Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/13/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Lauren’s apartment, Phillip apologizes to Billie for forgetting his cell phone. They find the door locked and Billie prepares to pick the lock a second time. Inside, Lauren sees the doorknob turning, and runs and hides. Phillip enters, grabs his phone and starts to head out the door, but Billie stops him. She smells perfume, “And it ain’t mine.”

In the hallway outside Lauren’s apartment, Belle tells Shawn Phillip has a right to know he was here on the fourth. Shawn worries that Phillip will think he was behind all of the mean phone calls Lauren made. He doesn’t really care what Phillip thinks though. Before he and Belle go in and talk to Phillip, he has to know that she believes him. That is all that is important to him.

At the hospital, Kayla cuddles the baby. She wonders why they all look so surprised she wants to adopt. Lexie asks her if she is sure she wants to take on such a huge responsibility. Abe asks about Steve. Kayla thinks Steve is all settled in now; he won’t mind having a baby. She says they have been talking about adopting since they got home from the island. Mrs. Myers tries to interrupt Kayla, but she assures her that when Steve sees the baby, he’ll will want to give the little cutie a home just as much as she does. Steve enters, “Steve will want to give which cutie a what?”

Hope and Bo enter an Irish church. They are soaking wet. Hope says the Irish may call it a “soft day” but she calls it having the Atlantic Ocean dumped on your head. She tells Bo to go ahead and open the tabernacle. He can’t- only a priest can do it. Hope spies a nun. Bo says she can’t do it. Hope says they can ask her- maybe times have changed and she can open it. The nun, whose back is turned to Bo and Hope, looks up into the camera. It’s Andre. He smiles.

Kayla stammers. She tells Steve about the little baby’s sad story. She begins to ramble. She thought they could take him for a little while-just until they can find his mother or another home. All of these thought of Benji kept coming up, too, and that‘s why she wanted to take him. Mrs. Meyers interrupts. She still has to follow proper protocol. Luckily, Abe is there. He agrees to vouch for both Kayla and Steve. Lexie will, too. Abe name drops a bit. He knows Mrs. Myers’ supervisor. He suggest that they go call her and see what they can do for the Johnsons and this little baby. Lexie goes with them. Kayla smiles at the baby. She tells him that sometimes it isn’t bad to have friends in high places. Steve stops her. He thinks she really blind-sided him with this.

Belle tells Shawn that they both know Phillips’ temper too well to play games with him. Shawn says he just knows that neither he nor Phillip trust each other at all.

Phillip and Billie agree someone must be in the apartment. As they get ready to investigate, Belle and Shawn knock at the door. Phillip asks what they are doing there. Shawn tells Phillip about his trip up here on the fourth of July to see Lauren. “So, this is where you were, you son of a -- why the hell didn't you tell me?”

Hope goes to approach the nun, but Bo stops her. Bo decides he is going to search the rectory for a priest. Hope doesn’t want to go back out in that monsoon, so she makes Bo promise to buy her two new pairs of shoes since hers are ruined.

Abe waits on the phone and chats with Lexie. Mrs. Myers is checking on a few clients while he is on hold. He asks Lexie if she thinks this is a great idea. Lexie says Kayla seems so happy, so it must be. Abe isn’t concerned about Kayla- it’s Steve he’s worried about. He thinks he has enough on his plate right now without the added stress of a baby. Abe gets Heidi, Mrs. Myers’ supervisor, on the phone. He asks her if she can help him with a fast track approval for a foster care couple.

Kayla says she though Steve would be ok with this, since they talked about it. He reminds her they never came to a final decision. She wonders how he can look at the baby’s sweet face and not want him. Steve says he does- he know how the foster care system can be. It doesn’t matter anyway. As soon as they do a background check, they’ll deny them. Steve can add driving his own daughter away to his list of tricks, including a stay at a mental institution and kidney thieving. Kayla assures him that he and Stephanie just had a fight and that that is normal. Kayla says Abe is standing up for them, so they can answer a few questions about Steve’s past with no problems. Steve pauses, “Maybe he shouldn't be standing up for us.”

