doctor said Stefano’s liver is really failing. He’s not faking it. He’s probably going to die soon. Bo sighs. “Him dying would be the worst thing that could happen to this family.”

EJ lies in a hospital bed. A doctor smiles at him. “What you are doing for your father is very admirable.” He leaves. EJ scowls. “More like crazy and stupid.” Rolf wheels Stefano in. Stefano beams. He is so proud of EJ. He just knew he would e a match. Words cannot express his love and gratitude. Their bond warms his heart. He wanted to see EJ so that he could let him know one thing. He wants him to do this bravely, and with no second thoughts, like a real DiMera. If EJ has doubts, he needs to tell him now.

Chelsea walks up to Max and Stephanie. “Am I interrupting?” They give her blank stares. She raises her eyebrows and walks off. Max starts. He’s sorry about the other night. Stephanie interrupts. It’s not his fault. Neither of them should have let it happen. They argue about who should have stopped whom first. She sighs. They have a huge problem.

“Why do you think I would help the cops?” Jeremy says he has known Jett for a long time, and he knows the cops are sniffing around. Haven’t they contacted him yet? Jett says they haven’t. He complains. This is the second time Jeremy has accused him of ratting him out. Jeremy apologizes. He is just worried about jail. Jett asks him what he did. Jeremy shouts, “Just tell your cop friends I’m ready to talk, name names, whatever I have to do!” Jett smirks. “What makes you think it’s not already too late?”

Sami peers at Andre over the towel. Andre walks into the juice bar. Lucas comes up with a shopping bag, gushing about the purchases he made for Sami. She hisses, “Andre’s here!” Lucas looks in the juice bar. He has the folio with him. “What’s the plan?” Lucas was hoping Sami could tell him what it was.

Stefano promises he won’t be angry. He understands the desire for self-preservation. He wants the truth. EJ says he used to adore Stefano, but now he sees how many people he has hurt. “O, so I have to pay for my sins now, eh?” Stefano noticed EJ’s reluctance earlier. That’s fine, but he doesn’t want EJ to get carried away by his own moral superiority. It’s hypocrisy. He was ready to put Lucas on ice a couple of weeks ago. The cops may think Andre was behind, but Stefano knows EJ’s prints were all over that one. EJ grumps. He did it for love. Stefano laughs. EJ did it for himself and he knows it He is still a DiMera, after all. If he can’t accept Stefano, that’s fine. They just won’t do the surgery. He yells at a doctor to call it off.

Bo says that they need Stefano alive because he is the only one controlling Andre. Roman answers his phone. He hangs up and tells Bo that EJ is getting ready to donate part of his liver to Stefano. It could save his life. Bo has a plan. If it works, the Bradys will have the upper-hand…permanently. They can nail EJ to the wall. They’ll haul him out of the hospital and refuse to release him. Then Stefano will be forced to negotiate to save his life. Roman wonders if Stefano will betray his father and give up Andre. Bo says it’s either that or he dies. Roman isn’t sure if it will work, but it sounds like a good plan. They head off to execute it.

Stefano yells that the operation is off. He wants to leave. EJ stops him. He says they are more alike than he has ever cared to admit. He wants to be a better person now. When he sees what Stefano has become, it terrifies him. Stefano snorts. Friends always let you down. Women use you for their own ends and get in the way. Does EJ want to be like Tony? He becomes a bumbling idiot over every woman that crosses his path.  Real men always keep their word. EJ insists he does love and care for Stefano. He agreed to do this operation and he will follow through on that. Stefano says he is a good son and Rolf wheels him out. EJ gets ready to be prepped for surgery.

Andre flips through a magazine in the juice bar. Sami tells Lucas that she will distract him by spilling a drink or something so Lucas can grab the folio. Lucas refuses. She’s not getting anywhere near Andre. He’s calling Roman. As he dials, Sami rushes for the door of the juice bar.

Jett backtracks. He thinks Jeremy may still be able to make things right. “You did go to the cops!” Jett insists that’s not true. The cops have been after Jeremy for months. He tells him he got himself into this mess. Jeremy freaks. “What did you tell them?” Jett shakes his head. He’s sorry, but Jeremy is on his own. Jeremy wails, “You can’t do this to me! I saved your life once, now you have to save mine!”

Stephanie says that Max is free and single, but she has a boyfriend. It was her responsibility to stop their kiss. “Why didn’t you?” She isn’t sure. Maybe it was the heat of the moment. She says it can never, ever happen again, though. He agrees and whispers, “Never ever.” They both lean in and smile. Chelsea watches.

Sami orders orange juice at the counter while Lucas sneaks in behind her. Andre comes up behind her and grabs her arm. “What are you doing here?” She snorts, “What anyone else would do here. You’re not exactly in workout gear yourself, you know.” He whirls her around and grabs her face. “Little twit!” If she tries to pull some kind of stunt today, he’s going to grab that neck of hers and the squeeze the life out of her. Sami says she doesn’t feel so good. She closes her eyes and slumps to the floor. Lucas reaches for the folio.

