Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/22/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/22/07


Written By Danielle
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Philip continues to eavesdrop as Belle and Shawn argue. Shawn complains about living as a foursome instead of as a true family of three. Belle complains that she wasn’t involved in deciding to move out. Shawn insists that Philip is using his money to try and win Belle and Claire back but Belle refuses to see it that way.

Brady house:

Doug, Julie, John, and Marlena gather with Bo and Hope to read the next batch of letters.

Colleen tries to enlist Shawn to make excuses for her to skip collecting for charity with a fellow nun but Shawn can tell Colleen plans to meet with Santo. Colleen admits to her real motives and Shawn begs her not to go.


Shawn accuses Belle of wanting to stay at the mansion because she likes living like a rich person with servants and gourmet meals. Belle denies it, sticking by her claim that the mansion is what’s best for Claire. Shawn thinks its harming Claire to be caught between him and Philip. Shawn describes their situation as a war because Philip is out to get his family. Belle chooses to believe that Shawn and Philip are childhood friends but Shawn declares that friendship to be over. Shawn tells Belle to ask Philip for the truth about whether they are fighting a war against each other.

Brady house:

The group discusses how innocent Colleen could have been to be asking her own little brother to lie for her. Julie continues to read aloud from the letters.

Colleen tries to convince Shawn that she and Santo are merely friends and she only asked Shawn to lie because her superiors wouldn’t understand such a friendship. Shawn offers to accompany Colleen but Colleen refuses. Colleen tears up as she talks of seeking happiness outside of their village and insists that one day Shawn will want that too. Shawn hopes that Colleen will make the trek to America with him but Colleen claims that their father wants her to stay in the church. Shawn is convinced that Colleen plans to leave the church tonight.


Shawn insists that Philip is the reason they keep fighting. Shawn calls Philip over to corroborate his claim but Philip tries to make a quick getaway by offering to give Belle and Shawn time to talk alone. Shawn demands that Philip stay and answer the claim that he’s trying to break up him and Belle. Philip swears that he only wants to be part of Claire’s life and friends with both Belle and Shawn. Shawn doesn’t believe him so Philip threatens to report Shawn for keeping Tyler from him. Belle defends Shawn but Philip inadvertently accuses Shawn of helping Lauren go into hiding so she wouldn’t be around to tell the truth about Shawn’s involvement. Shawn threatens to fight Philip and Belle tries to hold him back. Philip wants to call Shawn’s bluff and offers to let him take a swing.

Brady house:

Colleen assures Shawn that she’s only going to see Santo to talk before making her formal decision to join the church and implores him to help her figure out where her own heart lies. Shawn is still hesitant to lie for Colleen. Colleen tells Shawn that she understands if he won’t lie for her and agrees that the lie would be found out anyway when he’d be forced to admit the lie in confession. Colleen tells Shawn to forget she ever asked him to lie. Shawn begs Colleen not to go but Colleen tries to get Shawn to understand that she has to find out if this really is God’s plan for her. Colleen leaves the church, leaving Shawn crying after her. Father Mallory comes out to ask about Colleen but Shawn runs away rather than answer.

While Marlena, Hope, Doug, and Julie socialize, John pulls Bo aside. John asks about Andre and Bo explains that they are still shadowing the mansion and watching Stefano. Bo worries that the Dimeras will go after Ciera to get to them. John warns that the Brady family is very vulnerable right now.

Doug asks the ladies what they would do in Colleen’s place. Marlena claims that Hope would hire a private detective to investigate Santo’s finances and his late wife. Hope agrees and swears she would run to the inn and never look back when that report came back clear. Julie believes she wouldn’t have the willpower to wait for the report. Marlena agrees that she wouldn’t be able to wait either and makes everyone laugh when she uses John as her example. Bo and John rejoin the group to see what is so funny and Doug informs them that their wives are wild women.


