Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/17/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Brady pub, Tony chats with two attractive young ladies about the lights in Spain. A dejected EJ enters and sits at the bar. Tony excuses himself and heads over to chat with EJ. He says he looks like he needs a drink. Should they talk about the DiMera curse? Tony knows what it is like to have the burden of the crown on his head and having Stefano tell him he can conquer the world. EJ says Stefano only cares about his own dreams. Tony asks what EJ’s heart’s desire is. He wishes Sami loved him half as much as he loves her.

At the hospital, Lucas is still frisky. He tells Sami he has read the Kama Sutra. He worries that Nurse Crimmins might bust them, though. Sami says not to worry, she saw her taking off on her broom a little while ago. Her shift is over. Sami and Lucas start kissing again, but a nurse interrupts them. She is young, and pretty, and she has a combination sponge bath/hot oil massage all ready for Lucas. Lucas tells Sami she can leave now. Sami narrows her eyes. “Oh, hell no.”

At the casino, Nick sweats at the blackjack table. China Lee waltzes up. She is pretty sure Lady Luck will be visiting him soon. Nick sighs. It only costs 25 bucks to get married, but it is costing him 25 grand to get a divorce. China Lee smiles. She can’t help it. His stepsons are expensive to raise. He rolls his eyes and lays down more chips. “Deal.”

At the hotel, Stephanie and Max lock lips. They come up for air. Stephanie gasps, “Oh, no, Jeremy!” Max looks confused. “Jeremy who?” Stephanie cries that she loves Jeremy. She looks at Max and they maul each other again. She yanks him into the hot tub, clothes and all.

In the hallway, Jett asks Jeremy what his problem is. They’re really good friends. Jeremy tells him to lay off the “good friends” crap. He wants Jett to be straight with him. Is Jett a cop? Is he planning on selling Jeremy out?

The nurse asks Lucas to relax. Sami tries her best to persuade the nurse to leave. Doesn’t she have better things to do? Aren’t there patients that need her services more than Lucas? Lucas tells her it’s doctor’s orders. He has to follow them. The nurse nods emphatically. She tells Sami she would be surprised at how important blood flow is in cases of hypothermia. Sami says that is enough. She is the expert in the blood flow department. The nurse admits that there is a patient with bed sores she needs to tend to. She lets Sami take over, but reminds Lucas he has to wear compression stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Sami promises to make him wear them. She massages Lucas and promises it will only get better from here on out.

Stephanie pulls away. They can’t do this. Max doesn’t want to stop. They tried this before, though, remember? He dumped her, and it hurt her really badly. He tells her that was a huge mistake. He goes in for more. SMOOCH. Chelsea sees them kissing from inside. She rolls her eyes.

Tony tells EJ he has it pretty bad. He’s terminal, even. EJ says he feels like a fool. Tony says he needs to enjoy the feeling of being in love that deeply. EJ sighs. He just doesn’t understand women. Not only that, but Stefano is also furious with him. He wanted him to solve his problems the DiMera way. Tony interrupts, “Yes, meaning we just remove them.” EJ nods. Tony smiles slyly. He saw a news piece on Lucas’ near-death experience in the freezer truck. That looked like it had EJ’s prints all over it. EJ says, “Maybe.” Tony warns him about taking Stefano’s advice. EJ says he needs to be worried about the SEC and going to jail, but all he can think about is Sami. Tony adds that he has also been thinking about offing her husband. He tells EJ he can have Sami if he wants her, he just has to decide if she is worth the sacrifice.

Sami follows the nurse’s orders and focuses on Lucas’ extremities. He wants to Sami to leave. He is getting too excited. She suggests they talk about baby names. He thought they had already picked them out-Tom and Colleen. They have, she says, this is just for fun. Lucas suggests Lucy and Ricky or maybe Ham and Cheese. Then he gets serious. What about Roman? Sami vetoes it. Roman Roberts will get beat up on the playground. Kate is then rejected whole-heartedly, and Sami suggests Marlena. She could be called Laney for short. Lucas blushes a bit as Sami moves up his thigh, “I, uh, think we're about 6 1/2 inches from liftoff.”

Stephanie and Max are still swallowing each other’s heads. Chelsea peeks out the window at them. Out in the hallway, Jeremy and Jett argue. Jett can’t believe Jeremy thinks he is a cop. Jeremy says Jett acts suspicious. He is always asking questions. Jett thinks Jeremy is paranoid. Why does he always see cops and conspiracies everywhere? Chelsea comes out. Jeremy asks if Stephanie is inside. Chelsea says she is. He thinks she is probably wrecked from earlier, but it’s nothing that him, some champagne, and the hot tub can’t cure. Chelsea panics. “NO! You can’t go in there!” Jeremy does a double take. What is her deal, anyway? Chelsea stammers. She needs to change into her lucky underwear for the casino. She almost forgot them. She’ll be right out, and then they can come inside. Jeremy tells Jett those underwear are lucky alright- for the guy. Chelsea bolts to the hot tub and warns Stephanie and Max about Jeremy. She comes back out and tells the boys she’ll see them later. Jett and Jeremy enter the room. Stephanie comes in from the deck in her towel. Jeremy wants her to get back in. She suggests a shower instead. They run off to the back. Jett strolls onto the deck. Max emerges from underwater. Jett stares, “What the hell are you doing?”

