Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/14/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At their penthouse, Kayla tells Pocket they are finally at home- home, sweet home. Steve reminds her this is the baby’s temporary home. Randall the bell-hop is fussing around inside. The Baby Depot delivered early, so he has been setting some of the baby stuff up for them. He leaves. Steve says they are ready for ten kids, by the look of all the stuff Kayla had delivered. He knows Kayla too well. He worries that she won’t be able to let go of the baby after a couple of days with him.

Outside the pub, Jeremy tries to place a call to his dad, Mike. The connection is bad, so he gives up. Stephanie walks up. Jeremy groans. He wants to know why all of this bad stuff keep happening to him. His business is falling apart and his friends are all turning their backs on him. He went from having everything, to having nothing all of a sudden. Stephanie reminds him that he still has her. She’s not going anywhere.

Inside the pub, Chelsea sits at a booth and watches a TV screen intently. “OMG! It’s really true!” Nick walks in. He has great news from Uncle Mickey. His marriage to China Lee is only valid if she can prove they had a ceremony. He beams. Chelsea smirks; she thinks China Lee can prove that with no problem. “Look!” She gestures towards the TV.

Back at the Irish church, Bo sprints for the door with the ticking truck. Hope follows and screams, “BO!” Andre stands behind her and smiles. Bo yells back to her from outside the chapel door. He is pretty sure he took care of the truck, but she needs to stay inside, just in case. Hope uses the opportunity to try to open the tabernacle. She rushes over to it and turns the key. Andre walks up behind her and grins.

Steve is fine with the baby; but he just wants to make sure that they are on the same page. Is Kayla going to be OK in a couple of weeks or months when they find the baby a permanent home and come take him away? Is she going to be able to handle that?

Jeremy says he doesn’t deserve Stephanie. She is not sure what he has done, or even if he has done anything, but she knows she still loves him. He doesn’t want to discuss the details with her. He thought he could handle what was going on himself, that’s all. He wanted to do things differently from his charity-loving parents. He launches into a sob story about how he went to school with diplomats’ kids whose parents were wealthy and never really had to work for their money. Jeremy’s parents worked 19 and 20 hour days sometimes. He didn’t want that life for himself. Stephanie sympathizes, but  tells him she has to leave. She’ll be around when he is ready to tell her the rest of the story.

Nick watches the video. An Elvis impersonator in a purple sequined suit presides over his marriage ceremony. Nick, in a tux, and China Lee, in a red lacy dress, smile and kiss. Nick asks about the sound. Maybe he never said “I do.” Chelsea is pretty sure Elvis wouldn’t have married them if Nick hadn’t said it. She laughs. She thinks it is pretty funny that she is messing around with a married man.

Bo approaches an overflowing rain barrel and takes the truck out of it. He hold it up to his ear, and seems satisfied that it has stopped ticking. Inside the church, Hope opens the tabernacle. Inside is a brown folio, used to carry papers. She takes it out. Andre grabs her from behind.

Nick claims he can’t remember a thing from that night. Chelsea says that is understandable; he had a concussion and he had also been drinking. China Lee took advantage of his state and married him. She asks him what they are going to do about it. Just then, China Lee enters the pub.

Max exits the pub with a bag of trash. Jeremy greets him. Max tells him to get lost; he is busy doing honest work, not that Jeremy would know what that is. Jeremy says he needs his help, fast. He is desperate.

Kayla insists that she will be fine. She is a grown woman with a medical degree. She knows how to be emotionally detached when it comes to her patients. Steve is just trying to look out for her. She was devastated when Benji left; and he doesn’t want to see that happen again. She swears that she knows what she is doing.

Andre and Hope struggle. As Bo enters the church, Hope flings the folio in his direction. He catches it neatly, as Andre pulls a knife and holds it to Hope’s throat. He threatens to kill her unless Bo hands the folio over immediately.

China Lee sashays up to Nick and Chelsea, “Hey baby. How about a smooch for your lonely wife?” Chelsea sniggers and tells her she saw the tape. It was a lovely ceremony…for the bride of Satan. China shoots her a dirty look and asks for alone time with Nick. After all, they’re newlyweds. She pulls out a couple of drawings. Her sons made them for their new step-dad. Chelsea tells her they are on to her. They get that she is trying to pull some con over on Nick, but it won’t work. China Lee is just a lying, gold-digging, whore.

Jeremy tells Max he just wants to come clean. Max has to help him, because he was in on the business, too. Max reminds him that he got out of it; his hands are clean. Chelsea and Jett are already on to Jeremy, and if he isn’t careful, Stephanie will figure everything out, too. Jeremy nukes. “She can’t ever find out!” He tells Max the designer knock-offs were just a cover for the real business. Max feigns shock. Jeremy tells him he was really smuggling women in from Eastern Europe.

Kayla forgot to buy formula. Steve says that’s alright, he’ll just order Indian food, instead. Kayla ignores him and goes downstairs to borrow some formula from a neighbor with a newborn. Steve chats with the baby. He promises he and Kayla will never let him down. Stephanie stands in the open doorway and listens.

Bo tells Andre to let Hope go, or else. Andre tells him to forget the threats; none of his charges ever stick anyhow. Besides, he is a DiMera. He’ll never be held accountable. Hope reminds him that Tony is the real DiMera. Andre just stole his identity and face. Andre nukes, “SHUT UP!” He’s going to kill her if Bo doesn’t hand that folio over to him. Hope begs Bo not to do it. Andre begins counting, “One, Two, Three!” Bo slides the folio over to him. Andre wishes him better luck next time. He thinks he will hold on to Hope a little longer, though. “You SOB! Let her go!” The priest enters. Andre asks him to pray for them and rushes out, leaving Hope at the door.