As Philip continues to taunt Shawn, Shawn threatens to ‘forget that Philip is handicapped.’ Philip reaches out to start fighting but Belle steps in between. Shawn points out how conveniently Philip changed the subject to make Shawn look bad as soon as he’s confronted for the truth. Philip insults Shawn by talking about his lack of a steady job. Belle yells at them to stop but Philip acts like she’s talking about having to worry over Shawn’s delicate feelings. Philip tries to appeal to Belle’s indecisiveness while Shawn urges Belle to tell Philip she wants to move out. Belle now demands that Shawn leave so she can talk to Philip alone. Philip smirks as Belle insists that Shawn leave. Philip criticizes Shawn for not putting Claire first but Belle would rather do what it takes to make Shawn feel comfortable. Philip complains that it’s all a ploy to cut him out of hers and Claire’s lives, vowing that he won’t let that happen.

Brady house:

John continues the story by reading the response letter from Santo.

Colleen, now out of her habit, arrives at Santo’s room. Colleen expected Santo to have a dining area but Santo explains that this one room is all he has here. Santo suggests going to dine at the pub so Colleen would be more comfortable but Colleen doesn’t want to risk being seen by anyone she knows. Santo claims he’s trying to be a gentleman. Colleen’s claim that it’s a lie brings a smirk to Santo’s face.

The group discusses the latest developments in the story. Hope and Julie disagree over whether Colleen being so blunt yet sassy was typical of being a Brady. Bo points out that Santo also seemed to have the upper hand since he got Colleen to come to his room. John continues reading about Santo criticizing Colleen for picking fights and questioning everything he does.

Colleen asks about Stefano and Santo explains that Stefano is upstairs with a neighbor. Santo takes offense at Colleen’s suggestion that he uses the neighbor for intimacies as well as childcare. Santo hands over his wine glass to offer his fingerprints, pulls papers out of the desk to hand over his financial records and even tears open his shirt to show Colleen that his heart beats only for her.


Philip admits to Belle that he really believes Shawn didn’t help Lauren trick him. Philip tells Belle that the DNA test proved that he really is Tyler’s father. Philip swears that he’s not looking to take Shawn’s place and Belle believes him. Belle comforts Philip as he starts to feel sad about hearing Tyler’s cry without being able to comfort him. Belle assures Philip that she won’t let Shawn cut Philip out of Claire’s life. Philip is sure Shawn would do it if he really wants to. Philip uses it to urge Belle to see Shawn for who he really is. Philip insists that this isn’t the Shawn they grew up with. Belle is sure that Shawn would respect Philip’s bond with Claire if he respected their friendship. They hug and Philip thanks her for sticking up for him to Shawn. Philip leaves. Shawn returns to hear Belle’s decision. Belle tells Shawn that she’ll honor his desire to move into the Pub on one condition.

Brady house:

Colleen is too distracted by Santo’s body and begs him to close up his shirt. Santo yells at Colleen for accusing him of such transgressions and holds open the door to give her the choice of staying or going. Santo claims that if Colleen were to leave, it would be her cowardice that made the decision. Colleen cries as she closes the door from the inside. Colleen smiles through her tears and kisses Santo.


Belle’s condition is that Philip still gets to spend time with Claire. Shawn questions whether she’s really asking not to be kept from Philip herself and Belle claims that it’s both. Belle demands that they also make decisions together from now on and Shawn agrees. Belle mentions going to the mansion to pack and Shawn wants to go with her. Belle doesn’t think that’s a good idea because it would be too hard on Philip to have Shawn standing there watching him say goodbye to Claire. Shawn understands and agrees to stay behind. Shawn hugs Belle and thanks her for being so amazing through their trials and promises that things will be better. Belle leaves.

Brady house:

The group discusses who truly won in the choice and wonders what the ramifications were of that choice. Marlena notices that there is more to Santo’s letter and reads aloud about a visitor showing up at the door only a moment before they had given in to their desires.

Colleen pulls away from Santo to look at herself in the mirror. Santo joins her to kiss down her neck. Santo urges Colleen to follow her heart and turns her around to kiss her. Santo leads Colleen to the bed, slips off her shoes, and leans her back against the pillows. Before they can go any further, Sister Mary Ann bangs on the door demanding to be let in. Colleen begins to panic but Santo urges her to remain quiet.

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