Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/15/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Kayla goes through girls’ baby clothes. Steve comes in with Pocket. He says some old ladies kept them downstairs for a long time. Pocket is a chick magnet. Steve wants to take him down to the Cheatin’ Heart later and teach him how to play pool. Kayla was just going through Stephanie’s old clothes, looking for something for the baby to wear. Steve says Pocket doesn’t want to wear anything with hearts or flowers or bunnies. In fact, he’s pissed at the thought of it. Literally. The baby is all wet. Steve doesn’t want to change the diaper, but Kayla makes him. He tells the baby that women sure can be bossy sometimes. Kayla wonders if the baby heard Steve call him “son.”

On the airplane, Stephanie serves a man a cocktail. He says she has beautiful eyes. He bets she is good at a lot of things. He pulls her onto his lap. She reminds him that he is not her only customer tonight. She has other people to look after, too. She goes into the back and tells Chelsea what happened. Chelsea asks her what the big deal is. She lets Jeremy treat her that way all the time.

Jett takes a seat next to Max on the plane. He flashes his ISA badge. He tells Max that he is a cop, and that Max is in some serious trouble.

At the hospital, EJ stands outside Lucas’ room and mutters to himself. He was supposed to be consoling Sami, not saving Lucas’ life.

Inside Lucas’ room, Roman questions Sami from a wheelchair in his bathrobe. He wants to know about the text message Lucas received. She can’t talk about it right now. She is just too upset. She wishes Lucas would wake up. Roman assures her he will be fine. Roman wheels himself out of the room. Kate walks up to him and asks about Lucas. He says he’s just lucky EJ and Sami found him in time. Kate guesses she should thank EJ for being a hero, then. Roman reminds her Sami was there too. She goes in to see Lucas. Roman leaves. EJ strolls up from around the corner. “Hero, eh? That’s a card I have yet to play.” He takes out his phone and calls Channel 6 News.

Max tells Jett that that is just terrific. Why didn’t he tell him this the day he asked him to invest in the company? Jett says he just wants information. Max says Jett already knows everything he knows. Jett is pretty sure Max knows more, though. Jeremy is going down, but Max can still walk, if he cooperates.

Stephanie insists Jeremy isn’t like that guy. She wonders why everyone hates him. Chelsea tells her he just gets on everyone’s nerves. “Why? Because he’s confident?” Chelsea tells her to try arrogant, cocky, and selfish. Stephanie’s jaw drops. “At least he’s better than your reject of a boyfriend!”

Steve calls out from the bedroom, “What’s this toothpaste stuff?“ Kayla mutters that it has been longer than she thought. She yells back that it’s used to prevent diaper rash. She starts to tell him to be careful changing boys’ diapers-but Steve is already yelling. “OH! OH! OH NO!” Steve comes out with the baby, who has peed all over him. Kayla laughs hysterically. Steve huffs. He shouldn’t be changing the baby’s diaper anyway.

Lucas wakes up. He’s so cold. He wants to know what the hell happened. Kate and Sami fill him in. He got that text message, remember? He doesn’t. Sami is incredulous. “What about the freezer truck?” Lucas thinks. He flashes back to hearing the voice calling for help. He does remember everything now. He went into the truck and saw that the voice was really just a tape recorder. By that time, someone had already locked him in the truck. He banged and banged. Sami knows all about it. She was there. “Did you save me?” Kate interjects, “No, EJ did.” Sami agrees. It was EJ. Just then, EJ bustles in with a reporter and camera guy. He sits on the bed next to Lucas and cheerily puts his arm around him. The reporter blathers on about EJ’s heroics.

Max tells Jett to keep it down. Jeremy could overhear them. Max really regrets getting into this partnership with Jeremy. He never would have done it if Jett had been straight with him since the beginning. Jett tells him he didn’t know him then. Max could have been as crooked as Jeremy. Jett thinks he is cool now, but Max needs to do himself a favor and take the lifeline Jett is offering.