Nick groans. It’s game over for him. He lost all of his money. China Lee apologizes. She knows he tried his best. He tells her she has great kids. They deserve a real dad that will love their mom. She says that kind of talk is just a fairytale. He tells her she might find her fairytale out there somewhere, but it isn’t with him. She tells him to go ahead and send the annulment papers. She’ll sign them. She says there are a lot of guys in this town she could pull a fast one over on and has, but Nick is the first that she actually liked. She walks away. Nick beams. He orders a drink at the bar and charges it to Jeremy’s tab. Chelsea runs over and spills the gossip about Stephanie and Max’s kiss. Nick tells her he has great news. He doesn’t have a nickel to his name, but China Lee agreed to sign the papers. They’re free at last.

Tony asks EJ if he knows about the key that ends the vendetta. He fills him in on the tabernacle in Galway. Andre got hold of the contents before Bo and Hope. It contained a folio, whose contents are secrets and revelations. It gives Stefano power, so all the Bradys are in trouble. The Bradys would rather destroy the contents and let the vendetta continue than expose those secrets to the light of day. EJ doesn’t think that makes sense. Tony knows how Stefano’s twisted minds works. It’s like Escher’s world of mental staircases. They lead nowhere. Santo’s heart was ripped open because he saw the love of his life cold- bloodedly murdered. So in Stefano’s eyes, his angry spirit requires revenge. Tony says EJ needs to get his hands on that folio. Then he can have everything he ever wanted. Tony excuses himself. EJ thinks.

The nurse comes in to find Sami and Lucas have disappeared. She hunts frantically. Lucas comes out of the bathroom. She scolds him for not having finished his massage. He says he wanted a hot shower instead. She asks him about the stocking. They aren’t his style. Does she have anything in a fishnet? Sami comes out of the bathroom in her robe. She smiles guiltily.

Jett asks Max what he would have done if Jeremy caught him. He never would have stood for someone trying to steal his girl. Max says he can deal with Jeremy. Max can’t wait to sit back and watch Jett send Jeremy to jail, effectively neutralizing his romantic rival. Jett scoffs. Max is compromising the investigation. How is Max supposed to be an unbiased witness if he is shacking up with Jeremy’s girl? Jeremy chases Stephanie out of the bedroom. He asks Max if it’s raining outside. Max says no, that Jett dunked him in the hot tub. Jett shrugs, and Jeremy high-fives him. He and Stephanie are going to head down to the casino. As she leaves, Stephanie looks over her shoulder. She and Jett stare at each other.

Chelsea can’t believe China Lee gave up that easily. Nick thinks she was maybe searching for a man with deeper pockets. They kiss. Chelsea just loves his lips. He says that’s just fine, because that’s about all he can offer her right now. She says they’ll ride this ride as long and as far as it will go. Nick asks if she thinks he is a loser. She says no, Jeremy has already claimed that title. Jeremy and Stephanie enter the casino. He hands Stephanie some money and she walks off. He strikes up a conversation with Ilsa. Chelsea notes all of this. She thinks Jeremy sent Stephanie off so he could hit on another girl. Nick is going upstairs to catch some sleep. He leaves. Stephanie sits down next to Chelsea. She can explain. “Explain what? How you and Max ended up going deep-sea diving in the hot tub upstairs, or why your other boyfriend is sitting over there talking and flirting with that girl and you're doing absolutely nothing about it?”

The nurse fears Sami and Lucas are not taking his condition seriously enough. Sami promises she will from now on. The nurse leaves. Lucas thinks he’s really suffering from “Sami-thermia.” She puts on his stockings. She says she’ll be the only woman to get his blood pumping from now on. He says he loves her. She loves him, too. They kiss. EJ walks in. “What the hell are you here for?” EJ has found a way to end the vendetta.

Max enters the casino and makes a beeline for Jeremy and Ilsa. He bumps into a cute blonde whose purse spills out on the floor. He helps her pick it up. She tells him this is her first time visiting and she is having so much fun. Her name is Jenna Powers. He wants to buy her a drink. She smiles and says that’s fine. He goes to order the drink. She smiles slyly and makes a phone call.

Sami asks if Stefano has agreed to end the feud. EJ tells her his father is beyond reason. Andre has the folio now, and there are conditions within for ending the vendetta. EJ has a plan to get it form Andre before he can hand it over to Stefano. EJ knows that the cops are watching Stefano, so he will most likely send a courier to pick up the folio from Andre and deliver it to him. “Who could it be?” asks Sami. He knows who it is. He turns to Lucas. “It's actually your mother, Kate.”

Nick answers the knock at the hotel room door. A man stands there with China Lee’s boys, Artemis and Demarquette. He was asked to deliver these children to their father. Nick stares.

Jenna places her call. She asks, “I've got what you asked for. Now what do you want me to do with him? “

Lucas say that isn’t possible. EJ reminds him that Kate’s assets are frozen, but all of a sudden, she is flush. She has enough money to keep Mythic afloat and hire an expensive team of lawyers. EJ thinks she got it from Stefano for “services rendered.” Lucas nukes. Kate’s days of doing favors for money are long gone. EJ still thinks Kate will be the courier. Lucas says there’s no way. Sami says they have to follow up all leads. They can’t take the chance EJ is right and not act on it. Lucas sighs, “Yeah. Yeah. Fine. What the hell do you want us to do?”


Jenna asks, "What if I really was propositioning you that way? What then, Mr. Max?"

Stephanie tells Jeremy, "I'm tired of sitting alone at a bar while you are off doing business. How about making me a priority for once?"

Adrienne touches Patch's cheek and says, "It's about being the kind of father we never had. The kind of father you wanted ever since you were a little boy."

Bo says, "You're setting yourself up as bait." Roman says, "I know what the stakes are." Bo says, "Yeah. Your life."

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