Shawn explains to Phillip that Mimi called and asked him to come meet Lauren. Mimi found out that Bonnie was paying Lauren to keep the baby, and since Bonnie went to jail, Lauren came after Mimi instead. Phillip wonders why Lauren would think Mimi had any money. Shawn thinks Lauren just wanted to get to Philip through her, but Mimi wouldn’t give up his number. She didn’t call Phillip because she was afraid he would be angry at her for what Bonnie did. So she called Shawn to investigate and see if he could find out if the baby even existed. Phillip is ticked that Shawn gave Lauren his number. Shawn insists he was just trying to call her bluff. He didn’t see a baby, so he thought she was lying. “After you knew I was getting all those calls. How could you do that?” Shawn says he was afraid to tell Phillip the truth because he would think Shawn was working with Lauren. He figured she would get bored and stop harassing Phillip. Shawn starts to ask Phillip if he is sure the baby is even his when a noise from the back interrupts them. Phillip looks around, “What the hell was that? There is someone still here.”

Kayla tells Steve that Abe wouldn’t stick up for him if he thought he was inept. She thinks all his fatherly instincts from when Stephanie was born are going to come flooding back. Steve says his past is like a puzzle. All the big pieces are in place, but a lot of the little connecting pieces are still missing. Kayla says he can re-learn all of that, and Pocket will only be with them for a few days. Steve asks about the nickname. Kayla thought of it because he is little enough to fit in your pocket. “Well, I guess that's better than Benji part two, but not much. Leave it to you, sweetness.” Kayla asks if he wants to hold the baby. She tells them the baby will stay with them for a little while and they’ll make their own minds up about adopting later. Steve tells Kayla she can’t push this on him; she’s out of control.

Whoever was in the apartment is gone. They must have gotten out the window. Billie calls Detective Wade at the Indianapolis P.D. Phil goes out back to search the alley. Shawn is angry with himself. If Phillip can’t find Lauren, he’ll focus all of his attention on Belle and Claire again, “Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby? Man, I just made this whole thing worse.”

Bo and Hope enter the church. The nun has left big, wet footprints behind her. Bo decides to go find the nun so he can at least ask where the priest is. He wants Hope to stay put. She thinks he must be worried about her safety. He says Andre could show up at any time. She asks if he thinks Andre followed them to Ireland. He tells her to be careful. She warns him to do the same. He leaves. Hope muses, “So...only a man can be trusted to open the tabernacle, huh?”

Kayla understand Steve’s hesitation. It happened so fast. He wants to know what the rush is, anyway. She says Pocket needs them, just like Benji did. The baby doesn’t have the time for them to list the pros and cons and then make a decision. He needs them now. “I can't do it, sweetness. I'm not ready. I'm not. And I don't know if I'll ever be ready. I don't even know if I want to be.”

Billie gets off the phone with the detective. Phillip says there’s no sign of Lauren and no one has seen her. Billie tells him the detective is sending out a squad car. The low number of response vehicles displeases Phillip. He still doesn’t understand why Shawn lied about seeing Lauren. Shawn said he thought Phillip wouldn’t understand. Phillip understands perfectly- that Shawn wanted to get back at him. He smiles widely, “'Cause all of us know I can take better care of Claire than you can now or ever will.”

Bo comes back. He can’t find anyone. Bo thinks something is wrong here. Hope cajoles him. They are wasting time. Why don’t they just open the tabernacle themselves and go home? After all, they don’t have time to wait around. The DiMeras could be back in Salem, targeting their family right now. Bo gives in. He can’t argue with Hope once she’s dug in her heels. They agree to get what they came for and go home right after.

Kayla apologizes. She wasn’t thinking. She just kept remembering Benji and Steve’s stories about foster care. She saw this baby and couldn’t help but wonder where he might end up. Steve tells her she is too far gone, but he understands how she feels. The kid is cute. He’s just not ready for the “daddy thing” right now. She sobs a little. She understands how he feels. She’ll go tell Mrs. Myers that they have changed their mind. Steve stops her, “Wait, Kayla, wait.”

