Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/16/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/16/07


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“EW!” At the hospital, Sami pokes at Lucas’ tray. He wonders what all that white stuff all over his chicken is supposed to be? Sami decides to make a midnight pizza run. Lucas prefers that she stay there, where she is safe. Where will she sleep, though? She hops on the bed. She can squeeze in next to him. Slap ‘n’ tickle ensues. Nurse Crimmins enters. “What do you think this is, the no-tell motel?”

In the hotel hot tub, Chelsea asks Stephanie if she wants to talk about what happened. She says she has had guys hit on her and grope her before, but….” Chelsea finishes, “But this guy was extreme.” Stephanie can’t believe how awesome Max was. Chelsea admits that he is a great friend. Stephanie has never had a guy do anything like that for her before. It was nice.

On the plane, Max demands to know where Rawlings is. Jeremy tells him he’ll be there. Max explodes, “I’m only here to fix your screw-up!” Jeremy whines. He really didn’t know what was going on. He never would have condoned selling those poor foreign girls off. Besides, Max could have checked out Rawlings, too. Max knows. He’s been kicking himself ever since he found out what was going on. He asks when Jeremy transported the girls. Jeremy says it was on the flight Max chartered. Max groans. He’s going to hell, for sure. “Hey, at least we made a pretty sweet profit.” Max rolls his eyes. The cops will never let them keep it. Jeremy reminds him that he promised the cops wouldn’t get involved. Max says he’s going to the police as soon as they deal with Rawlings…..who walks in just as Max finishes. He’s pumped. They have a lot of customers. How many girls does Jeremy have for him tonight? He rubs his hands together and grins. Jeremy says he’s sorry, but they don’t have anyone for him tonight.

Back at the hospital, Anna and Tony enter Roman’s room with a gigantic fruit basket. Roman isn’t there. Anna frets. She hopes he hasn’t checked out. She has been too busy to come visit him in person. Tony chuckles. He reminds her they have been very busy for the last couple of weeks. Roman walks in and sees them canoodling. He tells them not to worry, his knife wound is all healed.

The nurse tells Lucas and Sami that the bed isn’t meant for two. What if there was an emergency? The doctor couldn’t work on Lucas if there was a pregnant woman coiled up in his arms. Sami gets an attitude. She could sleep in a separate bed if the nurse had brought her that cot like she asked. Lucas smoothes things over. He knows the nurse is very busy, but it would be great if she could bring a fold-up bed in when she gets a chance. The nurse leaves. Sami smacks him on the arm and accuses him of flirting. “Well,  I got Nurse Ratchet to leave, didn’t I? KISS.

Chelsea tells Stephanie not to read too much into it; Max would have done it for Chelsea too, or any other girl. Stephanie is insulted. She has a boyfriend, remember? Chelsea asks why she is so defensive. Stephanie just thinks it’s nice that a guy came to her defense like that. “What about Jeremy? Would he have done that for you?”

Rawlings guffaws. Jeremy and Max are too funny. He thought they were serious. Max is serious. Not only that, but he wants Rawlings to find the first shipment of girls and bring them all back here. Why should he? These girls are making money. Max nods, “Oh, sure, yeah, high heels, Vegas, it’s just like the American dream, huh?” He doesn’t care how Rawlings gets it done, he just wants him to make it happen. Rawlings cracks up. Max and Jeremy are going to hold up their end of the bargain. Max threatens to call the police. Rawlings tells him to go ahead. Max and Jeremy are up to their eyeballs in this, just like he is. He wants those hotties. He tells them to make THAT happen. He storms off. Jeremy tells Max Rawlings is right. They can’t go to the police. Max fumes. They’re just going to have to do this themselves, then.

Stephanie reminds Chelsea that Jeremy did defend her. Chelsea wonders if she is just making excuses. Stephanie goes on a rampage. “But I love him! I risked everything and moved away from home for him!” She deflates. “What if everyone is right and he is cheating? I couldn’t stand it.”

