Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/21/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/21/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Stephanie wants Jeremy to tell her what he’s done. Jeremy will only talk of how he’s really screwed up this time and proven Steve right about him. Stephanie starts to get scared.

Jenna calls for the elevator but is too impatient. Jenna begins to kiss and grope Max. Max pulls her hands away and complains that Jenna is in too much of a rush. Jenna claims to have just recognized him to be Max Brady the racecar driver. Jenna backs Max against the wall and kisses him again.

Chelsea enters the hotel suite while Nick is on the phone requesting seat reservations that are next to each other. When Chelsea inquires about the phone call, Nick vaguely talks about life having unforeseen consequences. Chelsea starts to ramble about her own unforeseen consequences until the two boys come running out of the bedroom to let Nick know they are ready to go. They want to know who Chelsea is and Chelsea demands to know why they are still there.


Shawn sets up a candlelit dinner after hours for him and Belle. When Belle arrives, Shawn declares that he arranged this celebration because he found them a new place to live. Belle is excited until Shawn reveals that the new place is living above the Brady Pub rent free while he volunteers as the pub’s night manager. Belle calls it the worst idea Shawn’s ever had. Shawn justifies the move by pointing out how the combined earnings of his garage salary and tips at the pub will help them buy a real house soon. Belle complains that living above a bar is essentially the same situation as Tinda Lau. Shawn balks and Belle admits that it’s not exactly the same. Belle is still angry that Shawn made such a decision without talking to her first. Shawn claims the gesture was romantic but Belle considers it an ambush. Belle refuses to move Claire.


Nick sends the boys to go brush their teeth so he can talk to Chelsea. Nick explains to Chelsea that China is in jail for soliciting and until the marriage is annulled, he is legally the boys’ dad. Chelsea scoffs and walks away.

Jenna and Max topple into the elevator when it arrives and Jenna quickly closes the door preventing two ladies from joining them. Max presses the button for Jenna’s floor and offers to use his cell phone to call room service so it’ll be ready when they get up to the room. Jenna declares that she has no intention of waiting to head up to the room and jumps into Max’s arms wrapping her legs around his waist.

Stephanie demands that Jeremy tell her the truth and not try to placate her with gifts. Jeremy admits that he has trust issues. Stephanie questions why Jeremy is choosing now to tell her the truth and Jeremy admits that he fears losing Stephanie and wants to tell her now since it’s all about to come out in the open anyway. Jeremy vaguely tells Stephanie about smuggling in people from Eastern Europe but that the people who hired him had other plans for these people. Stephanie wants more details but Jeremy is hesitant to put her at risk. Stephanie begins to panic at the thought of being put in danger by associating with Jeremy and declares that Steve was right about Jeremy being a crook. They are starting to draw attention from the crowd as Stephanie stands up to yell at Jeremy. Jeremy tries to calm her down but Stephanie knocks away his touch. Jeremy tries to sweet talk Stephanie and praise her about meaning so much to him but Stephanie thinks she was only good for sex to him. Jeremy claims he couldn’t back out and Stephanie points out that these guys aren’t going to be around when he gets caught. Stephanie gripes about having to return home alone and face Steve but Jeremy is angry that Stephanie cares more about that than about his freedom.

Jenna puts her feet back down to the floor and rips open Max’s shirt. Max worries that the doors will open and they will be spotted but Jenna pulls the emergency stop button. Jenna throws Max’s shirt off his shoulders and kisses down his stomach.

Chelsea laughs at the thought of Nick taking care of the kids. Nick insists that the kids simply need a responsible adult to temporarily care for them. Chelsea points out that Nick wasn’t very responsible to walk down the aisle with their mother. Nick reminds Chelsea that he had a concussion then so Chelsea asks if Nick has a concussion now too. Chelsea suggests calling the police to report that China abandoned them. Nick explains that he already did that but was told that he is their legal guardian. Nick asks Chelsea to help him with the boys since she’s good with the babies in their family. Chelsea refuses to help.


Shawn complains that Belle liked it when he surprised her with a proposal but not with this surprise. Belle points out that it’s different because then Shawn didn’t drive her to the church and announce they were getting married right then and there. Shawn smiles at the idea. Belle points to her ring and preaches about how it’s a sign of becoming a team and making decisions jointly. Shawn blows out the candles and walks away. Belle complains that Shawn keeps storming off instead of talking things out. Shawn declares that Belle would rather live with her ex-husband than her fiancé. Belle denies it. Belle questions why Shawn is so desperate to move out. Shawn declares that he’s sick of living off of Philip’s dime and questions why Belle doesn’t feel the same way.


Stephanie, now slightly calmer, complains that Jeremy doesn’t pay attention to her unless he wants sex. Stephanie suggests Jeremy go find one of the girls he does business with to go sleep with but Jeremy declares that he’s not in love with them. Stephanie asks him to repeat it and Jeremy realizes that he essentially just said he’s in love with Stephanie.

Jenna drops to her knees to undo Max’s pants and he gladly steps out of them. Jenna strips off her shirt and playfully tosses it over Max’s shoulder. Max reaches for Jenna’s bra but she knocks away his hand. Jenna slips down Max’s boxers and he steps out of those as well. Jenna walks behind Max and kisses the back of his neck while she pulls out a pair of handcuffs.