Belle snaps, “You have no right to say that to him. Shawn was just trying to help.” Phillip tells her she shouldn’t buy that crap. Shawn saw how well Phillip provided for Claire and got jealous because he is the same old loser he has always been. Belle retorts, “If he is a loser, then what does that make you?” She reminds him of the time Shawn saved his butt in Iraq. Shawn tells her to let it go. She refuses. Phillip is Shawn’s oldest, dearest friend, and repaid him by having Willow lie about him in court. Phillip says Shawn is paying him back ten-fold with this little stunt. Phillip says Shawn is not his friend, and maybe he never was. The second Shawn saw the chance to get back at him, he took it and ran with it. Shawn tries to tell him it’s not true, but Phillip won’t hear it. He fumes. He is sure that Shawn and Lauren were working together this whole time. Billie interrupts Phillip’s rampage, “That baby is out there somewhere, and it's not doing any of us any good to stand around and rehash old wounds. We're not getting anywhere, so snap out of it. “

Steve says one of those little puzzle pieces he was talking about earlier finally clicked into place. He feels the same emotions as on the day Stephanie was born. Mrs. Myers enters. She has good news- they’ve been approved. Kayla starts to tell her she’s sorry, but Steve interrupts. He tells Mrs. Myers to come check on them anytime. He takes the baby. He tells Kayla he will watch him while she fills out all of the paperwork. Kayla exits in a daze, throwing looks of disbelief behind her the whole way. Steve chats with the baby. He needs a little help, as he is flying blind here. He asks the baby about global warming and the Cubs.

Billie says they have to find Lauren. Phillip has to know the whole truth first. Did Belle know about Lauren, too? Shawn tell him that Belle just found out today. He knows it was wrong to keep a secret, but he is here now to apologize. Phillip wonders if there is anyone alive that Shawn hasn’t lied to. Billie interrupts him again. He gets it. He’s wasting his time, when he has a runaway surrogate and baby to find. He leaves. Belle stops him in the hallway. She tells him they are all still friends. If he needs anything, all he has to do is ask them. “Just figure it out, Belle, would you? I've had just about all the help out of you two I'll ever need... Ever.”

Bo tries the key. It doesn’t work. Hope urges him to try harder, but he is afraid the key will break off in the lock. She sighs. What are they supposed to do now, visit every church in Ireland? A little boy enters. He tells them the priest saw them there earlier and can see them now. He runs off to tell the priest they are waiting. He leaves his backpack behind. After an unsuccessful attempt to chase him down, Bo opens it, looking for a name or address, but finds a toy truck. He wonders why he was carrying it around.

Steve sings an original song to the baby, “pocket man.” Abe comes in. He tells Steve that Kayla is almost finished with the paperwork. Abe thinks the baby is cute. Steve admits that the baby does look just like him. Abe laughs, “I said he was cute.” Abe asks him if he is ready for all this. Steve isn’t sure, but he thinks Kayla is. She comes in. She has already had a baby store deliver a crib and diapers to the apartment. Lexie decides to take a family photo on her phone. Kayla adds that they are calling him Pocket. Abe and Lexie exchange glances. “Pocket?” Steve adds that he is just their temporary son. Lexie instructs them to squeeze together. Abe tells them to say cheese. Steve smiles, “Change me.” Lexie snaps the picture.

Billie asks Belle if Phillip is alright. Belle isn’t sure. She tells Billie to let her know if they can do anything. Billie goes off after him. Belle tells Shawn Phillip is angrier than she has ever seen him, but, she thinks he will eventually calm down. Shawn disagrees. Phillip thinks Shawn tried to hurt him on purpose. Whatever friendship they had is gone now. In the meantime they need to start packing their bags. Phillip will probably kick them out any day now. “Claire or no Claire.”

Bo shows Hope the truck. He can’t believe how nice it is. Neither he nor Roman were allowed to have these as kids- Pop didn’t allow them. Hope starts to say something, but Bo shushes her. He puts his ear up to the truck. “Hope, it's ticking. “


Hope screams, "Bo! Bo!" Bo runs toward the door with the truck as Andre watches in the background.

Jeremy tells Max, "The trunks of designer knockoffs... That was just a cover for what I'm really doing. I've been smuggling women into the country from eastern Europe."

Nick sits in a booth at the pub. He puts his arm around Chelsea and tells China Lee, "This is the girl I plan to spend the rest of my life with, and no money grubbing, opportunistic tramp from Vegas is gonna get in the way of that.

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