Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Hotel Suite:

Kayla is packing up Tyler’s (still known to them as ‘Pocket’) things when Steve walks in. Steve asks where Kayla is going and Kayla explains that she’s going to see Roman since he gets released from the hospital today. Steve asks about Tyler and Kayla explains that she’ll be dropping Tyler off with Hope to baby-sit. Steve is annoyed that Kayla didn’t trust him to be alone with Tyler.


Hope packs Roman’s things as he gets dressed. Bo walks in complaining that they are taking too long to leave. Hope explains that they are waiting for Kayla to show up. Bo balks but Roman explains that Caroline insisted that Kayla check him out to make sure he will be alright at home or face Caroline moving in with him to play nurse. Bo mocks Roman by asking if he’s afraid of his mommy. Roman refers to Caroline as 98 pounds of tough turkey and beef jerky. Bo still balks and teases Roman about being afraid to go against Caroline’s orders. Roman and Hope taunt Bo with Roman’s cell phone suggesting he call Caroline and tell her they won’t be respecting her wishes.


Max brings Jenna her requested drink and they sit down at a table in the lounge. Chelsea and Stephanie are sitting across the lounge at the bar. Chelsea asks about Stephanie’s kissing session with Max and Stephanie makes Chelsea promise not to tell Jeremy. Chelsea looks over at where Jeremy is still talking to Ilsa. Chelsea asks if Stephanie still plans to consider Jeremy her boyfriend and cheat with Max. Stephanie insists Jeremy is her boyfriend and, as they both look over to where Max is sitting with Jenna, that Max is choosing to date other people. Stephanie doesn’t want to talk about this anymore.

Max glances over at Stephanie before confirming to Jenna that he is all alone. Jenna flirts with Max by promising that should he ‘play his cards right,’ he’ll get a night tonight he’ll never forget.

A representative from the hotel’s day care center brings China’s sons to Nick’s room. He informs Nick that China listed him as the children’s emergency contact and he is now delivering the kids to Nick because the center closed three hours ago. The two boys latch on to Nick’s legs acting like they are happy to once again see their beloved daddy. Nick calls the man back to protest but reluctantly has to admit that he is still technically the boys’ stepfather. The man starts to walk away but Nick calls him back. Nick claims that the boys don’t even know him but the man points out that the boys are glued to Nick’s legs. Nick tries to prove it by asking the boys what his name is but the boys simply reply that Nick’s name is Daddy. Nick admits to the man that he had a concussion when he married China and they already are planning an annulment. The man still does not see that as his problem, citing that they don’t include adoption in their services. The man suggests calling the authorities to have the boys taken away but the boys loudly protest. Nick is hesitant to go that far. The man jokes that the hotel’s tiger population’s feeding time is set to begin soon and the boys have already shown a tendency to lean too far over the railing before walking away. The kids immediately begin to beg Nick to take them to see the tigers.

Stephanie is hung up on the notion that she is technically attracted to her uncle. Chelsea points out that such a truth didn’t matter the last time she and Max got together. Stephanie declares that she doesn’t even know who she is anymore and dramatically lays her head down on the bar.

Max refers to Jenna’s comment as a proposition and she acts offended. Max flusters and pushes his drink away blaming his choice of words on the alcohol. Jenna insists she was only kidding and makes a point to push the drink back in front of Max. Max starts to ramble but Jenna silences him with a finger to his lips. Jenna asks Max how he’d react if she really were propositioning him. Max is speechless as Jenna cozies up closer to him.


Bo backs down and tells Roman to put his phone away. Hope teases Bo and Roman about still being afraid of their mom even at their age. Hope steps away to check on the paperwork. Roman complains that he needed his mom, his sister, and his sister in law to come help him get out of the hospital. Bo points out that Roman is better off single than being in a marriage he wants to get out of. Roman agrees and declares that he’s already had the best so there’s no sense in trying again. Bo asks if Roman would if he still had a chance and Roman rattles off how the main three women in his life are all not available right now. Roman tells Bo about Anna and Tony stopping by for a visit and Bo can tell the sight of Tony and Anna together had to be tough on Roman. Roman describes it as being in high school again and wanting to beat up Tony.

Hotel Suite:

Kayla tries to avoid Steve’s questioning by claiming she must abide by the original plan since Hope is expecting to baby-sit. Steve negates that by suggesting Kayla simply call Hope back and cancel. Kayla claims that Tyler has been fussy lately but Steve insists he can handle fussy. Steve reminds Kayla that she told him he would be able to learn about taking care of kids on the job. Kayla still wants Tyler to go with Hope and tries to entice Steve to take the night off. Steve accuses Kayla of not trusting him to be alone with Tyler but Kayla claims it isn’t that. Kayla smirks as she suggests Steve stay home then and put together the baby swing. Steve suddenly acts like he never wanted to be stuck at home with Tyler tonight and lets Kayla leave with him. Once she leaves, Steve mopes around the room.


