Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/23/07


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It is the next morning and Bo, Hope, Doug, Julie, Marlena, and John gather at the pub to continue reading the letters between Santo and Colleen. Doug makes John and Bo laugh when he suggests Sister Mary Ann actually came to the inn looking for some love herself.

Colleen is convinced that Sister Mary Ann followed her to the inn but Santo urges her to remain quiet. Sister Mary Ann continues to bang on the door knowing, thanks to the innkeeper, that Santo is at home.


EJ has brought breakfast for Sami and Lucas and Lucas will only pick at the scones complaining that he keeps having to see EJ day and night. Sami kisses Lucas as she points out that last night; it wasn’t EJ’s face Lucas saw right before he went to sleep. EJ wants to focus on their discussion over who would be hired by Stefano to deliver the folio but Lucas refuses to believe that Kate would do such a thing. EJ warns that Stefano is so resourceful, he could be using Kate without her even knowing it. Sami wants to find out if Kate has even seen Stefano so they can be sure one-way or the other. Tony calls EJ with the urgent news that Stefano has been rushed to the hospital with liver failure. Tony warns EJ that Stefano’s death could be imminent.


Santo asks Sister Mary Ann to wait and instructs Colleen to hide in the bathroom. Colleen is convinced Sister Mary Ann would look there first. Santo tells Colleen to stay put and promises to get rid of Sister Mary Ann. Santo quickly hides the glasses of wine and opens the door slightly to tell Sister Mary Ann that he was indisposed. Sister Mary Ann insists on coming in and pushes the door open. Colleen is hiding behind the curtain, only her bare toes peeking out from underneath. Sister Mary Ann yells at Santo claiming he should be hiding from the world.

Bo steps away when his cell phone rings. The group talks about Colleen’s true sinister ways until Marlena reminds everyone the real reason they’ve been reading these letters. Bo returns to inform everyone that Stefano has been rushed to the hospital with a grim prognosis.


Dr. Rolf yells at a nurse insisting that she leave Stefano’s care to him so as not to make Stefano out to be a spectacle. The nurse leaves. Dr. Rolf starts to close the curtain but Stefano complains that it would make the room feel too much like a tomb.

EJ finds Tony waiting outside Stefano’s room and explains that he was already in the hospital. Tony explains that Stefano needs a liver transplant or death will come within days. EJ wants to use Stefano’s connections to find a donor but Tony points out that everyone Stefano knew feared him. EJ suggests bribing or going overseas but Tony insists that there is not enough time left. Tony gloats about the feud dying with Stefano. EJ complains that everyone at the hospital is simply going about their day while Stefano lies in the room dying. Tony asks if EJ expects more of a salute that one might bestow a gangster. EJ claims that Stefano has never taken a life despite his faults but Tony knows otherwise. EJ wants to blame all the harm done under the DiMera name on Andre claiming that Andre hasn’t gone further because Stefano was holding him back. Tony points out that Andre does all that he does under Stefano’s direction. Dr. Rolf steps out of Stefano’s room and tells Tony and EJ to use the time now to say any goodbyes to Stefano.

Kate brings Lucas some expensive flowers and chocolates. Lucas questions where Kate got the money but Kate acts offended at being asked how gifts were bought. Sami questions whether the money came from Stefano and Kate is momentarily fazed before she can deny it. Lucas notices her expression and can tell that she did go begging for money from Stefano.


Hope continues to read the letter aloud to the group.

Sister Mary Ann claims she came looking to collect donations for the orphans. Santo steps away to retrieve his wallet and Sister Mary Ann notices Colleen’s wrap on the bed. Santo hands over the money and ushers Sister Mary Ann toward the door. Sister Mary Ann asks if Santo has seen Colleen tonight but he denies it. Sister Mary Ann leaves, happily pocketing the money. Santo lets Colleen know it’s safe to come out. Colleen is sure Sister will be running straight to Father Mallory to report her. Santo tries to convince Colleen that Sister Mary Ann didn’t even know she was here but Colleen is sure of it. Colleen is desperate to think of an explanation they can tell so as not to ruin her reputation.

The group talks over the latest developments. Marlena is touched when John suggests Colleen and Santo were destined to be together.


Kate admits that she asked Stefano for money but blames her having to on Lucas for turning her in. Lucas points out that EJ was the one he intended to get into trouble. Kate acts offended and starts to leave but Lucas calls her back. Sami asks Kate not to leave until she hears out their reason for pushing her.

Stefano is asleep when EJ walks in. EJ sends the nurse away. EJ takes Stefano’s hand and it wakes him. Stefano wants to tell EJ about his will and final papers but EJ would rather focus on repairing their relationship. Stefano realizes that he can’t fault EJ for doing exactly what Santo did. Stefano tears up as he tells EJ that he knew, even as a boy, that love would only end in tears.


