Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/24/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady house:

Nick has brought the boys to Hope for help. Hope brings the boys homemade cookies to snack on as they play on the floor. Hope asks Nick about getting the boys to a pediatrician and Nick tells Hope about making an appointment with Ciara’s pediatrician for later today. Nick mentions enrolling them in school tomorrow but Hope pulls Nick aside to remind him he doesn’t need to take on raising these boys. Nick insists that he must step up since he’s the only family these boys have until China gets out of jail. Hope admires Nick for doing so but Nick cares more what Chelsea thinks. Jett knocks on the door and Chelsea comes barreling downstairs dressed in a bikini and sarong around her waist. Chelsea and Jett flirt for a moment and then Chelsea heads for the kitchen to get her bag. Nick stops Chelsea and Chelsea acts like she didn’t know Nick was even there. Chelsea explains that she’s going to the beach with Jett and tempts him to give a reason why she shouldn’t.


Dr. Rolf listens in on Stefano’s side of the call while Kate continues to have Stefano on speakerphone so Lucas and Sami can listen in unbeknownst to Stefano. Kate tries to get out of the request by claiming that Andre scares her. Stefano assures Kate that Andre won’t hurt her since he knows how Stefano feels about Kate. Kate points out that Andre has done many things against Stefano’s wishes before. Kate suggests Stefano directly contact Andre for the folio but Stefano reminds Kate that there are police swarming around him and he needs to get the folio to destroy it. Sami and Lucas silently mouth to Kate to accept the request. Kate puts the phone on mute so she, Lucas, and Sami can talk it over. Sami offers to have she and Lucas go in Kate’s place. Kate doesn’t want to risk Lucas’ life or the babies’ lives. Sami insists that Kate at least say yes to Stefano so he doesn’t think he’s being played. Stefano, figuring Kate is simply sitting in silence, assumes she is turning him down. Kate agrees to help Stefano.

EJ has gathered Tony, Lexie, and Benjy down at the hospital to propose the topic of liver donation. Lexie is immediately offended at being asked and refuses to donate even a toenail clipping, telling EJ that he and Stefano can go to hell. EJ tries to placate Lexie but she refuses to even refer to Stefano as her father. Benjy signs that he wants to leave but EJ refuses to let anyone leave until they test for a match. Lexie tells Benjy he can go but EJ tries to guilt Benjy into staying. Lexie translates as Benjy signs that he has to put his own family first. Benjy says goodbye to Lexie and leaves. EJ complains that Lexie let a possible match go and criticizes her for not living up to her doctor’s oath. Lexie points out that Stefano isn’t her patient so she has no obligation. EJ repeats that Stefano is her father but Lexie considers her and Stefano to be nothing to each other.

Stefano tells Kate to go to the health club where Andre will find her. Stefano instructs Kate to then bring the folio to him but be willing to destroy the folio immediately if there’s any chance it could fall into the wrong hands. Stefano tells Kate how he won’t be able to rest peacefully without knowing that the folio has been destroyed unread. Kate assures Stefano that she understands and hangs up the phone. Lucas tells Kate that they are proud of her for doing the right thing and assures her that he will handle it from here. Sami insists that she is coming along too and Lucas knows better than to argue. Sami agrees to Lucas’ condition of being the leader. Kate refuses to risk Lucas’ life, declaring that Sami be the sole executor of this plan if it’s done at all.

Brady house:

Nick tells Chelsea that he came here to see her but Chelsea claims he came over to talk to Hope about parenting and repeats his words about the kids coming first. Hope senses that they need time to talk so she has the boys come upstairs with her to check on Ciara. Hope offers to let Jett come with them but Jett hesitates. Chelsea tells him to go on up but Jett decides he’d rather wait in the car and leaves. Chelsea questions why Nick didn’t follow up on the foster home idea and Nick claims it’s because he couldn’t guarantee that the boys would go to a good home. Chelsea teases Nick by claiming that the characteristics that are making him want to play dad are the ones that made him such an easy mark for China. Nick reminds Chelsea that he had a concussion. Nick asks Chelsea to empathize with the boys because she could have been abandoned after her parents’ died. Chelsea points out that her situation is different because China isn’t dead. Chelsea tells Nick that he’s nothing but a babysitter to the boys. Nick insists that the boys need him and Chelsea swears that she doesn’t need him. Nick retorts that Chelsea only needs him when she needs someone to bail her out of trouble. Chelsea takes that to mean that Nick believes her to only be sticking around because she feels like she owes Nick. Nick says he did it because he loves Chelsea. Chelsea points out that the love has gotten Nick nowhere since he now has no money and no job. Nick asks if he still has Chelsea.


Lucas refuses to let Sami take on Andre by herself. Kate reiterates their belief that Andre tried to kill Lucas. Lucas is undeterred. Kate begs Lucas to reconsider but Lucas tells Kate to go find him a doctor so he can get released. Kate leaves. Sami wants to call Bo and clue in the cops but Lucas thinks that would be a waste since Andre’s always one step ahead of the cops. Sami suggests calling Roman just to update him but is surprised when Lucas agrees with the idea. Sami sees it as Lucas expecting Roman to talk her out of doing it and now refuses to call. Sami’s goal is to be able to tell Shawn Sr. that the vendetta is finally over. Lucas makes Sami promise not to take any chances and she gets the same promise from him.