Chelsea lays on a sugary sweet smile. She is just sure that China Lee is a reasonable girl. Nick explains to China Lee that he was involved in an explosion the day they got married, so he really doesn’t remember anything that happened. She asks if he has a doctor’s note He explains that he never went to the doctor. He really would just like to get this marriage annulled and move on with his life. He asks her what she thinks about that. “I’m thinking big, fat lawsuit. KA-CHING!”

Max freaks. “You smuggled them in and sold them off?” Jeremy swears he had no idea that was what was going on. Rawlings just told him that these girls were from shattered homes and poverty-stricken families. Jeremy thought they were coming to the states to get jobs and a second chance. He didn’t realize what they were really doing here until he ran into Ilsa in Las Vegas. He tells Max that these girls aren’t just turning tricks; they’re really getting hurt.

Stephanie says she came over to get some more of her stuff. She asks about the baby. Steve fills her in. They’re just keeping him for a little while, until a more permanent home can be found. She’s surprised. She’s not sure what to say. Kayla walks in, “How about ‘Good luck’?” Stephanie asks why no one told her about the baby. Kayla suggests she could find things out a lot faster if she still lived at home. Stephanie wonders if the baby is getting her room. Steve says no, that the crib is going in their room. Stephanie huffs sarcastically, “I sure hope parenthood works out for you guys this time.” Kayla yells, “Tell me what has happened to you!”

Nick wants to know what grounds she plans on suing on. She ticks them off on her fingers: abandonment, mental distress, mental cruelty, and pain and suffering. He drops his jaw in disbelief. Does she actually think she is the first person in history to try to pull this stunt? She picked the wrong guy to mess with.

Jeremy knows Max is mad, but he doesn’t deserve to go to jail. He needs help making this right. He reminds Max of the time he saw Ilsa at Bo and Hope’s. Max remembers. Jeremy really worked her over. Jeremy said he lied before. He didn’t touch the girl. “Who did?” Jeremy says it was the same guy that got him into this whole mess, Andre DiMera.

Bo searches around outside the church. Andre stalks him. Andre thinks to himself that Hope is wrong; he is a true DiMera, in every sense of the word. He pulls out his knife and tackles Bo.

Hope apologizes to the priest for breaking into the tabernacle. He can’t believe anything was inside that had any value, they thought it had been empty for decades. Bo comes in. His arm is bleeding. He tells them Andre got away with the folio. The priest hurries off to get some bandages. Bo sighs. He is really upset Andre escaped. He makes Hope promise not to tell anyone Andre followed them to Ireland; he has a feeling the information will come in handy eventually. They will tell Abe and Roman, but no one else. Bo worries that now they will never know what was inside that folio.

Stephanie and Kayla apologize to each other. They both said things they didn’t mean. Kayla tells her she doesn’t recognize her anymore. She has really changed, and not for the better. Stephanie says that since she is such  huge disappointment to both of them, then she should just go. She tells Steve to have fun with his baby.  She stomps off. Steve rushes out into the hallway and stops her. He tells her she is his baby- no one else. She may be grown, but every time he looks at her, he sees her as the tiny baby he held so many years go. Nothing can compare with the joy and love he felt when he held her for the first time.

Max should have known something was up when Jeremy was meeting with EJ. Jeremy says EJ was just a messenger boy; Andre was the real brains behind the operation. He may be mean to Stephanie sometimes, but he would never physically hurt a woman. Andre is the one that hurt Ilsa that day that Max came over. Rawlings was Andre’s “man on the ground,” so Jeremy dealt with him most of the time. Max is going to help Jeremy. He’s going to call his brothers and get the cops involved. Jeremy is terrified. Not only is he scared to go to jail, but he is also afraid of Andre’s wrath. He wonders if there is another way. Max says maybe, but Jeremy won’t like it.

Nick is sick and tired of being blackmailed. Unfortunately for China Lee, Nick has been blackmailed twice in the last six months by two different women. It’s just not going to work out for China Lee. He slings an arm around Chelsea. He’s with the girl he loves. “No money grubbing, opportunistic tramp from Vegas is gonna get in the way of that.” She says that is a nice speech. But she knows it’s an act. His hands are shaking. If he gives her what she wants, she’ll give him his annulment and disappear. She wants 25,000 dollars- half of his Vegas winnings. If he doesn’t comply, she’ll call CPS and tell them he is a deadbeat dad to his step-children. She walks out. Chelsea kisses Nick. She is really proud of him for standing up to China Lee.

Max tells Jeremy he has to go to Rawlings and convince him to shut the business down. Jeremy says it is impossible, but Max insists he tell Rawlings anything-that he is going to the cops, maybe-to get him to shut it down. Jeremy makes him promise to keep all of this from Stephanie. He tells Max that he might be the one guy that could save them all.

Stephanie, her eyes full of tears, asks Steve if he meant all of that. He did mean it. He doesn’t want her to think that his disapproval of Jeremy affects his love for her at all- it doesn’t.  She wishes him luck with the baby and promises to come by and help with diapers. She leaves. Steve walks in to Kayla promising to take care of Pocket.

Bo thinks it is time to head home. Hope wants him to get bandaged up first. Bo frets. They have to find Andre before he can get the folio to Stefano. "My family's lives are depending on it."


Patch holds Pocket and says, "Let me tell you something, son. These women, they might be pretty, but boy, can they be bossy." Kayla asks, "Did he just call you son?"

Max punches a man on the airplane as the man yells, "Take it easy! Take it easy!" Stephanie and Chelsea bolt.

Jeremy asks Jett, "You're carrying cuffs now? Is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Lucas asks, "You were there? Did you save me?" Sami nods. Kate interrupts, "No, actually, EJ saved you." Lucas looks up, "EJ?"

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