Hope hands the letters over to Marlena as she talks of making it their destiny to end the heartache Santo has brought into their lives. Marlena notes how the letters portray Santo as such a loving kind man. Bo is sure Santo was only being nice in the letters to get Colleen into bed. Hope offers to bet Bo that Colleen didn’t sleep with Santo with the option of taking back diaper duty if she’s wrong. Bo asks what he gets if he loses but instead of answering, Hope asks Marlena to have the letters back. Bo intercepts the letter insisting that he wants to read next. Bo reads about how Colleen felt to be touching skin to skin with Santo. Bo taunts Hope about losing the bet but Hope tells him to keep reading.

Santo tries to convince Colleen that no sin was committed and Sister Mary Ann found nothing wrong when she was here. Santo ends Colleen’s worries with a kiss.


Stefano thinks Santo could have been more if he’d only followed his destiny but EJ chooses to believe that love was Santo’s destiny. Stefano laments that he is alone. EJ implores Stefano to end the vendetta but Stefano claims to not know where Andre is.

Lucas and Sami apologize to Kate for judging her. Sami and Lucas bring up the vendetta and fill Kate in on Andre taking the folio. They ask Kate if Stefano asked her to deliver the folio but Kate insists that Stefano gave up the money with no strings attached. Lucas doubts her. Sami suggests that Stefano gave Kate the money with the intent of calling in the favor of being courier at a later date. Kate swears that Stefano has not asked her to do anything. Lucas still doubts her but Sami starts to believe Kate.


Santo and Colleen move to the bed. Colleen pushes Santo off of her when she spots her wrap lying on the bed. Colleen becomes frantic because she is convinced Sister Mary Ann spotted the wrap and thus knows that she is there.

Hope reveals that Bo’s punishment for losing the bet is that his diaper duty is now extended to Easter. Bo wants to know how they can be sure this is the last chance for Santo and Colleen to be together but John and Marlena are sure that Sister Mary Ann will tattle on Colleen making her lose the chance with the church and with Santo. Bo smirks at a grinning Hope.


EJ leaves Stefano’s room and rejoins Tony. EJ asks how one can say goodbye to the man who cared for him all his life but Tony can’t say the same for himself. Dr. Rolf comes rushing in to tell Tony and EJ that he’s learned that if they can find a compatible donor and Stefano survives the operation, they could transplant a section of a donor’s healthy liver and have it re-grow into a new liver once inside Stefano.


Bo returns to the group and fills them in on how much closer Stefano is to death. Marlena complains that Stefano gets to keep on living while Colleen had to die. Marlena continues to read the letters aloud.

Santo is sure Sister Mary Ann would tell Colleen before telling Father Mallory but Colleen is sure that Sister Mary Ann won’t even look at her again. Colleen sees the scarf as a sign from God that she should stop and return to the church. Santo is sure that God would not have created a beauty like Colleen if it were meant for a life of solitude. Colleen declares that she can never see Santo again, grabs her things and storms out in tears. Santo remains inside banging his head against the door.

Colleen, now back in her habit, returns to the church to find Sister Mary Ann talking to Father Mallory. Colleen ducks behind the door again before they see her. Colleen takes a deep breath and then walks in to greet them. Father Mallory gives Colleen a chance to speak but she doesn’t say anything. Sister Mary Ann confronts Colleen about spotting her toes sticking out of the curtains in Santo’s room. Father Mallory asks Colleen to answer the accusation.

Doug wonders if Father Mallory would tell Pete Brady, Colleen’s father, next but Bo is sure Pete would find out on his own as soon as the news spread around town. Bo wants to start reading the next letter but Julie reveals that they don’t have any more letters translated yet. Bo wonders if Stefano will be dead by the time they get the next letter. John offers up a toast to Stefano’s death but Marlena criticizes him for it. Bo and Hope lock arms and drink for the toast but Julie refuses to let Doug join in.


Dr. Rolf, EJ, and Tony bring the news of a possible transplant to Stefano. Tony instantly takes himself out of the running since he’s not a DiMera by blood and Dr. Rolf agrees that Tony isn’t even worth testing. EJ offers to call Benjy and Lexie to be tested and also agrees to be tested. EJ leaves to make the calls. Tony leaves. Stefano has Dr. Rolf bring him the phone.

Lucas accuses Sami of taking Kate’s side. Stefano calls Kate and Kate tries to end the call without letting Sami and Lucas know whom she’s talking to. Stefano insists that the call can’t wait. Kate tries to step out of the room but Lucas grabs the phone to see it is Stefano calling. Lucas sets the phone on speakerphone and silently motions to Kate to not hang up. They all listen as Stefano tells Kate that he might not make it through the night. Stefano insists that Kate owes him and Kate agrees. Stefano tells Kate about needing the folio from Andre and wanting Kate to meet him to be the courier.

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