EJ interrupts the reporter. It was actually Sami that saved Lucas’ life, not EJ. Sami starts to tell the story. Kate interrupts. Lucas tells Kate to shut up and let Sami finish. Sami lamely finishes by saying EJ saved Lucas. If it weren’t for him, her twins would be growing up without a father. The reporter begs EJ and Sami to hug, just for the story. They do so. He makes them do it again, this time “like they mean it.” They comply. The reporter rushes over to Lucas. He says he must be very grateful that EJ saved him. Lucas smirks, “Gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel-” EJ cuts him off and ushers the reporter and camera man out of the room. Lucas complains. He thinks it is just too convenient that EJ is always in the right place at the right time to save either him or Sami. EJ comes back in. He knows who did this. He’s fairly certain it was Andre. Is anyone really surprised? He tells Kate and Lucas that he is worried for Sami’s safety. She could be next.

Kayla finds an old teddy bear. She ask Steve if he remembers when Stephanie dropped it in a puddle and cried. He gives her a blank look. “No, I guess you don’t,” she sighs. She reminds him how much he missed out on. She really wishes he could have been there for Stephanie’s childhood and adolescence. He feels cheated that he was gone for all of those years. Pocket fusses.

Max tells Jett that this sounds a lot like blackmail to him. He isn’t talking. It’s true that he hates Jeremy, but that doesn’t make him a nark. Jett assures him that Jeremy is going to jail no matter what. The real question now, is whether Max will be joining him. Jett tells him they’ll talk in Vegas after they land.

Chelsea demands that Stephanie stop talking about Nick that way. She should have seen him yesterday. He really stood up to that girl from Vegas. Stephanie laughs, “Oooooo, he chewed someone out. A girl even. Who needs Superman?” Chelsea reminds her that this is better than having a lying cheater for a boyfriend. Stephanie says Chelsea has thought that about Jeremy since day one. Chelsea says that’s because she could tell what a sleaze he was right away. Jett enters. He asks for a drink. Stephanie huffs off. Jett is glad he got there and interrupted the imminent bloodshed. Chelsea ignores him. He says they have to talk.

EJ asks who else could have done this. Lucas suggests that EJ could have. Where was he yesterday around the time the text message was sent? EJ was in a phone conference with Tokyo. “Use your head. Why would I try to kill you only to turn around and save your life?” Sami admits that that is a pretty weird thing to do. EJ insists he is just concerned for Sami’s safety. Lucas says he can take care of her himself. EJ‘s eyes widen in disbelief, “You can’t even take care of yourself!” Lucas gets worked up. He yells at EJ to leave. Sami says she has to go get the nurse. Kate goes instead. EJ keeps pushing. Staying at the hospital is too dangerous for Sami. He wants her to come stay at his apartment.

Steve tells Kayla that they can’t keep Pocket forever. She knows this already; he shouldn’t worry. He tells her Stephanie is all grown up now; it must be really hard to know that she doesn’t need Kayla anymore.

Jeremy approaches Max. He is meeting Rawlings when they land, so he’s going to talk to him about the cargo then. He studies Max. “No cops, right?” Max swallows. “No cops.” Jeremy walks off. Max stares off into space guiltily.

Chelsea snaps, “Shouldn’t you be flying the plane?” Jett apologizes for lying to her. He had no choice. She says he could have trusted her. He reminds her it doesn’t work like that. “For you, you mean!” Chelsea sulks. Jett coaxes, “But we’re friends.” She tells him they used to be and stomps off.

The frisky passenger asks Stephanie to check his vent. She does. It works. He also wanted a vegetarian meal. She skewers the mystery meat and wraps it up in a napkin. Now it’s vegetarian. He asks her if they can go to dinner in Vegas. Does she like sushi? She does. She wonders if they can go to his room afterwards for dessert. He beams. She knows exactly what was on his mind. Stephanie scowls, “In your dreams.” She dumps the tray in the man’s lap.

Lucas says there is no way in hell that Sami is staying with EJ. EJ insists he can guarantee her safety. Stefano has always had a soft spot for him, so he won’t hurt Sami if she is under his care. Kate hates to say it, but EJ makes sense. Lucas demands to know whose side she is on. She says that she is just thinking of her grandchildren. She ask Sami where she will sleep at the hospital. Sami says on the floor. “When you’re that pregnant?” Kate can’t accept that. EJ begs Sami to be reasonable. They all argue and yell over top of one another. In the confusion, Lucas vaults himself out of bed. He collapses on the floor. “I can’t feel my legs!”