Brady house:

Chelsea assures Nick that she loves him but he doesn’t believe her. Chelsea encourages Nick to like himself first before he can accept others loving him. Chelsea tells Nick that she was attracted to him because he was such a stand up guy despite her bad behavior. Chelsea admits that she partly wished Nick had tossed her aside and that she used him knowing that he’d do anything for her. Nick accuses Chelsea of trying to not be loved. Nick offers to go have sex right now when Chelsea denies the accusation. Nick demands that Chelsea give him a truthful reason for turning down his requests.


Sami wants to go find EJ and tell him he was right about Kate but Lucas wants to forget about EJ. Sami leaves as Kate returns. Lucas prepares to be discharged. Kate suggests that she be the one to meet with Andre since she is the one he’s expecting to see. Lucas doesn’t want Kate to do it because he doesn’t trust her. Kate acts melodramatic about being turned down. Kate brings up how Lucas accused her about Stefano and Lucas now renews his questioning about the money. Lucas brings up Kate’s past of sleeping with men for money and judges by Kate looking away that she slept with Stefano.

Lexie, Tony, and EJ enter Stefano’s room. Tony can’t help but gloat about not being able to donate. EJ tells Stefano that neither he nor Lexie have been tested yet. Lexie is adamant that she won’t be a donor regardless. Stefano has Lexie admit that she wants him to die. Lexie wants to say more but Stefano tells her to get out of his sight. Lexie shakes her head in disbelief and storms out. Stefano wants EJ to promise he’ll do whatever it takes to help him but is surprised when EJ hesitates. EJ leaves. Tony gloats about Stefano running out of options and asks where he’d like to be buried.

Kate defends what Stefano did for her to help get her off the streets and refuses to apologize for doing what it takes to survive.

Brady house:

Chelsea replies that their relationship changes every day so she can’t make such a lasting commitment. Nick asks whether their relationship is on or off today but Chelsea can’t answer him. Nick asks for how Chelsea feels and she can’t answer that either. Nick still pries so Chelsea tells Nick that he deserves better than her. Nick objects to hearing the classic ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech. Chelsea insists that she’s to blame for all that he went through to keep her out of jail that has changed him. Chelsea thinks Nick is a different person because of her now and that is why she must let him go. Chelsea claims this is the right thing to do but Nick disagrees. Nick swears he’s never regretted loving Chelsea but Chelsea, now crying, believes that he’d be better off without her. Nick swears that no one will love Chelsea like he does. Jett returns to see if they are still going to the beach but offers to cancel when he see the tears and tension. Chelsea steps away to retrieve her bag. Jett asks Nick what’s going on and Nick tells Jett that if he had a gun, he’d kill Jett right now.


Sami finds EJ and tells him about the call to Kate. Sami can see how sad EJ looks and wonders if Stefano has died already. EJ tells Sami about the liver transplant option and how all of the other offspring bailed. EJ begins to feel that Stefano would actually be better off dead but Sami declares that Stefano can’t die. EJ questions why Sami suddenly cares and Sami explains that Stefano is the only one who can control Andre. EJ doesn’t think Andre can be controlled by anyone. Sami wants to keep Stefano alive so they can use the folio to make him declare the vendetta to be over. EJ worries that he’d die on the operating table but Sami quips that only the good die young. EJ decides to do it but makes a point of stating that he’s doing it for Stefano and not for Sami. Sami doesn’t care about EJ’s motives. Sami walks away.

Brady house:

Jett warns Nick to stop with the threats and swears he’s not trying to steal Chelsea. Nick doesn’t believe him. Jett insists that the problems between Nick and Chelsea have nothing to do with him. Nick tells Jett that Chelsea likes him because he doesn’t love her as much as he loves Chelsea. Chelsea returns and Nick wants to keep talking with her. Chelsea insists that they only have goodbye left to say to each other and leaves with Jett. Hope comes back downstairs to ask what happened. Nick tells her that he just lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

Jett asks what he can do and Chelsea tells him that she just broke up with Nick for good. Jett pulls her close for a hug and offers his condolences. Jett offers to cancel their plans but Chelsea says she still wants to go. Nick and Hope watch them leave from the front doorway. Hope advises Nick to go after Chelsea and don’t let her go.


Sami returns and is surprised to find Kate gone. Lucas tells Sami about Kate sleeping with Stefano. Sami admits that she already suspected it but Lucas questions why Sami didn’t confront her about it. Sami explains that they needed Kate to set up the meeting with Andre. Sami promises Lucas that if something bad happens while getting the folio, they will run. Lucas finishes getting dressed and Sami grabs the chocolates on the way out.

Dr. Rolf refuses to let Tony talk about funerals. EJ returns and tells Stefano that he’s willing to donate part of his liver if he turns out to be a match. Stefano is pleased and tears up as he promises that in return his entire empire will belong to EJ one day. Tony wishes them good luck and leaves. EJ leaves with Dr. Rolf to get tested. Alone in his room, Stefano laughs heartily and declares that the phoenix rises again.

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