Bo suggests that Roman was more hurt because he wants to get back with Anna. Roman vehemently denies it. Hope pokes her head back into the room to grab her purse and tell Roman that the paperwork is on the way. Hope explains to Bo that she has things to do and leaves with a joke about choosing not to cook for Roman because of her bad cooking skills. Roman assures Bo that he was merely blowing off steam when talking about Tony. Roman asks about Andre and Bo fills him in on their extra surveillance. Roman doesn’t like having to sit and wait for Andre to show up. Bo insists that Roman doesn’t have a choice about waiting since he has to rest for a couple weeks. Roman complains about the prospect of having Caroline, Kayla, and Hope coming in and out of his house socializing and telling him what to do. Kayla, having just arrived, responds that without them, Roman would be eating TV dinners every night. Roman quickly claims he wasn’t talking about Kayla. Kayla insists that Roman needs to take it easy and heal but Roman wants to get right back to work. Kayla checks Roman’s vitals as she reminds him that as the doctor on his case, she gets to be the one to decide when he goes back to work.


Nick is trying to make calls to check on China’s whereabouts as the boys run around the hotel suite smacking him and each other with pillows. Two flight attendants walk in and are surprised to see the boys. They ask the ladies to play tag with them. Nick doesn’t know China’s last name to be able to have someone check the registry so he asks the boys. They say nothing and simply stand there smiling. The ladies redirect the boys by offering them airline badges to wear.

Stephanie claims she and Max are ancient history but then having Max come to her rescue on the plane brought those old feelings back. Chelsea suggests talking to Max and advises Stephanie to decide what she wants and whom she wants.

Jenna asks for Max’s reaction to her possible proposition but Max claims it depends on what Jenna is really up to.


Roman is angry that Kayla is refusing to let him go back to work. Roman insists that he is needed since Andre is on the loose with the leather folio and aiming to do away with every Brady. Roman mentions Andre getting the folio from Bo while in Ireland but urges a surprised Kayla to keep what she just heard under wraps. Kayla offers a compromise of signing the form only if Roman promises to stick to deskwork for two weeks.


Jenna acts offended at the suggestion of an ulterior motive. Max fears that he’ll end up paying for being with her. Max suggests that Jenna has a friend waiting to beat him up but Jenna insists violence isn’t her style. Jenna scoffs at Max’s next suggestion of poison lipstick. Jenna offers to ride up in the elevator with Max and if he still feels paranoid by the time they get up to her floor, and then she’ll get out and leave him alone. Jenna smiles and walks away before Max can respond.

Stephanie swears to Chelsea that she loves Jeremy. Jett walks up and Chelsea tries to make a quick exit. Jett asks Chelsea to give him her attention for five minutes.

Jeremy stops Max as he is walking away and relays that Ilsa has asked for a week to get word out to all the girls and has demanded that they get to fly out without Rawlings knowing about it. Max agrees to the terms and tells Jeremy to have Ilsa put the plan in motion.

Jenna calls the person who hired her to ask for their specific orders on sealing the deal with Max. Jenna is pleased with the person’s answer and promises to let them know when it’s done. Jenna blows Max a kiss from across the room and he rushes over to meet her at the elevators. Stephanie watches Max flirt with Jenna.


Roman counters by agreeing to only one week. Kayla insists that it must be two weeks and Roman gives in. Kayla mentions wanting to be home with Steve instead tonight and Bo asks about Tyler. Kayla explains that she passed Tyler off to Hope when she arrived. Roman and Bo joke around about how unqualified Steve is to baby-sit. Kayla is unnerved to see them making light of Steve.

Hotel suite:

Adrienne brings Steve a stack of how to books on parenting but Steve considers them to be silly. Steve demands that Adrienne teach him the shortened version of fatherhood 101.


Kayla insists that Steve is perfectly capable of taking care of a baby on his own but Bo and Roman still joke. Kayla threatens to tell Caroline that Roman isn’t following her orders to get him to stop joking about Steve. Bo asks why Kayla still left Tyler with Hope if she had confidence in Steve. Before she can answer, Roman cracks another joke. Kayla starts to get offended but Bo tells her to relax. Kayla calls them both losers and leaves. Bo wonders if they should apologize but starts laughing again when Roman mimics Steve losing the baby.