Kayla’s mom warned her that “empty nest” syndrome would be tough. Steve thinks it was especially hard since she was all alone. She agrees that it would have been easier with him around. Steve grumps, “Damn DiMeras.” He says that is all over now, though. They have each other and they are happy now. He thinks they are pretty damned lucky. However, he warns Kayla that that little guy in there won’t make up for all of the time they lost.

Stephanie tells the man she is soooo sorry; it was just an accident. Chelsea comes up and tries to smooth things over. He tells her that her friend has an expensive attitude for such a cheap woman. He grabs at Stephanie. Chelsea smacks at his hands. He grabs Stephanie again and pulls her down next to him. He yells , “You’re not going anywhere!” Max rushes over and starts pummeling him.

Sami screams for someone to get a doctor. Pandemonium ensues. EJ tries to help Lucas. Lucas fends him off. The doctor rushes in and tells everyone to get out. EJ leads Sami out of the room. Lucas screams at him to get his hands off of his wife.

Steve paws through Stephanie’s old clothes. Kayla says she was saving them for the day Stephanie had her own daughter. They smooch. Steve says he is tuckered out. He is going to bed, but he promises not to tinkle on himself. Kayla finds a onesie. She smiles. The baby cries.

Sami wonders what is taking so long. EJ begs her to reconsider his offer. She asks him what he is still doing there. She tells him to go home. Kate says she can stay with her, if she wants, but--Sami laughs. She thinks Kate has lost her mind. EJ tries to persuade her to stay with him. Roman wheels over. He tells EJ that no means no, but he seems to have a problem understanding that. The doctor walks out of Lucas’ room. “Mrs. Roberts?” Kate and Sami both pipe up, “Yes?” He has news on Lucas’ condition.

Jeremy and Jett rush in from the cockpit. Max fills them in on the frisky man’s behavior. Stephanie says it’s all true. Jeremy rushes the man, but Jett holds him back. The have to let the police in Vegas handle this. Jett escorts frisky man to the back row. Chelsea asks Max about his hand. He says he is fine. Jett tells frisky man that the next time he opens his mouth, he needs to be with his lawyer. The man protests, but Jett whips out a pair of handcuffs and shackles him to the seat. Jeremy pulls Jett aside and asks him about the cuffs. “Anything else you want to tell me?”

Kayla sings “Rock a Bye Baby.” When she gets to the part about the diamond ring, Steve comes out and warns Pocket she might make him wear one. Look at all of those girly clothes she wanted him to wear. Kayla turns the baby around. Is this too girly? It’s a onesie with “I Love Daddy” emblazoned on the front.

Chelsea asks Stephanie if she is OK. She just wants to forget it, but Chelsea thinks she should press charges. Guys like that should go to jail. Stephanie just thanks god for Max. He was really great out there.

Jett says Abe gave him the cuffs. He got them just in case they had to deal with a nut job like that guy back there. Jeremy tells him that was good thinking. Jett says he has to get back to the cockpit before the customers get nervous about who is flying the plane. He passes Max and tells him he will approach him to talk in Vegas. Jeremy walks out of the back and sees them whispering.

The doctor tells them Lucas is fine. The numbness was simply caused by hypothermia. He is already getting feeling back in his legs. Sami runs in to see him. EJ starts to leave. Roman stops him. Roman thinks he had the most to gain from Lucas’ death-or thought he did- not Andre. EJ reminds Roman he was the one that rescued Lucas. Roman doesn’t care. He has his eye on EJ. Roman wheels off. Kate storms up. “If you had anything to do with this, I’ll strangle you with my own bare hands!” She sails off. EJ sighs heavily. “I saved his life! Yeah, whatever, no one cares.” He sulks.


Jeremy says, "See, I think we got a little problem here, Jett. Somebody's not exactly being straight with me."

Stefano tells Andre, "The vendetta will never end. Not until I can destroy every damn Brady who roams this earth."

Lucas asks Sami, "You gonna fight this battle? What – are you gonna fight it to the death?"

Max and Stephanie share a kiss in the hot tub.

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