Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/10/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Belle shows Shawn her check for tuition. John and Marlena didn’t even loan it to her; she’s had a college fund this whole time. She wants to make sure Shawn is OK with this. He says it’s fine; now Claire can spend more time with her dad. It’s impossible to argue with John and Marlena anyway. He says with all those new clothes Marlena bought her, Belle will be the hottest nurse around. Belle says she hasn’t been fair to Shawn. She wants him to be honest, but she hasn’t been. Phillip bought her those clothes, not Marlena.

Outside of an apartment in Indianapolis, Billie and Phillip talk. Billie says the lease is in the name of Selena Doyle. Phil has never heard of the person. He knows the kid isn’t his, because he never cheated on Belle. He thinks the blackmailer is playing hard to get just for that reason-she has no proof to back up her claim. They knock at the door. No answer. Billie pulls out a tiny tool kit and goes to work on the lock.

At the hospital, Kayla walks up the nurses’ station. She asks the woman on duty about her “new boyfriend,” a baby. The nurse says someone just abandoned him, but they did leave a note. Kayla reads: “Please take care of my baby.” Kayla stares, “Huh.”

Back at the truck, EJ tries to lead Sami away. He tells her they need to look elsewhere. She says she doesn’t know what she would do without him right now. Inside the truck, Lucas is pretty much frozen; he even has frost in his eyebrows. Sami turns and runs back to the truck. She knows Lucas is in there. She grabs a brick from behind a pile of boxes and bashes the lock. She yells at EJ to help her. EJ stares.

Phillip and Belle didn’t go shopping; he found a catalog she marked up and he bought her all of the clothes as a surprise. Shawn just wants to make sure he didn’t buy her any thongs. Belle promises she would have flung them back in his face. He asks why she didn’t tell him right away. She didn’t want to start a fight. Besides, Phillip was just being nice. Shawn says it’s more than that, but he is glad to see her  excited about the clothes. He does thinks Phillip was trying to make him look bad, however.

Billie and Phillip search the apartment. There’s no sign of life. Billie reminds him the baby must exist, because she saw the prescription bottle. Phillip says that doesn’t prove anything. If there was a baby here, there would be some kind of sign. There’s nothing. Billie holds up a tiny teddy bear. “You mean like this?”

Kayla asks the nurse if she has called Social Services. She says no; she was hoping the mother would change her mind. Kayla says they also need to call the police. The nurse goes off to make the calls. Kayla picks the baby up and asks him his name. Since he doesn’t answer, she tells him it doesn’t matter, they will make sure he gets taken care of.

Sami begs EJ to help her. “Lucas, talk to me! Let me know you’re OK!” She bashes at the lock some more. Lucas grimaces. He manages to reach a hand up to the dummy’s lap and hits “play” on the tape recorder. The “that sounds nothing like Kate” voice starts calling for help again. Sami yells triumphantly. She KNEW someone was in there. She turns on EJ, “What are you doing? Help me!”

Shawn thinks Phil wanted Belle to look good, yeah, but he also wanted to remind her that Shawn can’t afford to buy her those things. He makes her promise to return that Ferrari Spyder with the big red bow if it shows up at the house. She promises to give to Shawn instead. She says that Phillip is generous with all of his friends. Shawn thinks he just wants Belle back. He only pretended to make up with all of them because he thought he might die in that typhoon. Belle assures him Phillip has no chance with her. Shawn grumps, “He can provide a better life for you than I can.” Belle retorts, “You think money is all I care about?”

Phillip thinks this girl is just messing with him. Billie says she found a membership card to a gym. She shows it to Phil. He looks at it and gasps, “OMG! It’s Lauren!” He explains that she was Shawn and Mimi’s surrogate, but then the baby turned out to be Phillip’s after the embryo switch. Billie says she was supposed to have an abortion. Phillip says she must have changed her mind. That’s why she is blackmailing Phil; she wanted to have the baby, not raise it.

A doctor examines the baby. He is fine and has been well-taken care of. Abe and Lexie walk up. Abe introduces Lexie as his wife. She smiles. Abe looks at the note the mother left. He goes to call CPS. Kayla is hesitant; she doesn’t want the baby to have to go into the system. Lexie and she both coo over the baby. She wonders what kind of mother would leave her baby like that. Lexie says it was probably a teenager, or maybe someone who couldn’t afford to keep the baby. Kayla still can’t  imagine just walking away from your child. Lexie narrows her eyes, “Tell me about it.” Kayla confides in Lexie. She and Steve are thinking about adopting, but he’s not sure. She thinks he is just scared. Once she puts a baby in his arms, he’ll never want to let it go.

Phillip thinks he needs to call the police. Billie nukes. They are guilty of breaking and entering, remember? Besides, Lauren might have had an abortion and is just trying to blackmail him anyway. Phillip disagrees. Lauren wouldn’t pull this stunt unless the kid actually exists. He promises he’ll handle the police. He’ll tell them all about the calls and the letter, and he’ll say the door was open. She says ok, but she sure hope he doesn’t get hurt.

Belle says she isn’t keeping score. Phillip may be able to give her almost everything she wants, but he can’t give her Shawn. He still thinks Phillip has an agenda. He ticks off Phillips’ recent accomplishments. They live at the mansion. He bought Belle a lot of new clothes. He got Claire into a pre-school with a mile-long waiting list. “Think about it. Who’s really taking care of you and Claire?”  “You’re right,” sighs Belle, “I was blind.”