Anna asks Roman if he is in a lot of pain. He says the knife wound doesn’t hurt him anymore. Tony marvels at the medical advances that have been made while he was a prisoner. He says they were both so concerned. Roman insists he is fine. Tony excuses himself to let them talk. Roman comments on the fruit basket. “Is that what you give all the men you dump?”

Rolf wheels Stefano up to the elevator. A doctor instructs Rolf on Stefano’s medications. Tony asks what brings Stefano here. “About to die?”

Sami gives Lucas a backrub. She says Sven at the spa taught her how to do them. He has been giving her pregnancy massages, and they turn her to jelly. Lucas pounces and tackles her on the bed. He kisses her. “Does Sven do that, too?” Lucas changes gears. He is glad they are alone with no interruptions, but he wants her to stop going after Stefano. She can’t. Not only does she need to protect her family, but she also feels a connection with Colleen. She thinks Colleen would want her to stand up to Stefano. She can feel it. Lucas wonders if she plans on fighting him to the death.

“You and Tony, huh?” Anna nods ruefully. Roman thought they had a nice night together. Anna says they did, but he left before she even woke up. He sighs. Bo and Hope won’t let him forget it, either. She apologizes. She should have been up-front with him about her feelings for Tony. He asks her to leave. He has a ballgame to watch.

Rolf tells Tony that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. Stefano grumps. Tony doesn’t care. Tony says he does care. Stefano says that isn’t true. He just wants to grovel before the Bradys, the enemy. Tony says his vendetta has made him angry and useless. Meanwhile, it had knitted the Bradys together ever more tightly. He tells Stefano he is all alone in the world. Lucas reminds Sami that she has a lot more to lose than Colleen. Who will save his life, overcook his eggs, and forget to pay the bills? Sami says she only forgot that one time. Lucas says he needs THIS, too. He attacks. SMOOCH. His heart rate jumps on the monitor.

Chelsea thinks Stephanie should talk to Jeremy. She doesn’t want to. She begs Chelsea not to say anything. Chelsea promises. Stephanie says Jeremy has been acting odd. He didn’t want her to move in. Maybe he really does have a girl on the side. Chelsea thinks she should confront him. Stephanie sighs. Jeremy always has some great excuse cooked up, and he seems so sincere, too. She’ll never be able to tell if he is lying. Chelsea says she and Nick have had trust issues too, but they’re in a good place now. Right on cue, Nick knocks at the door. Chelsea answers. Why is he here? Chin Lee sashays down the hallway, yelling at one of her kids about a Playstation. Nick tells Chelsea they have a situation. China Lee introduces her two boys to their daddy’s friend. “This is Artemis and Demarquette.”

Jeremy whines, “This city is huge! How can we ever round up all of these girls?” Max doesn’t care. They can’t just leave them on the streets. They’ll find a few of them, and those girls can tell them where the others are. Jeremy think it is impossible. Max says they’ll just make Rawlings talk if all else fails. Jeremy laughs. Max threatens, “You help me, or I’m going straight to Je-…” Jeremy ask him what he was about to say. Max says nothing. Jeremy says, “No, you were going to say ‘Jett.’ What does he have to do with this?”

More Lucas and Sami smooching. Lucas thinks they should lock the door in case the nurse comes back, but there is no lock on the door. Sami has an idea. She pushes Lucas’ food cart over in front of the door. They go back to kissing.

China’s kids jump on the couch. Chelsea asks her if she pumped them full of caffeine before they came over. China Lee huffs to Nick, “That skinny white girl is accusing me of drugging our kids!” Nick stops her. They are HER kids, not theirs. She ignores him. “Show Daddy how much you love him.” The kids run over and hug Nick. He gives them some paper and tells them to go make planes in the bedroom. They run off. He tells China Lee that it is not good to confuse her kids like that. This is over. She says it isn’t over until she gets her money. He tells her not to worry; they are getting an annulment tonight. He suggests that the kids and China go down to the pool. She warns him not to run off. She leaves. Nick tells Chelsea that he is here to win some money playing blackjack. He is going to win 25,000 to pay off China Lee.