Out in the hallway, Kayla tries to convince herself that Steve is a good father. Kayla imagines that Steve sits passed out on the couch while baby-sitting and hates herself for acting like Bo and Roman.

Hotel suite:

Adrienne advises Steve to trust his gut and common sense. Steve worries he’ll damage the baby but Adrienne assures him all parenting is about trial and error. Steve complains that Kayla won’t even give him the chance. Adrienne suggests building up to being left alone with the baby by offering to do small things like taking over afternoon feedings. Adrienne assures Steve he will do great if he concentrates on being the father he’s always wanted. Steve protests that he doesn’t remember what kind of father he wished for as a child. Adrienne suggests Steve jump in and not get offended should Kayla act protective. Adrienne starts to tear up so Steve hugs her.


The flight attendants continue to entertain the kids while Nick talks to a cop. The cop has discovered that China is well known on the strip for being a hustler and her real name is Cassandra L. Arvin with no known family. The cop also informs Nick that China is currently in custody for soliciting and will be forced to spend 30 days in jail. Nick can’t imagine being stuck with the boys for 30 days.

Chelsea isn’t too heartbroken over Jett risking his job to tell her the truth. Chelsea agrees to hear Jett out when he offers to set his watch to make sure he only takes up five minutes of her time.

Stephanie watches as Max and Jenna leave together. Jeremy joins Stephanie at a table and apologizes for being busy with business. Jeremy acts annoyed when Stephanie questions him about always having to do business with other women. Stephanie demands to be made Jeremy’s priority for once.


Roman assures another doctor that Kayla has already gone over his discharge papers and simply left without signing them. The doctor accepts Roman’s word and signs the papers. Roman assures the doctor that he’s going right to bed once he gets home. The doctor sends the nurse out to get a wheelchair for Roman and then leaves shortly after. Roman wants to get right out and go after Andre but Bo insists that Roman take at least one night off. Roman is motivated by Andre’s expected return and Bo realizes that Roman refused a guard so that he can act as bait to trap Andre. Bo tries to talk him out of it but Roman won’t hear of it.

Hotel suite:

Kayla returns home with Tyler. Kayla notices with appreciation how Steve spent the time putting together the baby swing. Kayla apologizes to Steve for not trusting him with Tyler. Steve assures Kayla that he understands her need to be protective. Steve takes Tyler and tells Kayla that he’s prepared a hot bath for her so that she can take a break while he takes care of feeding Tyler. Kayla suggests they work together to get Tyler fed and in bed so they can enjoy that bath together.


Nick is now outraged at the predicament. The officer offers to call social services to have the kids put in a foster home but Nick doesn’t want to see that happen. The officer tries to ease Nick’s guilt by pointing out he was scammed and the kids aren’t really his responsibility but Nick insists that they are. The officer notes how Nick has scored points with the flight attendants by caring for the kids but Nick grumbles that it’s not those flight attendants he’s looking to impress. The officer leaves. The boys are now sitting quietly on the couch with the ladies. Nick tells the boys that tomorrow; they will be heading to a ‘magical kingdom’ known as Salem. The boys are ecstatic at the thought of going to a kingdom and jump up to hug Nick. The ladies laugh as Nick adds that he has no idea what they’ll do once they get back to Salem.

Chelsea scoffs at Jett’s talk of being distracted by her and being unable to do his job of tracking Jeremy. Jett admits he really likes Chelsea and she echoes the sentiment. Jett’s watch alarm beeps and he stops mid sentence to let Chelsea leave. Chelsea objects at being left hanging but Jett smiles as he walks away.

Jeremy is sure Stephanie’s new confidence is because someone has been talking trash about him. Jeremy swears that he’s truly doing business with all these women. Jeremy apologizes for not putting Stephanie first since they left Dayton and admits that he got ‘mixed up in something.’ Stephanie worries that that something could be illegal but Jeremy wants to keep Stephanie in the dark for her own protection. Jeremy swears that he is trying to clean up his mess so he can be with her.


Roman is impatient to leave and gripes until the nurse comes back to wheel him out to the car. Hope returns and Bo confirms with Roman that they will take him back to his place now that Hope is riding with them. The nurse wheels Roman away. Bo calls Hope back for a moment to tell her that he is thankful to have her. Hope is taken aback by the sentiment but Bo insists he’s merely had how lucky they are to be together on his mind lately. Roman returns to ask what is keeping them and they promise to be right behind him. Roman sarcastically asks that they stop on the way home to get some ‘soup for one.’ The nurse wheels Roman away. Bo calls Roman a happy bachelor man and Hope looks at him quizzically. Bo claims he was being facetious and Hope teases Bo about using a word he can’t even spell. They kiss.

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