Jett reminds him that Touch the Sky was their dream. He thought Jeremy believed in it, but the minute he started smuggling those girls in, he trashed it. Jeremy reels, “You know! The cops!” Jett says the cops didn’t have to tell him. He can see what’s going on in front of his own two eyes. Jeremy whispers, “How close are they?” Jett answers, “Closer than you think.” If Jeremy wants to do some damage control, he has to do it soon. Jeremy heads back into the pub. He tells Stephanie they have to go now. He pauses, “Is something going on between you two?” Max and Stephanie stare.

The man behind the counter rushes up and helps Andre with Sami. Lucas reaches for the folio, but a personal trainer interrupts him. “Mr. Fry?” Sami starts to come to. Lucas argues with the trainer. She has the wrong guy. She smiles brightly. “I should have known. You don’t look like you need a personal trainer anyway.” Lucas turns around just as Andre grabs the folio. Sami and Lucas walk out of the juice bar. She growls at Lucas, “You were supposed to get the folio!” He said he tried. He’s calling her dad right now. Sami peers into the window of the bar and nukes. “Andre is gone!”

Jeremy asks if he missed something. Max say no, and reminds Stephanie about her sunscreen. The bronzed goddess insists she always uses SPF 50. Jeremy tells her something came up, so the beach is out. Is she coming with him? “No, Jeremy, I’m not.”

Lucas apologizes again. He really tried. She knows. Roman comes up. He says his men have searched every closet, nook and cranny in the place, and Andre is nowhere to be found. He must have snuck out a window. Lucas turns to Sami miserably. “It’s my fault, just say it!” She yells back at him. It isn’t his fault. Roman interrupts them again. They shouldn’t have messed with Andre. He wants them to go home. Watch a DVD, play tiddlywinks, whatever. Just stay inside. Sami protests. Lucas agrees with Roman. Roman says he’s putting an APB out on Sami and Lucas. If the leave the apartment, they’ll be arrested. Roman tells them to leave and walks off. Lucas begs Sami to come on. Roman has a gun and Lucas doesn’t want him using it on him. Sami insists Andre must still be there, somewhere.  Lucas says he won’t play this time. Sami says it will be easy to find him. There are cameras everywhere. Lucas reminds her that Andre almost killed her. She thinks they need to stay. She sees a burly woman walk by. She’s sure that’s Andre, dressed as a woman. Lucas agrees to follow the person. He heads off into a locker room.

Bo and Roman burst into EJ’s room and stop a doctor inserting an IV. They have an arrest warrant. It seems EJ has a stack of unpaid parking violations. They’re cracking down on those kind of crimes now. EJ fumes. They are purposely arresting him at the most inopportune moment. This is tantamount to murder. Roman tells him to put some pants on. He tells the doctor to remove the IV. He is the deputy police commissioner, and he has to arrest EJ on the spot. The doctor complies and leaves. Bo rushes off to tell Stefano the news. Roman tells EJ to move it. EJ asks for a little privacy. Roman turns his head. EJ eyes a table with syringes on it.

Stephanie whines. The summer is almost over. He says he can’t go. Is she with him or not? She says she’s sorry, but she’s going to the beach. “Whatever.” Jeremy storms off. Jett and Chelsea ask if she is ready to go. They start to head out. Jett asks Max if he wants to join them. Max does. Chelsea smiles slyly.

Bo confronts Stefano in the hallway. Stefano growls, “Get out of my way.” He tells Stefano there has been a change of plans. The surgery is off. EJ has been arrested. Stefano asks Bo what he wants. Bo grins. “End the vendetta, hand over Andre, or cash in your chips.”

Roman reads EJ his rights. EJ talks over top of him about who he is and who his family is. Roman stops. “Are you even listening to me?” EJ yells, “How about this?” He leans over and stabs Roman in the thigh with a syringe. He rushes out. Roman grunts and falls to the floor. “You son of a bitch!”

Lucas stops Andre, who is wearing make-up, a black wig, and a robe. “Ma’am?” Lucas pauses. “Andre?” Andre wheels around and pulls a gun on Lucas. “You’re going to make one ugly stain on that wall.” Lucas pales.


EJ tells Stefano, “I am your son. So let’s stop playing games, shall we, or I walk right out this door right now.”

As Kayla looks on, Hope asks Steve, “Do you want to be a dad again? And we’d like an honest answer. The both of us.”

Bo tells Stefano, “End this ridiculous vendetta or prepare for a warm welcome in hell.”

Sami asks Andre, “What have you done with him, you creep?” Andre smiles. “You’re going to be reunited with him very, very soon.”

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