Max thought Jeremy and Jett were tight. Jeremy relaxes. He is just not sure who to trust these days. Jett could be a cop, for all he knows. Max laughs nervously. That’s just a crazy thought. Max decides to head back to the hotel. He just has to try to find these girls. Jeremy follows shortly after. Jett comes out of a small room in the back and follows both of them.

Chelsea thinks Nick’s plan is no good. She asks about the money he already won. Can’t he just get some of it back from the charity he donated to? He thinks that would be weird. He does have 3,000 dollars. He cashed in a life insurance policy. Max comes in. He is going to drop his stuff off and visit with Stephanie. He heads to the back. Chelsea jumps on Nick and kisses him. Maybe that will bring him luck at the card tables.

Anna demands that Roman turn the game off and listen to her. She didn’t think it was fair to string him along. He agrees. It’s over now. She wants him to move on and be happy with someone else. She does love him, just not like she loves Tony. She knows he would drop everything to be with Marlena if she were to leave John. Roman says he can guarantee that Tony won’t stick around for Anna or anyone else.

The doctor instructs Rolf on Stefano’s care. Stefano tells him to speak to him about his own medicine. He’s no fool. The doctor apologizes and leaves. Tony tells him the writing is on the wall. Stefano’s time is up. He needs to end his life with a little dignity by ending this tired vendetta.

Chelsea and Nick suck face. She has an ulterior motive. She wants him to stay in tonight. They can hang out in the hot tub… or maybe in an empty bed. Nick’s head explodes.

Max sneaks up on a dozing Stephanie. He yells in her ear not to fall asleep. She jumps a few feet in the air, startled. She asks him to join her in the hot tub. He can’t stay; he has work to do. He just wanted to see how she was doing. She says she is fine, but she doesn’t want him to go.

Two nurses walk in to Lucas and Sami kissing. They push the cart out of the way. Lucas’ heart rate and blood pressure are through the roof. He tries to explain that it is just Sami working him up, but they won’t listen. Nurse Crimmins enters. She should have told the nurses about these two. She scowls at Lucas and Sami. “It’s time to show you two who’s in charge around here.”

Tony begs Stefano to do the right thing and end this. He needs to turn Andre in. Stefano asks why he should. At least Andre has been loyal. He was able to get to the contents of the tabernacle before Bo and Hope, even though the Bradys thieved the key from poor Bart’s corpse. Now the vendetta will never end, at least until every damned Brady roaming the earth is dead.

Back in Lucas’ room, Sami has finally gotten her cot. She lies on it and smiles. Lucas says goodnight to her. Then he says goodnight to Nurse Crimmins, who is sitting in the corner supervising them.

Roman reminds Anna of the pretty island girls Tony had. He was, is, and always will be a womanizer. She is sorry he is upset. She thought he could handle this with dignity. He yells after her, “Hey! I’ll be here when you decide you want to be treated the way you deserve!”

Tony shakes his head, Andre will be Stefano’s downfall. He is just too unpredictable. Stefano tells Rolf that they are leaving. Tony strolls around and leers at a pretty nurse. Anna exits Roman’s room just then. He takes her in his arms.

Chelsea and Nick smooch. She wants him to stay. He says she is killing him. He really wants to, but he is winning this money for them. What will happen to their relationship if he cant get rid of China Lee? She asks him if he wants her to come. No, she will just too much of a distraction. He ask her to wait for him. She promises to be there. Nick leaves. He runs into Jett out in the hallway, but says he can’t talk. Before Jett can go in the hotel room, Jeremy rushes up. “We have a problem. Someone is not being straight with me.” Jett stares.

Stephanie assures Max most other guys would never bother to come to a girl’s defense, especially an ex-girlfriend. She is glad they made it work, though. She bats her eyes. They both move in closer. KISS.


Nick tells Chelsea, "I don't have a nickel to my name. China Lee signed the annulment papers. We're free."

Jeremy asks, "Are you a cop, Carver? Are you selling me out here?"

EJ asks, "The contents of this vault... this could end the vendetta?" Andre says, "On the contrary. The contents are so devastating the Bradys would destroy the folio and everything in it, letting the vendetta go on indefinitely rather than expose it to the light of day."

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