EJ tries to knock the lock off with a brick. It’s not working. Sami yells at him to get Lucas’ tire iron out of the car. He gets it, and is able to break the handle off the door. Sami rushes inside, to find poor frosty Lucas. “OMG! He’s so cold! Say something Lucas, please.” EJ hauls him out of the truck. Sami has EJ call 911.

Shawn sulks. Phillip would leave them alone if he had his own girlfriend and his own kid. Belle feels sorry for Phillip, but he wouldn’t want her pity. He really deserves someone that will love him back, and that just isn’t her. She is going to go talk to him about it and return the clothes. Phillip might deny his feelings, but he needs to know she is not interested. If he won’t take the clothes back , she’ll donate them to charity.

A detective tells Billie and Phillip his hands are tied. Lauren is neither a fugitive or a missing person. Billie tells him they can put out an APB for the kid, though. “What are you, a cop?” She tells him she was a former cop. He leaves to go see what he can do. Billie snoops some more. She finds a dirty bib in the washing machine. They can get DNA off of it and see if Phillip is really the father. The detective comes back. A neighbor told him Lauren did have a baby; she baby-sat him from time to time. Lauren pokes her head around the corner in the hallway. She sees the commotion at her door and takes off.

Abe shows up with a lady from CPS, Mrs. Myers. They think they might be able to find the mother if the baby was born here. If not, it’s a long-shot. The social worker suggests the girl was a teenager whose parents or boyfriend told her to get rid of the baby or get out. Kayla observes that the carrier he was in was pretty nice for a teenager’s budget. The social worker picks the baby up. She’s going to take him to CPS until a suitable foster home can be found. Kayla asks her to wait. Does she know where the baby will be placed? The social worker says they have a long list of potential foster homes. Kayla says she has an older daughter, but she misses having a baby. Mrs. Myers tells her not to worry; he’ll get placed in a good home. Kayla frets; he should be bonding with his mother. She begs Mrs. Myers not to take him; she’ll take care of him.

The detective promises to check the local hospitals to see if the baby was born in the area. He leaves. Billie asks if Phillip is ok; after all, he just found out he is a father. Phillip can’t believe she had the baby. Someone must have talked her into not terminating the pregnancy. “Who?” Phillip growls, “Shawn, who else?”

Shawn asks Belle not to return the clothes. It will just make him look like a selfish jerk. He says he has also been less than honest with her. He lied about what he did on the fourth of July. He went to Indianapolis to help Mimi. Belle harrumphs, “I thought Mimi was in Arizona?” She is. She kept getting strange calls about Bonnie owing this girl money. Belle can’t imagine why in the world Mimi would need Shawn’s help. The caller was their surrogate. She was supposed to terminate the pregnancy, but Bonnie paid her to keep it. Obviously, Bonnie was after Victor’s money. Shawn went to see Lauren, but he never saw the baby. He gave Lauren Phillip’s phone number and told her to call him. Belle wonders why he never said anything after the calls started. He said he was afraid Phillip would make Belle think he was behind the calls. You see, he and Phillip are in love with the same girl.

Billie asks why Phillip suspects Shawn. He says the phone calls started on the fourth. Shawn was supposed to fly to Cleveland, but Phillip knows he didn’t. He thinks Shawn is doing this because he is jealous. Billie insists Shawn wouldn’t do this.

Lucas is on a gurney. Sami laughs, “Find some air conditioning the next time you’re hot, popsicle man.” He smiles wanly. They wheel him off. Sami thanks EJ for saving Lucas’ life again. He mutters, “Let’s hope we don’t have to make it a third time.” He backs up and apologizes. He is not that man anymore. There is no need for Sami to fear him. She says she will probably always be afraid of him, but it would be a whole lot easier if she could trust him. He agrees. What he did to her was vile and inhuman. She asks him if he is sure he has changed. EJ flashes back to placing the dummy in the truck. He says he loves Sami. She tells him to stop talking to her like that. He is pretty sure Andre did this. He will talk to Stefano about it. Sami tells him to tell Stefano that the next time she shows up at his place with a gun, she’s finishing the job.

Shawn swears he had no idea Lauren would make those calls. He saw her today at the beach, and she was freaking out because she was afraid of Phillip. He says he encouraged her to go talk to Phillip, but he still didn’t see a baby. Belle says they have to find Phillip and tell him what is going on. They head out of the pub.

Phillip thanks Billie. She says she would go an extra mile for him; he is her brother, after all. He sighs. He was raised to be cruel and ruthless, just like Victor. Billie reminds him not to think about that; he always wanted a son and now he has one. Phillip is determined to find him; no matter what. They can’t do anything further in Indianapolis, so they decide to go home. They leave. Lauren sneaks from around the corner and creeps up to her apartment. She lets herself in and starts rifling through drawers. Phillip and Billie come back to the door. Phillip forgot his cell phone inside. Phillip turns the doorknob back and forth several times. Lauren gets that deer-in-headlights look on her face.

Kayla insists on taking the baby. Mrs. Myers said it was hard to find good parents, anyway. She wants to take him until a permanent home can be found. She would be honored to be his foster mother.


Shawn asks, "Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby?" Belle asks, "What?" Shawn says, "Man, I just made this whole thing worse."

Patch looks at the baby and says, "I'm kind of flying blind if you know what I mean."

Bo and Hope walk into a church and see a nun praying. Hope says, "What about her?" Bo says, "No. She's a nun." Hope says, "That's all right." Andre, dressed as a nun, looks up.

Shawn, Belle and Phillip look on as Billie yells: "It's not doing any of us any good to stand around and rehash old wounds. We're not getting anywhere, so snap out of it!"

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