Chelsea wants to bail, considering childcare to be over the limit. Nick feels guilty to abandon kids that look at him like he’s the world’s greatest dad. Chelsea points out that China taught the boys to treat Nick that way and probably have for every guy she’s scammed. Chelsea asks about the boys’ real father who should be taking this responsibility. Chelsea and Nick argue over placing the boys in foster care. Chelsea complains that Nick keeps placing everyone else above their relationship. Chelsea refers to Nick as a magnet for the needy and wants to know when she gets to be the needy one. Nick brings up the hairbrush again as proof that they can survive anything but Chelsea points out that this time it can be avoided. Chelsea looks annoyed as Nick asks if he’s being made to choose between caring for the kids for 30 days and staying with Chelsea.


Belle asks if they’d help Philip if the situation was reversed but Shawn declares that he’d never let Philip live with them. Shawn accuses Belle of not knowing boundaries. Shawn claims that he has tried to get along with Philip but Philip is focused on getting him out of the picture. Belle is more worried about ripping Claire away from Philip and how it’ll hurt him too much. Shawn demands that Belle tell Philip tonight that they are moving out or he will.


Nick considers looking into foster care once back in Salem as long as Chelsea can assure him that he’s not going at this alone. Chelsea looks over Nick’s shoulder to see that Jett has arrived. Chelsea complains about their tumultuous relationship but Nick tries to assure her that things will get better once the kids are gone. Chelsea insists that it will only get better when Nick gives his girlfriend some priority once in a while. Chelsea, with Nick still in earshot, asks Jett to take her dancing tonight.

Stephanie complains of being treated like hired help. Jeremy complains that he’s being dumped on with all this drama. Stephanie declares that Jeremy isn’t the only guy in the world for her and storms off.

Jenna has hooked one end of the handcuffs to the rail inside the elevator and hooks the other end around Max’s wrist. Jenna grabs her clothes and gets dressed gloating about being a pro who’s now free while Max is stuck. Max demands to know what Jenna wants from him.

Jeremy joins Stephanie at the bar. Stephanie accuses Jeremy of only saying he loves her to get out of trouble. Jeremy hesitates proving Stephanie’s point. Stephanie scolds Jeremy for hiding his true feelings whenever anyone else is around. Stephanie warns that she’ll go looking for someone who can be real with her if he can’t. Jeremy believes Stephanie would only be talking like this if she already had another guy.

Jenna stuffs Max’s clothes in her bag. Jenna takes a picture of Max and starts up the elevator again. Jenna smiles as she sees that other people have called for the elevator. Max begs Jenna to stop the elevator again by promising that he’ll do whatever Rawlings wants.

Knowing Nick is listening, Chelsea praises Jett for putting her first even though it meant risking his career. Nick walks up and Jett invites him to go out with them. Chelsea and Nick glare at each other.


Shawn wants Philip to focus on Tyler and leave Claire alone. Belle accuses Shawn of wanting to put space between them and Philip because he feels guilty. Philip walks in to suggest that they take Claire to a movie tonight but Shawn declares that he, Belle, and Claire are moving out tonight. Philip asks about their plans and Shawn admits that they are moving into the Pub. Belle is furious with Shawn for blurting it out. Philip is angry and accuses Shawn of acting like a little boy caught cheating. Shawn claims that this is what he and Belle both want but Philip wants to hear it from Belle directly.


Jett tries to convince Nick to join them so he doesn’t feel like Jett is moving in on Chelsea. Nick turns down the offer and tells Jett to feel free to go with Chelsea. Jett and Chelsea leave. The boys come running out of the bedroom to show off how well they’ve brushed their teeth. Nick tells them to watch TV while he finishes up getting them ready to head home. Artemis asks about where home is but Nick doesn’t have an answer for him.

Max tries to reach out to Jenna but she stays just out of his grasp. Jenna insists she doesn’t know who Rawlings is but declares that Max and Mr. Lowell are even now. Max remembers that Mr. Lowell is the man on the plane that groped Stephanie. The elevator doors open back on the 1st floor and Jenna exits leaving Max to face a trio of older ladies.

Stephanie swears she’s not trying to change Jeremy but Jeremy swears he’s trying to clean up his mess. Stephanie’s anger melts when Jeremy can say he loves her again. They kiss and decide to head up to the hot tub. Chelsea and Jett pass them on the way to the elevators. Chelsea notes how happy Stephanie and Jeremy now seem and Jett asks if the same can be said about her and Nick.

Max returns to the hotel suite draped in a sheet and still wearing half the handcuffs after being cut off the chair rail by the hotel handyman. Nick sends the kids to go get drinks. Max starts to laugh as Nick explains why he has the boys. Max offers to help Nick with the boys and Nick is so grateful he hugs him. Max instructs Nick to take the kids down to the coffee shop while he gets dressed and then they will all leave town together. Nick and the boys leave. Stephanie and Jeremy walk in just as Max is standing in the living room getting dressed. Max dismisses Jeremy’s inquiry. Jeremy acts like he’s more focused on Stephanie but Stephanie has to leave the room to avoid showing how distracted she is by Max’s half naked body.

Jett asks Chelsea about how angry she and Nick seemed upstairs. Chelsea explains that Nick expected her to stick by him no matter how crazy things get. Jett suggests that Nick isn’t right for Chelsea. Chelsea spots Nick chasing after the boys and downs the rest of her drink. Chelsea drags Jett away to go dancing.


Belle has Philip step away so she and Shawn can talk privately. Once Philip leaves, Belle criticizes Shawn for blurting out this declaration when no joint decision had been made. Shawn feels that the decision was made because he’s already made up his own mind. Belle yells at Shawn for uprooting Claire just as she is starting to feel secure again. Philip eavesdrops as Shawn complains that Belle never takes his side. Belle refuses to leave the mansion until they have a permanent home. Shawn warns Belle not to choose Philip over him.

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